Hex Files 1: Broan Ova Brayns


By Onix

He woke up, groggy and disoriented.

Aww shit his head felt like mush. Where was he? He lifted an arm to feel his head but found himself hindered. Shit his arm was the size of a leg! His eyes focused on one huge bronze vein covered forearm, as big as a man's calf, and realized the friction between his massively bulging bicep and his jutting pecs and flared lats, were restraining his movement.

He shifted what seemed to be an insane amount of weight to situated himself onside so he could touch his face. He lifted one leg to steady his knee and felt a keg of flesh flex beneath his thigh. The heavy barrel of muscle stretched and contracted like the hind legs of some huge beast. "Whaaa..." he groaned in a deep bovine voice that rumbled like a truck engine.

He threw off the sheets in an impressive lurch of his arm that shot sensations of muscular pleasure to his groin. The large weight of his bicep dragging his arm down. He realized the sides of the bed were clear on either side of his massive body. Had the bed always been so small?

That's when he saw it snaking out from beneath the massive ridges of his abs, and slightly dissented gut. From beneath the muscled pillars of his grotesquely large thighs and the sadistic cut of his groin. It was fucking huge. It was the hugest thing he had ever saw. So big and full. It had to be the width of a beer can and the length of a foot...or an ..inch whichever one was bigger, but fuck it was really big. He stared in aww at it. Amazed at it's girth and size. So big and proud sticking out like a muscle all it's own.

He nervously put two huge vein dissected paws on it. "awwwww" he groaned in bright lustful pleasure. "so big" he smiled. He began to stroke and touch it while pinching his huge tits. . Wow they were so big and hard. And it felt so good to run his callused hands roughly against the sore and taunt skin of his pec. His whole hand couldn't even cover it. He started to slap the huge plates of muscle lightly listening to the satisfying thwack of the hard distended muscles of his chest.

He sat tugging on his nipple and smacking his pecs for what seemed an eternity until he got the frightening feeling that something was terribly wrong.

He catapulted his massive weight off the bed, and stood on unsure legs. The room was sparse....filled with empty space, except for a huge floor mirror that adorned one wall. In the mirror he saw a man.

Or a monster.

The creature reflected back at him most have been at least 300 lbs. Granite caves stretched into huge lumps of muscular thighs. A huge tear crested on his knee dissected with angry veins, so vascular they looked like pythons. They were at least 28 inches around.....and he remembered vaguely that was pant size he used to wear....

The bulging hips lead into a thin waist that then ballooned upward in an impossible V. Thick corded Abdominal muscles stretched the skin of his stomach making his navel seem indiscernible.

Pecs so big they felt cumbersome to hold up rested on top of the abdominal ridge . They were 58 inches easily. Broad with down turned nipples on the plump swollen muscle.

He gingerly brushed one with a shaking hand and watched in horror as the huge muscles of his 22 inch biceps flexed with even the slightest movement. Even his forearms seemed huge, easily the weight and size of a regular man's calf muscle.

His delts stretched outward impossibly making him look ridiculously to heavy. They lead into two swollen arching traps that met his jaw more then his thick neck.

The muscles were all so unrealistic, unnatural they couldn't be described as anything but obscene

The face....The face wasn't his. It was some Frankenstein version of his face. Ape like and primal. A heavy brow line hung like a roof over his square and jutting lantern jaw. A bold nose and sunken dim witted eyes stared back at him. His petulant lips were a gape, but then they always were...weren't they? Parted slightly so he could easily breath through his mouth. Being the slack jawed mouth breather he was....

It was the look of animal like confusion that caught him. He ambled toward the mirror twisting and turning like a little monkey seeing himself in a pool of water.

"Wah?" he mumbled. Then blinked...then screamed.

"Whats all the noise dude-buddy?" A deep resonant bass boomed at him.

He turned to see another huge muscle beast canter into the door.

"Wha...What's going on?" He asked confused.

"Not a lot, just woke up." the guy answered happily.

He rubbed his head...he knew that he knew this other gargantuan man...but couldn't remember his name..."I...uh can't remember my name." He whimpered helplessly. The deep masculine voice sounded ridiculous with it's childish tone.

The big beat considered for a moment.."hold on a sec!" he said and then bounded from the room. His big cock flopping back and forth as he tumbled away in his nakedness.

With his friend gone, he slumped on the bed. Feeling the weight of his bat wing lats pull him down hard.

"His was in my room!" his friend offered when he returned, He held up what he instantly recognized as weight belt. It had writing on the front but he couldn't quite make it out...his head was too foggy.

"It says Flex!" he explained. "It was in my room, so it's gotta be mine...so I guess it's my name!" He reasoned with considerable effort, his own massive brow furrowing in simian effort.

His friend looked at him in consternation, "Well that says "CRUNCH"," he said pointing to an identical belt by the bed. Then his eyes brightened "That's gotta be your name!" HE answered proudly.

He turned the name over in his head. It did sound familiar, and if it was on his weight belt it hand to be his. His weight belt did seem like one of the most important pieces of clothes in his life. Before he had a chance to answer though his friend jumped outa the bed and ran out of the room. The big legs pounding on the floor like a buffalo stampede.

"Crunch." He said while he rubbed his cock, and arched his back, stretching the gargantuan lats on the bed."crunch." it sounded so right. But he had a nagging idea that it was a stupid name. And that he was acting ridiculously stupid.

His friend came bouncing back into the room sporting a twin belt that read "FLEX"

He sat upright and smiled "You're Flex!" he yelled impressed at his own discovery.

"YEAH!" he smiled, he sighed a heavy sigh of relief, "Shit I'm glad we figured that out!" he exclaimed.

"But...I don't understand Flex this all feels so..." His bovine voice was interrupted by a few short quick raps on the door.

They looked at each other in silent confusion.

"What should we do?" Crunch asked?

Flex shrugged his massive shoulders his Delts and traps jumping up like uprooted boulders, "Answer it...I guess?"

They shuffled into the living room ,and stared at the door like deer in head lights. Not moving except for the absent twitch of muscles spasming.

The knock came again, and the faint sound of someone impatiantly tapping a foot.

Flex swung the door open, Outside their apartment stood a young man dressed in a red t-shirt and fire red trousers, "Avon calling."

Flex said simply, "We don't know nobody named Avon."

The Blonde stared him up and down and patted his cheek affectionately, "you're not too bright, " He paused, "I like that In a man...now Cri...er...Flex....why don't you give me and Crunch here a minute or two of privacy."

Flex gave him a long look of incomprehension, probably puzzling out the meaning of the word privacy.

"Go in the other room Jar Head," He commanded exasperatedly, shutting the door behind him.

Flex began to shuffle off in the direction of the kitchen, his huge quads brushing together and his dissented arms swinging lazily against his Lats. He giggled the whole way repeating the word "jar head" under his breath.

"Now Crunch...." the blonde began looking pointedly at the mountain on his other side. The blue eyes peered up at him from beneath the frame of his huge Pecs.

Crunch shook his head back and forth, forcing his traps to seize up and down, "That's not my name....my name is..." He stammered in his throaty bovine voice.

"Oh but I think it is," The blonde replied and then casually plopped himself down on the nearest couch. "You've got a strong will Ky...er ..Crunch couple that with the fact that I'm sorely out of practice, It just makes it necessary for me to finish this off myself."

A dim light of reason winked on in the back of his clouded and desperate mind. He remembered this guy he was at that restaurant...he..."What did you do to us." He asked in a plaintive child like rumble.

"Nothing at all, nothing at all my boy...Now Crunch your all sweaty and pumped from rolling around with flex, wouldn't this be the perfect time for you to pose and flex? Why don't you do that for me."

His heart leaped in his chest and he had to fight the urge to spread his arms into a double bicep, "No, I don't wanna" he wined half heartedly.

There was a glint of steel in those luminous blue eyes, "Of course you do? With a body like that what are you going to do except for show it off?" he paused and then his voice came out very steady and deliberate, "You love to show of your body. It's what you live for. What else are you good for crunch? I mean with that massive freaky musclebound flesh sculpture your just begging to be treated like a piece of meat."

Crunch's stomach growled, " meat..." he mumbled inaudibly, then he realized that the guy was right. He did want to show off. He put his calf in front of him and wobbled his quad muscles back and forth, watching the sinewy muscles bounce from on side of his knee to the other. As his muscles bulged under his ministrations to expose them, memories began to usher into his head unbidden...Stage lights, announcers, a throbbing back beat behind him on shaky speakers. Lights burning down from above as he lurched across a stage bouncing his pecs, flexing his triceps behind his back, His tiny little posing pouch straining against his hungry cock, dangling between his wide stance as he pulsed his glutes for the audience. Flex spray painting his body, cans discarded on the floor beside him, as flex tried to cover every ridge of his gross mass. Spraying the distorted mass of his neck and happily patting the little silken posing pouch and telling him what a good show he was going to make for the judges.

He curled one arm up in an impossible pose bending at his trunk waist to smile at the blonde. He remembered leaning over the stall in the gym's bathroom as Flex shot his ass up full of His Gainer Stack. His cock rock hard an slapping against his abdomen in anticipation of the rush of knowing how huge the cocktail was going to make him. Grunting with furious expectation. Feeling the needle break the skin as he awkwardly attempted to massage his own shoulders.

He remembered giving Flex the same shot, watching the huge hind muscles of his partners powerful ass twitch hungrily.

"You see how nice it is when you don't fight it crunch?" The blonde whispered from the couch his eyes burning like sapphires on fire. "Now look a that big cock riding up out of your shorts..."

Reflexively crunch followed the instructions and looked beyond his straining pectorals and the ridge of his bloated beer can like abdominal at the monster hard on that was poking from beneath the strained and torn fabric of his immaculate BVD's. "it's so big..." he mumbled.

The blonde got up quickly moving gracefully to his shoulder, whispering in his ear with a sultry rasping seduction, "You know why crunch..."

He shook his head no, in a childish scared awe.

"Because That's where all your brains are now." He said with cold finality. "Their all stuck in there. All your undergraduate work...your BA in finance, and all your Law school education, filling up that massive boner That's stretching your ball sack like taffy...doesn't it feel so heavy crunch?"

Crunch cumbersomely groped at the heavy cock, feeling its weight like it was an iron pole. "Yeah." he agreed in a horny weary grunt.

"All that cocky smug intelligence all trapped in that heavy cock." There seemed to be a hidden smile in his sacrine dripping whisper.

Crunch shook his head and stumbled dozily away from the taunting whispering. "No this isn't right...I'm smart...I'm A a Lawy-urhg...I'm not dumb...I'm not a muscle guy..."

"Really?" The angelic blonde said from across the room, calmly tugging at one of the sleeves of his blazing red sweatshirt, "You certainly look like one."

Crunch turned from the stranger and accidently looked right into the hallway mirror. He vaguely remembered a time when he would go their to tie his tie before his clerking job...but that wasn't right he never wore a tie...they were usually to small for his big neck, He remembered seeing the young aristocratic face of a pretty boy, smiling charmingly at the mirror in satisfaction. Now all he saw was a huge bodybuilder naked. His body defying nature with drug abuse and obsession. The shaggy brown bangs that once covered his forehead were gone. So was the expensive haircut he could barely remember. Now atop his hard herculean jaw and apelike forehead was a crisp military cut that left everything shaved but a bit of a wedge at the front, exaggerating his already simian like face.

He looked around the apartment desperate to find some point of reference but instead of paperwork all he saw were fitness magazines and muscle porn.

His shelves once filled with books were now lined with trophy's, sashes and belts that he could almost remember winning.

The framed Bachelor of Mathematic's degree was replaced with a line of signed pictures. A row of posing bodybuilders smiled back at him with their well wishes scrawled across the front. He shambled over to them still absently stroking his heavy brain filled cock.

He tried to reason out the messages that were written on the pictures, It was hard to decipher them, not because of the handwriting, but because all his brains were now in his throbbing cock. He had to painstakingly spell out each word phonetically. "Be-tt-er Luh-ck Ne-xt Ti-me, cuh-ruh-n-ch" and it was signed Jay cutler... He remembered meeting him at a competition and desperately begging for the autograph that hung before his eyes.

"No," he half cried and slammed one big meaty fist down on an end table, breaking the legs and sending Flex magazines hurtling across the room. His massive form slumped against the wall and his heavy girth drug him to the floor where he pouted in an awkward sitting position. He tried to cross his legs, but his quads pumped and sand bag like refused be comfortable tumbling over each other. He tried to put his head in his big hands but his biceps and his lats were swelled and restricted his movement. He gave up and absently let his huge arms cradle against this sides while his giant hands fondled his BVD's. He was crying now, big tears rolling down his gargantuan jawline and his already heavy brow furrowed in deep frustration, "I'm not ah dumb body build-ah I'm a Lawy-urgh, I'm Smart and cool and have lots of smarh-t freinds." He said to the his blonde tormenter in an accusatory voice that rumbled like a bull's roar. "This Ain't Fair. You did this to me."

"Well, Duh?"

"Why" Crunch asked and then began to get distracted by the way his pec's were bouncing up and down from his agitation. They were just so big and when they twitched he could feel the muscles jump under his skin. The nipples down turned seemed to dance to the rhythm of his heavy breathing.

The blonde smiled "Why not?"

But crunch was already gone lost in his absent sexual body euphoria. Bouncing his huge 58 inch chest and now forcefully tugging on his big horse cock. "I'd be careful if I were you..." the blonde warned.

Crunch looked up, bafflement on his exaggeratedly masculine mug.

"Remember That's were all your brains are," he explained as if was talking to a child.

"Oh no!" Crunch gasped, ripping his hands away and sending the vascular veins of his forearms into deep stressful pythons as he sat on his hands in fright. While his heavy ass contained his hungry hands he tried desperately to wrap his lingering memories around the foggy incoherent mass of his mind. Law school, Arithmetic, anything he could grab on to. The slight charismatic face of some guy named Kyle. All the while his musclebound body twitching in need.

Then Flex came ambling out of the kitchen. He held two bits of cloth in his hand one orange and one green. "Hey dude-buddy, let's just lift here today!" he smiled stretching his broad cheeks widely and pointing to the well equipped weight rack and nautilus machine that sat where crunch could almost remember a dinning room table and antique liqueur case used to be.

"You see," the boy in red explained to the prostrate giant, "Chris here has already excepted the fact that he's Flex...but then again that's the curse of a born follower."

Flex was already haphazardly stripping out his torn briefs, rolling the strained fabric down over his vieny thighs with effort. He almost fell, his disastrous weight throwing him off balance as his bulky calves kicked out of the wasted material.

Crunch was mesmerized watching his hulking partner. He gazed in rapt fascination as Flex's own rigidly hard cocked flopped around and jostling his balls as he stripped purposefully.

The blonde gave hm a wicked grin, "poor Crunch," he mused, "You simply don't understand, Fundamental law of magic my boy, "Function follows Form, and your hulking form is only going to allow you an insignificant amount of...function." Crunch scrunched his eyes shut anxiously, trying not to think about the angry twitch dance his dick was doing under the waistband of his underpants. The blonde was confusing him with big words and he didn't like the feeling of somehow being completely retarded in the strangers presence. Although it did strange3ly send shivers of pleasure to his cock.

He could here Flex's dim-witted rumble over the black darkness of his eyelids. "Yeah dude-buddy we can just slip on our posers, oil up and lift here, that'll be so hot, oh yeah..." there was a pause and then he said clinically, "we'll have to got to the gym this afternoon though we can't really do our leg work out here." He laughed a heavy uncontrolled roar at what he saw was an obvious joke.

When Crunch reluctantly opened his eyes, Flex was standing in front of him. His arms were bowed with his fists resting on the cresting bones of his pubic ridge, a triumphant smile on his face. His big dick was now confined in what Crunch recognized as his favorite green posing strap. The green against the deep almost molten rock tan made the bulge at his waist seem as much pronounced as the huge bulges all over the rest of his monstrous frame.

He held at the Orange poser happily.

He recoiled from it like a viper, he slid further against the wall comically, this huge bodybuilding menace cringing and terrified, all the while the head of his bulbous cock waving from his crotch. He looked pleadingly to the blonde who seemed to be absently pruning his fingernails with his teeth. "Puh-lease make us back inta ...." he fought trying to remember what it was he used to be. His cavernous chest racked in a half sob.

"No." the blonde answered politely and continued his grooming.

Flex payed him no attention, "C'mon dude-buddy." he said, Rubbing his own hard Green slicked monster in anticipation, "you usually love doin this." Crunch watched the meaty hands slide up and down the shiny greased green material feeling his thighs twitch and his groin groan with the need to have the same slinky material encase his own cock in orange. He remembered the pride those lil bits of fabric gave him. It was his badge- he'd worked his whole life to be able to effortlessly put that one and look like it belonged on him. It was his reward.

"Oh do get on with it ole' boy, I have appointment to keep today, gotta get my roots done- dontch know?" The blonde encouraged from the sidelines still gnawing intently on a fingernail.

Crunch dumbly hefted his heavy weight into a half squat, his powerful thighs propelling him up, and he dimly took the orange slimy fabric from his partner.

Flex grinned broader and his dick bounced.

He felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, as he slipped the staff of his erect dick into the thin pouch. He felt incredibly better.

"Wow, Crunch," the guy in red told him, "You look so big in that." His tone was a taunting.

Flex immediately sensing the slight, brought up his right arm into a tight hold, "not bigger then me though!" He roared.

"I dunno.." he said playing along.

Crunch felt his big tits twitch with irritation, he squeezed his triceps tightly together behind his back with a dumb grin on his face, "No man I'm way bigger then you, " he spat.

"O yeah!" Flex challenged getting close enough to push his own massive chest against crunches. A look of injured angry pride in his dull eyes.

"Yeah!" Crunch snorted, brushing him back with the flex of one forearm.

"Prove it!"

And the they were rolling around on the ground. Crashing into each other like to colliding freight liners. Muscles tensing and dicks flopping against each other.

They were an even match but Crunch gained the upper hand quickly, "You think your bigger then me huh bitch?" his delts ballooning and the striations of his chest straining in fury. His vascular Forearms pinned Flex to the floor. He was spitting the words. Long stings of glistening spit falling into the Deep crevice of Flex's massive Pecs.

"You won't ever be fucking bigger then me!" He brought one huge leg up and kicked Flex to his side, roughly

pulling at the taunt flesh of his Lats and Extensors.

"C'mon man!" Flex Grunted beneath him.

"C'mon what bitch!"

"Fuck me man! Fuck me ! Split my fucking roid ass with you cock!" The plea shook Crunch down to his tread covered calves.

"Get up!" he roared. Pull in on his dick like a madman. Fuck him? Fuck him? A guy? No he was gong to fuck a muscle beast, just like him. The thought hit him hard making his sweaty fist clench tighter on the hungry cock in his hand. Fuck a big Muscle head just like him. It would be like fucking his own huge glutes. Ramming his own Hot bodybuilder butt.

Flex compliantly bent over the weight bench. His legs twitching furiously with anticipation making the big quads shake like firm tan jell-O.

He fucked Flex's wide swollen ass in rage. Pounding his cock in and out with heavy smacks of his bloated pelvis into his friends hard glutes. He grunted over and over smacking and fucking like an animal. His dick plunging in and out as Flex's overdeveloped Ass chocked his cock like a muscular fist. One big hand rested on the perfect point of Flex's V like back. He watched in angry sexual lust as the hilly terrain of Flex's back knotted and unknotted under his weight.

They were both moaning in a grunt like unison together. Lost completely in bestial sensation. Sweat racking unintelligent groans echoing and overlapping each other. This was who he was. Sweat muscle sex. His quad were on fire. But that was good. Pain was good. Pain made him grow. He was always in pain. Most peop-le didn't understand that professional bodybuilders spent 90% of the time in constant pain. From muscle growth, joint ache, or just stress from carrying the weight. Pain felt good.

It felt good to give it to. To dominate this huge Muscle man under the weight of his cock. To fuck those big man cheeks till his buddy screamed like he was benching 420lbs. Fuck. Smack. Good. "Yell for me bitch"

Flex rocked bakc and forth moaning like a defeated animal. His heart racing so fast he thought it would explode.

But it as Crunch who exploded first.

"NO" Crunch cried in shock as his seed jetted out of him like an unleashed fire hose, his spurting and convulsing cock spilling hot cum all over the floor and weight bench.

The heavy confusion he had felt before settled in permanently over his consciousness.

The poor brute had literally blown his brains out.

He fell desperately to the floor trying to lick up the spent fluid. He pawed at the floor vainly and then gave up hyperventilating in fear.

Flex obviously concerned about the sudden stop of his intense ass rape, turned around. Crunch was stupidly squatting staring forlornly at the small puddles on the hard wood floor. "What's wrong dude-buddy?" he rumbled.

"My brains were in my dick!" He explained in a big gulp. Tears rolled down his cheeks like a heartbroken child.

Flex being the simple creature he was didn't question the curious statement, "So?"

"Now there all gone." he sniffed. As realization flooded in, or out as it was, Crunch felt a vast emptiness settle comfortably into his mind. It was not so much as the fog of before but instead an absence of anything else.

"So? With Bod's like ours who needs em." he said with a massive shrug, and then smiled approvingly as he lurched into a stunning double bicep. Not getting the adulation he wanted, he began rubbing Crunch's Traps comfortingly, a lecherous look in his eyes.

Crunch tried to argue but could find no flaw in his logic. He gladly instead embraced the emptiness in his mind. Giving in fully to the loss of all cognizant thought.

"You just need a good work out." Flex further surmised, sliding his hand up and down the protruding ridge of Crunch's glutes. His hand slipping in and out of the hot space between his friends thighs and ass cheeks.

Crunch suddenly flashed a toothy grin. "You're right dude!"

"Of course I am!"

Crunch considered it for a minute then threw his huge form onto his lifting partner, his Gym buddy, his lover, "I love you!" he announced. Pushing his thick jaw against flex's and ramming his tongue passed the other mans lips.

They awkwardly pawed and groped each others distorted bodies, rolling on the ground like two over turned top heavy, rhinoceroses.

They took the next hour to affectionately explore each others exaggerated musculature and profess over and over in the most unimaginative ways, their love for each other.

When they had finally exhausted the possibilities of heavy petting, Flex convinced crunch that they should take their protein and head to the gym.

As they struggled to stand, Chris had a fleeting thought that it was too bad they hadn't turned on their web cam during their wrestle and fuck, they usually got a record amount of hits on their site during those sessions.

It didn't even occur to him to question why he knew he had a web cam or a muscle porn website. He was just glad as shit he did.

They wandered into the living room, dicks hard as sail masts, and posing straps wrapped idly around their ankles. They stared confused at the blonde guy cat napping in their spare utilitarian living room.

"Uhm we have to go to the gym, " Flex explained.

The blonde slid his ball cap up and opened one eye. He smiled appraisingly at Crunch and flex, and then sat up, "Top notch" he smiled.

He gave an appraising look to the two perfect examples of horrendously exaggerated masculinity. Crunch apparently bored already was absently crunching and relaxing his fists making his barrel like forearm muscles writhe and dance under his deep tan skin. He was obviously paying no attention to what was going, instead he was totally engrossed by the rhythmic tensing and relaxing of his muscles. The blonde smiled, he was the perfect Muscle head, A superbly conditioned, chemically altered paragon of Physical perfection, whose mind was unviolated by anything that could even remotely be considered thought.

"I know just the place...." •

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