Rewards of a Good Act, The

It had been just like any other day for Brad. He looked at himself pathetically in the mirror of the locker room, and sighed. He had been working out and lifting for months, and could see no improvement in his slim physique. He quickly dressed, convinced he would never return to the gym.

As he was walking home, he came to a street he often crossed. Seeing a fast approaching car, he stayed on the curb. However, an old woman was already crossing the road. In a flash of action, Brad dropped his gym bag and ran into the middle of the street, throwing the woman to safety.

Once back on the corner, the old woman thanked him for his help. She looked at him curiously and said, "You are not happy with the way you look, are you, Brad?"

He stared at her amazed and exclaimed, "How did you know my name?!"

She just smiled, and said, "I give you the ability to change yourself and others you choose," and disappeared.

Startled, Brad looked around and then stood up and walked home, muttering under his breath, "I must really be out of it."

The next day, Brad awoke as usual, but feeling different. His friend Joe called and asked him to go to the gym with him. Though against it, Brad gave in.

After a session of lifting with Joe, he went through yesterday's events in his mind. He kept coming back to the phrase, "to change yourself and others."

Convinced he had to try this, Brad looked intently at Joe's figure in the shower next to him. He was much like himself, average height, slim, and boylike, with a small to average penis. Brad remembered how Joe often had a muscle magazine with him, admiring the men inside with their bodies.

Brad decided to try something. He stared intently on Joe's body, concentrating. "Grow, grow!" he yelled in his mind. After a minute, nothing happened. Despondent, Brad gave up. He wrote the previous day off as a dream, and nothing more.

That evening, Brad was at Joe's home, watching tv. Brad was obviously in a bad mood, and Joe asked why. Suddenly, Joe cried out. As Brad turned his head to look, he was amazed to see that Joe was - growing. Without a t-shirt, his chest, arms, and abs were defining right before his eyes. Joe's once-bare chest sprouted hair before his eyes. His legs, only in boxers, also grew and toned quickly. But what was more amazing was what was happening inside Joe's boxers. They looked like a rolling sea before his eyes. Suddenly, through the slit in the front of his boxers, a much larger than normal penis flopped out.

Jumping up, Joe ripped off his boxers and exposed his now greatly increased manhood. It dangled like a rope, a penis with some poundage. His scrotum now looked as if it had been blown up like a balloon. His testicles were huge, and hung in front of Brad like golf balls.

"Whoa!" yelled Joe. "What happened?" he screamed, in a voice that no longer resembled a teenagers, but a deep, resonant tone.

I quickly stammered out my story, and he gawked at me. "What, you did this?" He smiled. "Why not do it to yourself?" he asked.

"Ok - I guess," I said. I took off my shirt and pants, leaving only my briefs on. I moved to the mirror and stared at my image, thinking "Grow, grow!"

This time it happened much faster. My body too grew and toned, and before long, my briefs were taut against my body. With a snap of elastic and a tear of cotton, they fell to the floor. When i looked at myself again, I was amazed.

Gone were the pencil arms, the scrawny legs, and the embarrassing lack of male organs. Instead, I saw a muscular, built man with a huge package that must have even surpassed Joe's.

Excited with my new gift, Joe and I decided to invite other of our friends over to show them this. After calling around, we managed to pull together about four more guys.

When they arrived, a short time later, they found a note at the door: "Door unlocked, we're in the living room."

As they walked in, they stood aghast at our new bodies. We had dressed in new underwear, but the size of our wads was evident.

After I told them what had happened, they begged me to do the same to them. I told them to strip to their shorts.

After doing this, I surveyed them. They were slim with only a slight build to the best of them. However, they were all cute, and looked good even as they were. I meant to change that for the better.

Staring at them, I commanded, "Grow, grow!"

Their bodies reacted. With cries of surprise and joy, their muscles flexed and grew. After a minute, the sound of tearing fabric was heard. All of them now looked awesome with huge tools and built bods.

We all stared at each other for a minute, amazed. Slowly, Joe started to get a hard-on, and all of us soon had one. Our cocks looked amazing, standing straight up, veins bulging, and our heads looking like they were going to burst.

"Why don't we use what we've got?" asked one guy, amazed.

"Yeah," everyone murmured, and we all fell into a pile, feeling, touching, and kissing each other. Before long our long and hot dicks found their way to a mouth or ass, and a mass orgy ensued.

Everyone felt either a penis in the throat, a massive member being shoved into them, or both!

As Joe penetrated my asshole, the pleasure was immense. I felt his huge head being rammed again and again into me, his huge balls touching my ass. I had another of my friend's dicks in my mouth, sucking for all I was worth.

We continued like this for a while, screwing and enjoying our new bodies.

Suddenly, one guy orgasmed with a yell, and it was all that was needed to set the rest of us off. We all blew our loads, and masses of hot, thick, ropy cum flew and landed everywhere and on everyone.

We all then collapsed into a pile of hot, pulsating bodies and smiled at each other. •

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