North Cyprus Bar

Alex's Arrival at KKTC Bar (Ray Gets HUGE)


By ushersdick

This was inspired, altho less extreme, byt a REALLY horny chat i had with a guy from here on MSN, about sting ray arde, thats the skin colour of this black guy in this story.

And if that guy's here, come back on msn soon that was so hto and u said we werent done then u went offline!

His arm was so strong as i squeezed it. Amzaing. Just Amazing. What couldn't have been less than 30" of solid, black muscle was being flexed in front of me, in the middle of a grungy bar in KKTC. The white shirt was stretchign to the limit.

"You wanna see more of this muscle stud"

My face lit up and before Id had the time to say 'yes' he was carrying me away behind the bar like I was a baby. As he carried me up a dark staircase I ran my hands over the cotton encased shoulders and pecs.

He carried me along a long corridor and dropped me down on the floor in a huge room. Another huge man was in the room too. The huge (white) man was sat carresing and squeezing his own, hairy muscle body. While my black man was guzzling down a few huge cartons of something the furry man had hardly noticed us. He was sat, his huge, hard dick touching his pecs as he licked his right bicep, revealing a deep sexy hairy armpit.

"You're new aren't ya kid? What'a ya name?"

The huge black man asked the bear

"Tom" he replied, it seemd a struggle for him to do anything not related to his muscle.

"I'm Ray"

Ray kneeled down in front of Tom and flexed his biceps, Tom needed no encouragment, he lsot interest in his own biceps and lept forward and started sucking on Ray's arms. Ray flexed them for him.

"Yea you're a horny fucker aren't ya? Yea you love this, 33 inches of solid muscle flexing for you, yea" He said in his deep, intense voice.

Suddenly, Tom withdrew

"Shit! They're growin"

"Oh yea, the formula's workin' boy. Gonna get even bigger, a complete muscle freak"

Tom's shock quickly slipped away, overtaken by pure lust for the muscle man in front of him. Tom began licking and sucking Ray's growing biceps. Even I could see it, everything about Ray growing. The skin stretching, the t-shirt becoming tighter, even his height increasing.

Ray grabbed Tom's hands and pulled them up inside of his top.

"Feel these big pecs bounce boy, feel 'em grow"

Tom's hands could barely fit inside the shirt with the huge body in their too, I could see the shirt getting tighter as Tom ran big hands over the bigger pecs. The shirt was no so tight that Tom's hands were just pressed tightly against Ray's pecs, no room to move any further.

"Yea, so big you can't move your hands in their, yea, lemme release 'em"

Ray bounced his pecs and giant tear emerged down the centre of the shirt, Tom ripping the rest of the distraught fabric off his body, revealign two fucking freaky, hulking, sweaty pecs.

"Kid, what's your name?"

"Alex" I replied

"Alex, come 'ere and feel these muscles kid"

"I ran over crawled over, my hard dick throbbing, covered in cum from one self induced orgasm already.

Me and Tom took one nipple each and began sucking as Ray bounced his pecs. Our tongues on his nipples sending waves of pleasure through his body, his groaning becoming more intense as he bounced his pecs, running his huge hands through our hair, still gorwing.

Ray let out one deep, long groan as another rip was heard, I look behind me and it was his huge black cock. It had ripped though his tight gym shorts.

"Yea, look at my cock, fuckin hell, 20 inches of hot, hard black meat, yea, I gotta feel your sweet ass Alex"

Ray, who had been lying on his back for a while now, had the biggest cock ever. I lowered my huingry hole on to the piece of meat, I thought it might hurt, but my ass seemd to stretch easily for it, I lowered untill all 20 inches were inside my horny body, I began to massage his meat with my ass as I admired Tom's sweet, smooth muscle butt as he was leaning foward in front of me to lick Ray's muscular neck, growing all the time.

I carresed Tom's ass and he turned round, stood up and thrust his own big dick in to my mouth. His own 15 inches couldn't all fit in my mouth,

"Too big for ya? You'll av to get used to it, you gonna av it in their till I cum. Suck it and make this big, hairy muscle stud cum in you wimp-boy mouth"

Fuckin hell, it was so hot. I could feel Ray's hot dick still growing in my ass as the rest of his body was doing. Tom's big cock in my mouth, my nose burried in his pubes, with the stench of sweat and sex, God, I fucking love that. I held on to Tom's thick, hairy legs as I sucked and fucked the two huge men.

I could feel them cumming, both men breathing heavier, groaning getting more intense. I could feel I was about to cum too. Both Ray and Tom's muscle's tensed up and thjey both roared in pleasure as buckets of cum spurted out in to my body. I swallowed load after load of Tom's hot cum and could feel load after load of Ray's hot seed being absorved into my body. Ray's load was unbeleivable for almost a minute and a half his dick was unloading inside me.

I began to groan, his dick throbbing rigth against my spot, "Oh God" I moaned as soon as Tom withdrew his dick.

"Gimme ur dick" Ray ordered. I slid forward, sat on his pecs

"Jerk into my mouth"

I sat, my dick just centimetres from his mouth, jerking, him giving my dick the occasional lick, I couldn't hold it any longer, I let my load go in to his mouth, pure extasy, Ray swalloing every single drop of hot cream.

"Yea, you taste good boy, now flex. "flex?" I thought, but I looked down at my body and I had grown, my body was massive, hairy and hard now. It must've grown while I was wanking. It was still nothing like Ray's body, who'd grown to have 40 inch biceps. My arms were 30 inches of solid power when I flexed them, shocked, I began bouncing my hairy pecs. The mounds of muscle jumping up and down as Ray watched. My 15 inch dick throbbing against my furry, deep eight pack abs. Ray licking my huge furry legs laid either side of his head. There was nothing for it, I grabbed my hard dick in my huge hands and began jerking untill I came again, my huge hot load hitting Ray's face, it kept cumming as he licked it up.

I was so happy, now I was a muscle freak too." •

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