Boy Next Door, The


By johnd7102000

Adam had been so excited about getting his weight set for Christmas. At 15½ years old, he was a skinny wimp and was looking forward to putting on lots of muscle by lifting weights, just like some of the other kids in his class who were turning their boy bodies into the bodies of muscular young men. But after more than a month of hard lifting and stuffing his body with lots of food and supplements, he had gained only three pounds and most of that was fat, more fat being added to his already flabby body. He now weighed 138 pounds at 5’ 10” and still looked and felt like a wimp. He was barely stronger than when he had started, adding only a few pounds to his maximum bench press and squat — he could now do one rep of each with 50 pounds. He had added even fewer pounds to his maximum curl and military press. He could curl 25 pounds and military press 35 pounds. He still couldn’t do a pull-up. He could do three pushups and five sit-ups. He was still weak as shit.

Meanwhile, the boy next door, Cory, that little 11½-year-old brat who Adam used to push around with ease, had gained 10 pounds of muscle in the same month, going from 85 to 95 pounds. Cory had also gained an inch in height during that month and now stood at 5’ 3”. He had packed two inches of solid muscle on his chest and one inch on his upper arms and thighs. Cory didn’t even have to lift weights to gain all that muscle. His superior genes, together with his daily regimen of pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups, and his wrestling with Adam, plus a little lifting he did just for fun to show Adam how strong he was, caused Cory’s muscles to grow bigger and stronger every day. Cory was seven inches shorter and 43 pounds lighter than Adam, but he was all muscle and was much stronger and much more aggressive than Adam. In the length of a month, Adam had gone from being able to beat Cory in wrestling because of his height and weight advantage to being thrashed by Cory in wrestling and everything else. Cory was a musclekid and Adam was a wimp.

It was Wednesday and Adam was just finishing his last set of bench presses. He was able to do two reps with 45 pounds before his strength gave out at he had to rack the bar. He stood up and took a sip of his protein drink. Then he flexed his pecs in the mirror. His chest looked about the same as it did a month ago, flat and flabby. He sighed at the sight of his wimpy body. Just then, he heard the familiar sound of Cory’s skateboard zooming up the driveway. As usual, Cory wasn’t wearing a shirt — just shorts and sneakers, with no socks. Adam felt a twinge in his crotch and stomach as he looked at Cory’s buff body — wide shoulders with thick, hard deltoids; a narrow, shredded waist with abs that looked like a washboard; striated, bulging pecs; lats that flared like wings; rippling arms with muscle fibers visible everywhere; and the muscular thighs and calves of a trained athlete. Adam couldn’t believe how muscular the little kid from next door had become. Cory was holding a magazine. Adam did a double take when he saw Cory’s right arm. There was a large, blue tattoo circling Cory’s upper arm. It looked like a chain, and the chain was broken just where Cory’s bicep was.

Cory walked up to Adam and said, “Check it out.” He flexed his arm and as his bicep bulged, the links of the broken chain — they were right on top of his bicep — stretched further and further apart. He flexed his bicep again and again, and each time as that big muscle contracted the chain looked like it was actually breaking under the force of the rock-hard ball of muscle. “Pretty cool, huh?” said Cory. “My bicep busted the chain. That fuckin’ chain ain’t no match for this mother.” Cory looked admiringly at his bicep as it flexed into a high peak of solid, striated muscle on his kid arm. Adam looked at Cory’s muscular arm with awe. “Jesus, Cory,” he said. “That tattoo is totally cool. Your big bicep just busted through that chain. Fuck, Cory you’re a stud! But I’ll bet your parents are freaked out. My parents would never let me get a tattoo like that.” Cory laughed. “Fuck, it’sjust a Henna tattoo — you know, the kind that wears off after a couple of weeks. My dad thinks it’scool. He likes the way my muscle can make the chain break apart.”

Cory held up the magazine he had brought with him and showed the cover to Adam. It was a WWF Wrestling magazine and on the cover was a young wrestler named the Viking Warrior. He was very young looking, probably not more than about 20 years old, but he was huge. He was standing next to a referee, so Adam could get a sense of the size of the guy. He must have been about 6’ 2” tall and weighed over 250 pounds of solid muscle. The strange thing was that he looked just like Cory, only older. He looked like he could have been Cory’s big brother. He had blond hair with a spiky haircut just like Cory. He had blue eyes and a very handsome face, with high, wide cheekbones and a strong jaw and neck, just like Cory. And he had muscles all over his body — big, buff muscles bulging under his thin, tan skin. His shoulders were very wide and capped with huge deltoid muscles that looked like cannonballs. His torso tapered down to a narrow waist that was rippling with corrugated abs. His arms were huge and ripped, hanging like big hams from his wide shoulders. His chest was enormous, with pecs the size of cut-off bowling balls, and his lats flared out like big slabs of beef. He had a firm, round musclebutt and thick, strong thighs. His calves bulged with muscle. What a stud, Adam thought to himself. That guy could fuck up anyone he wanted to. Then Adam noticed something on the Viking Warrior’s right arm. There was a tattoo of a broken chain, just like the one Cory was wearing. The Viking Warrior was flexing his bicep at the side of his body and the chain was breaking apart. He looked just like a big, incredibly muscular Cory.

“Check out the Viking Warrior, Adam,” said Cory. “He looks just like me, don’t he. I even got a tattoo on my arm just like his.” Cory stuck a pose just like the Viking Warrior’s on the cover of the magazine. Cory’s flexed bicep busted the chain apart. Adam looked at the magazine and then looked at Cory and nodded his head. “Yeah, Cory, you look like that stud’s little brother. You look just like him, except that he’s got just a little more muscle than you do, probably about 150 pounds!” Cory looked at Adam and sneered. “Fuck you Adam. Of course he’s got more muscle than me. He’s 19 years old and has been lifting weights since he was 14. The magazine says he put on 140 pounds of muscle in five years, going from 110 to 250. He also got taller as he was putting on the muscle. He was a wrestler in high school and was the state champion in all his weight classes. Every year he was in a heavier weight class ’cause he was putting so much muscle. His senior year he won the heavyweight class. Then he joined the WWF and now he’s a big star. He’s their most popular wrestler with the girls. He can fuck any girl he wants. They hang out outside the locker room waiting for him to come out. Every girl there hopes he’ll choose her and fuck the shit out of her. He has the reputation of having a humungous cock and being able to cum five or six times a night. He fucks ’em front and back, fucking for a half-hour sometimes before he cums. Can you imagine having a cock that big and hard, Adam? Just as big and hard as his fuckin’ body. The girls really love getting fucked by him, but they’re so sore after a night with the Viking Warrior they can’t fuck for another month.”

“The guy sounds like a total stud,” said Adam. “Fuck yeah, he is,” yelled Cory. “And I’m going to be just like him! I’m going to start lifting weights right now and get even bigger and buffer than he is. He started lifting at 14 and weighs 250 at 19. I’m going to start lifting at 11 and weigh 250 at 16. Then by the time I’m his age, I’m going to weigh 275 and it’s all going to be solid muscle. I’m gonna have a body and a cock so big and hard that I can fuck every girl in the fuckin’ school. They’re going to get wet over my body and then I’m gonna fuck ’em with my big cock ’till they’re raw. Fuck, I’m gonna get even bigger than the Viking Warrior!” Cory looked really excited at the prospect of being as big and strong and hung as the Viking Warrior. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled with the enthusiasm of the 11-year old boy that he was. Adam looked down at his 5’ 3” 95-pound kid-body and said, “Yeah, right. You’re going to get bigger than the Viking Warrior. Dream on, Cory!”

Cory looked at Adam with fierce intensity. “Do you doubt me, wimp-boy? Do you doubt that I can put a ton of muscle on this body and get strong as shit? Do you doubt that I’ll keep growing, getting taller and taller? Do you doubt that my shoulders are going to get wider and wider, my chest is going to get bigger and bigger, my lats are going be two huge flaring slabs of muscle, my legs are gonna look like fuckin’ oak trees and my arms are going to be so big and strong that they could rip you apart like a piece of paper? Do you doubt that I can pack more muscle in one fuckin’ arm than you’ll ever have in your whole body? Do you doubt that my cock is going to be fuckin huge? Fuck, dweeb, I’ve gotten totally bigger and stronger in the last month without even trying. You’ve been lifting as hard as you can and I’m the one who’s been getting bigger and stronger and now I’m so strong I can kick your ass any time I feel like it. You’re just shit compared to me. I’ll bet my cock is bigger than yours already. You better not doubt the power of my body, wimp-boy. I got muscles and I got what it takes to make my muscles grow like an animal. I’m gonna start lifting like a wild man and get so big and strong I’ll be able to snap your puny little spine like a twig! And my cock’s gonna be huge! Just you see!”

Cory was yelling at the top of his lungs. He jumped at Adam and wrapped his right arm around the wimp’s neck, contracting his forearm with his rock-hard 11-inch bicep. The big muscle bulged like a steel ball and smashed into Adam’s windpipe, cutting off his breathing. Cory flexed and unflexed his bicep watching the hard, round muscle bash into Adam’s neck like a battering ram. Cory watched as his big, peaked bicep pulled the tattoo chain further and further apart every time he flexed the blood-swollen muscle. Big blue veins pulsated underneath his thin, tan skin. The more Cory’s bicep pumped the bigger and harder it got, pounding harder and harder into Adam’s scrawny neck. “Do you doubt me, slave-boy?” yelled Cory as he smashed his rock-hard bicep in to Adam’s neck, making a crackling sound as the big muscle bashed into the wimp’s windpipe. “No, I don’t doubt you, master,” gasped Adam. “You’re going to get even bigger than the Viking Warrior.” Cory crushed Adam’s neck even harder. “Damn straight, wimp-boy. From now on my name is Cory The Conqueror. I’m going to conquer everything that gets in my way. I’m going to get fucking huge. I’m going to get incredibly strong. And you’re going to help me do it, slave-boy. You’re going to do everything I want. You’re going to help me build the biggest, buffest, strongest muscles you ever saw.” Cory tightened his hold on Adam’s neck to an almost unbearable force. Adam started to gag and sputter. “Yes, master, I will help you get bigger and stronger. I want to help you get bigger and stronger. I want you to build the biggest, strongest muscles of any kid in this city. You are Cory The Conqueror.” Adam looked into Cory’s beautiful blue eyes as he said this. Cory was everything Adam wished he could be. Adam could live vicariously through Cory. He could imagine what it would be like to have muscles as big and strong as Cory’s. He could imagine what it would be like to be as handsome — yes, beautiful — as this drop-dead good-looking kid. He could imagine what it would be like to be Cory. Adam really did want to help this beautiful blond, blue eyed boy build big, strong muscles. Adam wanted to worship them. Adam wanted to feel Cory’s hard, buff muscles and look into his beautiful blue dominant eyes. “You are a total stud,” croaked Adam, Cory’s bulging bicep almost totally crushing his neck. “I want to serve you, master.”

Cory looked down at Adam’s red face and sneered. “Fuckin’ right, you miserable wimp,” he said. Then he let go of Adam’s neck and threw him on the floor. Adam gasped in a breath of air as he went crashing down. Cory walked over to Adam’s Met-Rx drink, picked it up and drank it all in one gulp. “Fill this up, slave,” ordered Cory as he thrust the empty glass in Adam’s hand. “I want another glass of Met-Rx and I then I wanna start lifting. I’m gonna start getting big right now.”

Adam stumbled up from the floor with the glass in his hand. He went inside the house and filled the glass with milk and mixed in his Met-Rx protein supplement. Then he brought it out to the garage and handed it to Cory, who was stretching his muscles, getting ready for his workout. Cory grabbed the glass and gulped down the thick liquid almost instantaneously. Then he let out a big burp. “Thanks, slave,” said Cory. “You’re gonna keep this glass full of protein drink and keep filling it whenever I want more. I’m gonna drink a ton of this shit. I’m gonna drink 5 times more than you been drinking. I’m gonna get huge.” Adam looked at Cory as the kid stretched his muscular young body. He realized that Cory had now taken over his weights and everything that went with them, like his protein supplements. Everything that Adam had was Cory’s. Adam’s weights were now Cory’s weights. Adam’s protein supplements were now Cory’s protein supplements, and Cory was going to consume a lot more of these than Adam ever had. Adam looked at Cory and smiled. He wanted this kid to get fucking huge. He wanted the Boy Next Door to turn into the musclestud that he could never become. He wanted to help Cory get bigger and stronger every day. His cock started getting hard at the thought.

Cory finished stretching and walked over to the bench where the 45-pound barbell lay on the rack. Adam had barely managed to squeeze out two reps with this weight, his absolute maximum. “You been doin’ bench presses, Adam?” asked Cory. “Is this your max, wimp-boy?” Adam nodded. Cory looked at the bar and said, “Lemme get under this and see what I can do.” At that, Cory got on the bench and lifted the barbell off the rack. He lowered the weight to his chest and looked over at Adam with kind of a puzzled look in his eyes. “Fuck, this feels like a feather,” said Cory. “You sure this is your max?” Then he rammed the weight back up like is was a straw and proceeded to do 20 fast, easy reps. Adam’s eyes bulged out of his head as he watched Cory’s chest bulge with power as it easily pushed the bar up and down rep after rep. His big chest and his round muscle butt held Cory’s trim, muscular waist several inches off the bench. As he pressed the bar up and down his pecs got pumped and red. After the 20-rep warm-up, Cory crashed the bar back onto the rack and jumped up to his feet. “Jesus Christ, Adam. That’s a pussy weight. My sister could press that weight. I need more fuckin’ weight for these muscles. You’re a pussy, ya know that wimp-boy? I wanna add another 50 pounds. That’ll be 95 pounds, just what I weigh.” Adam gulped. Cory was going to add more weight that Adam could bench press. The boys put 25 pounds on each side of the bar. Adam couldn’t believe how much weight this 11-year-old kid wanted to lift. Adam couldn’t dream of lifting that much.

Cory got under the bar and lifted it off the rack. Adam stood behind him as a spotter, ready to lift the bar if the weight was too heavy. Cory slowly lowered to bar to his chest and stopped just as the cold steel touched his bulging pecs. Then he pressed the bar up. He didn’t press it up quite as fast as he did with the 45 pound bar, but he pressed it up easily and without any strain. Then he lowered it again and pumped out 10 reps of steady bench presses with a bar equal to his bodyweight. Adam stood in amazement as he watched Cory’s pecs flush with blood, getting bigger and more pumped with each rep. The fibers of muscle crossed each round pec, bulging with power as Cory forced out rep after rep. Not only were Cory’s pecs rippling with muscle but also his arms and delts, as the superstrong muscles of this 11-year wonderkid forced the heavy bar up and down. After Cory finished his last rep, he jammed the bar onto the rack and jumped up off the bench. He flexed his pecs in the mirror, and watched as they bulged with striated muscle. He seemed to be surprised himself at just how big and pumped his muscles had gotten from the heavy bench presses. He turned toward Adam and bumped his chest into Adam’s skinny torso, pushing him backwards and forcing the weaker boy to confront the throbbing hardness of his bulging pec muscles. “Feel my muscles, Adam,” said Cory. “Feel how big and pumped they are from the bench presses. They’re really getting blasted by the heavy weights. They’re getting fuckin’ pumped!! Looks like my muscles like the weights a lot more than yours, don’t they, you fuckin’ dweeb. My muscles have been waiting for some fuckin’ heavy iron to challenge them to get bigger and stronger. And look what they’re doing. They’re getting pumped and big and strong. It’slike they’re being unleashed to grow. Fuck, I love these weights!! They make my muscles get fuckin’ huge!” Adam reached up and felt Cory’s pumped, striated pecs. They felt like two hot, round rocks.

“Lets put on some more weight, Adam,” said Cory. “These muscles need more weight. I wanna see how much I can bench press. I feel as strong as a fuckin’ bull. I wanna put on another 40 pounds. That’ll make 135, forty fuckin’ pounds more than I weigh.” Adam gasped at Cory’s audacity in adding that much weight for his third set. Cory was adding almost half of his bodyweight to the bar, as if it were nothing. But Adam had learned not to doubt Cory’s strength or to question his orders. Adam did as Cory wanted. The boys removed some of the smaller weights and added some bigger ones until they had loaded the bar to 135 pounds. Cory got under the bar and lifted it off the rack. As the spotter Adam gently placed his hands under the bar, waiting to help. And he thought he’d immediately have to help with this weight. He was actually worried that he might be too weak to help Cory, since he could only curl 25 pounds. There was no way he could lift that huge weight off Cory’s chest if the 11-year-old musclekid couldn’t do it. Cory looked into Adam’s worried eyes and winked. He had all the confidence in the world. He lowered the bar to his chest. Then his pecs, his arms and his delts seemed to explode as he willed them to lift the heavy iron up off his chest. All the muscles of his upper body bulged under his thin skin in bold relief. Slowly the bar started rising upwards, and as it got a few inches above Cory’s bulging chest it gathered speed. By the time Cory straightened his arms, the bar was moving pretty fast. Adam stood there in disbelief. Cory lowered the bar again and this time immediately pressed it up. His pecs seemed to be warming up to the challenge, getting stronger with each rep. They were red and bulging, and covered with veins bringing nourishing blood to the throbbing muscle. Cory pressed out another three reps on his own power, which was phenomenal. Then on his sixth rep he started struggling as he lifted the bar off his chest. His pecs were incredibly pumped. Sweat was dripping off his face and body. Adam could see that he was straining his muscles to their absolute max. The bar started going more slowly as veins popped out all across Cory’s chest and on his arms and pecs as his young muscles strained mightily against the heavy iron. Adam decided to step in as spotter. He gently lifted the bar with his fingers, probably only applying about five pounds of force. He wanted Cory to do most of the work. He wanted those buff kid muscles to really strain to exhaustion. He wanted them to get huge. Slowly, Cory forced the heavy steel up until his muscular arms were completely straight and then he crashed it onto the rack. Cory jumped up to his feet.

“Fuck, what a rush!” he yelled. “Look at my fuckin’ muscles. Look how big and pumped they are. They feel fantastic. My whole body feels fantastic. I feel like I’m Superman. Fuck, I’m better than Superman. I’m Cory the Conqueror!” Cory raised his arms and flexed his biceps in the mirror. All the muscles of his upper body were incredibly pumped and shredded. His sweat made his tan skin glisten, showing off in great detail the striations of his muscles. His biceps were bulging with veins crisscrossing everywhere. The broken tattoo chain on his right bicep was torn further apart than it had ever been as the big ball of muscle swelled in Cory’s upper arm. His pecs were pumped and shredded, the individual fibers of muscle bulging with round hardness. His lats flared out from his torso, tapering down to his narrow waist. His abs were shredded like a washboard, with beads of sweat glistening in the light. His handsome face was radiant, with his sky blue eyes and white teeth sparkling and his spiky blond hair shining in the light. He really did look like a Conqueror. A kid that could conquer anyone or anything that got in his way.

Adam stood next to Cory and flexed his own biceps in the mirror. The contrast between the muscular 11½-year-old and the flabby 15½-year-old was incredible. Cory smiled as he compared his body with Adam’s. “Fuck, dweeb, look at your pathetic bag of bones. Look at your scrawny little body compared to mine. You may be 4 years older and 7 inches taller, but you ain’t shit compared to me. Look at my fuckin’ muscles compared to yours. Look how fuckin’ big and pumped they are! Look at my fucking biceps. I totally busted that chain with my bicep. I can fuck you up any time I want. I’m a fuckin’ stud!” Adam gulped as he looked at Cory’s muscular young body and at his own skinny wreck. Cory literally radiated with muscle, strength and beauty. His skin was golden tan, and his young muscles rippled underneath that clear, fat-free skin like he was an anatomy chart. Adam’s skin was white and pasty, and you couldn’t see any muscles at all because of all his babyfat. Cory’s face was drop dead gorgeous, with his high, wide cheekbones, his strong jaw and chin, his perfect nose, his stunning blue eyes, his spiky blond hair and his powerful neck. Adam looked like the dweeb that he was. A homely thin face with a big nose, drab brown hair and eyes and a scrawny neck with a big Adam’s Apple. His shoulders were actually narrower than his hips and there was not a bit of muscle capping those little bones at the end of his shoulders. In contrast, Cory’s shoulders were about half again wider than his narrow hips and they were capped with mounds of striated muscle. The fibers of his deltoid muscles flexed and relaxed under his skin every time he moved his arms. Cory’s pecs bulged out from his ribcage, round and striated. Adam didn’t have any pecs. His chest was as flat as a pancake, just a bunch of bone and babyfat.

One of the most amazing differences was their lats. Adam didn’t have any lats. He tried as hard as he could to flex his lats, but there was just no muscle there. Cory’s lats were incredible. He had two slabs of muscle that jutted out under his shoulders like wings. Cory’s lats were big and strong. Strong enough to set the school record in pull-ups. Strong enough to crush the life out of Adam when he got him in a bear hug. Cory had more muscle in one of his lats than Adam probably had in his whole chest. Finally, there were Cory’s arms. Cory’s biceps bulged with raw power as he flexed them proudly in the mirror. The tattoo chain looked like it had been shattered by the sheer force of those big, hard muscles. Cory had an incredible peak to his biceps, even more incredible considering that he was not yet 12 years old. His definition was so good that you could actually see the two heads of biceps muscle bulging on the top of his arms. Cory’s forearms were shredded and writhing as he tightened his fists. Veins were crisscrossing his arms everywhere. Adam’s arms were soft and flabby. He couldn’t really make much of a bump on the top of his arms with his biceps. Cory’s biceps looked like rock-hard baseballs and Adam’s biceps looked like little, soft lemons.

Next, Cory dropped his arms and flexed his abs. Every ridge of muscle in his eight-pack pressed against his thin, than skin. His abs looked like a washboard, a solid wall of corrugated iron from his chest to his crotch. Cory wore his shorts really low, below his hips, exposing his lower abs and his slashing oblique muscles. His narrow waist and hips were incredibly sexy, thought Adam. Cory placed his fingers on his abs and moved his skin up and down across the hard muscle. It was like he was moving cellophane across carved rock. Instinctively, Adam moved his hand over to Cory’s abs and did the same thing. He couldn’t believe the hardness of the muscles of this 11-year-old kid, as he pulled Cory’s tan skin over the solid ridges of muscle. It was like he was pulling that thin skin over warm marble. “Yeah, feel those abs, wimp-boy,” said Cory. “They’re a lot harder and buffer than your fuckin’ mush. Shit, you don’t have any abs. You’re a total loser.” Adam looked at his flabby waist and had to agree.

Then Cory said, “Check ’em out, dweeb,” and flexed his quads. The slabs of muscle sprang to attention at Cory’s will, hardening into pillars of shredded brawn that looked like young oak trees. Adam tried to flex his skinny quads and saw nothing. Cory raised his heels up and down a couple of times. The heads of muscle in his calves bulged under his thin, darkly tanned skin as they easily lifted his body up and down. “Fuckin’-A, look at that fuckin’ muscle,” said Cory as he watched his calves bulge and then flexed his quads again. “I ain’t even worked out these mothers with weights yet. Think of what they’re gonna look like after they’ve lifted some heavy iron. They’re gonna get huge!” Adam looked in amazement at the muscular superiority of his young neighbor. Adam’s cock started to get hard as he comprehended Cory’s muscular beauty in contrast to his own weakness and inferiority. Cory smiled as he made the same comparison. “Jeez, dweeb. Look what those three sets of bench presses did to my fuckin’ chest. And look at your pile of shit body compared to me, even after all the fuckin’ lifting you’ve been doing. Looks like my body’s gonna respond to those weights a lot faster than yours, wimp. My body wants weights. My body wants fuckin’ heavy weights!”

Cory turned to face Adam. He flexed his pecs, which were still pumped and shredded from the heavy bench presses. Adam couldn’t believe how big and hard Cory’s pecs had gotten from those three sets of bench presses, although he realized that Cory had put much more intensity into those bench presses than Adam had ever done with his own. Cory had forced his muscles to lift the absolute maximum amount of weight they could lift for the absolute maximum number of reps they could muster. He drove his pecs to absolute exhaustion and they were going to respond by growing bigger and stronger. “I love these fuckin’ weights,” said Cory. “These weights make my muscles bulge like nothing I’ve ever done before. Fuck, I can do hundreds of pushups but they don’t make my pecs look and feel like this. I feel fuckin’ STRONG!!”

“You ARE strong, Cory,” said Adam. “You’re already fuckin’ three times stronger than me! (Adam was good at math — 135 is three times 45.) And this is the first time you’ve lifted weights for real. You’re a fucking stud. You were born to have muscle and be strong. And these weights are going to make you a fuckin’ musclestud — Cory the Conqueror. These weights are going for do for you what I was hoping they would do for me. I wanna watch you grow, Cory. I wanna help you grow into the biggest musclestud that ever lived. Remember, I’m your slave. Well, I’m going to be your trainer, too. I’m going to make sure you do all the right exercises and eat all the right foods and supplements to get big and strong. I’ve been reading all these muscle magazines for months. I may be a wimp, but I know all the things you need to do to grow. My weights are your weights, master. You’re gonna get big!” Cory walked up to Adam and raised his hand to give him a high-five. The two boys slapped their hands together. Cory slapped Adam’s hand so hard it stung. “You got a deal, slave-boy,” said Cory. “I’m gonna get huge and you’re gonna help me do it.” Then Cory walked over to Adam’s glass of protein drink and gulped it all down. Cory let out a big burp, a big, long jock-stud burp. “Need to feed these muscles,” said Cory. Then he grabbed Adam’s head and pressed the skinny nerd’s face into his bulging pecs. Cory ran Adam’s face all over his hot, sweaty, bulging pecs, finally pressing Adam’s nose between the two globes of hot muscle and flexing them. Adam’s cheeks were crushed by the hard, flexing muscle, but the crushing felt good to Adam. “Yes, master,” sputtered Adam as he smelled the jock-boy sweat emanating from Cory’s hot skin. “I’m gonna help you get huge.” Then Cory let go of Adam and the two boys looked at each other. The strong and the weak. Master and slave. Musclekid and wimp. The brave and the meek. Athlete and trainer. They were going to be a team, a team that would build Cory the Conqueror.

Suddenly Adam fell to his knees and looked up at Cory. He moved his hands across Cory’s shredded abs, feeling every ridge of the sweaty hard muscle. He looked up and saw Cory’s pumped pecs bulging out over those hard abs, the striations of muscle clearly visible from below. He and Cory both looked in the mirror, watching Cory’s muscles bulge and flex as Adam worshipped them. “Yeah, feel those muscles, wimp-boy,” said Cory. “Feel those muscles that have three times the strength of your pathetic body. Feel how big and hard they are. Feel their power.” Adam ran his hands all over Cory’s abs and then reached up to grab his bulging pecs. Cory flexed his pecs for Adam as he cupped his hands around them, showing the weak little teenager the size and hardness of the muscles that had just benched three times what Adam could do. Then Adam reached around and grabbed Cory’s lats. He couldn’t believe how thick and hard those muscles were, flaring out like wings and tapering down to a slim, athletic waist. Adam moved his hands to the rear, feeling all the hardness of Cory’s firm, round bubble butt. He pushed Cory’s shorts down a few inches in the back and then forced his fingers inside Cory’s tight ass-crack. Cory let Adam’s fingers go in just a little bit. Then he flexed his glutes and squeezed those little fingers, crushing them like a grape. Adam winced at the pain. Cory looked down at Adam and sneered. “See, slave, even my ass muscles are fuckin’ strong. Strong enough to crush your little fingers.”

Adam pulled his fingers out of Cory’s ass and continued feeling Cory’s hard, round butt. Then he moved his hands down across Cory’s buff legs, feeling the shredded fibers of his quads and the bulging heads of muscle in his calves. As Adam was caressing Cory’s buff muscles, he noticed a bulge forming under Cory’s shorts. Adam’s little 4½-inch cock was already as hard as it could get. Adam was totally turned on by Cory’s body. Slowly Adam reached up and started pulling down Cory’s shorts. Cory wasn’t wearing any underwear. As Adam slowly pulled down the shorts, a small patch of blond pubic hair appeared. Adam kept pulling on the shorts, pulling them over Cory’s bulging, muscular bubble butt and slowly revealing the top of Cory’s penis. Cory’s penis was hard, and it was pushing on the fabric, trying to get out from under those shorts. Adam pulled the shorts all the way down to Cory’s knees and the kid’s hard penis sprang up and hit Adam in the face. Adam couldn’t believe how big and thick this 11½-year-old’s cock was. It was a lot bigger and thicker than Adam’s. Bigger and thicker than the cocks of most kids in Adam’s class at school. Adam pulled Cory’s shorts all the way down and kneeled in front of the god-like kid, looking at Cory’s cock in awe. Cory lifted his muscular legs one at a time, removing the shorts, and kicked them to the side. As he moved his legs, his hard cock moved back and forth, hitting Adam on the face several times. “You like my cock, slave?” said Cory. “It’s big and hard just like my muscles. It’s grown a lot in the last few months now that I’m in puberty. It’s gonna get huge, just like my muscles.”

Adam stared at Cory’s hard cock and his buff nude body. “It’s already huge, master. It’s already big, just like your muscles.” Cory looked in the mirror, flexed his biceps and smiled. His body looked radiant as the muscles pulsated under his tan skin, and his cock was ramrod straight, pointing almost straight up. He knew he was a stud. Adam couldn’t control himself any longer. He lurched his head forward and started licking Cory’s thick, hard cock and his big, low-hanging balls. Each of Cory’s balls was about the size of a walnut. Adam pulled each nut into his mouth and stroked it gently with his tongue. Cory moaned with pleasure. Adam burrowed his nose into Cory’s blond pubic hairs, breathing in the wonderful pungent smell of Cory’s jock-boy sweat. Oh how good that sweat smelled to Adam. Adam was so turned on by Cory that his little dick was rock hard. Adam started licking Cory’s hard cock and Cory started thrusting his hips back and forth, fully absorbed in the primal, animalistic thrill he was experiencing as his sensitive cock was being caressed by his slave’s eager tongue. He thought about his muscular body and big cock being worshipped by his little wimp-boy slave. His cock got even harder. Adam grabbed Cory’s musclebutt with his hands, feeling those hard globes of muscle flex as Cory thrust his pelvis back and forth, enjoying the wonderful totally sensual feeling of Adam’s tongue licking his pubescent cock. Cory had never felt anything like this before in his young life. He started thrusting his hips at Adam faster and faster as Adam continued his furious licking of Cory’s big dick. Cory started breathing hard as Adam’s tongue moved faster and faster over his sensitive organ. His muscles began to quiver. Adam looked up and saw Cory’s abs and pecs literally pulsating as he reached a state of total ecstasy. Finally, Cory let out a loud yell and his cock released spurt after spurt of hot, white jism. The first spurt flew about 10 feet across the room. The remaining spurts blasted right into Adam’s face, covering the teen’s face with what seemed like a cup of creamy, white jism. Cory’s orgasm was incredibly long, lasting almost a minute with spurt after spurt of cum gushing from his big balls. When Cory was finished, he looked down at Adam, whose face was covered with cum. “Fuck, that was sweet!” said Cory. “I never felt anything like that before. You’re a great cock-licker, slave. We gotta do that a lot. Now clean yourself up. I gotta finish my workout. Gotta blast these muscles even more. Gotta get huge.” Cory turned toward the mirror and did a lat spread. His cock was still hard, standing at about half-mast. He smiled with a look of superior confidence as he checked out his buff body and big cock. Adam looked up at Cory’s beautiful body and cock and sighed with awe. Adam would have to wait until tonight before he could cum. Cory was the master and Cory wanted to lift — now. But Adam knew his jerk-off session tonight would be the best he ever had. •

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