Boy Next Door, The


By johnd7102000

“Measure my muscles, Adam. I know they’re bigger than they were two weeks ago.” Adam brought over the measuring tape and Cory flexed his bicep. “Jesus Christ, Cory. You’re bicep measures 11 inches! You’ve gained a whole fucking inch of muscle in the last month. I only gained a quarter-inch and I’ve been working out like a maniac. You’re a total stud!” Cory looked at Adam with kind of a superior look and said “You’ve got that right, wimp.” Cory flexed his chest and Adam wrapped the tape around the bulging muscles. Cory had put another inch on his chest, which now measured 33 inches, only 2-1/2 inches smaller than Adam’s. Cory’s thighs had gained another 1/2 inch of muscle, bringing them to 16 inches, only one inch smaller than Adam’s. Cory’s waist remained at a shredded 24 inches. In the last month, Cory had gained 10 pounds of strong, rippling muscle. Adam, after all his lifting, eating and taking supplements, had gained 3 pounds of mostly fat. The Boy Next Door was showing his total physical superiority over the weak and inferior Adam.

Adam stood next to Cory and they compared their two bodies in the mirror, the strong and the weak. Cory looked at his flexed muscles and said “Jesus, dweeb. It feels great to be strong. It feels great to be fucking muscular and strong.” Adam looked at Cory’s buff body in the mirror and said, “Yeah, I’ll bet it does. I wish I knew what it felt like to be strong like you, Cory. I’d give anything to have muscles and be strong like you.” Cory flexed his biceps in the mirror and said, “Forget it, wimp. I got muscles and you don’t. I’m strong and you’re weak. You’ll never know how it feels to be fucking strong and muscular. I got muscle and you don’t, so you better just get used to it slave. I’m your fucking master, even though I’m only 11 and you’re 15. The closest you’re ever going to get to muscle is by touching my muscles, and I’m only going to let you do it if I feel like it. And ’cause I’m so strong and you’re so weak and pathetic, I can kick your butt any time I want. You’re my slave and you do what I want. Understand, slave?”

Cory wrapped his arms around Adam’s skinny chest and squeezed. The power of Cory’s muscular arms was more than Adam could take. He was too weak to fight back. Cory quickly squeezed all the air out of Adam’s lungs. Adam’s face turned red. “Feel the power, dweeb,” said Cory as he squeezed harder. Cory’s biceps, lats and delts were bulging and straining as they applied enormous force to Adam’s crushed chest. “Try to breathe, punk,” said Cory. Adam tried to take a breath, but Cory’s vise-like arms wouldn’t let his ribcage expand even a fraction of an inch. He couldn’t inhale even a tiny breath. When Adam stopped trying to inhale and relaxed his lungs a bit, Cory tightened his arms even more. His muscular arms squeezed hard into Adam’s chest, tightening ever harder like a ratchet. Every time Adam tried to breathe, Cory squeezed even harder. It seemed like his arms got stronger with every squeeze, as his biceps, delts and lats pumped up with strength-giving blood. His back looked like the head of a cobra, the slabs of lat muscle flaring out to the side and applying incredible force to his squeeze. “Feel the power,” said Cory again. “Feel the power of my muscles, dweeb. You ain’t shit compared to me, ya know that? You may be four years older than me but you still ain’t shit. Do you remember when you gave me a bear hug when I was seven and I didn’t even feel your squeeze? I thought it was fun. And then I turned around and gave you a bear hug. I remember that you were having a hard time breathing when my little seven year-old muscles were squeezing your pathetic chicken chest. I knew you were surprised at how strong I was, even though you didn’t want to admit it. Well now I’m the same age as you were back then, and I’m fucking strong as shit. I’m probably five times stronger than you were when you were my age. I’m a fucking musclekid and you’re still a pathetic weakling. Feel the power, weakling. You deserve to be crushed by my muscles, ’cause you’re so fucking weak.” Cory’s biceps bulged like steel cords as he applied all the force of his hardened muscles to Adam’s little chest.

Adam’s face was now beet red and he had lost all strength in his body. He was now totally at Cory’s mercy. Cory just squeezed harder, crushing the 15-year-old’s chest with his powerful back and arms like it was a cardboard box. He was in total control of the 15 year old boy who used to throw him off like he was an annoying insect. The young musclekid was now totally dominating the older kid who had treated him like an annoying pest all these years. “I’m your master,” said Cory. “You’re just a fucking piece of shit that I can fuck up any time I want.” Cory squeezed Adam’s poor chest incredibly hard. Adam’s eyes went blank. Finally, as Adam was starting to faint from Cory’s enormous bear hug and the lack of oxygen, Cory let go and let Adam drop like a sack of shit to the floor. “That was fun,” said Cory. “That gave my muscles a real good pump.” He flexed his lats in the mirror and they flared out to the side like wings. Then he flexed his biceps, and the hard fibers of his muscles immediately formed two big balls of rock. It was obvious that Cory didn’t give a damn how Adam felt. He only cared about the great pump he had gotten from crushing Adam. Adam looked up in absolute awe at the muscular kid who had almost crushed the life out of him.

Cory took off his gold medal and picked up the football. “Hey dweeb,” he said, “lets go outside and play some football. I’ll warm up with you before I go up to the playground to play some real tackle football with the big kids. I love football. You get to hit guys as hard as you want and there’s nothing anybody can do about it ’cause that’s what the game is all about. I like to play with big kids. I like to see if I can knock ’em down. I’ve tackled kids who weigh twice as much as I do. And they never get out of my grip. I just wrap my arms around ’em and down they go. When I hit somebody at the line of scrimmage, I really hit hard and I really get a rush when I hit some kid and he crashes to the ground and doesn’t get up for five minutes. That makes me feel real strong. I don’t care when kids hit me and knock me down. I can take it. They can pop me into the air and drop me on the ground, but it doesn’t hurt. My body is really hard and my muscles sort of act like armor, so I never get hurt. Football is really fun. Do you like football, Adam?”

Adam had only played football one time in his life. He was up at the same playground that Cory was talking about and tried to play football with some kids from his class in school who were jocks. He got knocked down over and over again by those bigger, athletic jocks and when he tried to tackle them, they just ran over him like he was a stick-boy, which he was. He felt totally useless. Finally, one of the kids told him to get lost. “Pussies like you can’t play football, wimp. Come back here when you put some muscle on your little body — if you can!” The other kids laughed. Adam hung his head and walked off the field, totally humiliated. “Uh, no I guess I don’t like football,” said Adam. “I’ve only played it once”.

“You only played it once?” said Cory. “That’s not much of a try. Come on outside. I’m going to show you how its done.” Adam kind of hesitated and didn’t move off the floor of the garage. Cory walked up to him, grabbed his arm really hard and jerked him to his feet. “I said we’re going outside to play football, slave. You’re going to play football whether you like it or not. You understand?” Cory squeezed Adam’s spongy upper arm with his strong fingers. He dug his fingers into Adam’s bicep and pain shot up Adam’s arm. “Yes I understand, Cory, sir,” said Adam. “That’s better,” said Cory. “Lets play.”

The two boys walked out to Adam’s front lawn. Cory handed the football to Adam and said, “Pass it to me when I get 10 yards downfield.” Cory started running forward and after a second Adam tried to throw the ball in his direction. Adam’s pass was woefully short and the ball hit the ground way in front of the running kid. Cory turned around, grabbed the football, and said “Well, I guess you’re not Troy Aikman. Lets just warm up playing some catch.” Cory threw the ball at Adam. Adam dropped it. Adam threw the ball at Cory. The throw was very high, but Cory leaped into the air and brought it down. The two boys threw the ball back and forth, with Cory catching every one of Adam’s passes, even though they were too high, too low and off to the side. Cory had amazing reflexes and incredible jumping ability. Adam liked to watch Cory’s muscles as he ran and jumped. He was a natural athlete. Adam caught one of Cory’s passes, when Cory lobbed the ball underhand as softly as he could right at Adam’s chest.

“OK,” said Cory. “Time for some tackling practice. First I’ll carry the ball and you tackle me if you can, wimp. Don’t be such a pussy. Really try to hit.” Adam gulped. Cory started running with the ball right at Adam. Adam braced his feet and jumped at the 11 year old kid, trying to wrap his arms around Cory’s hard body. Cory lowered his shoulder and ran right into Adam, knocking him down like the little stick-boy that he was. Then he ran right over Adam’s body, landing one foot on Adam’s gut. Cory kept running and then stopped and held up the ball. “Star running back Cory smashes through the pussy linebacker and scores.” Cory walked back to Adam. “Jesus, dweeb, you gotta hit harder than that. I only weigh 95 pounds and you weigh 135 and I ran over you like you were a little girl. Try it again.” Adam really didn’t want to try to tackle Cory again but he knew he had no choice. Cory picked up the ball and ran right at Adam. Adam tried to grab Cory, but this time Cory pushed at Adam with his left arm and forced him to the ground as he ran by untouched. “Star running back Cory gives the wimp linebacker a shove with his strong arm and runs in for the easy score,” yelled Cory. “Fuck it, wimp, I’m going to just keep runnin’ at you until you tackle me. I’m going to just keep running over your pathetic body until you bring me down. I think its fun to run over you. It’s a good warm-up for the real football I’m going to play later. It makes me feel really strong.” So Cory kept running with the ball at Adam and kept knocking over the weak 15 year old like he was a little girl. Adam tried to tackle the muscular kid but Cory was just too fast and strong. Several times Adam almost got his arms around Cory’s chest or waist, but Cory either grabbed him with one arm and threw him off like an insect or lowered his shoulder and plowed right into the taller, heavier boy, knocking him to the ground. One time Adam actually got his arms around Cory’s shoulders, but the strong kid just dragged him along for ten yards and scored another touchdown. Another time Adam tried to tackle Cory by the legs. Cory’s muscular legs just kept pumping like pistons, with Adam’s weak little arms trying to hold on for dear life. Finally Adam had to let go as Cory powered his way forward without slowing down at all. Finally when the “score” was 70 to 0, Cory decided to let Adam tackle him. He let Adam grab his tight, muscular waist as he ran by and pull him to the ground. Adam loved the feeling of Cory’s hard, pulsating ab muscles as he grabbed them and held on.

The two boys rolled in the grass. Adam didn’t want to let go of Cory’s muscular waist. Adam wanted to just lie there and feel Cory’s buff pumped muscles. Cory’s muscles were hard., hot and sweaty. Adam ran his hands all over Cory’s corrugated washboard abs and his tight, hard pecs. He felt Cory’s delts bulging out from his shoulders and then ran his hands down to his upper arms. Cory tightened his biceps and the steel-like cords of muscle flexed in Adam’s hands. Cory laid right on top of Adam for a moment, his hard, round, sweaty pecs pressed firmly onto Adam’s weak little torso. Adam loved the feeling of Cory’s hard body pressing into him. Adam moved his hands around to feel Cory’s firm, round ass. Cory flexed his glutes and the hard, athletic muscles that had just powered Cory’s legs like pistons bulged in Adam’s hands. Adam was in heaven. But Cory wasn’t done playing football. Cory jumped up and said “that was fun, dweeb. I loved running with the ball and smashing into you. You’re just a big stick-boy, ya know that? My 95 pounds of muscle just blasts through your 135 pounds of skin and bones. Now its your turn to run with the ball. But you’re going to have to get by Cory, the star linebacker. Cory the star linebacker loves to cream running backs. He loves to send ’em to the hospital. He gets off on breaking their bones when he hits ’em. Ready, dude?” Cory was still fresh and energized and ready for more football. Adam lay on the ground, exhausted, battered and beaten, but turned on as hell. “Get up, slave,” ordered Cory. “I want to practice my hitting and tackling. You’re going to be my live tackling dummy. This is going to be real fun.” Adam shuddered.

Cory handed the ball to Adam and ran about ten yards away. Then he turned and faced Adam and yelled “Run, dweeb. See if you can score against Cory, the star linebacker.” Adam really didn’t want to do this but he knew he had no choice. He tucked the ball away in his right arm and ran towards Cory. Cory moved back and forth, like a tiger waiting for his prey. As Adam got closer, he tried to dodge to the side. But Cory was too fast and he charged towards Adam at full speed, lowered his shoulder and smashed into the older boy’s chest, lifting him at least six inches off the ground while at the same time grabbing him around the chest with his muscular arms. The two boys crashed to the ground, with Cory on top. Adam had the wind knocked out of him and couldn’t breathe. Cory yelled, “the wimp running back tried to run around Cory, the star linebacker, but Cory gave the dweeb such a killer hit that he went crashing to the ground. Nobody gets by Cory. That was fun, dweeb. Lets do it again.” Cory jumped up. Adam lay on the ground in pain. “Get up, slave,” ordered Cory. “I said I wanted to do it again.” Cory bent down and grabbed Adam by the shoulders, easily lifting him to his feet. He jammed the ball into Adam’s gut and ran ten yards away. “OK, run at me, wimp-boy. Try harder this time. Run harder and run faster. You ain’t shit compared to me. You make it too easy. Ya gotta try harder.”

Adam ran towards Cory again, this time trying to put all the power of his 5’ 10”, 135 pound body into it. He thought to himself that with his 40 pound weight advantage he had at least a chance of running over Cory. This time he didn’t try to run around the muscular kid. He ran right at Cory. Cory’s bright, blue eyes lit up when he saw Adam coming toward him. He was ready to kill his prey. As Adam got close, Cory lunged at the running boy, wrapped his arms around his waist and lifted him into the air. Adam’s feet were three feet off the ground. Cory continued to run forward a few steps, carrying the hapless boy in his powerful arms. Then Cory literally threw Adam to the ground. Adam landed face-first in the grass. He tried to throw out an arm to break his fall. The force of Cory’s heave almost broke his arm. He came crashing to the ground. Cory walked over, put one foot on Adam’s back, and flexed his arms in triumph, like a conquering warrior standing over his vanquished foe. Cory’s biceps bulged with power. “Star linebacker Cory picks up the wimp running back and tosses him on the ground like a sack of shit. You really are a sack of shit, ya know that Adam? Get up, you miserable sack of shit. I wanna do that again. This is really fun.”

Adam certainly wasn’t having any fun. He was Cory’s plaything. Cory’s human toy. Cory’s live tackling dummy. Cory didn’t care how Adam felt. Cory was having fun and Adam was his slave. That’s just the way it was. Adam couldn’t do a thing about it and he knew it. Cory picked up Adam again, rammed the ball into his gut and ordered Adam to run at him again. “Start running, wuss,” ordered Cory. “I wanna tackle you again.” Adam started running again, knowing all too well what was awaiting him. Cory slammed into Adam’s body, smashing his shoulder into Adam’s chest and leveling the taller boy. Adam went crashing to the ground on his back. “What a hit!” yelled Cory. “Did you hear the popping sound when I hit you? That was really cool.” Adam simply lay on the ground, looking up at his muscular master. Cory reached down and jerked Adam up to his feet again. Adam was totally thrashed and broken. “Jesus what a wuss you are, Adam. I’ve only hit you a couple of times and I’ve already fucked you up real good. I could do this all afternoon and not even get tired. That would be real fun, wouldn’t it pussy-boy?” Adam looked at Cory’s muscular body, a body that seemed to have unlimited power and energy. He was so in awe of Cory that he just stood there. Cory jammed the ball into Adam’s arm again and ran back about ten yards. “Run, wimp!” ordered Cory. He was ready to hit again. Adam started staggering forward, carrying the ball weakly in his right arm. Cory ran towards Adam at full speed. He hit Adam head-on, planting his muscular shoulder into Adam’s chest and wrapping his arms around Adam’s waist at the same time. The force of Cory’s hit leveled the older boy, who went crashing onto the ground with Cory on top still holding on to his waist.

Cory lay on top of Adam with his arms wrapped around Adam’s waist. He pulled his arms tight, forcing his body into Adam’s body and squeezing Adam’s waist with his strong arms. Cory’s chest was tight against Adam. Adam could feel the bulging muscles of Cory’s pecs as he squeezed harder and harder. Cory’s skin was covered with a layer of sweat. “Feel the power, slave,” said Cory. His muscles felt like rocks as they pressed against Adam’s body. Finally Cory let go. He was still laying on top of Adam, who was like a vanquished foe lying on his back on the ground. Cory grabbed Adam’s arms and pinned them to the ground over his head. Cory pressed up his own body so he was about a foot above Adam, looking him right in the eyes. “You’re a fucking dweeb, ya know that?” said Cory. He held Adam’s helpless arms, arms that were way too weak to do anything to resist Cory’s strength. Adam looked up at Cory’s blue eyes and handsome face, the face of a kid who could will his muscles to thrash Adam any time he felt like it. Suddenly Cory dropped down onto Adam, his pumped, muscular chest crashing down onto Adam’s skinny ribcage. He moved his body up and covered Adam’s face with his armpit. Adam could smell Cory’s sweat, sweat that smelled incredibly good to Adam. The sweat of a real jock. “Smell my sweat, slave,” said Cory. “Breathe in the smell of your master.” Cory rubbed his armpit all over Adam’s face, covering his face and nose with the salty sweat of his muscular body. Adam loved the feeling of having Cory laying on top of him, dominating him with his muscles and forcing him to smell his stinky sweat.

Finally after a minute or so of this, Cory sat up on Adam’s stomach and flexed his arms. He looked proudly at the bulging biceps, biceps that had grown a full inch in the past month and now looked like big hard billiard balls. Adam reached up and felt Cory’s flexed biceps with his tender fingers. “You like these big muscles, don’t you slave-boy? You like it when your master flexes his muscles for you and you get to feel them. You like feeling my rock-hard muscles. Muscles that can kick your ass any time I feel like it. You like feeling their power, so much more power than you’ve got in your puny muscles that it ain’t even funny.” Adam nodded his head and squeezed Cory’s biceps as hard as he could. He couldn’t make the slightest dent in the big balls of muscle. They felt like warm marble. Veins were running up and down Cory’s biceps under this thin skin. His forearms were also bulging and covered with veins. “Your muscles are awesome, master,” said Adam. “I am honored to be your slave.” Cory smiled. His bright, white teeth looked stunning. He liked to have his body admired by his slave. He lowered his arms and spread his lats. “Check out these fuckin’ lats, slave. Lats that did tons of pull-ups today. Lats that squeezed your puny chest so hard that you couldn’t fucking breathe.” Adam squeezed the big slabs of muscle that flared out like wings under Cory’s wide shoulders. They were thick and hard. Incredibly thick and hard for an 11 year old kid. Adam ran his hands up to Cory’s shoulders and felt the bulging hardness of his delts. Cory’s delts were striated with muscle fibers that twitched and flexed every time he moved his arms. They looked like little melons that had been slapped on his shoulders. And Adam knew that Cory’s delts were strong and tough. Strong enough to lift heavy weights overhead and strong enough to crash into Adam’s chest when Cory tackled him. Cory moved his arms up and down, allowing Adam to feel his delts flexing and bulging. Adam could feel the individual fibers of muscle contracting. They felt like steel cords. “Fuck,” said Adam. “Your delts are incredible.” Cory looked over at his shoulders as his arms were moving up and down and said, “Yeah, I know.” Cory was not humble.

“Flex your pecs and abs, master,” said Adam. “I want to feel their incredible hardness.” Cory sat upright on Adam’s stomach and flexed his muscular pecs and abs. His pecs were round and striated, with a deep crevice separating the bulging muscle. Adam placed his hands over the two round mounds and felt the hardness of the muscle flexing underneath. Cory’s pecs were much bigger and harder than Adam’s flat little chest muscles. Adam looked up at Cory’s muscular torso, his spikey blond hair, his sky blue eyes and his handsome face and thought that Cory looked just like a young Viking warrior. Almost like a god. A young warrior god who was destined to rule his world. Then Adam ran his hands down across Cory’s hard, corrugated abs. The shredded muscle undulated under Cory’s thin, tan skin as he flexed and unflexed his abs for Adam to admire. Adam was in total heaven, feeling the incredible young muscles of his 11 year old neighbor. He ran his hands all over Cory’s body, feeling his legs, his abs, his shoulders, his lats — everything. “Yeah, feel those muscles, you little punk,” said Cory. “Feel the muscles that are going to rule you for as long as you live. I’m going to get so big and strong that I’ll be able to lift you overhead with one hand. I’ll be able to crush your puny body like a grape. You’re just a piece of shit compared to me. You’re my fucking little slave-boy. Well, slave, the party’s over. I’m outta here. I’m going to go play some football now with some big kids, some real men.” Cory jumped up, put his foot on Adam’s chest and flexed his arms one more time. “See ya Wednesday, slave. Go try to put some muscle on that pathetic body.” Cory laughed. He knew he would be stronger on Wednesday and Adam would still be a weak little wuss. He grabbed the football and ran off towards the playground. Adam just lay on the ground, dreaming of Wednesday. •

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