Leader of the Pack


By johnd7102000

Meanwhile, Rasheed let Eddie down on his feet. He grabbed Eddie’s right arm and twisted it up his back. “I bet you used to twist the waterboy’s weak little arms, didn’t you honkey?” said Rasheed. “No I didn’t, no I didn’t,” yelled Eddie. Rasheed looked over to me and I nodded my head. “You’re lying, honkey,” said Rasheed. “I bet your arms are a lot stronger than the waterboy’s aren’t they, honkey. It was easy to twist his little arms until you hurt them really bad, wasn’t it, honkey. I bet you had a lot of fun doing that, didn’t you honkey? Well, I bet my arms are a lot stronger than yours. My arms can bench 290 and curl 150.” Rasheed flexed his big left arm right in Eddie’s face. “What can you bench, honkey? 90? 100? You’re a fuckin’ weakling compared to me, just like the waterboy’s a weakling compared to you. And now you’re gonna feel what its like to be a weakling. You’re gonna feel what’s its like to be so weak you can’t do nothin’ to stop me. You’re gonna feel what its like to be totally helpless against a big bad kid who’s three times as strong as you are and wants to fuck you up.”

At that, Rasheed lifted his big right arm and started twisting Eddie’s right arm up his back. Rasheed’s shoulder and arm muscles bulged as they forced the bully’s arm higher and higher up his back. Eddie cried out in pain, begging the big black football player to stop. “Is your little arm too weak to stop my big muscles, punk?” asked Rasheed. “Do you want me to stop? Did you stop when the waterboy asked you to stop twisting his arm? Did you stop when you were twisting so hard he cried out in pain?” Eddie yelled “Yeah, yeah I stopped.” Rasheed looked at me and I shook my head. “You lied again, honkey. You’re a fucking liar. You’re gonna get just what you did to the waterboy, only I’m a lot badder than you are so you’re gonna get wasted by my big muscles.” Rasheed raised his big, muscular arm even higher. The huge muscles in his shoulder and arm were bulging out under his thin black skin as they applied an absolutely enormous force to Eddie’s arm. Finally I heard a crackling sound, like a chicken drumstick being ripped off its body. The incredible power of Rasheed’s muscles had ripped apart Eddie’s tendons and ligaments and dislocated his arm from his shoulder. Eddie was shrieking in abject pain but Rasheed just laughed.

Ron was spitting out blood and gasping for air as Tony’s huge arms crushed the life out of him. Ron looked at Tony plaintively, begging the muscular jock for his life with his eyes since he had no air in his lungs to talk. “You like being bear hugged, asshole?” said Tony. “You like being up close and personal with a big muscle jock like me? You like being crushed by my strong muscles? No? You want me to stop? Did you stop when the waterboy begged you? You don’t have to answer, motherfucker, ’cause I know you didn’t. You got off on the feeling of your big arms crushing his little chest. Crushing it like this.” Tony tightened his arms even harder, if that was possible. I heard another rib crack. Ron’s head started rolling around uncontrollably as the pain became unbearable. “Well, guess what, asshole. I’m a nicer guy than you are.” At that, Tony released his bear hug and let Ron breathe in a big breath of life-giving air. Tony pushed Ron over next to the howling Eddie, who was holding his dislocated arm and crying in pain.

Rasheed looked at me, pointed at Eddie and said “Hey waterboy. Punch out this honkey. Let him have it good.” I didn’t know what to do. I had never punched anyone before. “Make a fist and punch him out,” said Rasheed. So I made a fist, wound up my right arm and punched Eddie as hard as I could in his gut. There was a dull thud as my weak little punch bounced harmlessly off Eddie’s abs. Eddie kind of smiled. “No, no, waterboy,” said Rasheed. “That’s not how to do it. Now that you’re a Marauder you gotta learn how to punch a dude out. Here’s how you do it.” At that, Rasheed pulled back his right arm and landed a smashing blow into Eddie’s gut. I could see his big, black fist penetrate deeply into Eddie’s midsection. Eddie cried out in abject pain and started to buckle over. But Rasheed wasn’t finished. He immediately landed punch after punch to Eddie’s gut and chest, each one with the power of a piledriver. Finally he wound up his left arm and landed a smashing left hook to Eddie’s nose, breaking it into a hundred pieces and knocking Eddie out cold. The former bully fell to the ground with blood gushing from his face and big red welts all over his body.

Ron looked at the pulverized body of his friend Eddie in horror. “That’s the way to do it,” said Tony. “Now try that out on spastic-boy here,” referring to the saliva dripping out of Ron’s mouth from being crushed to near death. I stood across from Ron and raised my fists. Ron was frozen. He knew he had absolutely no chance of getting away. I punched Ron’s abs and chest with both my right and left fists, but my weak little punches had absolutely no effect. I even tried to punch his face, but I hit his jaw and hurt my hand. Ron looked at me and sneered. Tony grabbed my hands and I stopped trying to punch. “Those were good punches, waterboy, but ya gotta put more power behind ’em.” He looked at my Marauder’s tee shirt with a “30” on it and then he looked down at his own tee shirt with a “310” on it and he grinned. “Like 10 times more power!” yelled Tony as he smashed his big right fist into Ron’s gut. Ron’s gut had already been softened up by Tony’s first punch, and this time his fist blasted through his abdominal wall like it was made of mush. Then, Tony’s huge shoulders and arms drove his fists into every part of Ron’s poor body with the power of a jackhammer. I couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like to be pounded into pulp by the devastating power of Tony’s big, rippling muscles. Finally Tony landed a powerful right uppercut to Ron’s chin, breaking his jaw into little pieces and knocking him unconscious. We looked at the battered bullies lying in pools of blood on the ground. Tony turned to me and said “I don’t think they’ll be picking on you anymore. You’re a Marauder, and nobody fucks with the Marauders.” Then he flexed his huge biceps and I kissed them.

The team had practice again that afternoon. We spent 1-1/2 hours in the weight room and 1-1/2 hours on the field. In the weight room the players worked out their backs and arms and then their abs. Coach Mad Dog had them on a routine where they worked out back and arms on day 1, chest and shoulders on day 2 and legs on day 3. They worked their abs every day. Then after day 3 they started day 1 over again. This gave each muscle group several days to rest so it could grow bigger and stronger. The Coach had the team work out extra hard on Saturdays, with an extra hour in the weight room and an extra hour on the field. Sunday was the day of rest. The players all took their shirts off during their workouts. They wanted to check out their growing bodies in the mirror. And just one look at the 8th and 9th graders was enough to prove Mad Dog’s program packed an incredible amount of muscle on the bodies of young teenagers.

As the waterboy, I helped out in the weight room, making sure the players had plenty of water to drink as they pumped the iron and otherwise attending to their needs. I couldn’t believe the how much weight these kids could lift. They applied incredible intensity to their workout. Coach Mad Dog walked around encouraging them to lift heavier and heavier weights. When he saw a kid crank out 10 lat pulldowns with 150 pounds on his third set, he said “You gotta add more weight. That’s a sissy weight for you. You gotta add 10 more pounds. You gotta make it hard. You gotta make it hurt. Remember — Bigger! Stronger! Faster! Meaner! You gotta lift fuckin’ heavy weights to get fuckin’ totally huge so you can kick ass!” The kid looked up at the hulking Coach, who flexed his 25 inch guns and sneered. The kid’s eyes bulged as he saw the huge muscles ripple in Mad Dog’s arms. Muscles that had crushed the head of an Iraqi soldier like a grape. The kid immediately added 10 pounds and cranked out five painful reps of lat pulldowns. Then after a short rest he did three more reps with help from a spotter. In the end, his lats were burning up. And they were totally engorged with blood, bulging out to the sides of his back like thick wings. Those last two incredibly heavy sets, plus the huge quantities of food he was eating and Mad Dog’s special supplement, would make his lats so much bigger and stronger in the next three days that he’d be able to do 10 reps with that weight next time. This is how the Marauders grew into young Supermen. Young supermen who were so much bigger, stronger, faster and meaner than their opponents that they wiped the field with their puny little asses.

Johnny was really excited at being able to take his first real workout with weights. His muscles were already big, buff and toned from all the pushups, pullups, situps and running he did, but weights were something totally new to him. As he did his lat pulldowns, I noticed his lats spread out from his back like they had never done before. Pullups were really easy for Johnny, so he was using weight for his lat pulldowns that was much heavier than his bodyweight. This was challenging his lats like they had never been challenged before. He did five sets, and after his last extremely heavy set he did a lat spread in the mirror. I stood right next to him and marveled at how big and wide Johnny’s lats had gotten just from those five grueling sets. They were completely flushed with blood and covered with veins. “You’re gonna get huge!” I gasped, as I wrapped my fingers around the hard muscle. Johnny grinned proudly and said “Yeah, I think you’re right. My muscles were just made to lift heavy iron. They love it!”

I walked over to the Twin Towers who were also doing lat pulldowns. Johnny’s lats were wide, but these guys’ lats were gigantic. As they did the pulldowns with a massive weight, their big lats flared out from their chests by almost a foot on each side. Their lats were huge slabs of solid muscle. Their armpits were like huge caverns, formed by the gigantic muscles of their lats, pecs and delts. Sweat was rolling off their skin as they strained their massive muscles to their absolute maximum, doing five sets of extremely heavy lat pulldowns. I wished that I could bury my face in Blake’s big armpit and breathe in the heady, masculine smell of his jock-boy sweat, sweat produced by the furnace burning in his machine-like body that was pulling down hundreds of pounds of iron for rep after rep.

My cock was rock hard during the entire weight room workout. After working their backs to absolute failure, the big muscle jocks worked on their arms. They spent 45 minutes blasting their arms with huge weights. Johnny’s arms looked absolutely incredible after he had finished his arm workout. He had never challenged his arms with heavy weights before and they were so pumped and bulging that I thought his muscles were going to explode out of his skin. He flexed his biceps for me and I could have sworn that the those baseball sized muscles were at least an inch larger than they had been before. I wrapped my fingers around the hot, bulging muscle and squeezed. If it’s possible for human flesh to feel harder than a rock, Johnny’s bicep did. It was so hard it was scary. “I feel fuckin’ strong, John,” said Johnny. “I feel like I could kick anybody’s ass I wanted!” Johnny was stoked. He could see his muscles were getting big and strong from lifting the weights and he was stoked. He wanted to get huge and he knew he would. His cock was bulging in his shorts.

Well, after the workout, the team headed out to the field for drills. Like yesterday, they didn’t wear any shirts, just jockstraps and shorts. And when they did the “hitting” drill they put on their shoulderpads and helmets. They did the “hitting” drill last, after they had done wind sprints and worked on some of their skills, like passing and catching. Kevin and Johnny passed the ball to the backs and the ends. Johnny looked great. By the time the “hitting” drill started, all the players were incredibly sweaty. Like yesterday, I helped the players put on their too-small shoulderpads. Blake and Jake’s traps and shoulders were dripping with sweat as I helped put on their pads. I ran my hands over the huge mounds of muscle on their shoulders and their skin felt hot to the touch. It also felt as hard as a rock. Blake lifted his arm and let me feel his flexing delt. As he raised his huge arm I could smell the strong odor of pungent sweat coming from his armpit. I wanted to bury my face in that armpit right then, but I tied up his pads like a good waterboy and he raced out onto the field to plow his huge body into some other kids’ bodies. I knew who would win that contest.

I noticed that Blake and Jake were talking to each other on the field and looking at me while they were talking. After the “hitting” drill was over, they both came over to me to help them with their pads. They were now incredibly hot and sweaty. I gave them large cups of water and they each gulped down three cups. “Hey, waterboy,” said Blake. “Jake and me got an idea. You know the fun we were having yesterday when we crushed your wimpy little body? And then we flexed in the mirror and you were just so puny compared to us? Well, Jake and me wanna do that again with you at our house. We’ll have more privacy there, if ya know what I mean.” Jake took his huge hand and placed it on his cock, which started to bulge under his shorts and jockstrap. “Whaddya say, waterboy. We can go right after we shower. Our parents are gonna be late today so there won’t be anyone home.”

Well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. To be asked home by these two enormous studs was beyond my wildest dreams. But I had one condition in mind. This would fulfill my absolute total fantasy, something I had been thinking about all afternoon. “Yeah, I’d love to go home with you guys. But I have one favor to ask. Don’t take a shower. I want to be able to feel your hot, sweaty bodies and smell your jock-stud sweat just like you are right now. I wanna see those muscles glisten with sweat as you pump ’em up to awesome size. I wanna bury my little face in your huge, smelly armpits and breathe in that incredibly masculine odor.” Blake and Jake looked at each other and smiled. “Sounds hot!” yelled Jake as he lifted his big arm and pushed my little face into his massive armpit. “Here’s a free sample.” The pungent smell of Jake’s armpit was overwhelming. All that sweat had built up in there from the intense weightlifting and the hard field practice and now I was smelling it all. What a total musclestud, I thought to myself. Only a total musclestud could make sweat that smelled like this.

“Let’s go!” yelled Blake, obviously excited about what was going to happen at his house. He yanked me away from his brother’s armpit with one easy pull of his big arm. “Here, drink your supplement first, big guy,” I said as I handed Blake and Jake their pints of Mad Dog’s special supplement. They gulped it down in three swallows. They were such huge studs that I gave them another pint. They gulped that down too and then let out a loud burp. “Gotta keep feeding these big muscles,” said Jake as he wiped his mouth with his shredded forearm. “OK, now lets go!” yelled Blake again. He picked me up like a baby and started carrying me off the field. We were going in the opposite direction of the locker room We were headed directly to the Twin Towers’ house. All they were wearing was their jock straps, their shorts, their socks, and their football shoes. All I was wearing was my shorts, my socks and my sneakers.

As we walked, the two huge kids played with me like a toy. Blake pressed me up and down 20 times and then tossed me to Jake. To Blake, my 90 pounds felt like a feather. His huge delts and arms were capable of a 295 pound military press. Jake caught me and curled me 20 times. I must have felt like a broomstick since Jake could curl a 200 pound barbell. “We gotta keep pumpin’ up, wimp,” said Jake. “We gotta get our muscles all pumped and sweaty for you by the time we get home.” To me their muscles were already incredibly pumped and sweaty. They were getting them even more pumped and sweaty. They were really into it.

I never took one step with my own feet in the six blocks we walked to Blake and Jake’s house. They tossed me around between them the whole time. Blake even did 10 reps of one arm presses with me, first with his right arm and then with his left. Not to be outdone by his brother, Jake did 20 reps of triceps presses behind the neck, holding on to me as his little dumbbell. By the time we got to their house, their bodies were incredibly pumped.

Blake got a hidden key and opened the front door. Their house was very middle class. Nothing big but very comfortable. The said their parents wouldn’t be home until after dinner so we had lots of time to play. They were going to make their own dinner tonight. Their mother had bought them four steaks each, two big potatoes each, lots of fruits and vegetables, and a gallon of milk to share. This was a normal dinner for them. Before we went upstairs to their bedroom the twins raided their refrigerator for a snack. I couldn’t believe they were hungry after drinking a double portion of Coach Mad Dog’s supplement, but they were. They each grabbed two chicken breasts and gobbled them up, washing the meat down with milk. I watched them eat their food. They ate very fast. They were like efficient eating machines, devouring the maximum amount of food in the minimum amount of time. When they were done, Blake patted his shredded, ripped gut and said “Feels good. Feels good to eat. Feels good to feed these muscles.” He rubbed his hand over his sweaty washboard abs, knowing that those hard muscles were going to absorb their share of the protein and nutrients he was consuming.

Their snack had taken them less than one minute and their muscles were still incredibly pumped and sweaty from tossing me around. “OK, wimp, now its time to play,” said Blake as he lifted me up and carried me upstairs. I had to keep reminding myself that these two huge muscle monsters were still kids — only 14 years old. And kids like to play.

Blake carried me upstairs to the Towers’ bedroom. It was a large room with two twin beds. It was obvious that they shared the room. They had shared a bedroom since they were born. One wall was a large mirror, practically covering the wall. Under the mirror were some weights — two barbells and four dumbbells. The barbells weighed 100 and 150 pounds and the dumbbells weighed 50 and 75 pounds. Just some little weights for Blake and Jake to pump while they watched their muscles bulge and flex in the mirror. On the other side of the room there were shelves covered with trophies, blue ribbons and pictures. There must have been over 100 trophies — first place trophies for football, soccer, basketball, baseball, track and field, martial arts, every sport you could imagine. The twins had started playing sports and winning trophies before they were in kindergarten and they had been winners all their lives. I looked at the pictures and saw Blake and Jake, even at ages 5, 7, 9 and 11 towering over their little teammates. In a couple of the pictures, the team had stripped off their jerseys. Blake and Jake were always way more muscular than their teammates. All their lives they had been big, strong and muscular. The other walls were covered with posters of big bodybuilders and football players. Blake and Jake already looked like these guys.

Blake saw me looking at the pictures of the buff young brothers. “We looked fuckin’ good even when we were little kids, didn’t we wimp?” said Blake as he grabbed me by the shoulders. “We were way stronger than you are now even when we were in kindergarten! And now we’re so much bigger and stronger than you it ain’t even funny. Check it out, wimp.” Blake spun me around and made me face the mirror. Jake was already standing there flexing his pecs, lats and abs. I gasped as I saw that enormous amount of muscle flexing. Simultaneously, the two sweaty twins stripped off their shorts and jock straps and stood naked before the mirror in just their football shoes. Blake took his jockstrap and jammed it into my face. I was overwhelmed by the pungent smell of Blake’s jockstrap. It was wet and stinking from the afternoon of heavy lifting and hard field workouts. “You like that smell, wimp?” said Blake. “You like the smell my big body makes when I lift fuckin’ huge weights and mow down kids on the field like they were little girls? My crotch gets real wet and stinky when I’m working out and now you’re smelling the whole thing!” Blake rubbed his sweaty jock in my nose and I breathed in the wonderful stink of the jock-boy sweat. Blake’s crotch sweat smelled so masculine, so manly, so strong!

As I was breathing in the heady aroma of Blake’s jock, the two brothers took off their shoes and socks. Then Jake ripped the jock out of my hand. “Enough of that, wimp,” he said. “Now you’re gonna feel and smell the real thing!” He picked me up and Blake jerked my shorts and briefs off my body with one swoop of his big arms. Then he ripped off my shoes and socks so I would be totally nude just like them. Jake set me down right between the two brothers in front of the mirror. My little body was dwarfed by the huge muscles on each side of me. “Jesus, you’re puny,” said Blake. “My arm’s as big as your little leg.” Blake bent over and flexed his arm in front of my thigh. Sure enough, the huge muscles of Blake’s upper arm totally eclipsed the size of my thin, reed-like leg. “And my leg’s as big as your waist,” said Jake as he flexed his huge quads in front of my thin, flabby waist. I looked at that huge tree trunk of muscle and then looked down at my waist. Not only was Jake’s thigh bigger than my waist, but it was made of solid, rock-like muscle whereas my waist was made of soft, jelly-like flab. Wow, I thought to myself. What a contrast between strength and weakness.

“Jesus it turns me on seeing my big muscles flexing next to your puny little sack of shit,” said Blake. Blake’s cock started to get hard. “Feel these muscles, wimp. Feel how big and hard these muscles are compared to your weak little bag of bones.” I needed no more encouragement. Instantly I grabbed Blake’s body, feeling the incredible size and hardness of his muscles as he flexed them in the mirror. I ran my tender hands over his huge bulging muscles. I licked his pecs and abs, tasting the wonderful salty taste of his sweat. Not to be outdone, Jake grabbed me and pulled me into his big body. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around Jake’s thick neck. I hung there for a moment with my little cock poking into Jake’s abs. Then I dropped down and rammed my face into his armpit, taking in the strong, pungent smell of his sweat. I licked that sweat and ran my hands all over Jake’s big, strong body. Blake soon pulled me away and I did the same with him. I was just overwhelmed by flexing muscle, lurching from brother to brother feeling all their muscles and licking their sweaty bodies. I was in muscle heaven.

Suddenly Blake got on the floor in the pushup position. “Get on, bro,” he said, and Jake got on his back. Jake was astride his huge brother with his cock forced up right onto Blake’s hard musclebutt. Blake pressed up with his huge arms and did a perfect pushup with his brother on his back. I was dumbfounded at the strength of this kid. Then Blake did five more perfect pushups. “Get on, wimp,” he said. “That was just my warmup.” I laid on Jake’s back with my hard little cock pressing down on Jake’s firm, round ass. I held on to Jake’s huge shoulders as Jake held on to Blake’s shoulders. With an incredible surge of energy, Blake pushed up with his arms and did another pushup, with over 300 pounds of weight on his back — 90 pounds of flab and 210 plus pounds of muscle. Then he did another one. And another one. Blake cranked out three pushups with both Jake and me lying on his broad, muscular back. I just couldn’t believe the power in this kid’s muscles.

Blake and Jake jumped up from the floor, knocking me over on my ass. Blake flexed his pecs in the mirror and I jumped up to cup my hands around them and admire their incredible size and strength. “These mothers are fuckin’ STRONG!” yelled Blake as he flexed his pecs which bulged several inches out from his chest. “Look at those fuckin’ monsters bulging, wimp. You ain’t got no muscle at all in your puny little chest and I got inches of muscle just bustin’ out of my skin.” Blake grabbed my chest and squeezed my skin with his thick, strong fingers. He was looking for muscle under my skin but there was none there. Just flab and bone. “Jesus, wimp. You ain’t got no muscle at all!” He picked me up and rammed my chest into his massive pecs. I could feel the warmth of his bulging, sweaty muscles as he rubbed my chest all over them. Blake put me down and I started licking his pecs. I licked the huge mounds of pec muscle as Blake flexed and unflexed them for my tongue. I sucked on his nipples and felt how hard and erect they were as his muscles bulged behind them, pushing them proudly out from his chest. Blake started go groan with pleasure as I sucked on his nipples like a nursing baby. While I was sucking, I was running my hands all over Blake’s body, feeling his delts, his lats, his arms and his butt as he flexed and relaxed them for me.

He grabbed my head and jammed my face right into his flexing bicep. The muscle was so huge it was almost as big as my face. I stared at the big, peaked bicep as Blake flexed it to a higher and higher peak. I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips over the top of that huge, bulging muscle. Then I took as much of the rock-like muscle as I could into my mouth and licked and sucked as hard as I could. “Fuckin’ huge! Fuckin’ hard as a rock,” I mumbled as I took in the enormous size and incredible hardness of Blake’s bicep. Blake smiled as he watched his muscle bulge into my face.

Suddenly, Jake jerked me away from Blake and pointed to a 50 pound dumbbell on the floor. “Pick it up, wimp,” he ordered. I bent down and tried to pick up the dumbbell with both of my hands. With great effort I was able to lift it off the ground and straighten my back, but I couldn’t get it any higher. I guess that was my maximum deadlift. I lowered the dumbbell to the floor, exhausted. “Unbelievably weak!” exclaimed Jake He picked up the two 50 pound dumbbells and held them at his sides. Then he raised his arms and did a perfect side lateral raise with the huge weight I could hardly lift off the ground. His delts bulged out from his shoulders like striated cannonballs as their incredible strength lifted the heavy iron. “Looks like one of my shoulders is stronger that your whole fuckin’ body,” said Jake as he calmly did five more reps of the lateral raises. I placed my hands on his shoulders as they lifted the huge dumbbells up and down. I could feel the individual fibers of muscle ripple and flex under his thin skin as Jake willed them to lift the heavy weight. He dropped the weights and I immediately attacked his body as he raised his arms proudly and flexed his huge biceps in the mirror. I was overwhelmed with lust as I smelled the sweat pouring off Jake’s body and felt the incredible size and hardness of his bulging muscles. I buried my face in Jake’s hot armpit and breathed in the heady sweat smell. “Smell that sweat, wimp,” said Jake. “I bet you never made sweat that smelled like that. That’s the sweat big muscle jocks like us make when they’re working out their big muscles. You’re such a little wimp you can’t work up a good sweat. And for sure not a sweat that smells like that.” I nodded my head in total agreement as I buried my nose and face in Jake’s huge armpit. Uncontrollably, I started licking Jake’s sweat. It tasted real salty. I moved my tongue from his armpit over to his pecs. Every inch of Jake’s body was covered with salty sweat.

As I was worshiping Jake, I felt Blake’s big body coming at me from behind. “We’re gonna fuck you, wimp,” whispered Blake in my ear as he wrapped his big arms around his brother with me right in the middle. I could feel Blake’s huge cock ramming into my back. I looked at Jake’s huge pecs, now pumped and sweaty, right in front of my face. Without another word, the two brothers wrapped their arms around each other and held me in the middle of their muscular torsos. Their bodies were red hot and pumped and dripping with sweat. Unlike the time in the weight room, they didn’t crush my chest like a grape, although they certainly could have with ease. Instead, they rubbed their big, hard muscles on my little body, covering me with their sweat and letting me feel the hard contours of their huge bodies. They started thrusting their hips forward. I could feel Jake’s big cock banging up against my gut — Jake was so much taller than me that his cock hit me right in the belly button — and I could feel Blake’s equally big cock hitting me in the back. When they thrust at the same time, I felt my body was being battered by their two huge cocks.

Slowly I lowered my body, slithering down between the hard, sweaty bodies of the massive twins. I managed to fall to my knees. Blake pushed my face against Jake’s thick, hard cock and pressed my nose into the sweat-drenched pubic hair. I breathed in the strong, musky odor of Jake’s hot crotch. Suddenly Jake started thrusting his cock into my face. Instinctively, I started licking his cock and balls. His balls were huge and were hanging low in an enormous sack. I caressed his cock and balls with my tongue, all the while exhilarating in the heady smell of his sweaty crotch. Jake started thrusting his hips harder and harder as he got more and more aroused. At the same time, Blake was thrusting his hips into the back of my head. I ran my hands over Jake’s huge legs and calves, feeling the massive muscles bulge and flex as their young master went higher and higher into total sexual ecstasy.

Suddenly Blake grabbed my head and moved around to stand next to his brother. He held my head with his big hands and pushed my face into his cock. “Suck it, wimp,” he ordered. Blake’s cock was huge and hard and throbbing. I placed his cock into my mouth and started sucking. Blake’s cock was so big and thick I could hardly get my mouth around it. Without waiting even a moment, Blake held on to the back of my head and thrust his cock deep into my throat. His cock was much bigger than Johnny’s, which was the only other cock I had ever had in my mouth. Blake started thrusting his hips uncontrollably, ramming his huge weapon deeper and deeper into my throat. I grabbed on to his bulging calves as he rammed and rammed his teenage cock into my mouth. Jake stood right next to his brother, stroking his own huge cock with his hand. Suddenly Blake let out a loud yell and simultaneously Jake let out a loud yell also. Blake’s cock went into spasms in my throat, blasting spurt after spurt of cum down into my throat. Jake came too, shooting his pure white jism right into my face. It seemed like their orgasms lasted forever. The raging hormones in their big young bodies made them incredibly virile, able to shoot huge amounts of cum and to cum again and again. I was in total ecstasy as I serviced the wanton lust of these two young musclegods. I stroked my own little rock hard cock and instantly it exploded with the most incredible ejaculation I had ever had. After having his incredible orgasm, Blake removed his still-hard cock from my mouth and I licked the droplets of cum that were still forming on the heads of his and Jake’s cocks.

I couldn’t believe this was only my second day as the Marauder’s water boy. •

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