Jack's Story


By johnd7102000

Then Brandon came over and stood in front of me as I flexed in the mirror. God, what a picture. Brandon was just a tall as me, but he only weighed 100 pounds. He looked like a fucking skeleton in front of my 150 pounds of ripped muscle. I hit a double biceps pose and Brandon did the same thing right in front of me. His little 10 inch arms looked like soda straws compared my bulging 15-1/2 inches of rock hard muscle. He had a tiny bump for a bicep and no tricep at all. I had a huge mountain of peaked muscle for a bicep and a big thick round tricep bulging out on the bottom of my arm. “You’re just a little punk compared to me,” I said as I moved my arm over to Brandon’s face and flexed right in front of his nose. He just looked at the huge muscle and nodded.

Then I hit a lat spread and Brandon tried to do the same thing. Except Brandon didn’t have any lats. There was a straight, vertical line from his armpits to his hips. Well, my hips were the same width as Brandon’s, but my shoulders were more than a foot wider than Brandon’s and my huge lats flared up from my shredded waist up to my broad shoulders. The big slabs of muscle looked like wings. Brandon’s whole body barely covered my chest. My lats flared out to the sides so wide that it looked like a big, muscular cobra was attacking Brandon from behind. I moved my arms back and forth and the wings of muscle flexed and bulged as the cobra got ready for its attack. Then I lunged at Brandon wrapping my huge arms around his little chest and flaring out my lats to fully enclose his body. Then I squeezed. My biceps bulged with power and my lats flared out at the sides. “Those big fuckers could crush you to death, punk,” I said as my flexing biceps and lats pulled in on my arms with enormous force. “Fuck, Jack, you’re so fuckin’ strong!” yelled Brandon as he felt my muscles crushing his puny chest. “You got that right, punk,” I said. “And you’re just a puny little shit.” Me and Brandon were both gettin’ off on how big and strong I was compared to him.

I let go of my little friend and stood next to him in front of the mirror. I put my leg right next to his and flexed my quads. Shit, what a sight that was. My huge quads were way bigger than his 2 legs put together. His little legs looked like little sticks next to my big, rippling tree trunks. I think I had more muscle in one of my legs than Brandon had in his whole body. And my muscle was a lot denser and harder than his. He was soft and squishy. My muscle was hard as a rock. I flexed and unflexed my quads and each time huge slabs of beef sprang to attention on the front of my legs with fibers and veins everywhere. Brandon couldn’t take it any longer. He got down on his knees and felt the living rock of my thighs and calves. “How’d you like to have those mothers wrapped around your little chest, Brandon?” I said. “How do you think it would feel when I locked my ankles and started flexing those big fuckers. Your ribs would be toast. Those fuckers are so strong your ribs would feel like toothpicks. They can squat 375 and leg press 550. They could smash through your little ribs without even trying.” Brandon was starting to breathe hard as he felt the enormous size and hardness of my legs. He looked up and saw my enormous cock trying to push out from under my shorts.

I picked him up and put both of his hands on my pecs. I flexed the muscles and the huge mounds of solid rock bulged in Brandon’s little hands. I knew he could feel the striations of hard muscle fiber right under my skin. I put my hands on his pecs. Brandon didn’t have any pecs at all. His chest was bony and flat, with a layer of fat covering everything. I laughed. “Fuck, Brandon, you got a little chicken chest. There’s no muscle there at all.” Then I bumped my big chest right into Brandon, almost knocking him down. My huge pecs pushed against his skinny little ribcage. “Power against weakness,” I said, ramming my pecs into his little body.

Brandon’s face was right up against my sweaty muscles. I knew he could smell the sweat coming off my hot body. I raised my right arm and he moved his nose under my sweaty armpit. He took a deep breath. I could smell the pungent odor of my heavy sweat, so I could imagine what Brandon was smelling with his nose buried in my big armpit. “Smells like you’ve been workin’ out like a wild man, you fucking stud,” said Brandon. “Smells like the sweat of a top gun muscle jock after he’s worked his big muscles until they fuckin’ wanna cry.” “You got it, wimp. You ain’t never gonna smell like this,” I said as I rubbed Brandon’s nose in my smelly armpit. I liked the smell of my sweat. I like the way I smelled after a hard workout. I smelled like a real man.

Suddenly Andy came over and pulled down my shorts. He had seen my big, thick hard cock pushing against the fabric and he wanted it to be free. He wanted to see all of me. I kicked the shorts all the way off and stood there totally nude. Brandon did the same. My whole body was still very tan ’cause I tanned in the nude every day. God, I looked good. Totally shredded tan muscle from head to toe. My firm, round, tan muscle butt looked fantastic, especially compared to Brandon’s flat little white mushy ass. I flexed my glutes and the muscles bulged, forming dimples on the sides. My big cock was hard as steel. It had grown another inch and was now 8 inches long and very thick. My balls had gotten even bigger and were hangin’ down low. My cock was pointing straight up. I pulled it down and then let go. It slapped against my hard abs. Brandon’s cock was hard too, but it was only about 4 inches long. I felt like such a stud next to Brandon. I felt like a fuckin’ god.

All my other friends were practically panting. They all took off their shorts too. Their little bodies and puny cocks looked like little boys next to mine, but they were all hard and ready to go. Andy started stroking his cock and right away everybody else did too. We were gonna do a circle jerk. They were all looking at my body and my cock as I spit on my right hand and rubbed that big weapon. My muscles were pumped and flexing. Sweat was streaming down my pecs and abs from my hard workout. I watched my muscles flexing in the mirror. I looked at my huge body and cock and then I looked at their little bodies and cocks. They were all so puny except for Charlie, and I was way more muscular than him. I couldn’t believe that I looked just like those puny punks just 2 months before. Now I was a muscleman and they were still puny punks. Huge, brutally strong muscle next to puny flabby flesh. Fuckin’ muscle that was growin’ bigger and stronger every day. Muscle that could lift 10 times the weight of those little punks. I was so big and strong and they were so small and weak. Looking at my big, flexing muscles I felt like a fuckin’ superman. Like I owned the world. Like I could do anything I fucking wanted. Like I could beat up anybody I wanted. Like I could fuck anybody I wanted. I was a fuckin’ god. A fuckin’ musclegod. And these little wimps were hot over my body. Yeah, my body deserved it! I was a fuckin’ stud!

I started pumping my cock harder. My friends were watching as my body pulsated with incredible sexual excitement. All my muscles were flexed and bulging. Finally I let out a big yell and spurted a huge load of cum all over my friends. I came over and over again, spurting load after load of creamy white cum all over their little bodies. It felt fantastic. Almost at the same time, they all came too, spurting lots of cum on my big body. The amount of cum I spurted on their bodies was about the same as the amount of cum all four of them spurted on me. I figured that was normal. I was at least four times as much of a man as any one of them. Andy and Brandon scooped up my cum from their bodies and ate it. I guess they figured that some of my good genes might get into their little bodies if they ate my cum. I thought it was funny the way they lapped it up.

A little more than two weeks later we decided to go to the beach. I hadn’t been to the beach in years. Ya know, I think there’s an unwritten rule that says when a guy is over about 10 years old, he just doesn’t go to the beach unless he’s got a “beach body”. That’s a body with some muscle showin’. I mean, you never see any fat teenagers or skinny teenagers or puny teenagers on the beach. There are millions of those kids around, but they know better than to go to the beach. The beach is for the guys with the buff beach bodies. And the Beach Bodies make life miserable for all the fat kids and skinny kids and puny kids if they ever have the nerve to show up. The Beach Bodies rule the place and they love to pick on the skinny wimps. Its sort of a sport for them. They strut around showing off their tan bodies. If some little nerds show up, they make fun of them in front of all the girls. If some little nerd gets in their way, or they even think he got in their way, they just push him down in the sand. Sometimes they even kick sand in the poor little guy’s face. They get a charge out of it. And fuck, what can the little guy do? Fight back? Get real. Those good looking, buff, golden tan Beach Bodies own the fuckin’ place. So the little guys just stay away. It’s almost like there is a sign posted at the entrance to the beach that says “Attention Teenage Boys — This Beach Belongs to the Buff Beach Bodies. All Others Keep Out.” I hadn’t been to the beach since I was 10 years old. Neither had Andy, Chris or Brandon. We didn’t have Beach Bodies so we stayed away. Charlie’s body kinda looked like a Beach Body, so had been to the beach a few times.

We must have looked like quite a sight when we showed up at the beach. One kid who could kinda pass for a Beach Body (Charlie), three skinny wimps with white, flabby little bodies (Andy, Chris and Brandon), and one huge musclekid with a deep golden tan and streaked blond hair (me). My hair had bleached out in the sun, so it looked really blond. My 165 pounds of shredded muscle looked awesome on my 5 foot 6-1/2 inch body. I had gained another 15 pounds of muscle and a half inch in height in a little over two weeks. As we walked onto the beach, everybody turned to look. I knew they were lookin’ at me. They had never seen so much muscle on a 14 year old kid before. They could see I was the same age as my skinny little friends, but I had the body of a huge, muscular 18 year old jock. I mean, how many 14 year olds strut around the beach with 16-1/2 inch arms and 45-1/2 inch chests? All held up by a 27-1/2 inch shredded muscular waist that looked like a fuckin’ washboard. Plus huge, muscular legs that looked like fuckin’ tree trunks. I had the Beach Body to beat all Beach Bodies.

It didn’t take long for a group of girls to come over and start talkin’ to me and wantin’ to feel my muscles. I decided to give ’em a little thrill, so I picked up Brandon and pressed him overhead about 20 times. He’s so fuckin’ light it was easy. I could military press 240 pounds, more than twice what he weighed, so pressin’ him up and down was nothin’. All the while, the girls were oohing and aahing and feeling my delts and arms. I don’t think they had ever seen so much muscle before. Then I picked up Andy and curled him up and down 20 times. Fuck, his little 105 pounds felt like a feather. I was now curling my bodyweight for reps during my workouts, so his little body was nothin’. The girls just couldn’t get enough of my huge biceps as they got bigger and more pumped with every rep. All the Beach Bodies who used to own this beach were just standin’ around in awe. They knew I now owned the fuckin’ beach and could do whatever I wanted. My little friends smiled. I think Andy was even jutting out his little chest. As my friends, they felt they were co-owners of the fuckin’ beach. They loved it.

Charlie, Chris and I went in the water to swim and do some bodysurfing. Andy and Brandon sat on their towels looking out at us. I was surprised at how fast I could swim. My new muscles powered my arms and legs through the water like it was nothin’. I swam twice as fast as either Charlie or Chris. God I love being strong!

After we had been swimming about 20 minutes, I noticed two Beach Bodies coming onto the beach. They had just arrived. They were tall, with very tan swimmers’ bodies. Thin but muscular. They looked like they were about 16 years old and they kind of swaggered as the walked along the beach. They obviously thought they were hot shits. They were both wearing tank tops that showed off their very tan muscular shoulders and their lean but ripped arms. They walked up to where Andy and Brandon were sitting and stopped. One of them looked down and said, “Fuck, what are you little punks doin’ on our beach? You’re spoilin’ the scenery.” Andy looked up at the tall jock and said “Fuck off, asshole.” The Beach Body looked down at Andy and said “What did you just say, punk?” He picked up Andy by the armpits and his friend did the same thing to Brandon. “When are you little punks gonna learn its not healthy for you to show your puny asses on this beach. We don’t like little shrimps on our beach. And you got a fuckin’ big mouth too, punk. That’s gonna make it extra painful for you.”

Brandon looked over at the Beach Body and said, “You better watch out what you do to us, fuckhead, ’cause we’ve got special powers.” The Beach Body looked at Brandon and laughed. “Yeah, sure. You got special powers. I bet you’re gonna turn into Superman or something. What a joke. You dorks are pathetic! Let’s see you use your special powers on this!” At that, the Beach Body grabbed Andy’s wrist and twisted his arm up on his back, real hard. His friend did the same to Brandon. Andy winced in pain. “You’re gonna be sorry,” he croaked. “Yeah, I feel real sorry,” said the tall Beach Body as he pulled Andy’s little arm up even higher.

Just then, two big, strong hands grabbed the backs of the tank tops of both of the Beach Bodies. They were my hands. I had seen what was happening and ran up the beach towards Andy and Brandon. The two Beach Bodies were too busy torturing Andy and Brandon to see me coming. I jerked the Beach Bodies away and spun them around to face me. Their mouths dropped open at the same time. “Holy shit,” they said together.

“Are you little shits fuckin’ up my friends?” I yelled. “You little assholes think you own this fuckin’ beach? You think you’re big studs? Well, I got news for you, assholes. I own this fuckin’ beach now and I’m the big stud around here. And you’re pissin’ me off. Lemme show you what I do to little fuckheads who piss me off.” I grabbed the back of their tanktops again and I stretched out my arms to the sides. The two fuckin’ Beach Bodies were standing on either side of me, with my hands grabbing the back of their tank tops. My shoulders and arms looked huge. They were so much bigger than the shoulders and arms on the two skinny Beach Bodies it wasn’t even funny.

“You shits are gonna get to know each other real good,” I said. The two Beach Bodies looked at each other with a puzzled look on their good lookin’ faces. Then suddenly, with a huge surge of power, I flexed my bulging pecs and smashed my arms together, with the two Beach Bodies along for the ride. There was a loud smacking sound as the chests and faces of the two formerly good looking kids crashed into each other. To me, it was like I was doing some dumbbell flyes with those two assholes as my dumbbells. I loved doin’ dumbbell flyes. I could use 80 pound dumbbells easy. Their little bodies felt like nothin’ to my big pecs. Their chests and faces hit each other with enormous force, knocking the wind out of ’em and breaking both of their pretty little noses. Blood started dripping out of their noses, which looked totally smashed. All the kids on the beach gathered around to watch as my huge, rippling muscles smashed the two Beach Bodies together. I kept my grip on their shirts and brought my arms back again to the sides. I looked at the bulging muscles in my arms. I couldn’t believe myself how strong I was. My muscles had pushed and pulled literally tons of heavy weights, but this was the first time they had used their incredible strength to smash other human beings. Fuck, those little Beach Bodies felt like toys to my big muscles. One of my arms was stronger than their whole body. I shook my arms and let out a loud “Aaaarrgggh!” as I thought about my fucking strength. The two little shits shook along with my arms. They looked at me with a helpless, absolutely terrified look in their eyes. Hormones were surging through my body. I was mad, and these little punks were gonna pay. My muscles wanted more. One smash wasn’t enough for those big monsters. They wanted to smash those two fuckers to a pulp. I felt like a young tiger. A young teenage tiger with new, big strong muscles. A young tiger who wanted to test his big new muscles on some fuckin’ prey. Some little shits that had just tried to fuck up the tiger’s friends. Some fuckin’ other animals that weren’t shit compared to him. I was the tiger.

I grinned at the Beach Bodies and flexed my arms, which were still holding onto their shirts. They looked at all that muscle with a look of sheer terror. They knew what was coming and they couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. I was in total control and they knew it. I crashed my huge arms together again, smashing their little chests to a pulp. They tried to hold their heads back, but the power in my arms was too great and the speed of their collision too fast to keep them from smashing their faces together again. They were both crying in pain. I was lovin’ it. I loved the feeling of my huge muscles totally thrashing those arrogant shits to a pulp. I smashed my arms together three more times. Each time they were crying harder. Blood was gushing from their noses and faces. Their chests were red and blue from bruises. My pecs and arms were gettin’ a little pump. But this was nothin’ for me. I wasn’t even breakin’ a sweat. This was like a warmup for my big muscles. When I had finished the smashing, the formerly good looking faces and chests of the two stud Beach Bodies were battered and bruised. Their noses looked like they had been hit with a sledge hammer. Blood was all over their bodies.

I wasn’t done with ’em. I wanted to test my crushing strength on the fuckin’ Beach Bodies. I wanted those little pricks to feel the power of real muscle. As the dominant male, I could do what ever I fuckin’ wanted to those little shits and I wanted to crush ’em. The strong, young tiger wanted to crush the life out of the other pathetic animals. I held on to the backs of their shirts and brought their bodies in front of me so they were facing each other. I looked at their bloody faces and yelled, “You little shits ain’t nothin’ to these fuckin’ muscles. They’re gonna crush you like a fuckin’ grape.” They squirmed in my hands but there was nothing they could do. My hands were stronger than their whole bodies. Then I pressed in on their backs, literally crushing their chests with the sheer power of my muscles. My hands and arms were like a steel vise, closing in on their ribcages. Their chests were slim, so I could get real good leverage as I pressed in harder. My pecs, delts and arms were bulging and shredded as the muscles contracted. My whole upper body was fuckin’ pumped to the max, with fibers of muscle and veins bustin’ out of my skin. The kids standing around couldn’t believe how big and strong those muscles were. They were gasping. Fuck, I could bench press 350 pounds, and all that fuckin’ power was now being forced into the backs of those two pathetic Beach Bodies. All the air was forced out of their lungs. They couldn’t breathe. Every time they tried to breathe, I just pressed in harder. I could tell they were in incredible pain as my huge muscles rammed my hands into their backs. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to crush their chests. Their little ribcages just collapsed against the overwhelming power of my muscles. Their bloody faces were bulging. Spit started drooling out of their mouths. Finally when they had almost passed out I let go and pushed ’em onto the said. I looked at my pecs and my arms. I couldn’t believe how strong those fuckin’ muscles were. I had totally thrashed those two Beach Bodies and it wasn’t even hard. I barely broke a sweat. I flexed my arms for all the kids to see. There were gasps as the kids looked at those huge muscles that had just smashed two of the cockiest studs on the beach.

Then I looked down at the Beach Bodies and kicked sand in their bloody faces. I don’t think they had ever had sand kicked in their faces before. They rubbed their eyes and looked up at my big, pumped muscles in absolute horror. I flexed my huge quads right over their heads and their bodies trembled in fear. “OK, fuckheads,” I said. “I rule this beach. I’m givin’ you 10 seconds to get outta here. And if I ever catch you on this beach again, you’re gonna wish you were never born.” The two battered Beach Bodies stumbled to their feet and started walking away as fast as they could. “See, I really do have special powers,” yelled Brandon. He grabbed my arms and I flexed my pumped biceps. The huge muscles bulged in his little hands. We all laughed and gave ourselves high fives. I’ll bet those two dudes never came back to that beach for the rest of the summer.

Then we all laid down on our towels to get some rays. I laid down on my back between Brandon and Andy and put my hands behind my neck. My lats flared out and my biceps bulged in my arms. My big chest rose up from my washboard waist. My chest was so big and my muscular butt was so round that my shredded little waist hardly even touched the towel. My huge legs bulged with muscle. Kids kept walking by and looking at my body. It must have looked totally huge, especially lying right next to the two skinniest nerds on the beach. We all had a great time at the beach. When we got home, we had a fantastic circle jerk. •

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