Jack's Story


By johnd7102000

The next day I went over to Charlie’s house to hang out with him and Brandon, Chris and Andy, three of my other friends. As usual I was wearing my baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. When we had lunch, I asked Charlie’s mother for seconds and thirds. I ate about three times as much food as any of the other guys. None of the guys could believe how much I ate. After lunch we got up and Charlie said, “Jackie-boy, I’ve been watchin’ you eat all that fuckin’ food and I know you’re getting fat as hell. You’re wearing that fucking sweatshirt so we won’t see all that blubber. Well, I wanna see that fat, and I wanna see it now.”

Charlie reached over and grabbed my sweatshirt. I could have pushed him away easy, but I bent over and let him pull the sweatshirt off my body. I wasn’t wearing any other shirt underneath. I stood up straight right in front of Charlie, showing off my big upper body. I just stood there, not even flexing. But even without flexing, my body was blowin’ the minds of my friends. I had a deep, dark tan. My muscles were big and rippling under my thin skin. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on my whole body. I was big and I was shredded. “Holy shit,” yelled Charlie. My other friends were paralyzed. They just stood there with their mouths open.

After a few seconds, I flexed my right arm right in front of Charlie’s face. “Does that look like fat to you, fuckhead?” I said. Charlie’s eyes were bulging out of his head as he looked at the enormous ball of muscle in front of him. My peak was huge. Fibers of muscle twitched under my thin skin and veins were everywhere. Charlie sort of croaked. He didn’t really say anything. He was in a state of shock. I wrapped my arm around Charlie’s neck and used that big bicep to pull in on my forearm with incredible power. Now Charlie’s neck was being crushed by my big arm. I placed my bicep right in front of his windpipe and flexed. “Crack!” The huge muscle exploded when I flexed it and it smashed into Charlie’s windpipe, cracking the cartilage as it busted through. “Does that feel like fat, asshole?” I said. “Pretty strong fuckin’ fat, if you ask me.” Then I flexed and unflexed my bicep several times more, each time ramming the big monster harder and harder into Charlie’s little neck. “This is fun,” I said. “I like the feeling of my big muscle smashing into your puny little neck.” Charlie started to gasp. I think he was still in a state of shock, not believing what was happening to him and who was doing it.

Finally I let go and pushed Charlie onto the floor. I stripped off my sweatpants and stood over him wearing just my boxer shorts. Charlie looked up at my big, muscular legs, my shredded waist and my huge chest, shoulders and arms. His eyes were still bulging. He looked me up and down. He could see there wasn’t a weak point on my whole body. I saw him look at my boxers and check out my big cock that was kinda semi-hard underneath. It was trying to force itself out and it looked huge underneath the fabric. “Now who’s the man and who’s the boy?” I said. “I’m not gonna take any shit from you or anyone else anymore.”

I reached down and picked Charlie up. I grabbed his arms right by his armpits and pressed him up and down about five times. It was nothin’ for me and Charlie could tell. Then I put him down on his feet and said, “Let’s armwrestle, fuckhead. I wanna repeat match.” Charlie looked at my relaxed arms, which were bulging with muscle at my sides. Both my biceps and triceps were flexing under my skin with each little movement of my arms. My forearms bulged with rippling muscle. Charlie said, “Uh, I don’t think so, Jackie…”

That was a big mistake. Before he could get another word out, I made my right hand into a fist, pulled my arm back and pounded it into his gut. He saw it coming just it time to flex his abs. But it didn’t matter. My punch was so hard it smashed through his abs into his gut. He cried out and buckled over in pain. I was surprised at how much I hurt him, ’cause I only hit him with about a third of my strength. I really tried to hold back.

I picked him up off the floor and said, “Don’t you ever call me Jackie again. You know I hate that name. It’s a girl’s name. When I was puny and weak I couldn’t do anything about it when you and the other guys called me that. Well, now I can do a fuckin’ lot about it.” I made my hand into a fist again and flexed my arm like I was gonna throw another punch. Charlie looked at my rippling arm and huge striated delts and started to tremble. “Anybody who calls me Jackie again is gonna pay for it,” I said. “And by the way, fuckhead, I was only using about a third of my strength on that punch.” Charlie was still trembling. “OK, asshole, now it’s your turn. I’m gonna give you a free shot at my abs. Punch ’em as hard as you can. Let’s see what you got.” Charlie looked at me with some anger in his eyes. He had always been the dominant kid in our group and he used to punch me in the gut all the time, just to prove his dominance. I knew he wanted to do it again. I knew he wanted to smash his fist through the abs of the kid who had just bashed in his own gut.

I stood in front of Charlie and casually flexed my abs. The muscles looked like corrugated iron, like fuckin’ bricks. Charlie made a fist and wound up his right arm as far back as he could. Then he pounded his fist into my abs with all the strength his 14 year old body could deliver. “Smackkkk!” His fist hit my abs and bounced off like it had hit a fuckin’ brick wall. I could hardly feel the punch. My abs didn’t even get dented. Charlie howled in pain and grabbed his wrist with his other hand. The force of his punch hitting my fuckin’ brick wall of muscle had fucked up his hand and wrist. His fist smashed itself on my abs. It was like he had smashed his fist against solid iron. He held his hand and looked down in awe at my abs.

“Fuckin’ hard, aren’t they?” I said. “Well, I guess we know I can fuck you up any time I want and your little muscles can’t do a fuckin’ thing to this rock-hard body. You’re a fuckin’ wuss.” Charlie just stood there looking at my muscles.

“There’s one more thing we’re gonna do, fuckhead. We’re gonna armwrestle.” Charlie could tell that wasn’t a request. It was an order. Just a month before, he had made me feel like a little 10 year old punk by smashing both of my arms to the table. But I sure wasn’t the same kid I was a month before. Now I was a muscleman. Now I was gonna be the one givin’ out the punishment.

Charlie put his right arm on the table and I did the same. We locked grips. Andy yelled “go.” Charlie pushed as hard as he could, but I just held my arm in the middle. I was surprised at how weak he felt to me, especially considering he had smashed both of my arms to the table just a month before. After about a minute, he was starting to pant and sweat and I was just casually sitting there with my arm up, like nothing was happening. His arm was beet red and his little bicep was bulging under his skin. A month before, I would have been staring at that bicep in awe. Now it looked puny to me. My arm was bulging, but you could tell it wasn’t really straining at all. Still, my bicep was fuckin’ huge compared to Charlie’s. “Is that all you got, big guy?” I asked. Charlie was breathing so hard he couldn’t answer. “Time’s up, loser,” I said. Almost like I was swatting a fly, I smashed Charlie’s arm down on the table in an instant. It was so easy I couldn’t believe it. Then I held his hand there and pressed hard with my triceps, grinding his poor hand into the table. I liked watching my triceps bulge as they applied enormous force to Charlie’s little hand.

Then I let go and said, “OK, Charlie, I’ll let you use two arms, just like you let me do. I’ll even use my left arm.” Charlie looked at the bulging muscles in my left arm. They were just as big and shredded as the muscles in my right arm. He shook his head. I grabbed his hands and jammed his elbows on the table. “That was an order, Charlie. I’m the one givin’ out the fucking orders around here now.” Charlie gulped. I had changed from the little runt to the dominant male in one month.

I put my left arm on the table and grabbed Charlie’s left hand. He put his right hand right in back of his left. My bicep was twitching in anticipation. It had already formed a big ball of muscle on my arm. I could see the fibers of muscle flexing and pulsating under my skin. Andy said “go.” Charlie pushed with both hands as hard as he could. He was really trying to win. He didn’t want to be as much of a wuss to me as I was to him last month. Slowly my arm started to go backwards. Charlie’s face lit up as he saw his arms pushing my arm back. He doubled his efforts. Both of his arms were beet red and his muscles were straining to the max. His face was all contorted and red and he was starting to sweat. He pushed my arm all the way down until it was only about an inch from the table. Charlie could taste his victory.

Suddenly, the forward movement in Charlie’s arms stopped completely. He kept pushing down but nothing happened. It was like I had a one inch thick piece of wood under my hand, keeping it from going any further down. He looked up at me and gasped. He could see that I wasn’t even breathing hard. Then, he looked at my bicep. The muscle was bulging, but it wasn’t really straining. It was holding Charlie’s arms in place like it was nothin’. I looked at Charlie and said, “Get real, weakling. Did you really think your little muscles could beat that big mother?” Both Charlie and I looked at my bicep. Charlie looked in awe at the huge muscle. I looked at it in awe too. I could hardly believe that huge fucker was mine. But I was this huge muscle’s master. My big bicep did what I wanted. I felt like a fuckin’ god. I told my bulging bicep to show Charlie’s little arms what a real man’s muscle can do. As I watched, my bicep started to almost bulge out of my skin. The rock hard fibers of muscle contracted with enormous force to form a huge ball of living rock. Veins crisscrossed everywhere. Slowly it lifted Charlie’s arms back up. When it got the to middle, it stopped. Just like I ordered it to do. “Feel the power of a real man, wimp,” I said. I gave the order to my muscles. My huge, throbbing bicep bulged even more and smashed Charlie’s two arms down to the table just as fast as before.

I stood up and flexed my arms in a triumphant double biceps pose. Andy, Chris and Brandon all came running up and started feeling my muscles. Charlie sat at the table for a minute rubbing his arms. Then he came up and wanted to feel my muscles too. I was definitely the dominant male. I felt great.

Well, after that I hardly ever wore a shirt for the rest of the summer. Just some shorts. My big body was out there for all to see. And what a sight it was. Everywhere I went people would turn their heads and stare at my muscles. Girls would come up and ask me to flex for them. I’d always do it and I know they got wet in their crotch when they felt my big, hard muscles. Some girls really liked feeling my rock hard abs. They ran their hands over the washboard of muscle, oohing and aahing at how hard and ripped it was.

One day at the mall a cute girl came up and asked me to flex. She said she had never seen a kid with so much muscle before. I was wearing a tight white tank top that showed all of my delts and traps and most of my pecs and lats. The little shirt was just clinging to my big body. My arms bulged at my sides. I had ripped off the bottom part of the shirt, so my abs were in clear view, looking like a fuckin’ washboard. I flexed my bicep and the girl almost fainted when she tried to wrap her little fingers around my bicep and tricep. My flexed arm was too big for her to reach her fingers from top to bottom. Since she couldn’t do that, she wrapped her fingers just around my bicep and squeezed as hard as she could. She couldn’t make the slightest dent in that rock. “Oooh,” she said. “It’s so big and it’s so hard!”

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my pec. Then I flexed the muscle and it bulged in her hand, a big, round melon of muscle that was for sure bigger than any muscle she had ever felt. After that I let go and she ran her hands all over my body, feeling my delts, my lats, my legs and my butt. Then she put her hand on my abs and rubbed it up and down on the smooth tan skin. I flexed and unflexed the muscle and she felt my living washboard of iron pulsating under her fingers. “I never felt muscle like that before,” she said as she rubbed her hand up and down on the corrugated iron. “That’s ’cause you never felt me before,” I said. “That muscle’s super-hard and super-strong, just like all of me.” She looked into my eyes with a look that said, “You’re the biggest stud I’ve ever seen. I want your body.” Then she slipped her hands under my shorts and squeezed my big cock.

My cock was pretty hard by the time she squeezed it, ’cause I was gettin’ all turned on by the girl touching all my muscles. “My muscles aren’t the only thing that’s big and hard on my body,” I said to her as she squeezed my dick. “That big, thick cock loves to fuck,” I whispered in her ear. I had never fucked a girl before, but I knew I could fuck like a bull. She looked into my blue-green eyes and kissed me real hard on the lips. I kissed her back and jammed my tongue into her mouth and pushed her tongue around. My tongue was really strong, just like the rest of me. I could push her tongue around real easy. My strong tongue did to her mouth what my big cock could do to her cunt. It fucked her. We kissed for about a minute. While we were kissing, she was running one hand over my muscles and squeezing my dick with the other hand. My cock was now as hard as a steel pipe. Then she wrapped her hands around my big chest and started ramming her cunt into my hard cock. We were in the mall right in front of a bunch of people, but I didn’t give a fuck. I pumped my cock into her crotch, pretending that I was actually fucking her. I thrust my hips back and forth, sometimes lifting her off the ground with the power of my throbbing muscles. “Fuck me, stud,” she said. “Fuck me right now.” She looked at my muscular body and into my eyes. She was so turned on by me I couldn’t believe it. I was totally hard too, and it would have been easy for me to pick her up, carry her out to a deserted area and fuck the shit out of her. Right then and there I knew I was gonna be able to fuck any girl I wanted.

But before I could do anything, my friend Andy tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Time to go, stud. My mom’s waiting in the car.” The girl looked really upset that I had to go. She scribbled her phone number on a scrap of paper and made me promise to call her. I put the paper in my pocket and walked out of the mall with Andy. Then I threw the paper away. She was just one of hundreds of girls who wanted my body.

And my body kept getting bigger and stronger every week. My friends were absolutely amazed at what was happening to me. I was lovin’ it. Once in awhile my friends would come over and watch me work out. They couldn’t work out with me, ’cause there was no way they could come even close to liftin’ the huge weights I was using. They toyed around with the same puny weights every time — five and ten pound dumbbells and maybe a 30 pound barbell. Except for Charlie, who actually put on a few pounds of muscle, they never seemed to get any bigger or stronger. I laughed at their puny efforts to lift. Their muscles just didn’t respond to the weights the way mine did. I guess my body was just hard-wired to grow and theirs weren’t.

One day after I had been lifting about 2 months, all my friends were there while I was doing my shoulder workout. I was now up to 150 pounds of solid muscle at five feet six inches in height. I had gained another 25 pounds of muscle and two inches in height in a month. My chest was 43 inches and my arms 15-1/2 inches. I hadn’t lost any of my definition. If anything, I was more ripped than ever. And I was fuckin’ strong! I could bench 295, military press 220, curl 130, squat 375 and leg press 550. I was about 10 times as strong as my friends. I was a fucking god compared to them.

I picked up the 90 pound dumbbells to do some seated dumbbell presses. I sat on the bench, hoisted the huge weights off the floor and pressed up those big mothers 10 times. Then I drank some water and did another 10 reps. Then another 10 reps, then another 8 reps, then another 6 reps and then another 4 reps. Six fuckin’ sets of presses with dumbbells that weighed almost as much as I did when I started lifting. None of my friends could even pick those suckers off the floor. Next week I would be able to use the 100 pound dumbbells. My delts were getting more huge and stronger every day, and 90 pounds would be too light for them next week. I looked at those big 100 pound monsters and said to ’em, “Next week I’m gonna push you fuckers around like you’re nothin’. You ain’t shit compared to these mothers.” I flexed my delts and they exploded out of my shoulders. They looked like two big cannonballs, all striated with fibers of muscle, red and bulging with an incredible pump. I grabbed Chris and stood behind him in front of the mirror. His bony little shoulders were about half as wide as my huge monsters. It looked like I had more fuckin’ muscle in one of my delts that he had in his whole upper body. “Look at your fuckin’ little shoulders compared to mine,” I said. Chris looked. Then he grabbed my right delt and felt its incredible size and hardness. “You’re a fuckin’ muscle monster,” he said. “Your muscles are fuckin’ unreal.” Both of our cocks started to get hard under our shorts as we looked at our two bodies in the mirror.

Then I pushed Chris aside and yelled to Charlie. “Charlie, go find the heaviest dumbbells you can press overhead. I wanna watch you do it.” So Charlie picked out the 30 pound dumbbells and pressed ’em overhead about 3 times. He had actually added 5 pounds to his maximum in the weeks he had been fooling around with the weights. “Not bad,” I said. “Now watch.” I picked up the 30 pound dumbbells, held them at my sides and then proceeded to do side lateral raises with ’em. I did 15 reps easy. My delts were bulging out of my shoulders. My friends were very impressed. But that was just my warmup set. I dropped the 30’s and picked up the 50’s. Then I did 10 reps of side lateral raises with them. Charlie was dumbfounded. I was using a ton more weight for lateral raises than he could even lift overhead. I did four more sets of lateral raises with the 50’s, finishing up with 4 grueling reps.

By now, my delts had blasted their way through 30 sets of incredibly heavy exercises. Six sets of five different exercises. They were so pumped it was unbelievable. My whole body was covered with sweat and all my muscles were pumped and glistening. I stood in front of the mirror and flexed. All my friends came over to watch. I started flexing in the mirror and all my friends started yelling their approval. “Jesus Christ, look at those delts,” yelled Brandon. “They look like bowling balls, only shredded.” “Look at those lats,” said Chris. “They look like fuckin’ wings. Like big, fuckin’ slabs of beef just hangin’ there on his shoulders.” The more they talked the more I got hard. And I could see they were gettin’ hard too. •

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