Jack's Story


By johnd7102000

I stumbled into the kitchen and dropped down onto a chair. I was totally wasted but I was pumped and I was stoked. My mom ran up to me and grabbed my sweaty shoulders. “Oh, Jack, honey, you look terrible,” she said. “I think you might have strained yourself too much. I’m worried that you’re going to hurt yourself.” I slowly stood up while her hands were still holding my shoulders. Then I lifted my arms and did a double biceps pose right in front of my mom. Besides flexing my biceps, I flexed my pecs, my lats and my abs. I was still pumped and sweaty. Even though my muscles were little, they were hard and pumped and bustin’ out of my skin. My mom let go of my shoulders, stood back a little and looked my body up and down. I flexed my abs and the six pack of muscle rippled under my skin. She had seen my body millions of times but she had never seen anything like she was lookin’ at. She let out a loud gasp. I smiled and flexed my right bicep right in front of her face. “Feel my arm, mom. Feel my arm and tell me if you think I’m gettin’ hurt by the weights.”

My mom squeezed my bicep. “Omygod, Jack,” she yelled. I could tell she was shocked when she felt my throbbing muscle. “That muscle’s hard as a rock. And it’s big!” She stood back and took another look at my body. “Yeah, mom, it’s a half an inch bigger than it was two days ago. And my chest is a whole inch bigger! And it’s all muscle mom! I’m lots stronger than I was before! Just think, mom, a whole inch of new muscle in two days.” I flexed my pecs and lats for her. The muscles bulged out of my chest like they had never done before. Then I gave her a little posing routine, flexing my legs, my lats, my pecs, my triceps, my abs and of course my biceps. There wasn’t a huge amount of muscle there, but there was a lot more muscle than I had before, and it was all hard and pumped. I had measured my muscles before my workout two days ago and before my workout that day. My chest really was a whole inch bigger. My biceps really were a whole one-half inch bigger. And with the tremendous pump I had, I know my muscles were even bigger when my mom was looking at them. Mom looked at me proudly. “Jack, you’re not a boy anymore. You’ve turned into a man in two days” She looked me in the eyes and then she hugged me. I hugged her back and then I said, “Mom, I’m hungry.”

I gobbled up a snack of two chicken sandwiches and a quart of milk. Then I grabbed a towel and headed out to our back yard. I was tired after that hard workout and I wanted to get some sun. I had never really had a tan before. I was so ashamed of my body that I always wore shirts when I was out in public. Well, now that my body was changing, I wanted to get a tan. My cock was twitching under my shorts so I ripped off my shorts and flopped down on the towel totally nude. My throbbing cock sure didn’t want to be held in by those shorts and I figured I’d tan my whole body, including my crotch and my ass. Why not? There was nobody around to watch me except my mom and she’s seen me nude all my life so she didn’t care.

I laid on my back. The warm sun felt really good beating down on my body. My muscles were still pumped from the workout and I ran my hands over my pecs and abs, feeling the hard muscle flex at my command. This was a totally new sensation for me. I never had any muscles before and it was really cool feeling my own muscles bulge for me. My cock started to get really hard. I thought about my muscles. About how they had grown so much in just two days. About how strong they felt during my workout. About how much weight I had just lifted. About the rush I felt during my workout. About how big and hard my muscles felt as they bulged under my fingers. About how much bigger and stronger they were gonna be for my next workout after I rested a whole day and stuffed myself with food. My cock started to twitch with excitement as I thought about getting big and strong. I moved my right hand down to my cock while I continued to run my left hand over the new muscles on my hard body. I was in heaven as I thought about my muscles and felt them at the same time.

As soon as my fingers touched my cock, spasms of pleasure shot though my body. My muscles stiffened and I thrust up my hips. I shot a huge load of cum all the way over my head. More and more spurts of cum surged out of my cock, landing on my face and chest. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had. I had never shot that far or spurted out that much cum in my whole life. I rubbed the cum off my face and smeared it all over my chest and abs. I felt so good. I felt like a stud. Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep, all the while dreaming about my new muscles. My cock was still hard when I fell asleep.

For the next day and a half, I just ate like a pig and laid out in the sun. I did some running and rode my bike just to keep my muscles loose, but basically I just pigged out and rested. Oh, and I also beat off about 5 more times. I was horny all the time and my orgasms were incredible. When I stepped on the scale the morning of my third workout, the needle shot up to 104 pounds. Four more pounds of fuckin’ muscle! I flexed my arms in the mirror and yelled “I’m a fuckin’ stud!” Then I went downstairs, ate a huge breakfast, and did my workout with lots more weight than I could handle before. I was getting bigger and stronger every day.

During the first month I worked out, I didn’t tell my friends what I was doing. I always wore a big sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants when we got together. They couldn’t see what was happening to my body. They thought I was too embarrassed by my puny body to let anyone see it, especially after being humiliated by Charlie on my birthday. One time they did notice that I was eating an awful lot of food at Charlie’s house. I asked for seconds and then thirds. “Jesus, Jackie,” Charlie said. “You’re eating a shitload of food for a little shrimp like you. You’re gonna get fat as a pig!” Then he laughed and all my friends laughed with him. I just smiled and kept on eating.

Well, during that first month of lifting, I gained 30 pounds of fuckin’ muscle, going from a skinny, weak 95 pound boy to a strong and very muscular 125 pound teenager. When you consider that I lost all my babyfat too, I probably added almost 40 pounds of rock-hard muscle to my body in one month. That’s a fucking lot of muscle that got packed on to a kid who only weighed 95 to start! My body just seemed to explode from the heavy lifting and the huge amounts of food and supplements I was eating. I never dreamed I could get big and muscular so quick, but I did. In fact I never thought I would ever have any muscles at all, but everything changed overnight, after my first workout. I guess I have pretty good genetics after all, even though they didn’t kick in until I was 14.

I also grew 2 inches in height to 5’4”in that month. Not very tall, but that 125 pounds of muscle looked great on my body. I was far more muscular than most of the taller kids I knew. And something else happened. My cock grew an inch too. And my balls grew bigger, hangin’ large and low in my big ball sack. They could really produce a lot of cum. Surge after surge after surge of thick, white liquid that I could spurt high in to the air. I guess my cock and balls grew just like the rest of my body. And my prick got a lot thicker. It was now over 7 inches long and very thick. And it got hard all the time. I could cum 7 or 8 times a day if I wanted to. But I usually only beat off twice or three times a day, ’cause I was workin’ out and eating all the time. Every orgasm was fantastic. I was, and still am, a big, muscular fucking machine.

I laugh now when I think about how excited I was about getting to be half as strong as Pete after a year or two. Fuck, I was more than half as strong as him after one week! I could bench 75 pounds after one week and I remember he said his maximum bench was 140, the same as his weight. After just a little over two weeks, I could bench 150, so I was already stronger than him! And all my other muscles were just as strong. After 2 weeks, I could curl with 60 and squat with 180. That was way more than Pete could do. And this was after just 8 workouts! Before two weeks was up, it was obvious that Pete’s little beginner weight set was gonna be too light for me. I could bench the whole bar with all the plates for 8 reps and I knew I’d need even more weight for my next workout. At the rate I was going, there was no way that little weight set was gonna keep up with my muscles.

My dad could see that too. And he was really happy to see me puttin’ on muscle so fast. He said he always wished he could have had muscles as a kid but he never did. Now he was lookin’ at his son growing like a fuckin’ out-of-control weed and really diggin’ it. So me and my dad brought Pete’s little weight set back to his garage and put it back just like it was. I smiled when I thought of Pete coming back from tennis camp and seeing it there. He would probably think I gave up and stayed a puny shrimp. Won’t he be in for a big surprise! Me and dad went to a special home gym store and bought a huge amount of equipment and weights. It had an Olympic bar, lots of plates, a bench and a squat rack, a rack for heavy military presses, a lat pull-down machine, some dipping bars, and a leg press machine. Plus we got lots of dumbbells in weights up to 100 pounds. I looked at those big mothers and thought about my muscles getting big enough to lift them. I knew they would. It was just a matter of time. Not too much time the way my muscles were growing.

So I worked out with my new weight set. My muscles seemed to know they were lifting real muscleman weights. They just kept getting bigger and stronger. They weren’t the muscles of a puny punk anymore. They were the muscles of a muscleman. After two weeks of lifting I changed from the beginner routine to the super-advanced routine. I skipped the intermediate and the advanced routine. My muscles were already super-advanced. I worked out every day, working a different muscle group each time. So now my muscles had three or four days to rest, but I was blasting my body with the heaviest weights possible every day. I was eating like a wild man and wolfing down the protein shakes. I started eating creatine too. It gave my muscles an extra surge of growth and power.

I’m still packin’ on more muscle every week, but that first month of training was totally incredible. It was the best month of my life. My muscles grew so fast I still can’t believe it. I remember I had some short sleeve button shirts that fit me just fine when I finished 8th grade. My mom even bought me a new shirt for the summer, a nice yellow shirt with white buttons down the front. Well, day by day those shirts started feelin’ really tight. My chest was growing at the rate of over 2 inches a week and I was puttin’ on over an inch of muscle on my arms every week too. That’s a fucking lot of muscle in a very short time. My body was like a fuckin’ muscle machine, gettin’ bigger and stronger at warp speed from all the heavy lifting and huge amounts of food I was eating. Those little shirts didn’t stand a chance against my growing muscles. I remember when I put on my new yellow shirt after about 2 weeks of lifting. Me and my mom and dad were going over to my aunt’s house for a family gathering. I put on the shirt and a realized it fit real tight. I hadn’t worn it since I started liftin’ and I forgot that my chest was 5 inches bigger already. But that was the only good shirt I had, so I put it on anyway and went to my aunt’s. I ate a ton of food at dinner.

After dinner, us kids went outside to play. My cousin, who’s three years older than me, wanted to play catch with the football. I was always a little runt to him and he liked showing off how big and strong he was. Well, he threw a long pass to me and I caught it perfectly. Then it was my turn to throw him a long pass. He looked at me like he knew I wouldn’t be able to throw the ball all the way to him, but he was gonna make me try and make a fool of myself as usual. I brought my right hand back to throw the ball. I threw it forward as hard as I could and right then I heard a popping sound as the top 4 buttons of my shirt were ripped off by my flexing pecs. I stood there kind of surprised at what my muscles had done. Then I saw the ball driving into my cousin’s gut and knocking him over. I had thrown a line drive right at him. He came over to me and looked at my shirt, with the 4 top buttons busted off and my bulging pecs peeking through. The tops of my abs were also showing a little. He could also see the bottom part of my biceps, which were 2 inches bigger than the last time he saw me and the muscles in my forearms which were writhing like snakes under my skin. I flexed my pecs a little and they bulged out under the little shirt, forcing it further apart. My cousin looked kinda stunned. He said, “You look like you been workin’ out a little.” “Yeah, a little,” I said. We played catch for another 20 minutes or so. I could throw the ball farther than he could. He was totally shocked. He kept looking at my chest. At those round pecs peeking out from under the busted shirt. I smiled as I thought about my big pecs rippin’ the buttons off my shirt and my cousin getting blown away lookin’ at my body. Fuck, I could already bench 150 pounds. My pecs were stronger than his already. I wasn’t gonna take any shit from him anymore.

After that, I busted out all the buttons of my old shirts. I got a rush putting them on — shirts that fit me perfectly less than a month before — and then flexing my lats and pecs and blowing out those buttons. Shit, when your muscles are growing as fast as mine were, no fuckin’ shirt could hold ’em back. I even put on some old tee shirts, shirts that I actually wore to school for 8th grade. I could hardly fit ’em over my chest and shoulders. My arms were so big that the sleeves wouldn’t go over my biceps. I’ll never forget what I did to one shirt. After I forced the shirt over my shoulders and chest and stretched the sleeves over my bulging biceps, I took a deep breath and flexed my biceps, shoulders, pecs and lats, all at the same time. There was a loud ripping sound as the fucking shirt literally tore apart. The tight fabric was blown to shreds by my huge muscles. I felt like a real stud.

At the end of my first month of training I looked in the mirror and checked out my 125 pounds of shredded muscle. I didn’t have an ounce of fat on my body. My chest had grown from 30 to 40 inches. Ten inches of rock-hard muscle got packed on my chest. My pecs bulged out proudly with striations of muscle clearly showing and nice, deep cleavage between the mounds of hard muscle. My nipples pointed a little bit downward, ’cause the muscle in my pecs bulged out so much. I could now bench press 210 pounds. At a weight of 125 pounds I was benching over 200 pounds! I did some math and figured out that this was half again as much as Pete could bench. So I was 150% stronger than him, not 50% as strong. And this was after only a month. God, I felt good.

My shoulders had really gotten wide. I think my shoulder bones got wider at the same time I was getting taller. My shoulders were capped with big, round mounds of muscle. It looked like someone had molded some thick clay onto my shoulders. Each fiber was clearly visible under my thin, tan skin. As I moved my arms the fibers in my delts flexed and unflexed, actually pulsating under my skin. My shoulders looked like they were about twice a wide as my narrow hips. Before I had nothing but bone on my skinny shoulders. I couldn’t believe how much muscle I had there now. Muscle that could military press 150 pounds, 25 pounds more than I weighed!

I had thick traps coming down from my muscular neck across my back. I had been doing some heavy shoulder shrugs and my traps and neck had really thickened up in the past couple of weeks. Thick traps, wide muscular shoulders, big bulging pecs. I smiled as I took in just how big and muscular I had gotten.

When I smiled, my teeth sparkled in the mirror. When I was skinny and weak, I never thought I was very good looking. I guess since my body was so puny I never thought of myself as having any looks. Well, now that I had muscles I realized that I was a pretty good looking kid. I have light brown hair, which always bleaches out in the summer sun. My eyes are blue, with just a little green in them. I’ve got a strong-looking jaw and chin. I’ve got high cheekbones. My teeth are straight and very white. I smiled in the mirror and said out loud, “Stud, you not only got muscles, you got killer looks too.” My cock twitched as I said that.

Then I looked down at my lats and flexed ’em. They flared out like muscular wings. They slashed down from under my broad shoulders, forming an incredible “V” shape as they tapered to my narrow waist. Those big slabs of muscle helped add all those inches to my chest measurement. Before I started lifting I couldn’t do even one pullup. After a month I could do 50 easy. I was doing lat pulldowns for reps with 140 pounds, way over my bodyweight. My lats were superbig and superstrong.

Then I flexed my arms and stared at the bulging muscle. My arms had grown from 9 to 14 inches. That’s 14 inches of fuckin’ hard muscle. My arms were an inch bigger than Pete’s and they were a lot fucking stronger. I could curl 90 pounds for reps. That skinny tennis player Pete could only do 50 pounds. When I flexed my biceps, even I couldn’t believe how big and round hard they were. Big blue veins crisscrossed my biceps and bulging forearms. My biceps were bigger, rounder and more peaked than any kid’s biceps I had seen at school. They were way bigger than Charlie’s biceps. Charlie’s arm would look like a little kid’s next to mine. My triceps were big too, bulging out at the bottom of my arms and springing into a horseshoe shape when I straightened my arms and flexed them.

I looked at my abs. Shit, I didn’t even need to flex ’em and they still looked like a fuckin’ washboard. My waist was only 27 inches and it was all shredded muscle. It had grown only one inch during my month of heavy training and that inch was solid, corrugated steel-like muscle. I ordered my abs to flex and they instantly obeyed, forming a brick wall that could stop any punch with ease. There were deep cuts between the flexing bricks. I made my hands into fists and pounded as hard as I could into my abs. My hard punches just bounced away harmlessly. I could hardly feel them. Those abs were tough, just like me.

Next I flexed my quads and calves. My legs got so strong so fast it was unbelievable. They just blasted through the weights on Pete’s little beginner set. I could squat with the whole set after a little more than a week. Now that I had the big weights, my legs were unleashed and were growin’ like crazy. I could squat with 275 pounds. Pretty good for a little 125 pound kid, huh? But my favorite leg exercise is the leg press. I love the feeling of absolute power I get when I load a fuckin’ shitload of weight on that machine, put my body underneath, put my feet on the pads, and then drive up the big iron with the sheer force of my bulging quads and glutes. After one month of lifting, I could leg press with 380 pounds. I felt like a fuckin’ superman! When I did the leg presses, I looked up at all those huge 45 pound iron plates and then I looked at my quads. “Smash those big fuckers,” I said to my quads and they blasted up with incredible force, muscling the heavy iron out of their way until they had fully extended. They had smashed the big iron fuckers. Then they did it all over again for 7 more reps. At the end of the set, those quads were throbbing and practically busting out of my skin. During my first month of training, my quads grew from 15 to 22 inches. They were big and they were fuckin’ strong! I flexed ’em in the mirror. Huge slabs of muscle bulged out, striated with fibers and covered with veins.

Then I flexed my calves. My calves had grown just as fast as my quads, going from 11 to 15 inches. I did a couple of toe raises and the heads of muscle in my calves bulged out like cut diamonds. Veins were everywhere, carrying huge quantities of blood to the flexing muscle. I looked at my legs and smiled. They were the legs of a real stud. Legs that could knock a kid over so hard he wouldn’t know what hit him. So many kids have skinny little legs even when they have pretty muscular arms and upper bodies. Well, my legs were just as muscular as the rest of me. I had the whole package.

Finally I ripped off my shorts so I could get a good look at my muscle butt. I stood totally nude in front of the mirror. My butt was round and firm and a dark, golden tan, just like the rest of my body. I had laid out nude in the sun every day, and my butt was beautiful, if I do say so myself. It was very round and firm, pushing out the fabric of my boxers or my shorts when I wore them. It was solid muscle. I flexed my glutes and dimples appeared on the sides of my asscheeks when the muscle tightened. My ass was so muscular I could even see some muscle striations when I flexed.

As I watched my buff, nude body in the mirror, my cock got hard. It was already semi-hard from all the flexing of my individual muscle groups and now that I was nude and watching my whole body flex, it got as hard as a rock. I started stroking it gently with my right hand while I ran my left hand over my pecs and abs and butt. My muscles were so hard to the touch it was incredible. Within a minute, my dick was twitching with excitement. I spit on my hand and rubbed the warm spit all over the thick, rock-hard shaft. Instantly I came, blasting huge amounts of cum right into the mirror. I must have spurted about 10 times, and each time an incredible spasm of pleasure surged through my muscular body. When I finished, the mirror was completely covered with creamy, white cum. •

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