My Brother's Protector


By Zipman

My brother was insufferable for the next few days. I knew he was telling everyone at his school what happened, but there was nothing I could do about it. Harry kept rubbing it in whenever he saw me, and if I raised my hand to smack him one, he reminded me about the bet. He also said that if I broke my promise Jay would come back and kick my ass for real this time.

I decided the best way to handle my little brother was to ignore him. I didn’t talk to him, and soon he quit taunting me, too. After a few days I kind of forgot about Jay, too. I just put him out of my mind. I figured I had one of those days, you know, when nothing goes right. I can’t explain why my arm was so fuckin’ weak that day. Maybe I had a virus or something and didn’t know it, and the kid took advantage of me.

With the use of a car, I could get away from my brother more often, and I was finally able to get a steady girlfriend. Gina was really cute and I think she liked me a lot. We had fun when we were together. Mom was doing volunteer work every Wednesday afternoon, so both she and Dad didn’t get home that day until around six o’clock. It was the perfect time to invite Gina over to my house. That is, it was perfect until Harry started threatening to tell on us. It was only a bit of kissing and maybe some cuddling, but Harry was making up all kinds of stuff and said he was going to tell Mom and Dad. Even Gina was getting annoyed and I knew she wanted me to do something about Harry. As far as I was concerned, the bet was off.

On the third Wednesday afternoon that Gina came over, Harry started banging on my door screaming that the music was too loud. I yelled at him but he wouldn’t stop. So I turned down the receiver and unlocked the door and told Harry to get lost, and he pointed to Gina sitting on the bed adjusting her top and said, “I’m gonna tell Mom and Dad you were having sex while they were gone.” I mean, Jeez — Harry doesn’t even know what sex is! So I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into the room and clamped my hand over his mouth to make him listen to me. I started to tell him what I was going to do to him if he told Mom and Dad anything. He was struggling and squealing and he tried to bite my hand, so I shoved him against the wall. I guess I did it a little too hard, because his head hit with a bang and he became dazed for a few seconds. I didn’t notice it because I was still yelling at him. When he didn’t respond, I thought he was just acting stupid. To make my point, I threw a quick little punch in his gut and kicked his tiny butt out of my room. I didn’t really hit him hard — it was mostly for show. I’d done that kind of roughhousing with Harry a million times before. I looked back at Gina expecting her approval for finally taking care of the “little brother” problem, but she was looking kind of shocked. I looked out in the hall and saw Harry groaning as he picked himself off the floor. You may not believe it, but I really did feel sorry about getting too rough with the little brat. I was going to help him and apologize, but he got red-faced and started kicking at my shins, so I backed off.

“You’re in big trouble now!” Harry said to me. “I’m really going to tell now!”

Harry stormed off to his room and slammed the door. With the mood broken, Gina said she had to go and left. I worried about what Harry would say to Mom and Dad, but he never said anything. He spent the whole week giving me the silent treatment. When Gina came over the following Wednesday we went to my room, as usual, but before I could even close the door Harry showed up and said, “Hi!” grinning like an idiot. I tried to slam the door on him, but another kid moved in quickly from the side and pushed the door back open.

“Hi! Remember me?” Jay said.

I instinctively stepped back away from Jay and felt my heart begin to pound. It’s funny how your brain makes connections that you think you’ve forgotten. I hadn’t even thought about Jay in several weeks. It was like our first meeting was a bad dream that never really happened. I had convinced myself that the arm-wrestling loss was a fluke, and I could pay this cocky little kid back sometime for making me look like a wimp in front of my little brother. But seeing him standing in front of me now with that smug little smile on his face brought back all the bad feelings from our first encounter. Jay stepped into my room with an aura of confidence that dared me to try and stop him. I took another involuntary step backward. I don’t know why, but my pounding heart told me that deep inside I was still a little afraid of this kid.

Jay looked around the room. He was wearing a tee shirt and jeans. The shirt had the word “Kidmuscle” printed across the chest. It looked like it was written by a child with different bright-colored crayons for each letter. I found out later it was the name of a summer sports camp for kids, but it made a perfect description for Jay. If anything, he looked even more buff than the last time I saw him. You could see a few veins in his tanned forearms, even though he was standing there totally relaxed with his thumbs hooked in the front pockets of his jeans. Jay was chewing gum, and to make himself look tough he tilted his head back and stared at me with narrowed eyes.

“Is this your girlfriend?” Jay said, nodding at Gina sitting on the bed.

“Yeah,” I said, suspiciously. I still wasn’t sure what he wanted.

“My name’s Jay,” he said to her, sounding friendly and relaxed — obviously sure of himself. Harry stepped inside the room and shut the door behind him. I moved between Jay and Gina, but she stood up to get a better look at him.

“Are you a friend of Harry’s?” Gina asked. I didn’t like the way she was looking at Jay. He was a handsome kid, but he was still just a kid. I shouldn’t be worried about my girl eyeing a twelve-year-old boy, but I couldn’t help feeling a little jealous.

“Yeah, Harry’s my bud!” Jay said, putting his arm around my little brother and giving him a squeeze. “Charlie promised he would never hit Harry ever again, but I guess he didn’t keep that promise, did ya, Charlie?”

I began to feel very uncomfortable. Gina looked at me and must have wondered why I seemed so nervous. She smiled at Jay and told him that she saw me rough up Harry a bit last week. So much for loyalty from my girlfriend.

“That’s what Harry told me,” Jay said to Gina. “So I told him I would come back today and kick Charlie’s ass for him. You can watch too, if you want.”

Gina looked at me with an open-mouthed smile, as if to say, “Can you believe what this cocky kid is saying?” I think she expected me to tell him to shut up and then kick his ass out of the room. When I didn’t make any move, Gina looked confused. She looked back at Jay and eyed him up and down.

“You’re gonna kick Charlie’s ass?” Gina said to the lean, twelve-year-old jock. “This I gotta see!” She sat cross-legged in the middle of my bed and settled in to watch. Harry said, “Me, too!” and jumped onto the bed next to her. Everybody looked at me. I didn’t like the way this was going.

“I’m not gonna fight you,” I said to Jay. I hoped they didn’t notice the uneasiness in my voice.

“You don’t have any choice,” Jay said coldly, taking a step forward and pounding his right fist into his left palm. When I took a matching step backward without even thinking, Gina began to realize that it wasn’t an idle threat from this kid. She looked at Jay with new respect, and I felt myself being embarrassed all over again — this time in front of my girl.

“You’re really afraid of this kid, aren’t you?” she asked me, with a surprised look on her face. Before I could say anything, my little brother chimed in.

“The Body is stronger than Charlie,” Harry said. “He’s the strongest guy I know!”

“The Body?” Gina asked.

“That’s our name for Jay,” Harry said. “We call him The Body cuz he’s got muscles. And he’s really strong. Just ask Charlie, he knows.”

“What is he talking about?” Gina said, looking at me.

“Tell her, Charlie,” Harry said. “Tell her how Jay slammed your arm down on the table when you arm wrestled. Tell her how much stronger he is than you.” Sometimes my little brother’s voice is so annoying I just want to wrap my hands around his throat and strangle him.

“Is that true?” Gina said, searching my face for the answer. “Did you let this kid beat you at arm wrestling?”

“Yeah… that’s right… I let him win,” I lied. “He thought he was beating me with his ‘kid muscles’ — but I was fooling him. I pretended to be weaker than he was. I guess he believed it.” I gave them all a little smile and hoped they bought it.

“You liar!” Jay laughed. “You know what really happened. If you really think you’re stronger than me, try and throw me out of your room.” All eyes were on me again. I froze. “Come on. You’re bigger than me. Why don’t you make me leave? You can show your girlfriend how strong you are. Show her how your ‘teen muscles’ can beat my ‘kid muscles.’”

Jay stood with his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest a little. As the material stretched tighter across his pecs, the word “Kidmuscles” swelled out. I didn’t know what to say, and I was afraid to move. Harry could tell, and he started laughing. Gina started looking at me in a different way. I was losing respect fast.

“See?” Jay said to Gina. “Your boyfriend doesn’t want any part of me. He knows I can whip his ass.” Jay pulled the gum out of his mouth and threw it at my head. I ducked. He chuckled.

“You’re a cocky little guy, ain’t you?” Gina said to Jay. “Just because Charlie let you win at arm wrestling, you think you’re stronger than him? Get real! You’re still just a kid!”

“You want proof?” Jay said. He saw a pair of 30-pound iron dumbbells against the wall and went over to pick them up. “Do you do curls with these, Charlie? Why don’t we have a contest? Here — catch!”

He rocked his left arm back and tossed the dumbbell across the room at me. I wanted to jump out of the way, but I was afraid it would bust a hole in the wall. I reached out with both hands to try and catch it, but it knocked me back against the wall anyway. Everybody laughed.

“I’ll do a one-arm bicep curl and then you do one and we’ll see who can go on the longest,” Jay said. “That ought to prove who is the strongest.” He held the dumbbell in his right hand and smoothly brought the weight up to his shoulder before lowering it again. “Now your turn,” he said.

I didn’t tell him that I had never used these dumbbells for curls. My dad bought them for me to do lunges with after I twisted my knee last year. Lately they had just been sitting on the floor gathering dust. I tried lifting the weight with my right arm and was shocked at how heavy it felt. It was tough to do even one. Jay easily lifted his weight a second time and waited for me again. Everyone could see I was straining and he was not. By the time we got to four, my arm was hurting. At six it was screaming. On the seventh try, I couldn’t raise the weight past half-way, no matter how hard I tried. My arm totally gave out and I dropped the dumbbell to the floor with a thud.

Jay gave me a condescending snort. “What a weak wuss you are! Watch me!”

As Jay resumed his reps, Harry counted out loud, “Eight… Nine… Ten…” Jay easily made it to fifteen without straining, then switched arms and began curling the same weight with his left arm. Gina’s eyes grew wide and she jumped off the bed. She went over and put her hand on Jay’s upper arm and felt it through the sleeve of his tee shirt as he kept cranking out reps.

“Wow! Charlie, you’ve got to feel this kid’s muscle!” she cried. “It’s unbelievable! Hard as a rock — I’m not kidding!”

When Jay finished doing fifteen reps with his left arm he set the weight down and rolled up the sleeves of his “Kidmuscle” tee shirt so he could strike a double-biceps pose for my girlfriend.

“Check ’em out!” Jay bragged to Gina. “My biceps get pumped up pretty fast when I work ’em like that. They feel really tight and hard right now. Whenever I compare muscles with other kids my age I win easy!”

Gina’s mouth dropped open and she let out a yelp. The boy had big, rounded biceps that bulged up like billiard balls. Jay’s biceps were so pumped that you could see the clearly defined split in the muscle, and you could even see a vein or two throbbing under the skin.

“Man, look at that ‘kid muscle,’ Charlie!” Gina said, as she reached up and felt Jay’s rounded biceps. She took her time squeezing and running her hand over each one. “I can’t get over how hard your muscles are!” she squealed. “Your arms feel like iron!” I sat on the bed and watched, feeling ignored, while my girlfriend got all excited over this cocky little grade-school jock-boy and his stupid muscles. “What a little hunk, eh Charlie? Why can’t you have muscles like that?” She came over and punched me lightly on the arm as she sat back down next to me. I yelped, because it was my sore right arm. I rubbed it gently to ease the pain, and she just laughed.

Jay looked at me with a smile of contempt. “I guess I showed you who’s stronger,” he said. “In fact, I’m not just stronger than you — I’m more than twice as strong as you! I did more than double the number of curls you could do. What do you think of my ‘kid muscles’ now?” He looked down proudly at his arms as he pumped them at his sides a few times. There was no fat at all between muscle and skin as his pumping biceps stretched and flexed. The muscle really popped out each time he drew his arm up. It was kinda freaky.

“I’m not used to training with weights, that’s all,” I said, trying to explain. “My arms aren’t my best muscle, anyway.” Gina tried to pull up my sleeve to look at my arm, but I pushed her hand away.

“What is your best muscle, Charlie?” Gina asked sarcastically.

I thought for a moment. “My abs, I guess.” Gina insisted I show them, so I stood and pulled up my shirt. My tummy was flat but undefined. I tried to tighten my abs as hard as I could, but they didn’t stand out much. “You can’t see ’em well in here,” I said, trying to turn so that the light from the window hit my stomach at the best angle. “Sometimes when I flex ’em just right you can almost see my six-pack.”

“You mean like this?” Jay said, lifting his tee shirt. His tanned stomach was clearly defined, showing neat squares of muscle. The boy’s baggy jeans rode low on his hips, exposing a couple of inches of his purple boxer shorts. Suddenly Jay tightened his abs and rippled them right before our eyes into a perfect washboard. It was like watching his skin get vacuum-packed around his hard-flexing abs. The 3-D effect was startling. He didn’t need the light hitting them at a certain angle. Jay’s abs were so deeply chiseled they stood out sharply.

“Omygod!” Gina shouted. “Look at that kid! He’s got a perfect six-pack!”

“Actually…” Jay said, hooking his thumb in the waistband of his shorts and tugging them down a couple of inches, “it’s an eight-pack.” The lower two segments of his tightly flexed abs were revealed with a nice, clean split between them, completing the eight-pack. Jay crunched down harder on his stomach muscles and the definition became even more pronounced. I drew in my breath with an involuntary gasp and Jay looked up at me and smiled. “So what do you think of my abs, Charlie?” Jay said. He slapped them with his open palm to make a loud smacking sound. “You hear that? These babies are solid! They can take a lot of punches,” he bragged. “That’s why I never lose a fight.”

“I gotta feel those,” Gina said, leaping off the bed again. She ran her fingers over Jay’s rippling stomach muscles and made purring sounds of admiration. “You gotta feel how bumpy this kid’s abs are, Charlie! I’ve never felt anything like it! They’re so tight and solid!”

I couldn’t help noticing while Gina rubbed Jay’s abs with one hand, her other hand dropped from his lower back to his butt. Jay kept his stomach muscles flexed tight and looked at me with a smile on his face as Gina stroked his abs and squeezed his ass. I’d had just about all I could take.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I said, standing up. “Gina, don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away?” I was shocked when she ignored me and aggressively pulled Jay’s tee shirt up over his head.

“Let’s see your chest, kid,” she said, tossing the tee shirt aside. Jay squared his shoulders and flexed his pecs. The muscles were thicker than any twelve-year-old I had ever seen. They bulged out with impressive hardness. Gina’s hands were over them instantly.

“Wow, you’ve got a great chest for a boy! It feels really solid! Do you do a lot of push-ups?”

“Sure,” Jay said. “Wanna see?” He dropped to the floor and began cranking out push-ups. After twenty quick reps, he jumped back to his feet.

“I can do that,” I said. I got down on the floor and did twenty push-ups. The last two were a little shaky, but I wasn’t gonna let that little muscle kid beat me again. When I stood up Jay was still smiling.

“Okay, now try this,” he said, dropping to the floor on his stomach. “Get on my back,” he said to Gina. She lay on top of him. “No, not like that,” he said. “Put your knees on my shoulders, so all your weight is on my back.”

Gina knelt on Jay’s shoulder blades and he told her to grab the back of his arms for balance. Then he started to crank out more push-ups almost as fast as before. Gina had to hold on tight to keep from being bucked off his back. Jay did twenty more reps before Gina rolled off onto the floor, laughing.

“That was incredible!” she giggled. “You should have felt the muscles in his arms working, Charlie! This kid is strong!”

Jay stood up and struck a most-muscular pose. “All my muscles are strong!” he said. His pumped-up pecs looked like two little mounds of pure granite. Gina squealed and ran her hands all over Jay’s upper body while he flexed. She was completely ignoring me now.

Harry jumped off the bed. “You wanna try doing push-ups with me on your back, Charlie?” he said.

“I don’t think he could,” Gina laughed, and Jay nodded and laughed with her.

I felt like I couldn’t ignore the challenge. I got on the floor and let Harry kneel on my back. My struggles to do even one push-up were met with giggles from everyone else in the room. After managing to straighten my arms for one push-up, my arms gave out and I collapsed to the floor before I got even half-way back down. Harry tumbled off my back and laughed at my futility. When I looked up at Gina I was stunned to see her unzipping Jay’s pants and pulling them down.

“Let’s see your legs, muscle-boy!” she cooed. “I bet they’re strong too!”

“Sure!” Jay said as his thick thighs came into view. He tightened the muscles and made his quads leap out into full definition. Gina helped remove Jay’s shoes as he stepped out of his jeans. Then he started flexing again and she grabbed his leg with both hands. As Gina rubbed his bulging thigh muscles, I saw her other hand run up his hamstring and feel Jay’s butt again. I was shocked to see her acting like a slut around this twelve-year-old boy.

Gina was totally into Jay and it was clear he enjoyed showing off his buff muscles. They both ignored me. Jay stood in front of Gina and squatted down, telling her to hop onto his shoulders. He stood up carrying her weight and then did twenty more full squats, each time pausing at the top to go up on his toes so that his calves flexed too. Gina hopped off and Jay hiked up the legs of his boxer shorts so his fully pumped-up quads were completely exposed as he flexed them hard. The kid’s strong thigh muscles popped out with amazing definition. Gina’s felt Jay’s legs again and she didn’t even try to hide her roaming hands anymore. Jay laughed as she pinched his butt and Gina made lewd comments as she cupped her hand over his crotch and gave it a few little squeezes. I had been patient with her so far, but this was too much. This kid was strong for his age, but I couldn’t believe Gina was actually getting hot for him. It must have been a practical joke she was playing on me. She wanted to see what it would take to get my anger aroused. I had to put an end to this before she made this baby-faced sixth-grade boy start thinking he was more of a man than I was.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun, kid — now get out!” I shouted. “You made your point. You got a pretty nice build for a boy, I’ll admit it. You’re a jock and I’m not — fine. You lift weights and I don’t — big deal. I bet you’re really hot stuff at the grade school. But just like all the other jocks at school you’re a little too full of yourself.” Jay looked at me as if I had lost my mind. “Don’t you get it?” I said. “Gina is playing a joke on me by pretending to like you, but it isn’t funny anymore. Game’s over now, kid. Time to leave. Go outside and play with Harry and leave us alone.” I tried to get between Jay and Gina to pry them apart, like a fight referee. Suddenly a fist came flying up into my face.

I saw stars as pain exploded in my brain. My hands flew up to my nose and I stumbled back a few paces. “You hit me!” I yelled.

Jay gently shoved Gina aside and faced me with his fists clenched. “I haven’t finished what I came here to do,” he said. “It’s time to kick your ass, buddy! All this was just the warm-up. My muscles are all pumped now and ready to show you what they can do. This is the fun part!”

Before I could react, Jay leaped toward me and a hard fist came flying into my stomach. An instant later Jay’s other fist plowed even deeper into my gut before I doubled over and fell back against my dresser. The boy grabbed the front of my shirt and spun me around into the center of the room. He landed two more solid shots to my aching gut, then when I doubled over again he blasted his right fist hard against my temple and I was knocked to the ground.

All of this was so easy for him that Jay wasn’t even breathing hard. He didn’t bother to press his advantage — he just stood there calmly watching me gasp on the floor, trying to clear my head. I could feel my smashed-in stomach muscles going into spasm and quivering like Jell-O. I spit out a load of saliva and hoped I could keep from retching. After waiting several seconds for me to get back to my feet, Jay got impatient.

“Come on, get up, loser! You can’t wimp out on me that fast! I’m just gettin’ started!”

From my knees I lunged at him, trying to make a tackle. I was a lot bigger and needed to use my weight against him. He tried to jump aside, but I was able to hook one arm around his legs and quickly wrapped the other arm around tight. Because my angle of attack was deflected, he didn’t fall. Jay braced his feet and laughed as I tugged like a bulldog on his knees, trying to get him to go down. I felt the muscles in his legs tighten and heard him laugh as he managed to maintain his balance with a stagger or two.

“What’s the matter, Charlie? Can’t you do anything right? You never played football, did ya?” Jay snickered. Gina and Harry joined in the laughter. They sat cross-legged on my bed, enjoying the show.

Suddenly Jay reached down and wrapped his arm around my head. I was stunned at how quickly he was able to apply intense pressure as he cinched down on the headlock. In moments I was seeing stars again. I tried to get up off my hands and knees but Jay kind of sat on my shoulder, keeping me down as he tightened his hold. I felt this kid’s powerful arm crushing my skull and let out a groan. This encouraged him to grind down again and apply even more pressure. I tugged at Jay’s arm, but it was like a rock. As I moved my hand back and forth from his forearm to his bicep, I was feeling for the first time the amazing size and density of this boy’s young muscles.

“How does that feel, huh?” Jay taunted. “Now you know how it feels to be picked on by someone stronger than you. It’s not fun, is it? This is for Harry!”

He started grinding on my head with his arm, wrenching my neck with unbelievable strength. Harry picked up the count, shouting out loud as Jay continued cranking on the headlock with a furious pumping motion. Each time, his biceps would squeeze against my skull with enormous pressure. As the count reached ten, I knew I couldn’t take much more before I blacked out.

Suddenly Jay released my head and gave it a hard shove down as he stepped away. It was a gesture of confidence on his part — letting me go and waiting for me to make the next move. I took a few deep breaths and sat back on my haunches while I tried to clear my head again. Jay stood there mocking me by holding out his hands and curling his fingers in a “come on” gesture — daring me to try and attack him again. Instead of attempting another tackle, I sprang to my feet and grabbed him by the shoulders. Using my weight to shove him backward, I was planning to ram his back against the wall. But the muscle-kid was able to twist his shoulders and spin me sideways to change my momentum. Then, using the power of his arms to break my hold easily, he grabbed the front of my shirt and completed the turn, ramming my back against the wall — hard!

I was shocked to have the tables turned on me so easily by the lightning reflexes of this very strong muscle-boy. Jay twisted the handfuls of my tee shirt into an underhand grip, pulled me out about a foot, then slammed my back and shoulders hard against the wall again. I saw the muscles in his arms pop out as he did this. Jay’s biceps bulged so hard as he pulled me toward him that I felt my feet almost leave the floor. This kid’s strength was unbelievable! He repeated this move three more times, each time ramming my back harder against the wall until I had all my breath knocked out of me.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of being manhandled by someone a lot smaller than you. If you’ve never had the experience, it’s as if the laws of physics have somehow taken a vacation. Young Jay was having fun using the unreal power in his pumped-up kid muscles to toss me around like a rag doll. He had developed into a confident and fearless fighter because he knew he could simply overpower older and bigger kids like me with his fantastic strength. You could tell he enjoyed showing off his muscular young body in action for Gina and Harry. Now that Jay had stripped down to his boxer shorts, all the sleek, hard muscles of his athletic body were on full display. Every inch of this kid’s tanned physique was lean and defined, and with the muscles all pumped-up as they were now, every one of them bulged like crazy each time they flexed. It was like being beat up by a junior Tarzan.

After being slammed against the wall repeatedly, I had trouble getting my breath back. I felt like my knees were going to collapse. Jay reached down and seized my crotch with his right hand. Before I could react to the pain, his left hand gripped my throat like a claw. I reached up to grab his left forearm to keep from being choked. Suddenly, he did a half-squat and gave a mighty heave upward with his shoulders, and I felt my feet leave the floor. As my body was being lifted, I couldn’t believe what was happening — in one continuous move I went sailing over Jay’s head, then he twisted his shoulders and bodyslammed me to the floor. The amount of strength he used to do this was incredible! I was stunned into momentary unconsciousness by the tremendous force of the slam.

A few seconds passed as I lay flat on my back in the middle of my bedroom, feeling a lot of pain everywhere in my body. I blinked my eyes and saw Jay standing over me, his feet straddling my head.

“I just wanted to see if I could do that,” he said, his chest still heaving a bit from the effort. “I guess I could, huh? These ‘kid muscles’ are getting stronger almost every day!”

Jay showed off by striking a double-biceps pose for me and his audience of two. From my angle the youthful mounds of muscle bulging up looked like mountains. I heard Gina and Harry clapping from their seats on my bed. I knew Harry would root for Jay, but Gina was cheering loudly for the kid too. If I couldn’t find some way to stop this muscle-boy from beating the crap out of me, I was totally fucked! It was clear I wasn’t going to get any help from my brother or my girlfriend.

I was glad for the momentary rest while Jay posed, but it was short-lived. Jay plopped down, sitting on the floor at the top of my head with his legs spread out. He grabbed me under the chin with both hands and pulled my head toward him until the back of my head was resting on his crotch. Then Jay methodically wrapped his thighs around my head and crossed his ankles over my stomach.

“Time for the skull-crusher, boy!” Jay chirped in his still-youthful high-pitched voice. “Let’s see you get out of this one!”

The moment his legs began to flex I knew I was in trouble. I could feel Jay’s thighs bulging around my head and the pressure was building with each passing second. His stone-hard leg muscles squished in my cheeks and ground them against my teeth. I felt pain inside my mouth and tasted blood. Next my jaw started aching when I felt something pop in the joint as the pressure kept increasing. I managed to pry my hands between Jay’s legs just above the knees and tried to pull them apart. I thought I felt his legs give a little, so I pulled with all my strength. Jay laughed at my struggles.

“Think you can get out of my skull-crusher? Do you really think your wimpy arms are stronger than my legs? What a joke! I can flex my legs a lot harder than this!”

To prove his point, Jay tightened his leg muscles again and snapped his knees together tight. My hands were instantly trapped by the bulging muscles just above his knees. I stopped trying to pry his legs apart and instead tried to pull my hands out from between his squeezing thighs. The boy turned his knees slightly inward, increasing the pressure on my fingers and crushing them painfully. Now both my hands and head were trapped between this kid’s powerful legs, and he was enjoying watching me suffer helplessly.

“Do ya like that?” Jay taunted. “My legs are pretty strong, ain’t they? I can flex them even harder than this — do you want me to show you?”

“No!” I tried to yell, but because my jaw was being crushed, it was hard to open my mouth enough to be understood.

“Okay, here goes!” Jay said, ignoring me.

I felt the boy’s thigh muscles tense up and grow even harder. A ringing in my ears began and grew in intensity as the pressure increased on my aching skull. My fingers tingled and began to go numb as the blood was literally being squeezed out of them. As a final indignity, I felt the boy’s crotch begin to swell and press its growing hardness against the top of my head. My suffering was obviously getting him aroused as he flexed his legs and watched the muscles bulge. My head was pounding with pain, and I knew I couldn’t go on much longer before I blacked out. The pressure on my skull was so great it was causing my eyes to lose focus.

“Man, you don’t look too good!” I heard Jay say. “I bet you’re hoping my legs are getting tired. Well, I got one more surprise for you — are you ready for my super-flex?” He leaned back on his hands and lifted his butt a few inches off the floor. At the same time he pointed his toes and flexed his legs as tight as he could. I started to yell as the pressure built to a point where I thought my head would cave in. The boy held me in his maximum flex for several seconds. His thigh muscles were trembling — each fiber straining to the limit. I felt the swelling in his groin continue to grow also, like another flexing muscle pressing against the top of my head. Just as I was on the verge of unconsciousness, Jay dropped his butt down to the floor and snapped open his legs, releasing me.

I lay there on my back in a daze. My dead hands dropped to the floor, tingling with numbness. My pounding head left me unable to think straight. I was helpless to resist as Jay rolled me over onto my stomach and sat on my butt. He grabbed my right wrist and yanked it up high between my shoulder blades, and I yelped in pain. Then he grabbed a handful of my hair with his left hand and roughly pulled my head up as high as he could, stretching my neck muscles to the limit.

“How does it feel to get your ass kicked by a sixth-grader in front of your girlfriend?” Jay said, trying to make his boyish voice sound as tough as he could. “Tell us who’s stronger now — huh?”

When I didn’t answer he slammed my face hard into the floor and pulled it up again. My nose hurt so much I hoped it wasn’t broken.

“Say it!” he yelled. “Tell your girlfriend which one of us is stronger!”

Jay banged my head into the floor again before I could even answer.

“You are!” I said desperately, grunting and gasping.

“Yeah, that’s right!” Jay said. “You’re gettin’ smarter now, ain’t ya? Still think I’m just a boy? Still think a kid like me can’t have stronger muscles than you?”

“No — I don’t!” I cried, but Jay rammed my face into the floor a third time anyway.

“You know it, loser!” Jay said, arrogantly. “My turbo-charged kid muscles beat your sorry-ass teen muscles easy! And the next time you pick on your little brother, I’ll be back to prove to you again how strong I am!”

I braced myself for another slam into the floor. I felt relieved when Jay let go and climbed off my back. I heard him go slap a high-five with Harry.

I managed to get to my knees and was trying to take a few deep breaths when Gina walked up. “Well, that was pretty disgusting, Charlie,” she said, looking down at me with her hands on her hips. “You let a little twelve-year-old kick your ass and I don’t think you hit him even once! What kind of a man are you?” I looked up at her with the urge to kill.

“He’s not a man at all!” Jay laughed. “He’s a big wimp!” He and Harry were bouncing on my bed in their bare feet, like the little kids they were. It was humiliating.

I had never felt so embarrassed and disgusted with myself as I did at that moment. I started panting and got a sudden surge of adrenaline. Something in me snapped and I charged the bed like a bull. I caught Jay in mid-air and sent both of us flying across the bed onto the floor. I landed on top and Jay had the breath knocked out of him. Using the element of surprise, for the first time I had the advantage. I held him down with my left hand on his throat while I rammed a barrage of punches into his stomach with my right fist. I wanted to try and keep him from getting his breath back. I squeezed my hand tighter around his neck and threw a few more slow, deliberate punches into his gut. The kid’s taught tummy was like a wall of muscle and very hard to penetrate, but I kept trying. Finally, my hand was getting tired of hitting his still-solid abs. I saw them flex as he coughed a few times and seemed to be getting his breath back. He blinked his eyes and looked at me. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the floor above his head. My knees were straddling his waist.

“My brother thinks you are his big, bad protector,” I said. “You’re a pretty good fighter, but I’m not gonna let you turn me into a slave for my little brother.” Jay grit his teeth defiantly and lifted his arms and inch or two, but I leaned forward with all my weight and forced them back down. “I’ve gotta show him that you can be beat, so things will go back to the way they were — with me in control.” Jay managed to get his arms a few inches off the floor again, so I leaned forward again to press them back down. This time Jay fought me harder. He was growling a little, with every muscle in his arms, shoulders and chest beginning to flex hard. I felt my whole body moving away from him as he continued to press his arms upward. Since I couldn’t use my weight to hold him down, I needed to do something else quickly. I let go of his wrists and clamped my hands around his neck. Jay instantly grabbed my wrists and began pulling. I tried to lock my fingers around his throat, but couldn’t. His amazingly strong arms started pulling my hands away. Suddenly he kicked up with his legs and rammed his knees into my back. Jay was holding my arms frozen and repeatedly clubbed my back with his knees. As I grunted in pain he started to smile.

I tried to lean forward and scoot my legs back to pin his lower body. Jay immediately pushed hard with his right arm and managed to roll me over because of my lowered center of gravity. Before I knew it our positions were reversed. Jay looked down at me and squeezed his knees into my ribs as he held my wrists firmly to the floor.

“What were you saying about beating me?” he mocked. I tried to raise my arms as he had done, but with his thighs crushing my torso he could use his strength to hold me down. “I thought you wanted to quit — but if you want to fight some more, let’s do it!”

Jay jumped up and backed off, giving me room to stand. As soon as I was on my feet he held up his hands and started bouncing around from side to side on his toes, like a boxer.

“Do you ever watch full-contact karate on TV, or kickboxing?” he said. Faster than I could see, his foot came flying up and caught me under the chin. I stumbled backward. Jay jumped up and threw another very high kick to the side of my head. I felt like I had been hit with a baseball bat. He was so fast I could hardly see his leg move before I felt the blow. This kid was not only strong, he was lightning quick — a total athlete.

“My dad used to compete when he was young,” Jay said. “He taught me a lot. We spar all the time.” He bounced on the balls of his feet a few more times and threw another swift and powerful kick that hit me square in the ribs. It knocked me back against the wall and left me gasping for breath.

“I was giving you a chance before, when I just used my fists to beat you up. I didn’t want to use my kickboxing because I thought it wouldn’t be fair. But you asked for it!” Jay whirled around and delivered a spinning back kick that landed in my gut like a sledgehammer. He followed up with both fists to the same tender spot. I crossed my arms over my aching stomach and bent over to protect it. Jay grabbed my head with both hands and repeatedly threw knee lifts into my gut, bashing my arms and stomach at the same time. For the final blow he yanked my head down with his strong arms and used his powerful thigh muscles to whip his knee up full-force, smashing into my chin. I felt my teeth bite into the tip of my tongue the instant before the lights went out and I collapsed to the floor.

I woke up a few moments later, lying on my stomach with the taste of blood in my mouth. Slowly, I managed to get to my hands and knees, gasping. I heard Jay’s young voice, talking to Harry.

“Hey, why don’t you give your big brother a little payback. I’ll help you.”

Jay leaned over my back and slapped on a full-nelson. He couldn’t lock his fingers behind my neck because his forearms were too short, but he was strong enough to hold me tight anyway. He roughly pulled me up on my knees, facing Harry.

“Come on, give him a few punches,” Jay said. “You owe it to him.”

I struggled to free myself, but Jay just clamped down harder on his hold and jerked me back into position. Although I continued to squirm, I felt the strong muscles in his arms tighten and counter my movements easily. Finally, I quit resisting and Jay held me tight as I braced for Harry's attack. My evil-smiling little brother threw his fist into my stomach as hard as he could, which wasn’t very hard compared to Jay's sledgehammer blows. At Jay’s urging, Harry kept throwing punches left and right into my gut. My stomach was still tender from Jay’s pounding, so Harry’s punches hurt, but Jay soon decided I wasn’t suffering enough.

“Here, let me show you how it’s done,” Jay said. He pulled me to my feet and aggressively slammed my back against the wall. The first slug from Jay’s right fist took my breath away, and every punch after that penetrated my aching gut so deep that it felt like he was re-arranging my internal organs.

I lashed out wildly with my fists to defend myself, but Jay either dodged or easily blocked my punches. His punches, however, always found their mark. When he finished totally destroying my stomach muscles, Jay started swinging at my head. His fists landed on my jaw with so much power that my head snapped back against the wall each time, and I was soon too dazed to defend myself. I was leaning against the wall and helpless, while Jay took target practice. The boy’s muscular young arms continued delivering blows that were leaving marks all over my face. I felt a cut open on my lip and my left eye began to swell. Finally, my legs collapsed and I went crashing to the floor in a heap. I felt Jay grab a handful of my hair and pull my head up. Through blurry eyes I saw Jay’s fist cocked and ready to throw another punch straight into my nose.

“Stop!” I cried, holding up my hand. “Please stop! I’ll do anything you say! Just stop hurting me, please!” My thick tongue and swollen lip made the words come out muffled. Whatever remaining bit of dignity I had was gone. I couldn’t believe I was beaten up so easily by a lean-muscled twelve-year-old! To Jay, I was just a toy — something he could play with and use to demonstrate his superior strength and athleticism. My defeat was never in doubt for him. The only question was how much pain and suffering he wanted to put me through. Jay let go of my hair and I sat on the floor with my back against the wall, gently touching my tender eye and swollen lip. While I fought to catch my breath, Jay smiled as he stood over me with his fists still clenched. He looked like he was ready for more action, if I foolishly dared to make a move. I looked up at the boy’s nicely defined physique and admired how much strength he had in that compact body. His pumped young muscles had hardly even broken a sweat.

Jay dropped to one knee in front of me and looked at my puffy eye. “Too bad you ain’t as strong as me,” Jay said. “You might have lasted longer when we fought. It might have been more fun.” He pointed to my swollen eye. “When you get back to school be sure and tell ’em I was the one who gave you that shiner! And this was the ‘kid muscle’ that did it!” Jay flexed his right arm in front of my face. His smooth biceps rose up from his arm like an inflating balloon. It tightened into a hard ball of solid muscle. My hand came up almost involuntarily and gave it a squeeze. It felt as hard as it looked.

Suddenly he seized my throat with his left hand. I clutched at his forearm as he tightened his fingers into a claw that crushed my windpipe. He kept his right arm flexed in front of my nose. “You said you didn’t want to be a slave to a kid. Too bad. Kiss my muscle like a good slave and I’ll let you go,” he said. I heard Harry giggling in the background at my humiliation. Jay pulled my mouth closer to his arm. “Come on, show some respect for your master.”

Jay’s flexing arm looked very powerful. His pumped young biceps looked like it was carved out of granite. I puckered my swollen lips and touched them to his smooth, warm skin. The bulging muscle felt vibrant and alive, like there was an electric current running through it. It felt like power. I kissed his biceps twice, then almost without thinking I ran my tongue up the side and over the top. Jay laughed in his high-pitched voice. “He’s licking it like a puppy!” he giggled.

“Well, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!” Gina said. “Charlie, I think you need to get to a gym! This kid made you look like a total wimp!” Jay backed away and I stood up slowly, feeling tired and sore. Gina started gushing over Jay again.

“Wow, those were some great moves you made — doing that karate and all,” Gina said. “You are quite a stud! Watching all your hard muscles flexing made me so hot! I don’t care if you are only twelve years old, you’d already be one of the buffest dudes in our whole school — I’m not kidding! I get chills just looking at your hot bod!”

I got a tissue from my nightstand and dabbed it at my lip. There wasn’t much blood. Gina had her hands on Jay again. It was disgusting.

“Do you mind, you guys?” I said, lying down on my bed. “I just want to be by myself now. Harry, why don’t you go over to Adam’s house until dinner. And maybe you two should go get a room somewhere. I don’t care what you do, just leave me alone.”

“Maybe that’s a good idea,” Gina said. “Go on, Harry,” she said, gently pushing him out of the room. After he left she turned back to me. “Actually, I think it would be more fun for Jay and me to stay here, while you leave, Charlie. What do you think, Jay? Do you think you could throw Charlie out of his own room? I bet you could!”

Jay got a devilish look in his eye and charged the bed. I yelled at him but he scooped me up in his arms and carried me toward the door. When I kicked and thrashed and got him to drop me, he grabbed my ankles and dragged me out of my room, while Gina laughed hysterically. I grabbed onto the doorjamb, but he kicked my hands away and rolled me out into the hallway. Before Jay could get the door closed, I scrambled to my feet and rammed the door with my shoulder. The boy grabbed the door with one hand and the doorjamb with the other, keeping it from flying back open. As I pushed on the door with all my might, he flexed his arms and started squeezing the door shut.

“What’s the matter, Charlie?” Jay said. “Looks like I’m too strong for you again!”

“It’s my room, dammit!” I shouted. “Let me in!”

“I think your girlfriend is hot for my bod, Charlie,” Jay snickered. “Hey, babe, you should feel my pecs now! Feel how they flex when I slam this door shut!”

Gina stood behind Jay and wrapped her arms around his chest, clamping her hands over his bulging young pecs.

“Ooh, Charlie, you ought to feel this boy’s chest, all hard and muscular!” she cooed. Her taunting was making me so angry I wanted to do anything to shut her up. I pushed with both hands on the door as hard as I could, but I felt my shoes slipping on the hallway carpet. Jay was slowly squeezing his arms together, pushing the door closed. His defined muscles were bulging powerfully, and he was smiling at me. He knew I couldn’t match his raw strength. Gina moved her hands up and down over Jay’s torso, allowing me to see the striations pop out in his pecs as he squeezed them hard. The door moved another few inches and I felt my feet slide backward again.

“Wow, Charlie, he’s so strong!” Gina said, grabbing his pecs again and squeezing them. “I can feel his muscles flexing so tight! And look! He’s even getting hard for me, Charlie! Ohmygod — he’s such a young stud!”

With Gina’s hands all over him, it was no wonder that Jay’s boxer shorts were tenting out in front. Gina moved one of her hands down the boy’s rippling abs and plunged it under the waistband of his boxers. I tried pushing harder on the door, but it was still moving closed. It was only open about a foot now. Jay was still smiling at me as Gina groped his body. The more desperate I became, the wider his smile grew.

“Hurry up and shut the door, stud! Your hot body has got me so-o-o excited!” Gina was really laying it on thick, taunting me as I hopelessly fought against the unreal strength in Jay’s arms and chest. Her hands were focusing on his pecs now, making circles over the bulging muscles and occasionally testing their hardness with her fingertips. Jay seemed to be enjoying this body worship immensely as his thick young pecs showed off their power. The boy’s surging erection was really straining the fabric of his boxer shorts.

With a grunt and a final burst of energy, Jay’s flexing muscles powered the door shut with a slam. The way he was always able to overpower me despite my best effort was frightening. I grabbed for the door handle just as I heard the click of the lock. I pounded and kicked the door and yelled at them, but they ignored me. When I put my ear to the door I could hear some muffled talk and laughter. After several minutes of pounding, I went outside and crawled through the bushes to try and look into the window. I had to grab the sill and pull myself up a little to see inside. I could see Gina kneeling at the side of the bed. Because of the dark room and the sun’s glare I couldn’t make out anything else, but her head looked like it was bobbing up and down. My tired arms gave out and I dropped back to the ground. I went inside and pounded on the door again, without response. I considered getting an axe, or breaking the window, but decided against it. I went into the kitchen and got some ice to put on my eye. After half an hour had passed I went back outside to look in the window again. This time I could see Jay’s naked butt bouncing up and down on the bed, the firm muscles of his glutes flexing tight with each downward thrust. I couldn’t see what was under him, but I was guessing it wasn’t my pillow.


I don’t know exactly how long the two of them stayed in my bedroom. I went out for a walk and didn’t come back until Gina’s car was gone. My parents knew I had been in a fight, but I never explained exactly what happened and Harry didn’t tell, either. He probably felt sorry for me, the little jerk. It was all his fault, of course, but I decided I didn’t want revenge. That’s what got me into trouble in the first place — my temper. Some of the girls at school giggled when I passed and I knew Gina had been blabbing about me being beat up by a twelve-year-old. The rumor eventually spread to the guys and a couple of them confronted me. I told them the kid was a martial arts expert who surprised me with karate kicks to my face before I could react, which was more or less true. I refused to talk about it any more than that, and the whole incident faded away after my face healed.

That is, until one afternoon several months later.

After school ended I got a summer job and my parents helped me buy a used car. I was washing it in the driveway, getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend, when a kid rode up on his bike.

“Hi! Remember me?” he said with a smile. Like I could forget. Jay was a little older, with an even deeper tan and even buffer muscles. I noticed his voice was starting to crack a little and the first tiny wisps of hair were sprouting under his arms. Wearing just a pair of cut-offs, you could see how much fuller and sharply defined all of his muscles had become in just a few months. I got that familiar rush of adrenaline when I saw Jay — my heart beat a little faster and I got a funny feeling in my stomach — but it wasn’t because of fear. He acted a little cocksure and full of himself, as always, but he seemed to be in a friendly mood. He asked me if I was still being nice to Harry, and I said yes. I asked him if he was a teenager yet and he said not until December. My God, I thought, the kid was still only twelve-and-a-half! His shoulders were noticeably broader and his face looked different — less baby fat and more cheekbones. He was definitely a handsome kid. I didn’t feel any anger toward him. To tell the truth, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt. I guess I kind of admired him, actually.

Jay sat there straddling his bike and looked at me with a wicked smile. “Your girl is pretty wild, man!” he said. “She taught me a lot.” So — he came here to gloat a little, I thought to myself.

“She’s not my girl anymore,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” he grinned. “When we were in your room we did it a bunch of different ways. I stayed hard for her the whole time, too. She knew how to make me feel real good, dude! I even got a big shiver once that shook my whole body. She said it was my first orgasm, but nothing came out because I was too young. She told me I was more of a man than you were, though — she said mine was already longer, thicker and harder than yours.”

“Well, she’s a liar then, because we never did it.”

“Yeah, she told me that — but she said she felt yours with her hand once when it was full hard, so she knows. Anyway, she was real hot for my body, dude! She thought it was cool how my muscles were stronger than yours.” He raised his hand to his broad chest and rubbed it slowly across his firm pecs. “I’ve already put on more muscle this summer, can you tell?”

I told him he looked good, which was true, and he started showing off a little for me — making his thicker pecs dance, tightening his already razor-sharp abs into full hardness, then straightening his leg and tensing up his big thigh muscles, making them swell tremendously. I watched this hot-shot muscleboy flex his body for me and tried to keep my cool. Jay knew he had my full attention as he showed off his muscle groups one by one. You could tell he enjoyed the feeling of superiority and power it gave him. Jay told me most people want to feel his biceps and he asked if I wanted to feel his arm. I said yes.

Still sitting on his bike, he walked it up very close to me and raised his right arm. When he flexed it, it was like throwing a switch. The biceps sprang to life and jumped up into a huge mountainous bulge that made me gasp. The kid had muscles that really popped when he flexed them, and his biceps had developed a peak that took your breath away. I reached up to feel it, but he pulled his elbow back.

“Not like that,” he said. “Kiss it — you know, like you did before. I want you to feel it with your lips and tongue again.”

I hesitated, then glanced nervously up and down the empty street.

“Come on, you can do it,” Jay urged. “Don’t be shy.” He turned his head and admired his flexing biceps. “Look at it — it’s a lot bigger now, ain’t it? Remember how strong it was? Well, it’s even stronger now. Think about what that big, solid muscle could do to you if we fought now. Yeah — that one muscle’s so strong it could probably beat the shit out of you all by itself!” He pumped his arm once and gazed at it proudly. “Go ahead — kiss it! You’re the slave and I’m the master, remember?” He gave me a big smile and kept his rock-like biceps flexed only inches away from my face. Up close his bulging muscle looked so big and hard. I wanted to touch it. I licked my lips and moved them down toward his arm. When my lips pressed against the smooth, warm skin stretched tightly over his flexing biceps, I felt the same excitement I did the first time I kissed his arm. I closed my eyes and moved my lips over the big bulge, then let my tongue come out and glide over the rounded hardness. I wondered what it felt like to have big, solid muscles like this at such a young age — to be such a gifted athlete and so very strong, and to know that you are someone special.

Jay suddenly put down his arm and left me licking the air.

“Yeah… I knew you would do it!” he laughed. “Just like a real slave — you gotta do whatever I say, whenever I want. I’m only twelve and I got me a sixteen-year-old slave!” Jay grinned at me as he shuffled his feet to back his bike down the driveway. “See ya around, slave!” he said. “I’ll be back next time my muscles need a good lick-job!” He turned his bike and headed off down the street. I watched his strong legs pump hard and fast as he rode away.

I felt a little embarrassed, I guess, but I wasn’t mad at Jay. He’s still a boy and all this is just a game to him. He thinks I’m afraid of his strength and fighting ability, but I’m not. That’s not why I kissed his arm. When he gets a little older, maybe he’ll understand. It would be cool if somehow we could be friends.

I guess you could say I’ve changed. •

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