Indiana Man

By FanTCMan

I'm 21, just out of school, moved from Indiana to California because that's the place where a guy like me, into fitness and all, can have fun and make money doing what he likes best. I ask around and find out where other guys into bodybuilding, like me, go to the beach. I like to hang out with other muscle guys because it helps keep me inspired and I'm more comfortable with guys who understand the whole thing about wanting to build up their bodies. I know a lot of them are gay, but I don't mind.

So I find out where to go and I show up a few days ago to check it out. I wear loose boxers because, in some ways, I'm a little shy, but also because I like the way they hang off my butt, especially when they're wet. A lot of chicks have told me I've got a great butt. Also, I like the way they hang real low in front. I think it feels kind of sexy when a little low belly hair shows. When I get there, most of the guys I see are a lot more built up than I am, and wearing a lot less. I can see right away that I'm not in Indiana any more. I was used to being one of the more muscular guys around. I know I'm not massive or anything. Never really wanted to be. I built up, like, 17" arms, a 46" chest, kept my waist at 31". I've got narrow hips, so my legs look thicker than they are. But here, I'm almost puny by comparison.

Anyway, I find a spot near where they're working out and put down my towel. I oil myself up with sunblock, and notice, while I'm doing that, a lot of the guys are watching me. I figure there are more gay ones than I expected, but, you know, it's kind of flattering that they look. I go down to the water and dive under a wave to get wet, and then I come back up to the workout pen.

Several guys are working out, mostly in pairs, mostly wearing tight, square cut, Lycra/Spandex suits, a couple in those real brief posing trunks. One guy is working his chest on a bench alone. He is really huge, like a pro or something, but I figure he's not a pro, because he's got hair on him, and those pros always shave it all off. I always thought I was lucky not to be hairy so my muscles showed and I didn't have to shave. This guy obviously doesn't worry about it, and he's so big that his muscles and cuts show anyway. I ask him, since he seems to be alone, if I can work in with him on the bench. He says sure, and right away he's spotting for me, pushing me to go heavier, go for more reps and all.

We talk as we work out, and I soon figure he's gay and I let him know that

I'm not, but he's very cool. He tells me I've got a good natural shape to get really big, if that's what I want. I tell him that back home I felt kind of shy about getting too big, but here it looks like a more common thing. He tells me a great looking guy like me could really pull it off. Meanwhile, he's pushing me hard and I'm getting a better workout than I ever have. I tell him I like the feeling of the pump I'm getting.

We work out for quite a while, and he's really a nice guy. He keeps telling me I should really go for it, see how good I would feel building some real mass on my frame. Then, when we're finished, we walk down to the water and jump in again to cool off. I feel a little embarrassed to be with him, because he is so big, and he's got that hair on his chest and abs and he seems to be showing off, the way he lets his posing briefs ride so low. I also get a kind of uncomfortable feeling that he's giving a show with what he has stuffed into those briefs, and it looks like he has an awful full load. I'm thinking everyone will assume I'm gay, too, just being with him.

But just as I'm thinking this stuff, he tells me I look nervous, that I'm probably worried about people thinking I'm gay, but not to think twice about it, that no one here really cares one way or the other, except the women, who are also looking me over, if it makes me feel any better. It does.

While we're drying off, he asks if I'd like to come over to his place for a beer, and right away he laughs and tells me not to look so afraid. He promises he won't try to put the make on me, even though I am a very hot looking guy. He says, if I want, he can give me some pointers about how to go for maximum size and density, and I figure why the hell not.

We go to his apartment, and true to his word, he gives me a beer, talks about workout techniques, and doesn't even try to put the moves on me. He does show off for me, poses a little, and sits around in that little posing suit letting me see all he's got, but I try not to let him see me looking, and, honestly, I do feel a little uncomfortable. Then, after he shows me some new ways to lift, he tells me that, for most guys, getting big, really big, involves more that just weights. I tell him I don't want to fuck up my health with 'roids, and he says he knows of some much better stuff, stuff that doesn't have the bad side effects of 'roids, that will make you big without compromising your health or your sexuality. He tells me that he's used this stuff himself, and it really is the most incredible stuff to come out of modern bodybuilding science.

I tell him I think it sounds interesting, like it would be cool to try some and see how it feels. He says he knows I would love it, but that it's very strong stuff with powerful effects, so I should be pretty sure I'm ready to commit to getting big. Once you try it, he says, once you start, it feels so good it's very hard to think about stopping. But I figure I'm a guy with a lot of self control, so I tell him I'm not worried about that, and I ask him if it's expensive or hard to get. He tells me it is, for most guys, but he happens to know the people that invented it, so he gets all he wants. And he asks me again if I really want to try it.

Now that it's looking me in the face, I hesitate. I realize it does make me nervous, but he sees my hesitation right away and calls me on it. He tells me, if I want his opinion, that I'm such a masculine, handsome looking guy, with such a perfect kind of body to take real, serious muscle mass, that he thinks I would end up looking incredible. I tell him I don't know about that, but he says he knows I would, and he says I would also find out that I would feel as hot as I would look. He tells me to flex my arm and he flexes his next to it. My 17" looks small next to his 22", and he tells me to imagine how it would feel if my arms were as big as his, and, I have to admit, the thought does turn me on. So I say maybe I would try some, just to see how it feels.

He leaves the room and comes back with a small bottle fitted with an eyedropper which he fills with the amber liquid in the bottle. Then he takes my beer and measures twenty drops into it and tells me to drink it down. There are only a few swallows left in the bottle, and they taste like some strong chemical solution as I drink, and it feels very spicy, but it isn't bad at all. I ask him what I should feel and when, or if I would notice anything, and how long it takes before you can see any real effect. He tells me I should probably notice some effects by the next morning, or at least begin to feel some. He says, since he figures he couldn't interest me in joining him in the shower or his bed, that I should go home, get some sleep, and meet him at the beach tomorrow, same place, and he will put me through my paces again and start me on the road to being a real muscle guy.

I go home that night thinking how strange it would be if this stuff really does work, and I do start to put on real muscle mass like his. I have always been curious about how those guys feel, being so huge, always standing out wherever they go. I know that people stare at really huge guys and think they are freaks, and I always feel I wouldn't really want to be like that. But I am curious. I don't really feel anything at all from the stuff I took, even when I go to bed.

I have strange dreams all night. Sexual dreams. All these chicks telling me that it's such a turn on that I'm looking so big and muscular, and I realize

I have somehow become as big as a pro bodybuilder and I'm amazed by the size of my own muscles, I'm feeling really turned on by the chicks saying that, and really turned on by how much I'm turning them on. When I wake up, I have a big hard on.

In fact, when I get up, I still feel extremely turned on by the dreams, so I go into the bathroom, to look at myself in the mirrors, to try to picture myself getting bigger. I flex a few times, and it feels really good to see my biceps peak and my pecs bunch up, and I feel really excited about the idea of getting them bigger. I'm so excited I have to jack off, and it's weird, but my dick feels really good in my hand. Not just that jacking it feels good, but, somehow, that I love my dick, that I love being a guy with a big dick to play with. Not that it's all that big. I mean, I have a respectable 7" hard on, but this morning it just feels better than it ever has. I come in the sink, watching myself, really turning myself on by how my body looks to me right then and the thoughts of getting bigger.

I jump into the shower, feeling really anxious to meet my friend at the beach and get in a really good workout. When I think about him pushing me like he did the day before, making me really pump my muscles up, I get hard again. I can't believe it. I feel so horny and so turned on by thinking about pumping up, especially at the beach in front of all those other people, I have to jack off again. It's weird, but I feel so fucking hot thinking those thoughts as I'm soaping up my body, feeling how my muscles still feel so hard and pumped from yesterday, that I can't not do it, I can't stop myself from grabbing my cock. And it feels just as hot as before, and I shoot another big load in the shower.

After I towel off, I pull out my trunks, the boxers from yesterday, to get dressed, but for some reason, when I put them on, they don't feel right any more. I get a protein drink, and stand there drinking it, feeling like I'm wearing too much, like these boxers feel like a big, blousy skirt or something. I don't exactly understand what I'm feeling, and I can't exactly explain it, but I want to wear something that shows my body more, that feels as sexy and hot as I'm feeling. I think of my pair of bikini cut Speedos that I wear in private for tanning. I've never worn them in public, but this morning, the idea of wearing them on the beach is another turn on.

I try them on and when I look at myself, the very things that used to embarrass me about them are suddenly very exciting to me. I like showing so much more of myself. I have to admit I look great in them. I always think I could never wear something in public that makes such an open display of my dick and balls, but now it makes me feel very sexy. I also have a lot of pubic hair that grows up kind of high, and also grows out onto my upper thighs, and I always thought I could never wear anything in public that let that show, like it would be indecent or something. I did like it when it grew in and I had more pubic hair than the other guys in the showers in gym class. I like to let my boxers hang low, and when they fall down to where a hint of that hair shows on my belly, it makes me feel pretty racy. Now these

Speedos let all that other hair show, too, the way it spreads out around my balls and all, but instead of thinking it's embarrassing, it makes me feel really bold and sexy. In fact, I feel so hot in them, that I get hard again, and I feel so horny, still, that I have to jack off a third time just to get to where I can leave the apartment. And I discover I'm still shooting a really huge load. I can't believe it.

When I get to the beach, my friend is already there. In fact, quite a few guys are already there early, working out. We go into the pen and started working out right away, which is great because I'm feeling real jazzed and up, full of energy, probably from whatever that stuff is. It feels really good, pumping as much weight as he is making me lift. I can feel it deep in my muscles, feel the flush of blood, the deepest tissues being stimulated, excited. He says he can tell I'm feeling really good and energized, really hot, and that all those feelings are caused by the stuff he gave me. And he's right. I am feeling super good, and I am extremely aware of how hot I feel in those Speedos, especially when I lie back on the bench with my legs spread, letting the world see my crotch. I feel great that I'm not embarrassed, that I just feel extremely sexy. And I begin to realize that

I'm looking at all the guys with the really massive bodies, and I'm thinking that the huge size of their muscles looks extremely hot and extremely sexy to me now. I notice how weird it is that when I look at the chicks hanging out, watching, and they are mostly really hot chicks, I don't feel any kind of excitement like when I look at the men and their enormous, masculine bodies. Especially my friend. With his muscles as massive as any pro I've ever seen, and his perfect body hair, and his tiny bikini showing him off and displaying such a big bulge, he looks like the essence of masculinity to me, and that maleness is unbelievably exciting. I look at each of his enormous, thick muscles and imagine that same size on myself. I really want to know how it would feel, because I realize I'm totally loving the way the muscle I already have feels to me.

He sees how much I'm looking at him, and when we finish and go into the water for a quick cool-down, he says if he didn't know better he would think I was interested in his body. I tell him I'm just picturing his size muscles on myself. So he says then we should go on over to his place and he'll give me some more of his stuff, so I won't have to just imagine. This time, I don't feel nervous at all. I want to take some more.

As soon as we get to his place, he goes and gets the bottle, and this time he puts the drops directly under my tongue and takes some himself. He says it works faster that way. He also tells me that he has given me a much bigger dose. Then he gets us a beer. When he comes back, he asks me how I've been feeling since yesterday, and I tell him about the dreams and about how sexy

I've been feeling since I woke up. He says he could tell, that I've been acting like I feel more sexy. While we're talking and drinking our beer, he keeps putting his arms behind his head and making his huge arms pop with muscle, and rubbing his hand over his pecs, like he's feeling his muscle and getting off on it. I realize that I think it's very cool, the way he gets off on his own muscle, that there's something very exciting about it, about how uninhibited and proud his is of his body. I imagine feeling the same way, getting off on someone watching me, looking at me flex and feel myself, and I like the thought. It would be very hot to be like him. He's so comfortable in that tiny pair of briefs that show off so much more than my

Speedos, and I think that would be hot, too.

Then he asks me if I noticed how horny this stuff makes you. As soon as he says it, I realize that I'm sitting there in my Speedos with my legs spread and I've got a big hard on. No way to hide it, and I don't want to act like

I'm embarrassed, so I sit there and say yeah, it really does, doesn't it. I realize I'm feeling much more turned on by all this than I was even a few minutes ago. I know it's weird that I'm sitting there letting him see my hard dick, but I feel so fucking hot and I'm so fucking horny that it feels exciting. I tell him that I did notice, that I had to jack off three times before I went out that morning. I find myself telling him that, for some reason, my muscles feel so good to me that they make me horny whenever I think about them, and he just laughs. He's still feeling his own body, flexing for himself, obviously getting off on himself, and he says he knows all about that. It's one of the effects of this stuff he's giving me. He's sitting there with his legs apart, too, and I see that his dick is also getting hard, and it looks so big in his little briefs. And now things really start to get strange, because as his cock starts to strain the material of his trunks, pulling down the front so that his pubic hair is showing, I can't help looking at it. Just like I was feeling this intense desire to have muscles as big as his, now I start thinking how great it would be to have a really big cock like his, too. Even his balls look big, the way they bulge, and I don't want to say anything because I don't want him thinking I'm gay, but I wish he would get undressed so I can see how big he really is.

Then I hear myself talking, like I'm not in control of what I'm saying, and

I'm asking him if his dick is really as big as it looks, what does it feel like to be so big, and I sure wish I was hung like a fucking horse. He tells me it's a good thing I think so, because another side effect of this stuff is to make everything masculine grow, not just muscles. He tells me he was very average before he started taking this stuff, that it even made all the body hair he has grow. He asks me how I feel about body hair, and I tell him I've always been glad I'm smooth, because I think a smooth body shows off muscles better. He says he used to think so, too, but when it started growing in, it felt extremely sexy and hot to him.

Meanwhile, my dick is so hard I can feel it throbbing in my Speedos. I feel so hot now I can't keep my hands off it, and I reach down and just push on it, and it's so sensitive that I feel almost like I could come. I definitely feel like I want to come, and I hear myself moan when I touch my cock. Then he does the same thing, watching me watch him, and when he grabs his dick, its head pops out of his trunks. He laughs and says he's sorry, and I say it's okay. It is fucking huge, and now I have to see how big it really is, the whole thing. I want to know what kind of a big dick I can get from this stuff. Christ, I'm thinking, it would be unbelievable if this stuff can make my muscles huge and my dick, too. The idea of a huge cock is outrageously exciting. Suddenly I'm having these strong feelings about how this guy's body is unbelievable, so hot, so intensely male, and I want to see it all, without any clothes at all, and he knows what I'm thinking, because he stands up right in front of me and asks me if I want to see what a big dick I'm going to get, and he tells me if I want to see it, I have to pull off his trunks.

What happens next is a complete shock to me. I realize I'm more turned on by his body than I have ever felt with a chick. I'm more turned on than I have ever been in my life. I feel stoned, like I'm on some powerful aphrodisiac, and every inch of him is turning me on. I want to prolong my excitement, and

I find myself standing up and reaching for him. I feel his huge arms and he flexes them for me. I kiss his hard, bulging biceps, then I feel his gigantic pecs. It feels incredible to me to be touching those massive tits, all covered with silky, dark hair. I have to feel them with my face, my mouth, and I keep going, down his hairy abs, sticking my tongue into the deep creases, working all the way down to the thick hair that plunges into his trunks. Finally I can't keep my hands off the huge cock that is already partly out of the top of the trunks. As soon as I touch it, I can tell it is only partly hard, and I push down the trunks and pull out first his cock and then his big balls. I'm right about his balls. They're the biggest balls

I've ever seen on a guy. His dick falls heavy over them and begins to grow to its full size as I hold it in my hand, and I hear myself saying Jesus

Christ as it gets stiff and sticks out, I swear, over a foot.

He's looking down at me, smiling. He asks do I like it. Fourteen inches and still growing, he says. Do I think I can handle it. I say are you kidding me, and then he pulls me back up so I'm standing in front of him, real close, and he tells me that I'm going to be one hot mother fucker. In fact, he says, I'm already one hot mother fucker, and he puts his hands on my shoulders and pulls me close to him until my chest is against his, and I can feel his big cock rubbing against my Speedos. I can't believe this is happening, that I'm letting it happen, but his hairy pecs against my chest feel so incredibly hot to me that my own dick is ready to jump out of my

Speedos. Then he puts one hand behind my head and drops the other one, and the next thing I know he is kissing me, hard, pushing his heavy whiskers against my mouth while his other hand reaches inside my Speedos and pulls out my dick. He squeezes it as he pushes his tongue into my mouth, and I feel almost faint with the rush of excitement.

Before I know it, I'm devouring him. I suck on his cock like it's something

I was born to do. My hunger is insatiable. He sucks me off and drinks my cum, and I'm still horny. I'm so in love with his masculinity, my masculinity, everything masculine, that I want to feel his huge cock inside me, I want to take it all. He fucks me and jacks me off at the same time, and I come more than ever in my life, and I'm still horny, and my dick is still hard, so I fuck him. We go on like that for hours until it's dark out and time to go home.

When I do go home, wearing my Speedos again, they feel tighter on me than before, but it feels so good. I get home and shower, and just feeling my body as I soap up, I feel like my muscles are already bigger, and it feels so hot I have to jack off a couple more times before I go to bed. And just as

I'm turning in, the phone rings. It's my best friend from back home, my workout partner. He tells me he's got a flight booked, that he wants to do what I've done and really get into the bodybuilding thing, do some modeling, maybe be a Chippendale's dancer, all those things we used to talk about. He asks if it's okay to stay with me, do I want roommate. He's a very good looking guy, and all of a sudden the idea of his being my partner again is very appealing. I tell him sure, but that I only have one bedroom, and he says that's okay, as long as I haven't turned queer or something. I laugh and tell him that lots of amazing stuff goes on out here. That I met this guy who is giving me something like 'roids only better, and not dangerous, and I can already tell a difference, and if he wants to come out and be my partner, he better be ready to do the same thing. He says cool, he'll see me tomorrow.

This morning I go over to my new friend's place and we take the stuff before we go to the beach to work out. He lends me a pair of his posing briefs, and even though I'm not huge yet, my arms are already up to 19" and my chest up to 49" and I feel really hot working out, letting it all hang out. I tell him all about my buddy, and he says I should bring him over as soon as he gets here. He says we'll start him off with a super big dose, to get him in the swing of things right away. I tell him he's straight, and he just laughs and reminds me that so was I.

So right now I'm expecting him any minute as I write this. I was going to get dressed in something real conservative to break him in gently, but I look and feel so hot in these tiny little briefs that I changed my mind. I notice that I've got some new hairs growing in down the middle of my torso, and I also think that the bulge in these trunks is already bigger. I feel bigger, anyway, and with all the times we've showered together at the gym, I'm sure he'll notice any difference. So I decided to go for the shock value. I can't wait to see his face when I open the door. And I can't wait to see it about ten minutes after he takes his first dose. •

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