Grow Gravity

When I was granted three wishes, My first wish was for an endless supply of money on demand. My second wish was for eternal injury and physical illness-free life. But my third wish was the most conceptually intricate: it was for what I call the Unlimited Morph Control Generator, morpher for short.

It is a tiny device implanted into the end of my right index finger and hard wired into my voluntary nervous system, allowing me to modify, by touch or even via atmospheric conduction, the physical, structural, cellular and metabolic condition of any living animal, plant, or food item by accurately focusing and amplifying ambient energy to my intended target. The morpher has many potential applications, but my primary interest in it was to allow me to grow a huge excessively muscular body for myself and anyone else I chose to have imbued with one. I also intended to use it to feed myself and others as needed and desired. Once the wishes were granted I began healing illnesses of my friends and family members, surrepticiously and gradually to avoid calling attention to that element of my abilities. I added about twenty pounds to my physique over a three week period. I tried out my remote skills on a couple of teenaged bodybuilders at the gym, successfully adding ten pounds of muscle each to a group of three kids. During that experiment,

I discovered that I could initiate a growth program, and allow it to time- release over a period of at least an hour. Before they left, I instructed each of the three boys to gain an additional twenty pounds (quite a lot of muscle!) during the next three days. It worked, confirming that I could extend the time release effect for much longer periods with no added effort. In fact the whole process of morphing myself or anyone else was effortless, fueled as it was by solar and atomic energy with total efficiency and no side-effects. I decided to visit Dave and morph him extensively. I went to

Richmond on a Thursday afternoon and got to earles house at 7:30 pm. He was surprised by how much bigger I'd gotten in only ten weeks. I silently instructed his body to gain five pounds of muscle overnight. He had Friday off, so we planned to go to the gym the next day. I'd told Dave that I got a 50,000 dollar bonus on our first album for signing with the label, so I was buying him memberships in all of Richmond's major gyms. The next morning Dave woke up and was feeling very energetic and eager to work out. I had given him, in addition to five pounds, a huge reserve of energy, formatted to release during an intense workout. As we worked out, Dave began talking about how good he felt, and how much stronger he was that day. We went on lifting for four hours, our muscles continuing to pump up larger the whole while. It was 1:30 p.m. bythe end of our workout, we were both tight as drums with muscular pumps bigger than we'd ever had. I started enlarging Dave's body first. I made our pumps change into permanent muscle growth. Then I started to make Dave bigger.

He weighed 176 pounds when I began. Within ten minutes he weighed 183 pounds. I let him stay at that weight for about fifteen minutes, then when we were in the pool, I added more muscle to his body, morphing him up to 196 pounds. He was at that point extremely muscular and was becoming aware of his increased size. Then I told him about the Unlimited Morph

Control Generator. At first He didn't believe I really had such an ability or device. I demonstrated by adding fifteen pounds to my own musculature, growing to 214 pounds in only five minutes. I hadn't mentioned anything but muscle growth when I told Dave about the morpher, so I thought I'd demonstrate it's other properties. Before Dave could express any reaction to my growth, I enlarged him again. He grew four inches to 6'0" tall, keeping the same physique proportions.

After this, he weighed 236 pounds. I continued morphing him, thickening his bone structure, giving him wider shoulders, a bigger ribcage and lungs, longer arms (to make room for more bicep and tricep muscle) and bigger hands. Although he looked bonier and leaner, he had grown to 266 pounds. Then I started adding more muscle to his frame again, starting with his arms.

I made his arms much bigger, fully exploiting their longer wider bone structure. In only a few minutes, the circumference of his upper arms nearly doubled. Hugely muscular as Dave had grown, his arms looked disproportionately huge. At 34 inches each, either of his upper arms were larger than his waist. I kept enlarging his arms, but began catching the rest of his physique up with them. I kept building him and building him until his shoulders were three feet wide. He was bulging with so much skeletal muscle that his massive frame was completely obscured by it. By this time Dave's body was phenomenally huge. He was just standing on the deck near the diving board, looking at his chest, shoulders and arms as they spread out horizontally from his gaze. He weighed 340 pounds. "Now do you believe me?" "Yes, and I want more, a lot more. I want to get unbelievably huge!" "You are unbelievably huge!" "Compared to an average guy, but that's not the standard I want to measure by. I want to be so big that no one else can fathom the rationale for the scale, the order of magnitude I will be."

"Dave, I will gladly make you as big as you want to get, but I want you to take some time to think seriously and soberly about it first. I want you to feel the power you already have. Let's go out into the community and see how people react to your muscles; at the mall, at the beach, at the gym.

Then decide what you want." "I know what I want, I just hope you'll give it to me. I never knew what I wanted until you showed me. If you'd asked me if I'd want to grow this big I would've said no until you did it without asking me. I guess that's the only way I could learn. You changed my mind. You made me want to keep growing, don't make me wait too long or

I'll go crazy with frustration. Every minute that passes my desire increases, my goal gets more vast by the minute. Even while I'm talking to you I,m consciously trying to envision a bigger and bigger physique, to make my lust for size and power grow as fast as I can grow it." "Well in that case the sooner we make the rounds, and see how you feel the reaction you get from people, the better for you." We went to the mall first.

As we walked through the mall there were many amazed stares.

Dave had on a white Y-backed muscle tank, black workout baggies cut off just above the knees, and New Balance weightlifting hi-top shoes. I had modified clothes for Dave using the morpher to make his whole wardrobe auto enlarging to fit his physique. After a while, kids started to come up to us and ask us, especially Dave, how we got so big. Dave said he had been eating huge amounts of food, taking vitamins, protein and supplements, and lifting weights five times weekly since he was ten. That was the best thing he could say to encourage their body– building interest, even if it wasn't true. Women began to follow us around the mall, and some of them asked Dave if he competed in bodybuilding contests. When he told them he hadn't, they encouraged him to do so. One girl said she'd like to see him in posing trunks. When Dave told her he was planning to compete, she got very excited, and said she'd be looking for him. Dave reacted to this by saying that if this was the reaction to his physique, he couldn't wait to see how people would behave toward him when he grew bigger. Next we went to the beach. I made myself a lot bigger before we got there, growing to 6'2" tall, 290 pounds– not as big as Dave, but bigger than anyone else we were likely to encounter outside a Venice, CA bodybuilding gym. Of course we were shirtless, and I had given us both moderate tans. I was wearing a pair of extraloose legged nylon woven red swim trunks and flipflops. Dave wore blue and yellow wide striped bike shorts and his weightlifting shoes. We took a frisbee and four coolers full of food. The beach wasn't crowded, but there were quite a few people there. We quickly drew a crowd of onlookers as we casually tossed the disk back and forth between us. After a while the crowd completely surrounded us in a ring about fifty feet in diameter. Then two really big bodybuilders each over 240 pounds stepped forward and asked if they could toss the frisbee with us. We said yes, and the crowd watched the four of us for a while. "You guys hungry?"

I asked the other two. "Yeah!" they eagerly answered. "Have some lunch with us." I said motioning them over to our coolers with my arm. The crowd dispersed somewhat, but most of them continued gawking at us, and taking photographs.

Dave was enjoying himself, and Steve and Lee were thrilled to get the attention of the crowd. We sat down to eat, and began to fork away food at an astounding rate, washing it all down with huge jugs of MetRx lemonade shakes. Within half an hour we'd each eaten fifteen pounds of solid food, and twelve shakes. I gave the four of us the most massive pumps our respective bodies could have without actually gaining permanent size, and set the pumps to last the rest of the waking day. We went to a bar at the beach, and had a few beers. I morphed Dave and myself to have total immunity to further inebriation after three beers. We were buoyant, but not drunk. I also protected all four of us from STDs. We set about flirting and dancing with various women by a beach bonfire near the bar. Soon we each wandered off with women.

I saw Dave heading toward a bungalow with three red haired girls. I morphed him to give him a potential five extra inches of erection, and the ability to have multiple and repeated orgasms that would last for minutes at a time. The next day, Dave was ecstatic. Normally shy, he couldn't help bragging about his sexual encounter with each of the three women. "I wore them each out, and then started all over again!" He said he wanted even more sexual endurance, and he went on to ask me if I'd make his penis larger, and give it the power to morph womens' genitalia to accomodate it's size.

"I can do that, but how big are you talking about?" I asked him, explaining that most women could accomodate objects considerably bigger than any man's penis. "Not mine!" he replied, "When I grow bigger, I want it to get proportionally even bigger than it is now. And you can't even begin to imagine how huge I want to grow!" "Just wait ‘till this afternoon after we workout, then I'll give you as much size as you want, if you still want it. We went to the gym and lifted for three hours after breakfast, ate a huge lunch, the worked out for four more hours. By the time we finished we were so pumped up we could barely move without one muscle group pushing another. I was feeling phenomenally huge, but

Dave was totally entranced by his body. He was standing right in the middle of Gold's, flexing and posing in front of a gym full of people, staring at his bulging muscles with intense concentration and gleeful self-obsession. "It's time to make me bigger," he said when we walked into the parking lot. "I guess it is. Still want more size, eh?" "More than ever! I want you to start off by making me seven feet tall, and giving me 300 pounds more muscle. Then I'll want more, once I get my bearings. Go ahead, I'm ready and waiting." I started enlarging his body. Within ten minutes, I had morphed him up to seven feet tall, and bulked his physique up to 700 pounds.

Dave was now fantastically huge. His muscles were so massive that he couldn't fit into any car, or through any normal width door, even sideways. He looked superhuman, so immensely strong and muscular that he could pick up a car with one arm.

He looked over his body and spoke: "Now I"m ready for more. I want to keep these proportions and grow to eight feet tall, then immediately I want to gain another 500 pounds of muscle."

I did it almost instantly. In two minutes his next instructions were completed. He weighed 980 pounds when he reached eight feet tall, then he exploded to 1500 pounds. His physique was so huge that he seemed godlike. Then I enlarged his penis to a disproportionately huge size of 28 inches long, seven inches in diameter. "More?" I asked him nervously. I wondered when he would be satisfied. "MORE!" he roared. "make me ten feet tall, and thicker muscles!" I enlarged him up to ten feet tall. He weighed 2375 pounds. Then I started enlarging all of his muscles more, making him thicker and more massive until it seemed he couldn't hold another pound. Then

I widened out his bone structure and started adding even more muscle to his frame. Once again I filled him to the limit. He weighed 3662 pounds at ten feet tall. "How do you feel now,

Dave?" He paused for a minute, then spoke. "I feel really big, and strong, like I could lift a house off it's foundation. I feel like I'm not even human anymore, but I feel like more of a man than ever. Most of all though, I feel like getting a lot bigger, endlessly bigger. When you start morphing me again, just keep making me bigger until I say to stop, only I never will say to stop. I'll just keep exploding with muscle forever!" "Are you sure this is what you want,

Dave? I can give you the power to do this for yourself if you want it." "Yes! Give it to me! Now!" I did give it to him, and he immediately started to grow like wildfire. Then I started adding my own effort to Dave's, speeding up his muscle expansion even faster. "YES! MORE! MORE!!" he roared. His body was expanding like time release photography, whooshing out in all directions, filling up the space around him. He flew past twenty feet tall, weighing over 30,000 pounds. His gigantic physique soared up and out over the neighborhood, bulging thicker and thicker all the while. As he bulged out with continually thickening muscle, he looked over his body intently, smiling and flexing. Then suddenly, he began to grow much much faster, shooting up to 100 feet tall, and growing even more proportionately massive as his height increased. He had reached 600,000 pounds bodyweight. He began to laugh out loud, shaking the ground with the sound of his voice, as his muscles swelled to even more massive thickness. Then his body began to glow incandescently, and it seemed that he was literally about to explode from the pressure of growth beneath the surface of his skin. Power was welling up inside him so fast it seemed as if he couldn't contain it all. But then, the glow grew much brighter for an instant, and when it faded back to normal, Dave had nearly doubled his weight. He was now 135 feet tall, and weighed 1,120,000 pounds. Suddenly the brightness increased again, but it lasted for almost half a minute. By the time it subsided, Dave was 350 feet tall, and weighed 40 million pounds. Dave looked over his body, surveying his immensity for a few moments, then he developed a look of concentration on his face. Instantly the glow swithced on again, as bright as ever, but then all around, the sky grew dark, and the temperature began dropping rapidly.

His luminescence increased dramatically until he was so bright that it was impossible to look at him without squinting. It was like trying to stare at the sun. Just as the brightness seemed to stabilize, and the temperature leveled off at about 45º F, Dave began to speak with a booming voice that shattered glass for miles around. "More! MMORE!! MMMOOORRRE!!!" The glow subsided and once again it grew dark all around the area as light seemed to fall into him. Then, with no flash and no visible or audible warning at all, Dave's body was 2,000 feet tall, weighing a billion pounds, and visibly expanding from that very second, his muscles pulsing and bulging outward in all directions. He continued to thicken and grow for nearly an hour, reaching a weight of 1,400,000,000 pounds when the glow switched on again. Then it seemed as if the sun went out totally, and snow began to fall all over Virginia. Dave's incandescence returned, and then subsided again. Then he instantly enlarged to 25,000 feet tall, and weighed 112 billion pounds. Then he instantly exploded to 100,000 feet tall and weighed FIVE TRILLION POUNDS! The temperature and light returned to normal, except for the near eclipse his physique cast over eastern Virginia and the coastal Atlantic.

Dave looked out over his celestially huge musculature and began to smile broadly. Then the glow started again. Darkness spread over the sky and wind began to blow like a hurricane toward Dave from all directions. Everything material around him began to dissolve and flow into him like plasma, more and larger chunks of matter disintegrated as the seconds passed.

The sky itself began to flow into his body, which was glowing with an orgasmic explosion of power unlike anything previously seen on Earth. His muscles were expanding by whole orders of magnitude every minute. He seemed simultaneously relaxed and totally focused on absorbing more mass into his already gargantuan and rapidly expanding physique. His body was already bigger than a Martian moon, and would soon outsize the

Earth itself. A psychic message was blasting out from him instructing everything around him to turn into more of his muscular body. •

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