Danny Gets Big


By StudMscl

An hour later the two studs lay in Danny's disheveled bed, both covered in a mixture of sweat and cum. Danny lay half on top of the smaller guy, one big arm wrapped around Mark's small waist. He had come four times and felt like he could go a couple more rounds but Mark looked like he could use a rest. The football player lay on his back with one hand on his chest and the other cupping his spent dick. From time to time he would cautiously tense the muscles of his tender ass.

Suddenly, Mark sat up with a start and glanced at the door before turning to the big guy next to him with a panicked look.

"Fuck, Danny might come back."

The muscle stud grinned and then began to laugh, sitting up in bed himself.

"That's nothing to worry about. Danny's been here all along."

Mark stared at him with a shocked look on his face then began to looking around the room trying to catch sight of his missing tutor. Danny snorted and pulled Mark's face back around.

"No, fucker, I'm right here. I'm Danny."

His expression changing from shock to disbelief, Mark shook his head. "No way, dude. Danny's a skinny little . . ." he said but trailed off as he began looking closely at the big guy's face. Damn, he sure looked a lot like Danny, but that must be because they're cousins, right? The muscle stud just sat there, grinning smugly.

"Guess this was a lot more fun than studying functions for Mr. Waltrip's math quiz Monday, wasn't it," Danny said, referring to the test they were supposed to have studied for that morning.

Mark's mouth fell open and he shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "How the fuck, I mean, what the fuck . . . shit."

With a shrug Danny got out of bed and stood naked in the center of the room.

"Let's just say I decided I was tired of being skinny," he said, flexing his chest and arms. Mark couldn't help the shudder that passed through his dick as he once again ogled the muscular giant in front of him. He may have been straight when he tried to get into his girlfriend's pants the night before but right now he would have spread his legs again in a second if Danny (Danny?) had told him to.

"How'd you do it?" he asked in a hushed voice. "Fuck man, I wanna try."

Danny thought a moment then shook his head. "Nah, I think I like being the big guy around here. You be good and we'll see what we can do later."

He glanced at his bedside clock and saw that it was only noon. "Come on, fucker, let's hit the showers. I think I wanna go outside and let the rest of the world check me out." He raised his arms in a double biceps pose and the peaks of his big guns rose up to the height of his ears. Then he turned and sauntered off to the bathroom. Mark quickly hopped out of bed and followed the stud's rock hard ass out of the room.

In the shower Danny made Mark soap his big body all over, from his thick shoulders down to his feet. To be honest there wasn't much coercion involved as Mark would have done just about anything to get his hands once more on Danny's huge muscles. A part of his mind knew this was all crazy, that he shouldn't be so turned on by another guy, but just the sight of the water and soap running off of the big bodybuilder's corrugated stomach, or the sight of his massive quadriceps forming a relief map of muscle when he tensed them was enough to make the football player forget all about reality. All he wanted was feel that big body and, he had to admit to himself, to see what it would feel like to be that big himself.

After they showered and dried off in the bathroom, Danny taking the opportunity to put on a posing routine for his horny admirer, the big stud headed for his father's room. His dad had left the night before to check out construction site his company was working on up in the panhandle and wasn't due back until late Sunday or maybe Monday. He knew there would be some explaining to do then but right now Danny needed to borrow some clothes. His dad was a big man himself, though not as large as Danny had become, so he was able to find some T-shirts and shorts that fit without threatening to rip open. In the back of a drawer he came across a speedo he had seen his father wear at the beach and slipping it on Danny checked himself out in the mirror on his dad's closet door. Not surprisingly the swimsuit was skin tight and emphasized the bulge of his mammoth cock and balls. With a grin he headed back to his room where Mark had almost finished dressing.

"Hey, get your pants off and put on the swimsuit you'll find in that top drawer," he ordered, pointing towards his own chest of drawers. "We're heading for the beach."

Delano Beach was about eight miles out of town down Highway 1. They took Mark's convertible, both decked out in T-shirts and shorts with swimsuits underneath. After a couple minutes on the road Danny took off his shirt and sat back in the passenger seat, loving the feel of the sunlight and wind on his naked torso. He kept one big hand on Mark's bare thigh and the other feeling his own body. Now and then he patted his pocket where he could feel three of the brown, paper packets that he had grabbed from the kitchen table before they left. He wasn't sure what would happen if he took more but his dick jumped at the thought that they might make him even bigger. He flexed his chest and arms wondering what the limit to all this amazing growth was.

They parked in the lot at the beach and stripped down to their swimsuits standing next to the car. The car keys, their wallets and the three brown packets they put in a waist bag Mark wore around his waist, even though he wondered why Danny had brought sugar to the beach. For the first time Danny noticed that his normally pale skin was already tan, as if the powder had taken care of that little detail also. Mark, who spent as much time at the beach as possible, was already deeply tanned and the two studs made quite a sight standing there in their skimpy suits. Already Danny could see several bikini clad women smiling their direction, tossing frank looks of interest over their shoulders. With a smile, Danny expanded his pumped up torso and swaggered onto the sand, motioning for Mark to follow him. Damn, this was going to be fun.

They spent an hour walking up and down the beach, Danny obligingly flexing his muscles when asked by other beach goers while Mark did his best to hide the hard on the display gave him. It was awesome being this huge, Danny thought. His big torso and tree trunk legs were as hairless as they had been when he was skinny so there was nothing to hide the size and definition of his pumped up body. He got more attention in that one hour than during all the times he'd ever been to beaches in his entire life. It was such a rush he had a difficult time himself hiding the hard on it gave him, but after a while he decided he liked showing off the size of his half-hard dick and was gratified at the attention it garnered too.

About a mile down from where they parked, where Delano Beach turned into Pompano Beach, there was another parking lot with an open air gym between it and the sand. It was called the Pit and the few times Danny had come to the ocean he had always managed to spend at least some time lusting over the studs who worked out there. As they approached Danny smiled at Mark and punched him in the shoulder, knocking him off balance.

"Maybe I better give this big body a workout," he said smiling. Mark just grinned back, rubbing his shoulder.

They reached the fence surrounding the weight enclosure and took a look at the men and women working out. Danny was happy to see that none of the guys were in as good of shape as he was, a fact others apparently noticed because glancing to his left he saw a blonde woman in a bikini running her eyes up and down his body. She noticed him watching her and gave him a big smile, so he smiled back and flexed his left arm straight down, making his triceps stand out. She nodded approvingly and he laughed to himself at the thought that looking was all she was ever going to be able to do. He turned to Mark to share the joke and saw that the football player's attention was centered on a guy in workout shorts and tennis shoes that had just walked out of the changing room that dominated one side of the Pit.

The new guy was darkly handsome with slicked back, black hair and swarthy skin, and though Danny didn't recognize him from any of the bodybuilding magazines stashed under his mattress he looked like he could have taken on any of the pros whose photos graced those pages. His neck and shoulders were immense and topped a massive v-shaped torso that cut down a minuscule waist. His pecs were thick and full, seeming to jut out like a shelf under his square jaw. As he walked he continually flexed and unflexed his enormous arms with their cannonball biceps and swollen triceps, holding them well out from his sides in deference to widespread back. If there was an ounce of fat on his chiseled abs it was impossible to see as his muscled stomach swept down to his skin-tight workout shorts which showed a hefty bulge at the crotch. His legs were so large he was forced to bend his knees as he walked to make room for his tree-trunk thighs and massive calves. The newcomer easily outclassed anyone else in the Pit and his self-satisfied expression and strutting walk indicated he was clearly aware of that fact. Danny, watching Mark's eyes follow the huge stud across the Pit, felt a stab of jealousy as he realized that he was probably outclassed as well. With a frown he reached around Mark's waist and unsnapped the waist bag he was wearing, causing Mark to turn around in surprise. Mark opened his mouth to say something but Danny just glared and quickly headed off towards the changing room.

The look he had gotten made Mark pause and think twice before heading after the bigger guy. Glancing back into the Pit he saw that the dark guy had stopped at a weight rack with an empty Olympic bar and was loading it with weight, 45 lb. on either side. Despite his concern about Danny, Mark paused a moment and watched the big guy start curling the bar, warming up his biceps for what promised to be an impressive arm workout. It looked like about half of the other people currently lifting were also watching though no one seemed brave enough to approach the newcomer. Mark had to admit something had changed for him that morning, or perhaps he had just come to some sort of realization, because watching the big, built dude curl, his biceps bulging with the beginning of his pump, the football player couldn't deny the charge he felt in his dick. Fuck, that stud was even bigger than Danny. Torn between his interest in the newcomer and curiosity about what was up with Danny he finally tore himself away and headed after his classmate.

When Danny walked into the changing room he was glad to see that it was empty. He had been a skinny guy who got no respect for too long to let someone else steal the show just when he was starting to have some fun. Reaching into the bag he pulled out one of the brown, paper packets and then stopped and looked around for something to pour it into. There was a drinking fountain against one wall but he couldn't see anything he could mix the powder in so he shrugged, tore open the packet and poured the contents on his tongue. He took a couple deep drinks from the fountain to wash it down and then turned to the mirror that covered one wall to wait for some affect. He had no idea what another packet would do but he hoped it would add some more mass to his body so he could go out and show that guy a thing or two.

The dizzy feeling came after a couple seconds and Danny swayed a moment before it passed away. The temperature in the room seemed to go up about 10 or 15 degrees and he began to feel the all over warmth that he had experienced in his room only a few hours earlier. Then the change started, as amazing as it had been the first time.

Mark approached the changing room with a bit of concern. He had a feeling that Danny had noticed him looking at the bigger guy in the Pit and he hoped that wouldn't be a big problem. Hell, he wasn't sure what was up between he and his former tutor but he hoped the big guy wouldn't be jealous. Just in case he stopped outside the room and craned his neck around the corner to see what Danny was up to. When he saw he couldn't help but gasp though Danny was too engrossed in what was happening to notice.

Danny had his back to him but Mark could see the big guy's frontside in the mirror. As he watched in wonder he saw him growing, his muscles expanding before his eyes making him even more massive than he had been before. Danny's torso was expanding in all directions, growing wider as his shoulders and lats added inch after inch of muscle, and growing thicker as his already huge pecs expanded outwards while with the slabs of muscle on his upper back grew the opposite direction. His biceps and triceps strained against the his skin, looking flexed even though his arms were hanging down to his sides to the extent his increasing lats would allow. His immense thighs were thickening, adding more and more beef, forcing him to change his stance so as to make room for the increased mass of his legs. His calves were growing also, their diamond heads getting wider and thicker with each second. Only his waist seemed unchanged though his abdominal muscles were becoming ever more packed, cut and defined. All over, his body seemed to be expanding outwards, adding pound after pound of muscle mass. Both Danny and Mark were astounded by the growth which went on for a minute or more before ending as quickly as it had begun.

"Fuck yeah!" Danny yelled, bringing his arms up in a double biceps pose. It was too much, he thought flexing body part after body part. He was bigger by far than any bodybuilder he had seen in any magazine, not to mention that little guy out in the Pit. With a laugh he pulled down the front of his speedo, letting his even larger dick flop out. It was only half hard but must have been at least 10 inches long already. It was an effort to get it and his king sized balls stuffed back into his trunks but he managed, though with their increased size, not to mention his larger ass also stretching the suit, he wasn't sure things were going to hold.

There was a scale against one wall and Danny crossed to it, marveling at the weight of his new, expanded frame, reveling in the roll of his legs and torso as he walked. He watched the pointer spin completely around the dial and finally stop. Amazingly, it said he weighed 325 pounds, 50 more pounds than the last Mr. Olympia. With another triumphant look in the mirror, he turned and swaggered out of the changing room intent on showing Mark and the new guy what a muscle stud really was.

Watching from the doorway Mark was astounded at the newest change in Danny and though he hadn't been able to see the scale from where he was he could see that the former geek was larger than any bodybuilder he had seen. When Danny headed his direction Mark instinctively ducked back and hid around the corner of the building nearest the beach, watching the big guy's huge back as he left the changing room and headed for the Pit. Mark prepared to follow him but glanced back in the open doorway, spotting the waist bag that Danny had taken from him a couple minutes ago. He quickly stepped into the room and bent down to pick it up, pausing when he saw the two halves of one of the sugar packets Danny had stashed in the bag earlier. He paused for a moment, crouched down staring at the empty packet, and then his eyes suddenly widened. Rummaging around the bag he found the two other sugar packets and studied them intently.

"Well, well, Danny boy," he said to himself. "What have we got here? •

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