North Cyprus Bar


By ushersdick

I was on holiday in north cyprus with a friend of mine. I'd lost him one Friday night and it was getting late and I was desperate to call him and find out where he was.

I stumbled across a rough looking taverna, but walked in to find a pay phone, to my surprise the bar was mostly full of English speakers. I walked over to the bar and the large guy said his partner was on the phone, and that when it was free he'd let me come round the back and use it. I had a beer and as I drank I noticed a massive man sat near me, watching me, looking me over.

He was taller than myself and blonde. What was amazing was the pure size of the man, all of which was strong, hard muscle. His white shirt was stretched tightly over pecs that were like two mellons were stuck in his shirt. As he raised his arm to take another sip of his drink the shirt bucnhed up around his huge biceps, they were massive and hard, a huge vein runing along each one. His tight black shorts barely stretched over his furry tree trunk legs.

He could see I was looking at him, and he moved apart his legs for me, revealing his shorts could barely contain a massive bulge, soft, but massive. The man strutted over to me and sat with with laegs apart on the bech next to me, already hard i adjusted my legs to make it less obvious. As he sat down he bounced his pecs, stretching the shirt to the limit. I nearly fainted at the sheer size of the man.

"I'm Kyle" said the man, in his deep voice. "Tom" I replied "I saw you looking, you never seen a guy like me before?" I replied saying no. "Well, ya wanna see more of this?" And with that he hit a most muscular pose, every muscle on his body.

He saw my jaw drop and he carried me upstairs. I was thrown on a bed, I sat leaning against the headboard. Kyle kneeled on the end of the bed between my legs and flexed his biceps.

"Hey, look at these arms boy, theyre so fuckin strong, stronger than anything you've seen before in your life boy. "

As he flexed, and became more pumped and his shirt became more stretched to the limit with each flex. His voice bcame more intense and I becam hornier, frantically taking my clothes off and getting my massive boner out and stroking it.

He bounced his pecs in his shirt. "Oh yea, look at these babies. They're so fucking big they're getting too massive even for this shirt, yea baby, look at em, I could bounce em all night for ya boy."

As he bounced them, he became hotter, more pumped and more intense. "Oh yea, i gotta let my babies free, you gotta see the blonde bastards in the flesh."

He grabbed the top of his shirt and with a large groan ripped it plain off his body. He kneeled there, every gargantuan muscle twitching, sweating and pumped.

Kyle growled as he hit amost muscular pose, he put all of his effort and will into it. I lept forward and ran my hands over his hot, hard muscle.

"Oh yea, look at this body boy, you're a fucking weakling, i could squash you like a grape weakling"

I ran my hands over his massive pecs as he bounced and flexed them, I felt his hot, sweaty muscle under my hands.

"Oh yea you love these babies don't ya? Look at me, this is what a real man is like"

I tried to squueze his pecs, i licked them, soaking up the sweat and power he held in his body. Kyle loved me playing with his huge pecs. He flexed them and I ran my tongue down the deep valley.

"Oh yea boy, you like these pecs don't ya? Look at 'em bounce, yea, they could dance all night for you. I'm so fuckin' strong an' you love it boy, every one does, this power is so hot. Oh yea worship my pecs boy FEEL their fuckin awesome power"

Kyle raised his arms and flexed his gargantuan arms. All 30" rose up high and hard, he twisted his hand, changing the shape of the awesome arm. n golden bush of hair visible under his arm, in his deep pits.

I dove striaght in and licked out his pits like a hungry animal, pure lust all on my mind. He flexed his arms groaning as i licked the hot sweat out of him.

"Look at these guns kid. Yea, look at these, 30 inches of rock hard power boy, feel em, touch em."

I couldn't even wrap both my hands round one of his arms, they were so massive and hot. I kissed the peak, and sucked it, all the time Kyle was groaning and getting more intense.

"Yea boy, look at this fucking power kid. You love it, There's more power in one of these biceps than in your whole puny body boy."

Kyle got off the bed, he walked his sweaty, pumped body over to the wrdrobe where he put on a tight, black t-shirt. Bounced his pecs at me, stretching the tee to the limit. Kyle ran his hands over his pecs and felt them, he then grabbed the wardrobe and lifted it up, right over his head, with ease. He hardly used any effort, pumping the solid wardroibe in the air. He kept doing it for an hour. I was jerking as I watched and came twice.

This was what really turned Kyle on, showing off the pure power his muscles gave him.

"Look at this boy, look, look at this, look at me, yea these fuckin muscles are so strong boy. Yea, look at these arms and pecs gettin harder and even more pumped boy, look I'm so fucking strong boy and you fuckin love it. Yea, your jacking off your wimp boy dick for me, for this power"

Kyle put the wardrobe back, his huge dick throbbing in his tight boxers, barely able to hold his massive legs, let alone his huge, hard dick.

He stood there, hot, sweaty and pumped looking down at his own body. The tee barely able to contain his gargantuan pecs and stretched tightly over his relaxed biceps.

As we walked back to the bed he ran his hands down his body, pressing into the muscle hard. "yeaa" he groaned.

He kneeled back on the bed as before. And started flexing again. He flexed his arm and licked it and kissed it.

Kyle grabbed the shirt down the middle and ripped it straight down the middle, his gargantuan pecs pumped and glistening with sweat. He flexed over and over untill his massive cock couldn't take it any longer and his shirts ripped. The huge, 15" cock jumped up and hit his abs.

"Oh fuck" Kyle groaned as he grabbed my head and pushed it down on his massive, hard cock. I managed to fit only half of the gargantuan dick in my mouth. As i sucked i ran my hands over the massive furry legs, each one like a tree, solid under my hand. Kyle began breathing more heavily "fuck yea boy, suck that monster dick kid, yea suck it boy, make me cum"

I felt his legs tense up as he pushed my head down hard on his dick, with one deep, long groan the God emptied his seed in my hungry mouth. At the same time my dick spurted for the fourht time over Kyles hot, thick legs. For over a minute Kyle was groaning, his muscles spasaming under my touch as his pint of cum slid down my hungry throat.

Kyle immediatly picked me up and hled me tight against his body. He carried me down a long corridor. I was confused, I couldn't remember this place being this big. As he carried me, he banged his fists on every door we passed. We came into a massive room, he threw me down on the floor and I saw behind him a group of massive muscle men walk in, there must've been 20 of them, all massive, all nakes and Kyle was the smallest.

"Well done, you got a pretty one" said one man. He must have been double my height. His biceps were the same as Kyles and they weren't even flexed. His hairy pecs were actually the same size as my head as he stood there boucning them. His huge cock was 20 inches long and thicker than a beer can.

I was getting hard from looking at him, a God, bigger than even I had imagined when I felt it start. It wasn't tinlging or anything, I just felt my skin stretch and my arms as they started feel heavier. I looked and they were swelling up with solid muscle. They grew and grew as I felt one arm with another, the men all around me were wanking over the site of me growing.

I looked down and grabbed my dick, I jerked off as I felt everything grow. Even my swollen cock was gowing in my hand. I looked in awe as my pecs grew bigger, harder and hairier.

The huge men all around me rand their hands through my thick body hair and felt the power grow inside of me. Every man was jerking so hard. I moved away from my own body, which was still growing, to look at the men all around me. They all made Kyle look like a kid, and there must've bin 30 men now, all massive, hot, horny and sweaty. Most were stood jerking over me, some were admiring eachothers hot bodies.

Almost simultaneously they all started to groan and breathe even heavier, everyone massive freak jerking harder. Every man jerking his huge peice of meat, not one of the dicks smaller than Kyles, and his was 15 inches.

At the same time, every man let a roar and let his load go. Every mans load landing on me, I just lay and felt all of that hot cum, buckets of it, slide down my side on to the floor. The men all went off and left me. I was sat, admiring my own body alone when a massive black man walked in, carrying a skinny guy, who was loving the ride. •

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