Doctor and the Musclegods, The

A Continuation Of The Mario Trilogy


By caligula

The Doc's gym was fantastic! It was well lighted with fluorescent and track light fixtures. Lots of treadmills, cycles, and nautilus equipment. Every type of bodybuilding equipment was here. The free standing chrome dumbbells, barbells, plates, squat racks, incline benches, was a virtual Gold's Gym.

The room was all carpeted and there were complete showers and whirlpool areas. Full length mirrors covered the walls. A hardwood posing stage was set up along one wall with a large color mural depicting a sandy beach and blue water which served as a backdrop. "Hey guys, this is where I do my serious workouts and practice my posing routines. The Doc is a great trainer and judge." smiled Sean.

"Okay, start doing a light pumpup boys. I want you to pump some blood in those big, bad, muscles of yours." Karen commanded. Sean went over and grabbed some 30 lb dumbells and slowly did curls. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked the way my thighs stood out and rippled. I went to the squat rack and did slow reps using 150lbs. Mario was eying his physique and studying every muscle especially the abdominals and pecs. They were deeply cut and layered like cobblestones..rivaling Sean's definition. His pectorals were full and rounded, smooth rounds of plated muscle with small baby nipples. He went to the incline bench and concentrated on situps and crunches.

After 15 minutes, all of us were nicely pumped and flushed. Sweat glistened on our oiled bodies. Only Sean stood out more...he already had a good dark tan..and the skin tone contrasted beautifully with his silver blond surfer hair. The Doc ordered us on to the stage for the posedown.

"This is the moment you have been waiting for. A chance to show off your physiques to the audience...just like a Mr. America contest guys. First, just relax. I want to view all angles of your muscles. Face front! Now a quarter turn to the right! Oh, yes, this gives me a great view of your triceps and thighs. Another quarter turn to the right! Our backs were now displayed and Karen whistled at all of us.

"Awesome dudes. Mario you have super good lines and deep carved deltoids. Also those abs are unbelievable. Layered washboard ridges. Sean and MJ will have to pose hard to match that definition. Sean started to get impatient and yelled. "Hey, c,mon Doc. Let's do the flexing now! I'll show you who has the best body!!"

We went through the mandatory poses : front doublebiceps, my arms were flushed and felt good. I had at least a full 19 inches. Sean held his pose longer and displayed more peak. Wow, those are mountainous...Sean. replied Karen. "Very good". Next the Abdominal and thigh. Mario really excelled at this. I thought I looked good but Mario had the deep cuts and ridges of a 10 pack. Sean was also just as ripped and he tensed them as hard as he could and leaned to the left then right. I gulped watching him flex...his sweat looked so awesome rolling down his deeply tanned abs.

Karen urged me she watched me flex my thighs. "MJ. nice cuts and separation in the quads!! Excellent definition." "Now let's see the rear lat spread and throw one foot back so I can study your barefeet." commanded Karen. All of us immediately complied. I had the best lat spread and knew it. It flared out like bat wings. Both Sean and Mario were looking almost equal in rear leg development. Karen told them their glutes were ripped and both had full diamond calves. "You guys are so cool. You have different genetic gifts but your muscles are so nice to look at. And your feet look perfect. Sean you have the highest arch..very strong instep..Mario and MJ look good barefoot too. This is tough.

Dr. Karen had taken numerous notes and was giving us a total score on points. My heart was pumping and I was breathless. Posing really required a lot of effort. I was enjoying it. Being under the lights and practically nude in front of a female observer. My cock was stiffening under the bikini trunks..I felt horny and glanced with lust at Sean and Mario. "Say, Doc, who is the winner and what do we win?" I asked.

"Well, this is a tough decision. I'm going to award Mario with 1st place. He has a great physique with potential for more development!" said Karen. " way Karen! I'm the best. This is robbery!!" yelled Sean. "Sean, you do have a great body, you know it. I've even had a sample which we won't discuss with them.".Karen replied angrily. But you need to learn discipline and sportsmanship. And that's a part of the bodybuilding world! Mario has been very honest and forthwith describing his worship session with you. He deserves the prize.

Mario was smiling and feeling proud of his muscular definition. He kept flexing in front of the mirrors and was falling in love with what he saw. "Hey, Doc, this is cool. I love it! What's my prize? a big trophy??" "Actually, Mario, you win the chance to be desired and worshipped. I have some excellent cocaine to enhance your pleasure. You get to pick your personal worshipper. Who do you want? MJ or Sean?" smiled Karen.

" mean it?? A muscle worship session and coke to snort? This is too good, Doc. My cock is hard just thinking of it. " He stared at me ,then Sean , who was glaring at him. "I want Sean. Let's see if he can match my performance on him." Mario went over to a table where Karen had put several lines of coke out. He snorted to full lines and stood back. "Fucking A, It feels soo good!!" "OK, Mario, get up on the stage and pose for us." MJ you sit with me and watch. This should be lots of fun." Dr. Karen thought. '" Sean..go for it. Get on your knees and worship Mario while we watch!!" commanded Karen. •

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