Doctor and the Musclegods, The

A Continuation Of The Mario Trilogy


By caligula

Karen was staring intently into my eyes. I sensed she wanted to hear all the sordid details I did with Sean and truth and nothing but the truth. Fuck, I wasn't on trial here. I was feeling hesitant about the whole thing.But I wanted more of that serum and I started to blurt out the facts. "Yeah...I watched as Mario kneeled and groveled before Sean and I did the same. Although, I concentrated on his upper body. Sean did a doublebicep pose and they looked like 2 hugh coconuts with high peaks. He held the pose and I licked each bicep and slowly kissed them. They were so pumped up with blue veins running along the sides. Then I put my nose into his armpit and smelled his sweat. "

"And what was it like? Did you enjoy the scent? " Dr. Karen asked inquiringly? "Oh, yeah...Sean was fantastic. Full of a masculine in a weightroom. Musky and sexy, it turned me on. I licked away from the armpits and glided my tongue over his beautiful small flatdisc nipples. His pecs were so full and rounded with sharp inner striations. Sweat poured off his golden, deeply tanned physique, as he strained to let each muscle part show its definition. The smell drove me crazy with desire. I continued the body worship session and sucked on his warm salty sweat as it rained over his deep washboard abs. Sean has a beautiful belly button..very tight, indented, and the abs are so razor sharp. I couldn't help myself. I used the tip of my tongue and probed his navel and tasted the sweat and posing oil that collected there. At the same time, I stared at his face and realized how absolutely handsome he was. Silver blond hair, cobalt blue eyes, chiseled sexgod. I thought I was straight, but now I'm probably like Mario, Sean turns me on. But the muscles I have now are so cool. It was worth it. I really love it doc. I want to be like this forever. " "Yes, I know guys. You and Mario are finding out the awesome power of physical attraction. Believe me, there is a hugh market out there for great looking physiques and handsome faces. MJ you have nice brown hair and green eyes to go with those ripped muscles. Just look at your arms! Full defined triceps like horseshoes!" Karen replied.

Now lets compare your physiques side by side. Time to strip, guys. Sean, you can keep the red posing trunks on. MJ, I have a nice bikini green trunk and Mario, you can wear black. Karen produced the skimpy posing trunks from a locker and a bottle of muscle oil for posing. We tore off our clothes right there and stood naked for the doc. "Oh, yes!! You all have great looking cocks. Nice and thick and Mario, you might be the biggest! " Mario proudly let his dick sway back and forth and was turned on by Karen's comments. She started to oil us, starting with Sean, then Mario and me. All the time, complimenting our young bods, and telling us we were examples of prime All-American beef. "Now, let's put those trunks on and go to the weightroom. It's in the basement and I have a posing stage for you to practice.

We headed to the weightroom like 3 Mr. America contestants. This is it..I whispered to!! •

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