Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

Arthur, Alex, and Michael stood looking at the picture in the public display case outside the Art room. The portrait was of a radiant male angel with wings of brilliant white light, bathing nude in a moonlit waterfall lagoon. The water came up to just below his slender hips and waist. Tall and muscular, with dark skin and lustrous black hair, he seemingly gazed seductively at anyone observing the picture.

Art was the first of the trio to speak, "Never thought I'd see it in the public case."

With a raised eyebrow, and quirky smile Alex looked at Art and Michael, "Kinda looks....familiar."

With that, the three of them burst out laughing until a sober voice from behind spoke up. "Congratulations, Arthur. You should be proud. Yours was the highest grade this week."

The three swiveled to face the Art teacher, Miss Rice. "Thankyou, Miss Rice. I am proud", said Art trying not to blush.

"Your work is always a pleasure to grade as well as admire. But I found this piece to be particularly...." she glanced pointedly at Michael, "....alluring." Now it was Michael's turn to blush.

Alex spoke uo, "Wonder what Mr. Parker will have to say about it...."

She looked at him seriously. "I don't think it matters. I'm not going to deny a student's work the recognition it deserves because an administrator is a prude."

Art smiled inwardly at this. Miss Rice was his favorite teacher. At only 25, she'd caught this job directly out of college. Bold and intelligent, she often pushed her students to be openly expressive in their work. She had no patience with taboos and stale curriculums and broke down barriers that other "established" art instructors shied away from. As a result, she'd butted heads with the principal on more than one occasion over the type of artwork she encouraged her students to do.

"Regardless, Alexander, the portrait stays in the case. And I will deal with Mr. Parker if an issue arises. Now, all three of you, into class...." __________________________________________________ _________

"....18...19...20!" >CLANK< Michael cranked out the last three reps of his bench press and replaced the bar. He sat up, and began toweling himself off as Art watched with a total look of dazed admiration. Micheal looked up at him and smiled at the look on Art's face. "Earth to Artie...." No response. He threw the towel at Art, "Hey....!"

Art fumbled as the towel hit his face, and he came back to reality as he tried too late to catch it. "Uhhh, sorry, Michael...."

"What in the world are you staring at?"

Art looked away, embarrassed that he'd been staring. "Nothin'....", he mumbled. Michael looked incredible in his black compression shorts and bright red tank top. They'd been snug before the workout. But now that he was seriously pumped, they were stretched skin tight.

Micheal smiled knowingly, and walked behind Art. He slid his arms around Art's waist and kissed him tenderly on the back of the neck. "Oh, Artie, it's okay to look. You're my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend", it still sounded foreign to him. He'd never had anything remotely like a boyfriend, let alone a young, Italian stud like Michael. He wrinkled his nose and smiled at the sensation the kisses sent through his body. It was a g-spot he never knew he had. That, coupled with the feel of Michael's mammoth soft cock pressed into the crack of his butt, made him incredibly horny.

Michael turned him around. "I think we have some time before my mom gets home...." He lifted Art over his shoulder effortlessly, "Whaddya say we go upstairs and get 'creative' again?" Art didn't have to answer, and Michael walked up the stairs to the kitchen carrying him as if he weighed nothing.

As they entered the kitchen, Art spied the clock. "Is that clock right?"

Michael turned around as the clock was behind him. It read 6:00 pm. "Yeah, give or take a few minutes."

Art flailed in Michael's hold. "Put me down....!"

Michael set him down gently, and Art straightened his shirt speaking hurriedly. "My mom's gonna kill me! I was supposed to be home an hour ago to help with dinner....!!!"

Despite his disappointment. Michael smilled, brushing a lock of blonde hair from Art's eyes. "Okay, then. Maybe tomorrow...?"

Art paused, "Yeah, definitely!" They kissed briefly but intensely. Art wished with his whole heart that he could stay in this moment forever. They broke, and Art grabbed his backpack from the table. "See ya tomorrow...."

Michael smacked him sharply on the ass, "Yeah, now get goin'! I don't want'cha gettin' in trouble 'cause of me."

Art hurried out the door, glancing back at his beautiful angel as he stood leaning in the doorway watching Art leave. He looked incredibly sexy standing there like that, and it made Arthur want to stay that much more. He was so incredible. So perfect.

Art watched his cutie-pie sprint across the lawn and down the street. God, that tall slender bod. That thick floppy hair, and pale blue eyes. And that adorable little butt. Thinking about it made Michael want him to stay that much more. And the way he made love! Maybe it was Michael's inexperience, but no one had ever made him feel like that before. He was so incredible. So perfect. Michael kept the thought of tomorrow in his head, and went up to his room to shower.... •

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