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By Lover_Boy

"So, tell me about your friend."

Arthur looked over his shoulder from the dishes he was washing, "Which friend?"

She paused in wiping the table to look sidelong at him. "You know which one. The one you spend so much time with that you've been late getting home three times this week."

"Oh, you mean Michael?"

"Yes, Michael. Tell me about him."

Art put that last few plates away, and turned to face his mother, leaning against the counter casually, "What's to tell, really? He moved here from New York to stay with his uncle. Ya know Cassanova's Pizzeria down town? His uncle owns that and he works there."


"Annnnd ho goes to my school. We have some classes together, especially Art class. He's really good!"

"And....?" She looked at him expectantly.

"And what? We're good friends. Even Alex likes him." He threw up his hands.

He hoped the conversation wasn't headed in the direction he thought it was. But he knew his mom too well. He didn't like discussing his love life (or lack of one until recently) with her. It wasn't that she had a problem with him being gay. In fact, she understood, and supported him 100%. But duscussing this with his mother just felt wierd.

She crossed her arms, giving him a look of mock disapproval, "Now, Arthur, I know you well enough to know when you've found someone special to you. Does he feel the same way about you?"


"What? I'm 32, not dead. I know a good looking young man when I see one."

"Mother, can we please not discuss this? Talkin' to my mom about this stuff is just....wierd!"

"What's wierd about showing an interest in my son's life? Besides, I was quite the guy magnet when I was your age...."

"Mom, stop! UGH, Jeeze....! We have a great relationship, so far. It's not marriage, but it's good. There! That what ya wanted to hear?"

She burst out laughing, "Alright alright, but I want to meet him."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. Invite him for dinner."

Arthur was surprised by this. She'd never asked to met anybody, friend or otherwise. "Alright, how's the night after tomorrow?"

"Why not tomorrow night? Do you two have plans....?"


She tried with little success to hide her amusement, "Fine, fine. Now, go do your homework." __________________________________________________ __________

An hour later Art closed his last text book and got out his ever present sketchpad. Watching Michael workout today was a real turn on. That and their quick parting had left him horny as hell. He couldn't explain it, but drawing the object of his desires was more fulfilling than masturbating. Not that he never masturbated. There was just something about rendering someone on paper. Almost as if you were creating them; capable of making them look like whatever you wanted.

He set to rendering Michael's manly form in the nude. He was so perfect. Like a dark, Italian angel all for him. Lovingly, his pencil sketcked the firm thickly muscled body of Michael. He had the image so etched into his memory that it had become second nature. He looked at his handywork. It was a perfect portrait. From the lustrous hair, to the bulky pecs, to that enormous cock. He thought back to that afternoon, and watching Michael lift. The thought of him getting even bigger was totally appealing. It would be fun to see what Michael might look like. Art flipped the page, and set his pencil to work again........ __________________________________________________ __________

Michael tossed his towel in the hamper, and it fell to the floor from the overfull basket. Time to do laundry again. He slipped on a pair of squarecut spandex trunks, and old white t-shirt that he usually slept in. As he walked past the mirror in his room, he stopped and lifted the baggy shirt. He peered at his physique in profile, noticing the large lump his endowment made in the spandex. He hadn't ever compared, but he recalled pictures in fitness magazines of guys wearing similar shorts. Indeed, he appeared to be quite hung.

"Hunh, maybe I am bigger than I thought."

Suddenly, his legs nearly gave out as an odd sensation coursed through his body. It wasn't painful, in fact, it felt stragely good. It hit again, but this time with more intensity, and Michael made a sound that could only be described as a cross between a gasp and a moan. A new sensation began to well up inside of him, and he was more familiar with this one. It felt like an erection. However, it was rapidly consuming his entire body. He sat down on his bed as it continued.

It started at his neck and moved with agonizing slowness tp his shoulders, arms, chest, back, abdomen, and legs. He even felt it in his cock. At first, he thought he might have overexerted himself working out. But that didn't feel like this. As his mind raced to figure it out, the mirror gave him his answer.

He peered at his reflection, "What the hell!?!?"

It didn't look real, but he new what he was seeing had to be. He was growing. Even sitting, he could see that he was getting taller. His arms, torso, and legs were slowly lengthening. He astimated he'd gained about a foot in overall height. The sensation returned with a burst so intense that he was stricken into a prone position. He lay on the bed, squirming as the feeling radiated through his body.

The thickness of his neck increased as the cords of muscle began to swell, doubling in size. The swelling spread to his traps and delts rapidly, making his shoulders visibly broader. From there, it continued downward to his biceps, triceps, and pecs, each inflating like balloons, and diminishing the looseness of the t-shirt. He could feel his shirt growing tighter as his lats flared outward from his tiny waist while his back muscles rippled with growth.

The spandex of the trunks began to constrict around his thighs as his quads and hamstrigns doubled in size, growing in opposite directions. The feeling suddenly intensified dramatically in his groin area, and the already large lump began to swell rapidly as his cock and balls grew to twice their normal size. His calves inflated bigger, doubling their size and the growth finally slwed, then stopped.

The feeling subsided, and Michael sat up, examining his body, and speaking aloud to himself. "What the hell just happened to me....?"

He didn't have time to speculate as the feeling rapidly returned with immesuarable intensity. This time, however, there was nothing gradual about, and everything began growing at once. His neck and traps filled with muscle, mounding up around his head distending the collar of his shirt as his delts litterally burst outward with growth.

His biceps and triceps blew up, forcing the sleeves to stretch helplessly against their mass as his pecs did the same to the front. His lats flared bigger still, pulling the shirt so tightly around his torso that every muscle wwas visible through the overstressed fabric. His thighs inflated bigger, as did his calves and his package reached gargantual proportions.

Every second brought pound upon pound of muscle as layer after layer packed itself onto his body. He was growing uncontrollably now; his body swelling in all directions as it doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled his mass. A primal roar escaped his lips as his t-shirt, trunks, and underwear all gave way to his massively overdeveloped physique. Loud rips ensued as his raging body freed itself. Finally, slowly, the growth subsided, and he lay on the bed breathing heavily......... __________________________________________________ _________

Art looked at the drawing. It had been fun drawing Michael as a giant muscle god. But in the end, he knew such a thing could never happen, and he'd erased it all and redrew him at his normal size. Seeing that it was late, he put away his artistic implememnts, and went to bed. He drifted off to sleep dreaming of Michael.... __________________________________________________ _________

Michael sat up. He was able to now because his mass was ever so slowly decreasing. Eventually, he sat on his bed amidst the tattered ruins of what were once his sleeping clothes. Finally, he reached his original, more manageable size and looked down at himself.

"What the fuck was that all about....!?!?!?" •

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