Elevator Muscle

By elysiumfields

Bernie Templeton stood staring hard at the elevator doors ten feet away from him,trying to calm his rapidly beating heart.

He would be perfectly alright if he was down on ground level instead of the top floor of a multi-storey car park having to face his phobias.

Bernies room-mate Alex,stood close behind him and kneaded his shoulders in hopes of loosening up his tensed body and work out his nervousness.

"Come on bud, i know you can do this.Conquer your fears.."

Bernie muttered and drew breath shakily through clenched teeth. "I don't know Alex..I.."

Alex interrupted. "Relax,B. Those Self-Hypnosis tapes i gave you to listen to have helped you out.Look at last week.You got in that elevator and travelled up and down it twice.!".

"Yeah,but that was because the elevator was empty..I'm not sure if i can go into such a confined space with so many other people too!".

"I have confidence in you,B."

Bernie smiled weakly,but pleased that his buddy had constantly offered support in helping him recover both physically and mentally since the elevator accident caused by a minor quake he endured well over a year before,while on holiday on the west coast of America.The minds image of an elevator plunging wildly down a darkened shaft to its doom scared the shit out of Bernie, but he knew he had to conquer his fears.He could'nt traipse up and down the stairs of high rise buildings all the time.Yeah,ultimately it did keep him unexpectedly fit,but it sure was exhausting.

Alex rubbed his shoulders more firmly as if reading the worry on Bernies face. "Focus your mind on what those tapes told you.Focus your mind on things you like and desire."

Bernie clutched at the tiny ruby coloured tear shaped bottle pendant that hung on a leather strap around his neck.Ruby was supposed to be his Birthstone,and as soon as he saw the pendant in a curio shop,he was drawn to it,and the tiny glints of lights that reflected from it seemed to calm him down at times like these.With the pendant and the self hypnosis tapes..and the support of his buddy,Bernie felt it was time to get over his fear of elevators.

Bernie turned to face his buddy,looking up into his azure blue eyes and that gorgeous boyish face.. 'Oh how he had such unrequited love for Alex'. But with him being gay, Alex was a straight guy who would always be out of reach for him,despite his open support and continued freindship for Bernie for being gay.

Alex smiled that cute smile that always made Bernies heart skip a beat. "Ready,B..?".

Bernie shrugged..and swallowed his fears as best as he could. "Ready". He clutched at the pendant around his neck ever more tightly as the two walked towards the elevator and Alex pressed the button to call it up to their level.

"I know you can do this, just remember last week".

As they waited,a young couple around the thirty mark,Bernies age, came walking up beside them engrossed in each others affections.

"Focus on what you desire,focus on what you desire,focus on what you desire.." Bernie kept repeating in his mind,catching fleeting glimpses at the tall raven haired mans handsome face and the petit pretty blonde who pecked at his cheek with little kisses.

The guy caught his eyes and nodded a polite hallo before returning into a smooching kiss with his girlfreind.

After a few minutes the elevator reached the top floor and the thick steel doors slid open to let out a dainty old lady who hobbled past them.Bernie hesitated breifly.The image of the open elevator seemed to suddenly loom far away in a distorted image as he tried to overcome his fear.

Alex leaned close to him and whispered in his ear."Come on B, you can do it, i know you can.".

Bernie stepped into the elevator,breifly closing his eyes and feeling against the sides as he got in, hoping that the whole thing would'nt just plummet down after he got inside.

Alex walked in behind him and held the door for the couple.But it was only the guy who followed them in. Giving his girlfriend a kiss and a cuddle he said goodbye to her and allowed the doors to shut behind him.

"Ground floor please" he said to Alex.

"Yep,thats where w'e're going".

Bernie moved to the back of the elevator still keeping his eyes firmly shut as he willed himself to overcome his fears and focus his mind on what he liked and desired...and what he desired was Alex naked and flaunting his lean muscular jock body for Bernie and making hot passionate love to him back in their flat. Even better was an image forming of a bigger,more muscular and incredibly hung Alex carrying him as if he weighed nothing and slinging him onto his bed for some wild sex.

The images that seemed to be flowing around his mind were definately putting his fears at ease,but were also beginning to make him spring an erection in his jeans.

The elevator stopped at the next level down and the doors hissed open to allow a young guy in a red tee shirt and grey decorators overalls pulled down and tied around his waist that was specked with spots of white paint that flecked his bare forearms and hands as well..and he had a scent of a mixture of aftershave and slight staleness of cigarettes.

Alex moved away from the front and stood just in front of Bernie..He could see the uncertainty in Bernies face and gave him a warm reassuring smile.

Bernie held the pendant so tight that his knuckles whitened as the elevator doors closed again.He had not realised just how tight he was holding it when the tiny tear drop bottle cracked and an odourless gaseous content unknown to Bernie,seeped from the bottle and seemed to be absorbed into his sweaty palm.

The elevator remained stationary for quite a while.Bernie controlled his breathing,feeling every beat of his heart in his chest.

'Come on now,i can do this..i know i can' .Bernie kept that thought in his head over and over again as he stared at the thick steel doors,wishing for them to hurry up and close.

A few more seconds went by and the young decorator who looked barely into his twenties,shuffled impatiently and pressed at the 'Ground Floor' button. Eventually the doors hissed and drew almost to a close when two hand broke through the closing gap and pressed the black safety bars on the vertical edge of the doors,triggering the doors to hiss open again.

Three teenage boys slid into the elevator making the space inside a little more confined and doing Bernies unease no world of good.

Alex glanced around to Bernie and winked at him. "Relax B, everything'll be just fine".

Bernie smiled weakly back at him. He glanced around at the other occupants of the elevator.Was it a kind of pleasant blessing that the guys in here with him were all amazingly attractive and young, or was it wishful thinking?.

Bernie noted the three teenage boys.They looked around 15 or 16,17 perhaps. Cute,athletic..and dressed in the typical British Teen chav attire.Black,white stripped Adidas trackies and blue Nicholson tee.Sky blue trackies,Fred Perry tee.Black trackies,grey hooded Umbro top...and all were wearing white baseball caps.

When the elevator doors did close once again,Bernie caught a whiff of a joint from one of the boys but could not see them smoking it.

The elevator set off on its descent again and Bernies gaze fixed onto Alex's back.Onto the broad lateral muscles stretching the fabric of his white tee taught over his wide back.The elevator let out a gentle shudder which only made Bernies poor old heart beat faster. Alex twisted his torso slightly to give Bernie another reassuring wink. Bernies eyes were fixed on Alex's lean muscles as his lats rippled with the reaction of twisting his torso.Bernies cock belied his sudden arousal at the sight of Alex's muscles gently flexing. Did it seem that his tee shirt was a little too tight across his shapely developed back. Bernie rubbed at his eyes.

'Wishful thinking again' he thought to himself.

Suddenly the elevator let out a more forceful judder and halted in its descent. Everyone stayed quiet for a while,expecting it to continue on its journey after a few seconds,but a minute passed and there was no movement.

The decorator tapped hard on the ground floor button in hopes of getting the elevator moving again,but to no avail.

After nearly three minutes,one of the teenagers reached forward and punched at the alarm button.No sound came out..

Bernie could feel his heart pounding and reverbrating each beat in his ears.

Alex turned around to Bernie and gave his shoulder a breif squeeze.

"Don't worry bud,everything will be just fine.Just relax and take it easy.Nothing will happen to us and i'm sure we'll get out quickly without any bother".

Bernie was feigning a smile now,but at least some his woes were being distracted by the sight of Alex's shapely chest muscles pressing firmly against his shirt. Bernie found that odd.He could see the firm curves of a set of thick pecs beneath the stretched fabric. It was odd in the fact that Bernie was sure that Alex was'nt that muscular,particularly sporting lean pecs of someone who worked out with weights almost religeously.

"Come on,for fucks sake.!" shouted out the teenager behind Alex.

Bernie felt his mouth go dry and tried to calm himself by closing his eyes shut and controlling his breathing.

When he opened them again,he was met with an amazing sight.

He was eye level now with Alex's chest. 'This can't be fucking real' Bernie thought. Alex had been a tad shorter that him,so how can he be now at least a foot taller.?

He was now staring at Alex's pecs that were now so obviously straining at his tee,even thicker and heavier set than he had just seen them.

"Something is not quite right here" Bernie exclaimed aloud.

Alex looked down at his mate. "Whats up B..?" He seemed to be reacting indifferently to the fact that he seemed to be putting on a bit more muscle and height than Bernie.

"Have you not noticed, Alex?". Bernie said incredulously.


"Your muscles..you're getting bigger...beefier!"

There came a snigger from one of the teenagers obscured from behind Alex by his new size.

Alex stepped closer to Bernie,flexing his heaving pecs almost teasingly at Bernie.Bernie watched wide eyed as Alex's pecs gradually seem to swell out and bulge into thicker meatier mounds of rippling muscle.

Bernie tried to back away but could only move sideways in the elevator.

"Relax B, don't let your fears bring you down.You are nearly there in conquereing them..for fucks sake!".

Much as Alex's sudden growth had alarmed him,it was also turning Bernie on.He had a raging erection in the confines of his jeans.

Alex reached out and set his hand down on Bernies shoulder.Bernie could only gape in awe at the thickly muscled forearm rippling and writhing and pulsing with vascular veins,...and at his biceps bulging and expanding almost inhumanly against his tightening sleeves.

Bernie shifted his stance nervously to one step to his left and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

One of the teenagers was standing close by..and going throught the same as what was happening to Alex.

He was much bigger.His Fred Perry tee was packed by thick solid growing muscle and aiming for a losing battle.From a side profile,Bernie could see the boys meaty pecs bulging out the front of the tee like he had stuffed pilllows underneath.Huge biceps passing the size of cantaloupe melons were causing tears in the boys short sleeves.Yet the boy just stood there leaning back against the wall of the elevator ...groping a considerably thick,obscene bulge in his trackies.

The elevator let out a short judder then settled again,throwing Bernie literally into Alex's huge chest.

Space was becoming confined within the elevator as not just Alex but the other four guys began to grow much more muscular too.

Bernie was starting to panic a little as a feeling of claustrophobia welled up inside him.Much as he loved his face being pressed against Alex's huge bloated pecs that were now just beginning to tear through rips in his tee and smother his face, and what could only be Alex's hand roughly groping his own crotch,almost bringing him to orgasm,the confined space was getting to Bernie.

And he felt faint....

Bernie could hear sounds of metal buckling and the guys groaning..and another more muffled voice from outside the elevator.

"Don't worry..we'll get you out in no time.."

Firemen were prising open the doors and a chink of light broke though a widening gap as the doors were forced open,revealing that the elevator was at least three foot above the bottom level of the first floor.

Bernie felt he was about to faint..and just as he was about to black out,he caught a glimpse of a thickly muscled fireman literallly buckling open the 6 inch thick steel doors.

..............Bernie awoke to find himself being carried in the arms of a man of truely massive musculature towards a wide double bed.

Both were naked...and as Bernie looked up at the man....at Alex..his lover. his dream come true. •

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