One Push Too Many


By RedKage

"That’s what I want to know." Darren crossed his arms, looking critically down at his now WAAAY over-endowed friend. "You weren’t…toying…with my lab, were you?"

"Hell no!" Charles cried. "I don’t know what the fuck half of them are! Why should I go messing around with them!?"

"To get yourself to normal." He pointed out.

"I’m not that stupid." Charles muttered.

"Yes, you are."

Charles did his best to scowl at Darren, though the sight of him having a massive package killed the effect. "All I did was suck myself and grew my muscles back, and then some more."

Darren rubbed his chin, thinking deeply. "Apparently, the super growth hormone you produce is only temporary." He said finally. "It causes muscle tissue to swell and develop, but it doesn’t cause any permanent effects because of its inability to be absorbed into the body at a fast enough rate, and traces of my original formula causes all of it to be flushed out through the reproductive organs, but residue of the hormone appears to linger in the testicles and penis, causing it to swell to overlarge proportions."


"You grow for a short amount of time, and whatever size your muscles are, it goes to your dick." Darren simplified. "I found that out myself today."

"No one SAW you, did they?" Charles asked quickly, panicking at the thought of half a dozen witnesses who could’ve seen Darren shrink before their eyes.

"Don’t worry, there was only one person with me when I shrunk, and he wasn’t in any condition to see me." Something in Darren’s tone made him sound a little smug, as if he was secretly proud at something.

"What did you do?" Charles asked, frowning.

Darren grinned widely. "I thought you’d never ask. After I left the house, I went straight to the gym to show off. You wouldn’t believe how the guys were drooling over me. I broke just about every weightlifting record in the gym. After that, I went to the receptionist and kinda…convinced him to give me an address."

"Aren’t you kinda going a little fast?" Charles asked. "I mean, he thinks you’re a muscle god, so if he sees you like that-"

Darren bellowed with laughter, and slapped his knee hard. "No no! I didn’t get his number, I got Cain’s!"

"You got Ca- WHAT!?"

"You think I wouldn’t pay him back after I got these?" Darren made a motion to flex his arm, but stopped, remembering his arm no longer had any muscles to flex.

"What did you do to him?" Charles asked half worried and half curious.

"Well, first I made it obvious thatI was the dominant male there." Darren’s eyes looked distant, his mouth wide with a grin. "After that, I made him compare all of his muscle to mine. Then I made him act like a dog."

Charles blinked in surprise. This didn’t sound anything like his friend! It was if he had been replaced by another arrogant jock.

"After I made him roll over a couple of times, I made him sit on his stomach, spread his legs, and I-"

"YOU DIDN’T!" Charles sat upright, squeezing his balls in the process. The results were a large spurt of pre cum ejecting from his cock, which splashed Darren in the face. Darren, knowing full well what his semen can do, greedily licked every last drop.

"And why shouldn’t I?" He asked as his muscles swelled to a swimmers build. "He deserved it!"

"But this isn’t you!" Charles stared wide-eyed at Darren. "You’re not someone who’d-"

"Aren’t I?" Darren’s voice rose slightly, his face turning red. "Since the second grade I’ve been pushed around by fuckers like him, so why can’t I pay them back, huh!?

"BECAUSE YOU’RE BETTER THEN THAT!" Charles voice crackled, and he coughed. "The Darren I know…is kind, and smart, and so compassionate! You’re not my friend, but some jock who picks on others like every other jackass!"

Darren began to say something, but stopped with his mouth wide open. "Oh my God." He said after a few minutes silence. "Y-you’re right! It’s not me! Wha-what was I thinking!?"

"Maybe it’s a side effect." Charles suggested. "If it is, then it wasn’t your fault."

"I…I guess so." Darren said uncertainly. "I just felt powerful, y’know? And I was thinking of all sorts of things that I normally wouldn’t even WANT to think. But it felt soooo good, that I…I…"

"It’s okay, it’s okay." Charles said, patting him on the knee, since it was the only part of him he could reach. "It’s alright. I guess you deserve a LITTLE revenge, just not that extreme."

"I…guess…you’re right." Darren sighed. "And you’ve been waiting patiently enough, so I should get back to work- WORK!" Darren’s eyes grew wide, and he smacked his forehead. "I forgot I had a midterm this afternoon! I’m late!"

"Can’t you skip it?" Charles asked as he watched Darren panic and run around, getting himself ready.

"I’ve already missed the last five days of class! And if I bomb this test, I fail!" Darren managed to put on a pair of pants and a shirt that snuggle fit around his new body, and waved goodbye as he slammed the door on his way out.

Charles sighed. In his rush, Darren forgot to help Charles to actually stand up. It was nearly impossible to do that alone, with his giant piece of meat between his legs. He could try to suck himself again, so he’ll have the muscles to lift it, but after his muscle shrink back, it’ll probably make his own dick twice as big as it was now!

While Charles was thinking this, he heard the door open. Thinking that Darren forgot something, he rested back onto the ground and sighed. "You can help me up now."

"I’ll do more then that." Said a rough voice. Before Charles can see who it was, a rancid smelling cloth was pressed to his face. He tried to call out, but his mind slowly began to drift away, his surroundings fuzzed out, and he lapsed into unconsciousness. •

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