Andrew's Prequel


By sl97aq

It was June of 1998. Adnrew and Sarah has just finshed Grade 5 at Couchiching Heights. "Well, what shall we do for our first day of summer?" Andrew asked Sarah. "I'm going to see Chris when we get home," Sarah replied. "What about you?" "I'm going to talk to Steve," replied Andrew. "Maybe I'll talk to Carrie too." "OOH! Andrew likes Carrie!" teased Sarah. "Carrie's your girlfriend!" "Stop that!" yelled Andrew. "We're just friends. We're too young to be boyfriend and girlfriend." "Sorry," said Sarah. "I didn't mean to tease. It's just that you spend so much time with her and Steve." "No more time than you spend with Sue and Chris, " argued Andrew. "And you don't see me calling Chris your boyfriend!" "Your'e right," agreed Sarah, as they began walking home. At home, Andrew's father pulled him aside, after Sarah went upstairs. "What's up dad?" Andrew asked. "I was just going to go next door to see Steve." "This is related to that, "Andrew's father said. "It's about your future. His dad is having the same talk with him, about his future." "What about my future?" Andrew asked. "I don't understand." "Do you remember a year ago, when you told you you jumped up first after the rock wall explosion covered you and Sarah and your mom in debris?" "Yes," replied Andrew. "What about it?" "It's time for you to start thinking about weight training, " Andrew's dad, Steven, said. "If you still want to play football in high school, that is." "Of course I do," Andrew said. "Ever since you told me all about your high school football days, I wanted to play as well." "Well, high school is only 3 years away, " Steven said. "So it's time you started coming to the gym with me after work. I want to start showing you how to weight train. That way, you'll be fully prepared when you get to high school." "I get to come to the company gym?" asked Andrew. "I thought you couldn't bring in family members." "Well, I was planning to make the announcement at supper tonight, but you might as well know now." "What announcement?" Andrew asked. "Mr. Harrington just promoted me to Vice President of the company today," Steven said, grinning. "sonow I can bring you to the company gym." "Congratulations Dad!' said Andrew. "Thank son!" Steven said, slapping Andrew on the shoulder. "Oww!" said Andrew, almost falling over. "That hurt!" "Sorry, son," said Stven, steadying his son with his arm. "I guess I got carried away. But don't worry. After a few years of weight training, you'll be able to take on the old man." "Old man? You're only 35!" Andrew said. "Guess I'm not over the hill yet," Steven agreed. "After all, I can still do this!" He lunged forward, and picked Andrew up with one brawny arm. "Getting heavier already son, " he said. "And you haven't even started training yet!" "Ha ha! Let me down Dad!" laughed Andrew. "That tickles!" "Okay son, "agreed Steven, letting Andrew down, again using only one arm. "If you can lift me with one arm so easily, how much can you lift with two arms?" Andrew asked. "A car?" "Ha ha!" laughed Steven. "Noone can lift a car!" "I will one day," bragged Andrew. "Right son," laughed Steven, ruffling his hair with one hand. "Sure you will." "I'm serious," said Andrew, who wasn't laughing. "I'll be the strongest kid in the school." "Well, we'll see," said Steven. "We'll start training tomorrow, in the company gym." "Okay," agreed Andrew. "Steve invited me over for dinner tonight. Can I go now?" "Sure, " agreed Steven. "Be back before dark." "Thanks Dad!" shouted Andrew, and he ran down the stairs, excited. "Don't run down the stairs!" Steven shouted after him. "You'll hurt yourself! But I'll soon teach you how to run up and down stairs safely. It is part of the football training that I will teach you." "Okay," agreed Andrew. "Bye Dad!" "Bye son," said Steven, as Andrew ran out the door. This has been a great day, Steven thought to himself. I finally get the corner office I've been working towards for the last 13 years, and now I get access to the company gym, so I can turn my son into a football star like I was! And that's just the beginning, he thought. Just wait until 10 years down the road. Andrew will be unstoppable then, even by me! Unaware of the long term plans his father had for his future, Andrew ran down the street to tell Steve the good news. •

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