Andrew's Prequel


By sl97aq

The purpose for these prequels is to chronicle the start of Andrew's muscle growth. He starts out as a normal sized kid in Grade 5, but that is the point that his interest in growing and building muscle begins. This story will start at the 11th birthday, say February. If Andrew is in Grade 12 in the fall of 2004, therefore he would be in teh seond year of the 4 year high school system here in Ontario. So, if we work backwards, he would be starting Grade 5 in the fall of 1997, having faced Alexander for the 3rd time in a row, that past summer, the summer of 1997. In fact, if I remember, the 3rd ALexander encounter, in June of 1997, demonstrated the first hint of Andrew being something special. A brief excerpt, paraphrased, would be:

Alexander's brother Max knocked Margaret off the ledge, but her robe caught on a rock, leaving her hanging. The creature tried to unhook her robe, but Andrew, Sarah, and their mother threw rocks at the creature, making it stagger, but failing to knock it down. The creature turned around and leauched fire bolts from its eyes. The three Pearsons ducked, but the bolts blew apart the rock wall behind them, burying them in debris.... ... a few moments later,after Margret has destroyed the creature, or so she thinks (see Andrew Part 14), ANDREW jumps up from the ground first, with a huge burst of energy. Then he helps up Sarah and his mother, Susan.

So it becomes clear that Andrew had some extra strength, compared to others, even back at the end of Grade 4, at age 10. So that is some background. I just realized that I first wrote THAT story in early 1992, three and a half years before I began to write the stories of Andrew as a muscular 17 year old. So clearly, the seed for the idea of Andrew as a muscular teen had been unintentionally planted back then. I did not even realize this until a few days ago. But once Andrew's father hears about Andrew's energy burst, he starts to plan the weight training, even though he does not yet tell Andrew about it. So the prequel can start now. •

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