What Happened to Ken


By Max21Biceps

"Flex your biceps, just the left." As I did what he commanded, Ken mirrored my action, by flexing his right arm. My arm was hugem but his was even bigger. The huge knotted, twisted mound of flesh grew bigger and bigger as he flexed his arm, stretching the skin taught and shiny, with braching veins coursing over it. Ken reached over and pulled the shirt sleeve up a little higher.

Then he reached over and put his hand on my flexed gun. "Nice," he admired, "but feel this," he said as he lifted my right hadn to his huge flexed arm. As I touched it, he grunted and redoubled his efforts, flexing the already monstrous biceps muscle to even huger size. The granite hard mound of flesh expanded even larger in my hand, and I could feel my fingers spreading apart and my palm cupping higher as the peak literally grew in my hand. Ken threw back his head and swung his other arm up into an unbelievable double biceps pose, and my other hand flew up instinctively too feel his left arm, too, as it flexed and expanded. I was squeezing his biceps peaks with all my might, and I couldn't make a dent in them. The harder I squeezed, the harder he flexed, and the peaks continued to expand and harden even more in my hands.

"Oh yeah, feel these arms. These are real man's arms. Twenty-three inches of steel power." He was now flexing and unflexing his arms as I contiunued to grope them. My dick was hard as a rock, and I ground myself into his hard crotch. Then he kissed me deep and hard as he wrapped his huge left arm around my neck, cupping the back of my head in his hand. His right biceps was still flexed, and I contiued to explore its power and size as he raped my mouth with his tongue. I was backed up against a wall, and his size became overwhelming. He must have weighed close to three hundred pounds.

Finally, his right arm came down, and both hands then went to work on my chest. He was mauling my pecs and moaing audibly as he continued the assault on my mouth. His huge cock was hard in his jeans as he ground his crotch into mine. I flexed my chest as hard as I could in repsonse to his hands. Suddenly, he pulled back just enough to rip my shirt right down the middle. Staring hungrily at my huge hair chest, he started groping again. "Yeah, Max, you've got a great set of tits. I always liked the look and feel of your chest man. But look at this." And he put both hands up to his shirt collar and slowly ripped his shirt down the front, revealing the hugest, roundest thickest pecs I had ever seen.He pulled shirt further open and began flexing those huge pecs, bounding them up and down as I stared slacked-jawed, astonished at their size and thickness and amazed at their incredible movement. Flex, bounce, flex. He grabbed my hands and shoved them onto his huge pec slabs, and began the assault on my mouth again as we both moaned and writhed. Huge mounds of pec muscle continued to flex and expand in my hands, and I thought I would soon pass out or cum or maybe both at the same time. Ken seemed to be getting of on my body as well, but I could tell he was more turned on by his own huge size.

All at once, I felt myself being lifted. We were still wrapped in embrace and kissing. I opened my eyes to catch the reflection of Ken's huge body enveloping mine as he slowly lifted me and then lowered my onto the floor. The sight of his huge back and spread lats as he held me was enough to make any man cum, but the sight of the two of us together was almost more than I could stand. Together, we weighed over over 500 pounds, all muscle and ego grinding into one another and coated with pelts of dark swirling hair and shiny with sweat. He lowered me onto my back, and then straddled my thighs. We both had hugely visible hardons beneath faded, thin denim. "Watch," was all he said, as he began massging his chest and giving his whole torso a good going over. He first looked at me and then turned his attention to the mirrors around him, feeling an arm and then flexing it, then licking the peaked biceps, then moaning and feeling it as he flexed it again. Then to his other arm. Then his shoudlers and then his chest. From my vantage point, I could see him from every angle in the mirrors. He was hot. I then reached up and began rubbing his huge muscles as he grabbed both of our hardons through our pants. "Yeah, I am fucking hot. You dig this huge muscleman, don't you. And we're going to fuck each other in half! ... But first, I'm going to show you something you'll never •

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