What Happened to Ken


By Max21Biceps

Five minutes later, we were driving across town to Ken's flat, having said hasty goodbyes to our friends and host. I was feeling so hot with this big mass of muscle next to me in the car. I couldn't wait to get him alone with me and naked. Ken was apparently feeling the same way, and he reached over and grabbed my crotch and leaned across and kissed me when we came to a stoplight. Man, there was chemistry. I felt like the air was being sucked out of my lungs and I became almost weightless as his masculinity envoloped me again. We parted lips, and Ken looked bewilderedly at me and said, "Wow, what was that?" and he took another deep breath started driving again.

Once we got to his building, I practically pushed him up the stairs to the front door of his flat. I could see his tight ass muscles flexing with each step as he ascended. At the front door, we locked lips again, and I wrapped my hands arournd his butt, pulling his growing crotch tight against my hardness. He returned in kind, grabbing handfulls of my muscle butt which I flexed and thrusted in appreciation of his massaging hands.

We broke apart monentarily and practically fell into the flat as the door unlocked and opened. I was just about to resume my assault on his mouth, when he silently lifted his hand to signal for me to wait. I was so hard that I could hardly stand it.

He led me into his dressing room where there were 4 panels of floor to ceiling mirrors on hinged doors. He dimmed the lights and arranged the mirror angles. Then, he surprised me a little. Rather than stripping downn for me, he came up behind me and put his crotch to my ass, reached around started massaging my chest. "Oh yeah, I remember what you like, big boy." He grabbed handfuls of my pecs and started kneeding firmly and then roughly through my shirt. I was flexing in response and moaing softly. His hardon pushed against my ass. As I reached up to unbutton my shirt, Ken brushed my hand away and slowly, deliberately unbuttoned each button and then turned me around to face him. He slid his hands slowly up from my waist, lightly touching my chest as he pushed my shirt off my shoulders. When the shirts was halfway down my arms, he bent over and lightly kissed my on the left nipple. Electricity shot through my body with th touch of his mouth. He then fell to his knees and kissed my abs, while his hands finished removing my shirt.

I was lightly glistening with sweat, and the candle light and the angles of the mirrors were really accentuating the muscle I had worked hard to add to my already beefy body since Ken and I had last been together. "God, you're gorgeous. Let me see you make those big pecs bounce and flex for me." I obliged, and he again grabbed handfuls of pec muscle and massaged as I flexed. He then pulled himself up and placed his hands on my arm. "Go on, flex. Show me those big arms." I flexed a front double biceps and Ken cupped his hands over both peaks and ground his crotch into mine. He then moved both hands and his mouth to my left arm and hungrily mouthed and massaged as I flexed until I thought the skin would split over my bulging biceps.

"Yeah, you really are one gorgeous man. But you know what? You don't compare to me." With that, he again slowly peeled his sweater over his head. Damn, he was big. Still in the -shirt, undoubtedly the most impressive man I had ever seen. "Flex your biceps again," he commanded, "just the left one." As I did what he commanded, he mirrored my action by flex. •

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