By johnd7102000

Suddenly, Jake released his grip. "Lick my balls. Lick my balls and then lick my cock. I wanna feel your little fag tongue licking my big balls and my big dick. I wana feel my big brother's tongue getting' all hot over my body and my cock." Scott was only too happy to follow this command. Still on his knees, he started licking Jake's balls, licking the sweat off his big ballsack. Scott marveled at just how big his brother's balls really were. The young muscle jock started to groan with pleasure as he got totally turned on by his brother's caressing tongue. Then Scott took each ball into his mouth and sucked, rubbing his tongue over each one and creating even more pleasure for their young owner. "Oh, oh, that feels soooo good," moaned the 13 year old muscle kid. He thrust his hips back and forth, and Scott rubbed his hands over his firm round butt, feeling the solid muscle flex and undulate with each thrust. Scott was getting into a frenzy himself, licking his little brother's huge balls, smelling his powerful crotch sweat, and feeling his big mesomorph muscles. He started licking his brother's big cock along with his balls, running his tongue up and down the sensitive shaft, sending shivers of estascy through the musclekid's body. "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god," groaned Jake. He had never been so turned on in his life. "Now suck my cock. Suck my cock, faggot. Suck it now!" ordered Jake. Jake was totally aroused by his brother's worshipful licking. His cock was as hard as a steel pipe and pointing straight up. It was quivering with excitement. Drops of pre-cum were oozing from its tip. He thrust his hips so his cock was right in Scott's face, pressing in against his cheek. He was ready for his little wimp slave brother to service his big organ. He was ready to fuck his big brother. He was ready to fuck the brains out of the puny faggot wimp.

Suddenly Brandon grabbed Scott's head and jerked it over to his own hot crotch. He was totally aroused also and he sure wasn't going to let Jake have all the fun with their sex toy. "Don't be such a hog, Jake. We gotta share our little cocksucker fag slave. He's gotta service both of our big dicks. Get to work, slave!" Brandon pushed his big, thick rock-hard cock into Scott's face. Scott started licking and sucking the blond boy- god's balls and cock, just like he had done with Jake's. Brandon's balls were just as big as Jake's. And his cock was a little bigger. Both of these mesomorph boys had huge balls and huge cocks for their young age. Already way bigger than Scott's. Brandon groaned with pleasure as Scott lovingly sucked his balls, licked his cock and ran his worshipful hands all over his sweaty, pumped muscular body. All the while, Jake was stroking his cock and getting hotter and hotter as he watched his big brother service his muscular friend. After several minutes of this total bliss, Brandon yelled "Open up!" Scott obediently opened his mouth and without any hesitation Brandon grabbed the back of his head with one strong hand and jammed his cock all the way down his throat. He didn't give the little wimp any time to get used to that big cock in his mouth and throat. He wanted to fuck and he wanted to fuck now. And when a muscular mesomorph boy wants to fuck, he doesn't care how it feels to the little wimp he's fucking. His pleasure is all that matters. Little faggot wimps like Scott are put on this planet just to serve muscular boys like Brandon. Scott started to gag, but Brandon didn't care. Lust was surging through his muscular teenage body. He thrust his cock deep into the wimp's throat. Almost by reflex, Scott bit his teeth into the big, hard shaft that was filling his mouth. Brandon let out a loud "argggggh!" and smashed his fist right into Scott's face. The power of his blow was enormous. The whole left side of Scott's face erupted in pain. Scott immediately opened his mouth as wide as he could. "You do that again punk and I'll smash your faggot face so hard you'll wish you were dead." Scott gazed at the muscular boy's glistening washboard abs and nodded his head in understanding. He was at the total mercy of this aggressive, young, super strong boy-god.

Brandon smiled as Scott opened his mouth. Yeah, he could do whatever he wanted to his weak little faggot slave. His cock twitched with excitement. He held onto Scott's head and thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his big cock in and out of the dweeb's tight throat. He felt the pulsating sensations of pleasure as his big weapon rubbed against the sides of Scott's mouth and throat, pushing the tender flesh apart by its sheer size and hardness. Brandon was in a sexual frenzy as he totally dominated his little faggot punk slave. Scott grabbed onto the muscle boy's big legs for dear life as their young owner almost fucked him to death. He could hardly breathe, barely able to grab a few short breaths when Brandon pulled back his big cock, only to jam it back down his thoat with overwhelming power. Bolts of pain shot through his throat every time the big weapon blasted its way through his tight, tender flesh. Finally, Brandon yelled "Yeah! Yeah! Take it all faggot!" as he started to cum, shooting load after load of hot cum down his skinny slave's esophagus. At the same time, Jake came too, shooting spurt after spurt of his own hot cum onto Scott's back and ass. Both muscle boys unloaded at least ten spurts of genetically superior memomorph jism into and on top of Scott's pathetic little body. After he was finished cumming, Brandon left his hard cock in Scott's throat, pressing the wimp's face hard into his crotch and slowly moving the faggot's head around with his strong hands, savoring the wonderful sensations on his still-hard shaft as the final drops of cum oozed out of his teenage cock. Scott's face started turning red since he couldn't breathe. Finally Brandon was satiated. He pulled his cock out of Scott's mouth and pushed him down on the floor.

Scott lay on his back, looking up at the two muscular boys who were standing over him. His face and his throat were aching with pain. But yet he felt his cock growing again as he looked up at his young masters. The young musclestuds smiled down at their little cocksucker slave—a smile that said "yeah, we had a real good time fucking your face. We're gonna have lots of good times using you as our little sex toy." Then they started flexing their muscles, displaying their total physical superiority to the skinny faggot weakling who was staring up at them in awe. Once in awhile they stroked their big cocks, which were still semi-hard. Scott looked up at their buff young bodies and their gorgeous faces. He watched their big shredded muscles flex at their command. He thought about how strong those muscles were, twice or three times as strong as his even though they were only 13 years old. He marveled at how they had built those big muscles and gotten so strong so fast, so fast it was unbelievable. He thought about how cocky and dominant they were, how either one of them could beat him up or fuck him any time he felt like it. God, what muscle gods he was looking at! Genetically superior young boys who were genetically wired to build muscle at will. The genetic gift to add a pound of hard muscle to their teenage bodies every day. The inborn ability to add way bigger weights to their exercises every training period. The genetics to grow big and muscular and to become stronger than Scott could imagine. The genetics of having big cocks and big balls. Scott's cock was now rock hard as he watched these two super boy- men flex their new muscles. He reached down, grabbed his cock and shot another load.

Brandon looked at the cum and said "Yeah, you are such a faggot! But a good little cocksucking faggot. Now get up faggot and make us another protein shake. After we're done drinkin' the protein and feeding these muscles, Jake and me are gonna fuck you again. This time I wanna fuck you in the ass. You can go first this time Jake. You fuck him and then I'll fuck him. By the time our big cocks are done, his little faggot ass is gonna be so sore he won't be able to take a shit. God it's great having big muscles and big cocks and having a little faggot to fuck any time we want. Now get your sorry ass in gear faggot! Go get us our shakes, you miserable little wimp!" Brandon reached down, jerked Scott up by his armpits like he was a feather and pushed him towards the door. Then he turned at gave Jake a high five. They smiled like triumphant warriors and flexed their arms at each other, showing off their big muscles to each other. And loving it. Loving the feeling of being big, muscular, strong and dominant. Loving the feeling of ruling weaker boys like Scott. Loving the feeling of being total studs. Scott looked back at their display of muscular arrogance. A chill ran up his spine as he walked through the door towards the kitchen. A chill of both fear and excitement as he contemplated what those two muscular boys were going to do to him – and to his virgin ass—when he returned. He thought about his muscular little brother's big cock blasting through his tight sphincter muscles, splitting them aside like nothing, that big virile weapon being powered deeper and deeper into his tender ass by the young stud's strong muscles. Then he thought about Brandon doing the same thing with his even bigger cock and stronger muscles. Chills went up and down his spine as he thought about getting fucked by these young muscle gods. When he left the kitchen with the shakes, he also brought with him a bottle of Wesson Oil. If his virgin ass was gonna get rammed by those two big cocks, at least there would be some lubrication.

As the days went by, Brandon and Jake continued to get bigger and stronger. Every day after their grueling workouts, when they were hot, sweaty and pumped to the max, they had sex with their faggot wimp fuck toy. Sometimes they started with blow jobs, sometimes with ass fucking. A lot of times they made Scott suck one of their cocks while the other one was fucking him in the ass. Then they'd switch positions and Scott would have to lick all the shit off the big cock that had just fucked this shit out of him. Of course he never got a blow job from these dominant muscle boys, let alone get to fuck their round muscle butts. No, they were total tops, strong and dominating. They came at least three times each after a workout. Luckily they didn't mind when Scott came too. They thought it was funny that he was such a faggot, getting turned on all the time by their sweaty muscular bodies, bodies that were getting bigger and stronger every day. At night before bed, Jake always made his brother get him off at least one more time, either with a blow job or a fuck, depending on how he felt. One time Scott said he was too tired and just wanted to go to sleep. The muscular 13 year old grabbed him by the shoulders, shoved him down on his bed and fucked the shit out of his ass with no lubrication. He didn't care if Scott was tired. He didn't care if the wimp's ass hurt like hell as his big thick cock rammed it with abandon. He wanted to fuck. And if he wanted to fuck, that's exactly what he did, whether his wimp faggot brother wanted to or not.

Scott and Jake's mother soon noticed that the relationship between her two sons had changed completely. No longer was the older brother in charge, ordering his younger sibling to do his chores and stuff like that. No, now the younger brother was ordering Scott around, and Scott was following every one of his orders like a meek little kitten. Scott now did all the chores around the house. Jake told his mom that Scott volunteered to do all the chores because Jake needed all his free time to work out, eat and rest, so his muscles would keep getting bigger and stronger. What he didn't tell his mother was that he had ordered his older brother to do all the chores less than two weeks after he started lifting. Then he challenged his older brother to do something about it. Scott, still not quite appreciating how physically inferior he was to Jake, attacked his little brother to put him in his place. But the 13 year old kid had already gotten so strong and dominant that he thrashed his 16 year old brother like he was beating up a little girl. He threw punch after devastating punch into Scott's soft flesh. Scott could put up almost no resistance to this onslaught of strength and power from Jake's new muscles. And Jake's 13 year old body was already so muscular, toned and hard that he didn't even feel Scott's feeble punches. It was a fight between a strong, buff young man and a weak, skinny boy. That was the last time Scott challenged his little brother. Muscles rule. Muscles always rule.

Jake kept eating huge amounts of food at dinner. And he often took food from his mother and from Scott if he was still hungry. Scott didn't even try to protest when Jake took his meat. He knew it was futile. Jake always took what he wanted. But one time Scott was actually kind of hungry. As usual, Jake had devoured his three chicken breasts, tearing the meat off the bones with his teeth, before Scott had finished his one. Jake stabbed his fork into Scott's meat and tried to jerk it off the plate, but Scott held on with his own fork. "Need more meat," grunted Jake. "Need more meat to feed my muscles." He flexed his arm as he held the fork in Scott's meat. The big muscles bulged everywhere, triceps, biceps, forearm, everywhere. Jake looked at his big, muscular arm. Yeah, those muscles needed more meat. They were gonna get more meat. Scott looked at that big arm and then looked at his mother with a plaintiff look in his eyes. "Mom, I'm hungry too. Jake's already eaten three big chicken breasts. He shouldn't get the rest of mine too. It's just not fair!" Jake turned and faced his mother. He smiled, showing his straight bright white teeth. His face was drop-dead gorgeous, with strong cheekbones and jaw, big brown eyes, deeply tanned skin and short cropped brown hair. He wasn't wearing a shirt, as usual, so his big muscular tanned torso was in full view. While still holding Scott's meat with one hand, he slowly made a fist with his other hand and curled up his arm. His big flexed bicep was only a foot from his mother's face. His mother couldn't believe how big that muscle had gotten in such a short time. It looked to be twice as big as it did just a few weeks before. The bicep had a high peak and was shredded with fibers of rock-hard muscle. His triceps and forearm muscles bulged as well. Veins criss-crossed under his thin tan skin, pushed up by the big young muscle underneath. "Feel it, mom. Feel my muscle." His mother reached out and put her fingers around his flexed upper arm. She needed to use two hands because the muscles were so big. She squeezed down on her son's bulging bicep and couldn't make the slightest dent. It was as hard as rock. Warm rock. She started rubbing her hands across the muscle, feeling its size and hardness. Her mouth kind of dropped open as she comprehended the enormity of what she was seeing and feeling. She turned to Scott and said, "Look how big Jake's muscle is, Scott. Look how high his bicep is bulging. That muscle's really hard too." Scott looked at his brother's big gun. "Yeah, mom, I know. Jake's got really big and really strong muscles. His muscles just keep getting bigger and stronger." Scott knew from personal experience. He sure had felt the size and strength of his little brother's muscles many many times. "But I'm still hungry."

His mom hardly heard what her older son had said. She was completely overwhelmed by her younger son's perfect muscular body. She looked into Jake's big brown eyes and started moving her hands across his shoulders, pecs and lats, feeling the bulging striations of solid muscle her son had built on his 13 year old body. She was mesmerized by her young son's beautiful face and big, buff muscles. "You like my muscles, don't you mom. You want these muscles to grow even bigger and stronger, don't you mom. You don't give a shit about wimp boy here 'cause he's just a little nerd compared to me. Yeah, I'm so much bigger and stronger than him I can beat him up any time I want with just one of my big arms. My arms are big and they're made of solid muscle. His arms are like little sticks. He's really weak, mom. He's a pathetic little weakling. He ain't nothin' compared to me. I'm already five times stronger that he is. Look at my muscles, mom. They're big and they wanna get bigger. They want more meat so they can grow even bigger, even stronger. Three fucking chicken breasts ain't enough for these big monsters. They want more. Wimp boy here don't need any more fucking meat. All the meat he eats just turns into shit. He never builds any muscle at all. I'm the one buildin' muscle. All the meat I eat turns into muscle. I need his meat to feed these big muscles – to make 'em get even bigger and stronger. You'd like that, wouldn't you mom. You want me to get even bigger and stronger. Me and Brandon are already the biggest, strongest, buffest kids in our class. Pretty soon we're gonna be the biggest, strongest, most muscular kids in the whole town. We're gonna be able to kick everybody's ass. Yeah, mom I bet that turns you on, don't it. Having the biggest stud kick-ass kid in the whole town as your own son."

Jake's mom was almost panting as he bragged. God what a cocky, confident, musclekid he was. Her hands were moving faster over his torso and arms as she thought about how big and strong her son was getting. She kept feeling his huge flexed arm which was bulging with hard muscle. Then she looked over at Scott's pitiful thin body and his stick-like arms. He looked pathetic next to his vibrant, muscular brother. "Yeah, take his meat Jake. Your big muscles need that meat more than he does. Scott, you're just going to have to accept the fact that your brother's muscles are growing real big and they need lots of meat to keep 'em growing. His body's growing big and strong and you're just staying skinny and weak. He's a muscular young man and you're still a skinny boy. You're just gonna have to give up your meat to help your brother get even bigger and stronger. And it looks like there's not much you can do about it anyway. Jake's already way too strong for you and he's gonna get even stronger." Then without warning, she bent over and kissed Jake's bicep. Jake flexed extra hard as he felt his mother's tongue licking the hard fibers of his muscle. Then when she finished her kiss, he jerked the meat off Scott's plate with one powerful thrust of his arm and devoured the rest of his brother's chicken breast in less than ten seconds. Scott just sat there stunned, looking at his brother's muscular neck and jaw as he chewed up the meat like an efficient eating machine.

Sometimes Brandon would stay for dinner and then stay over with Jake. The two off them ate so much food that Jake's mother had to buy double the amount of food she would have bought for her family of three. Brandon and Jake had eating contests where they would eat three, four and even five platefuls of protein-rich food. Scott could only stare in amazement at the appetites of these growing muscle kids. When Brandon stayed over, the boys had a field day fucking their skinny slave. Their teenage raging hormone-filled bodies could fuck seven and eight times a day and Scott serviced their every desire. After they were done with their fun, Jake would shove Scott out of his bed and made him sleep on the floor. Brandon got to sleep in Scott's bed. Jake and Brandon were the masters and they did whatever they wanted, including taking over Scott's bed when Brandon stayed over. Brandon always had a very good night's sleep in his faggot slave's bed. Fuck, his beautiful body needed a good rest. His muscles needed a good night's sleep to grow even bigger after their brutal workout and all the protein-rich food that their young master had consumed. His beautiful face needed sleep to rejuvenate his clear, tan skin. His thick strong bones needed sleep to grow bigger and stronger. Yeah, his young body was growing bigger and stronger every day. Scott was just a pathetic faggot dweeb. He deserved to sleep on the floor.

Late one Saturday morning a few weeks later, a total of six weeks after the young mesomorphs had started lifting weights, Scott was well into his chores when his little brother finally woke up, took a piss and brushed his teeth. He wasn't old enough to shave. He had just the smallest amount of peach fuzz on his face, although the brown hair was coming in pretty good in his crotch and a little bit was starting to show under his arms. Then he swaggered down to the kitchen where Scott was working. As usual, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Just some workout shorts and sneakers without socks. His body looked awesome. "I'm hungry as a bull," he grunted as he stretched and flexed his muscles in front of his adoring brother. "One hundred forty-five pounds of solid muscle," he said, looking at his body and flexing his arms. "Forty-five pounds of muscle in six weeks. Actually, more like 55 pounds, 'cause I dropped all the fat. Fifty-five pounds of fucking muscle! And I'm puttin' on more muscle every day. Gettin' bigger and stronger every fucking day. What am I, four times stronger than you now? Yeah, four times stronger than my fucking faggot big brother. Make me a big breakfast, wimp." Their mother was gone, so Scott without hesitation obeyed his muscular brother and fixed his breakfast. Eight scrambled eggs, three big slices of ham, six slices of whole wheat toast, two glasses of milk, and three big glasses of orange juice. God that boy could eat! "I'm goin' over to Brandon's to hit his punching bag," said Jake between big bites of food. He moved his arms back and forth as if he were punching a bag, the big muscles in his shoulders, pecs and arms bulging with every thrust. Scott stood beside his brother, looking at his incredible muscles. "His dad's got a big bag in their garage and he's gonna teach Brandon and me how to fight. He said we're already so strong we're gonna be wicked fighters. He said we're gonna be able to beat up anybody we want, even big kids in high school. Fuck, I can already beat up every kid in our school. Brandon can too. We like rule our whole school now. It'll be fun learning how to fight real good so we can beat up anyone we want. Brandon's dad is real cool. He's huge--- and all muscle. And he's a real mean dude. He said he's killed guys with his fists. God it would be cool to kill a guy with your fists. What a rush that would be!" Jake turned and thrust his fist towards Scott's abs, pulling back just at the last fraction of a second so his fist just tapped the tender gut of his weakling brother. He looked at Scott's terrified face and at his big arm muscles and smiled. "Yeah, totally cool." He flexed his arm. "Feel it bro. Fifteen inches of solid muscle. Fuckin' strong as shit." Scott reached over and felt the huge muscles bulging in that upper arm. "Hard as a rock, ain't it. Fuckin' hard as a fuckin' rock. You just ain't shit to these big muscles, wimp. You know that don't you, you little faggot dweeb." Scott nodded his head as he felt the huge muscles flexing in his little brother's arm. Jake smiled and attacked the food again. He wolfed down the rest of his big meal, took some extra gulps of orange juice right out of the jug, and strutted out the kitchen door, leaving Scott to clean up his dishes and finish the chores. He got on his bike and started riding towards Brandon's house. Scott looked at his brother's back and shoulders as he rode off. God, what a V-shape taper he had, from his wide, muscle-capped shoulders, through his thick cobra-like lats, to his narrow waist. As he pumped, his calf muscles bulged like two heads of a diamond as his muscular legs pushed on the pedals with solid force. He raced his bike at full speed all the way to Brandon's house. A good cardio warmup for another day as a muscular young jock. His young body was totally fit.

After finishing his chores, Scott decided to go over to Brandon's house and check out how the musclekids were doing with their punching. He knew where Brandon's house was, but he had never been inside before. And he had never met Brandon's dad. He was really looking forward to seeing him after Jake's vivid description of this muscle stud. He decided not to announce himself. He wanted to see them in action without them knowing he was there.

So he rode his bike over to Brandon's street and parked it several houses away. He didn't ride anywhere near as fast as Jake. Despite his years of running, his legs weren't nearly as strong as his little brother's. Not even close. He walked over towards the house and hid behind a big tree in the front yard. The garage door was open and he had a good view. Brandon and Jake were standing there in their workout shorts and sneakers. Their muscles looked really pumped up and there was a thin sheen of sweat covering their bodies. Obviously they had already been punching the bag. Also standing there was Brandon's father. He looked really young to be the father of a teenager. In fact, he was young, only 31 years old. He had conceived Brandon when he was only 17 years old and his son was born when he was 18. Brandon's mom was one of Mike's many conquests as a teenage muscle stud. He finally married her several years after Brandon was born. Scott took a good look. It was pretty clear where Brandon got his mesomorph genetics. Mike stood about 6 feet tall and Scott guessed he weighed at least 250 pounds, all muscle. Scott had never seen a bigger or more muscular man in person. He looked like a bodybuilder from one of the muscle magazines, only tougher. He had blue eyes and blond hair, just like Brandon, but his hair cut real short, like a Marine's. His face was ruggedly handsome, just like Brandon's. And then there was his body. He was huge. His arms must have measured 21 inches and his other muscles were in similar proportions. And he still had almost no fat on his body. His genetics were such that he just put on muscle, no fat. He had a blue tattoo, sort of like a chain, around his upper right arm. Every time he flexed, the chain bulged and stretched. The big muscle underneath his thin skin could have easily broken that chain if it were real. His muscles were also pumped and sweaty. The three muscle studs had been hitting the big punching bag that was hanging down in front of them.

"That was a good warm-up," said Mike. "You guys hit like natural fighters, real fast and real hard. And you got big muscles so fucking fast! What's it been? Only six weeks? Look at your fucking muscles. They're huge already. Fuck, at the rate you're goin', pretty soon I'm gonna have to watch out. You gonna be able to kick my ass!" He grinned and flexed his huge arm. He knew that time was a long way off, but he could tell these two young mesomorphs were going to get a lot bigger and more muscular than they already were. They two young jocks flexed their arms right next to Mike's. Their 13 year old muscles bulged with raw power.

Scott looked at the bodies of those two boys and couldn't believe what had happened to them. After six weeks of hard lifting and big eating, the boys had put on over 50 pounds of muscle. Brandon now weighed 150 and Jake 145, each at a little over five feet six inches tall. As they grew taller, their shoulders had gotten wider and their ribcages bigger as their young teen mesomorph bones grew. And they had packed an incredible amount of new muscle on those growing bones. They now outweighed the 5' 10" Scott by 30 pounds, and there was no comparison. They were now incredibly muscular and strong and Scott was still skinny and weak. Mike looked proudly at his son and at Jake. "How much can you bench?" Brandon grinned. "We're up to 250 for reps, dad. We're six times stronger than when we started! And we already four times stronger than Jake's faggot wimp 16 year old brother. He's the one who got the weights in the first place, but they're our weights now and we're the only ones who can use 'em. He's such a wuss he can't build any muscle so we decided he can't use the weights any more. He just does things for us. He's like our slave. Kinda funny, having a 16 year old as our slave, but he don't have any choice in the matter 'cause we can beat him up any time we feel like it. We made him go out and buy more big 45 and 35 pound plates for the Olympic bar, because we got too strong for the plates we had. He does whatever we want." Mike smiled. "Yeah, I can remember little wimps like that in junior high and high school. They always wanted to do things for me. They always wanted to feel my muscles and stuff like that. Sometimes I'd beat them up just for the fun of it and they kept coming back for more. They just couldn't get enough of my body." Jake laughed. "Yeah, Scott's like that. He just loves to watch us work out. He just loves to see our big muscles pumping heavy weights. He loves feeling our hot, pumped muscles. Then he brings us protein shakes and stuff so our muscles will get even bigger. And if I'm still hungry at dinner, he doesn't care if I eat all his fucking food. He knows my muscles need the food more than his pathetic little body does. Fuck, we can press 195 pounds overhead, curl 140 and squat with 325, all for reps. He flexed his arm. "Fifteen inches! Fifteen inches of solid muscle!" My faggot wimp brother just can't believe how strong we are. Shit, we're so strong sometimes I can't believe it myself. It's like a dream. A dream come true. Our bodies are growing at warp speed. Our muscles are just exploding!"

Mike smiled. "Yeah, well get used to it kid. It's great. It's great to be big and strong. You guys are hard-wired to build big muscles just like I am. It runs in the family. You must have some strong people in your family too, Jake. Sounds like you got all the muscle genes and your brother got the faggot wimp genes." The big stud laughed loudly and the two young jocks laughed as well. They knew it was true.

Mike looked at the punching bag. "Okay, now I'm gonna teach you how to punch real hard. But first, we gotta tape your hands and wrists. You guys are gonna be punchin' so hard you might hurt yourselves if I don't tape you up. You know what they say. You're too strong for your own good. Your new muscles are so strong, you'll be punching this bag with unbelievable power. Maybe too much power for your own wrists. Boxers always tape their wrists. Then they can punch the other guy as hard as they want and their fists are like piledrivers. They're like lethal weapons. I can see your wrists and forearms are already really strong, so they might not need the tape, but I'm gonna tape you anyway." He got out a big roll of thick white tape and wrapped it around the hands and wrists of the two young fighters. Then he taped his own wrists. Scott though about the power that was in those six piledriver fists. When Mike had finished the taping, he said, "Now watch this." He drew back his right hand and smashed his fist into the bag. The punch was so hard the heavy bag swung way, way back. "See, ya gotta put your whole body into it. Ya gotta use your shoulder and chest muscles in addition to your arm muscles. When you do that your punches are so hard you can kill a guy. Brandon, you go stand behind the bag and hold it steady." Brandon stood behind the bag and tried to hold it as his father landed punch after devastating punch. The big man could bench over 600 pounds and press over 350 overhead. It was almost inconceivable how much power he had in his punches. And besides being very strong, he was also very fast. It didn't seem that his huge muscles slowed him down at all. They just made him a more lethal fighter. Brandon tried to hold the bag steady but he still got pushed backwards by the incredible blows of his huge, muscular, super-strong dad.

After about 30 punches Mike stopped. His upper body was totally pumped and covered with sweat. "Okay, you kids try it. One of you hold the bag while the other one punches. Put your whole body into it. You're fucking strong as shit. Let that fucking bag feel how strong you are!" •

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