By Also_KnownAs

Paul looked at the package in his hands. He was used to getting deliveries in plain brown wrappers, but the return address on this one made him stop and consider what was inside. Something rattled, it seemed like, and it was heavier than he expected it to be. Turning it over, he ran his thumb under the paper to break the seal as he walked to the living room.

Inside was a glossy black box, plastic maybe, with a familiar insignia and three letters; IGE. The logo showed a bent arm, well muscled and smoothly powerful. A line drawing of one of his most precious goals, a body that spoke power and ability merely by appearing in a room. A spiral strand of DNA wound inside the bicep. And beneath it all, the name of the mysterious organization that had deigned to include him in their secretive services - The Institute for Genetic Enhancement.

He'd gone through enough hoops to get this, so it had better be worth it. Finding out anything at all about IGE had been fruitless. His friend Steve told him about some whacked mystery corporation or laboratory that was supposedly performing miracles on the human anatomy. Steve said that there was no address or phone number, that the company had a Web site hooked to a dynamically- changing IP address. It didn't even have a domain name. If you got access to it from someone else who knew where it was, by the next hour the IP would change and you'd have nothing.

Then one day, Steve was gone. He stopped showing up at the gym, his house was sold, his job vacated, his friends left wondering what had happened to him. He left a few messages saying something about moving to Fiji or Borneo or Alcatraz or some shit. People move, friends change, no big deal.

But Paul knew better. Steve said he was going to find out about the IGE deal, whatever it took. Said he knew someone who'd gotten hold of something from them and he couldn't believe the change. Steve said, "I knew this guy for years. Rob was a good friend, we fucked once or twice - you know, drunk or at the pool and feeling the sun and oil a little too much - I knew he was a gym bunny, wanted the muscles, the tight body, the abs and ass. Never was satisfied." Paul knew the feeling. He was into muscles, too. He had enough glossy mags lying around his pad to put the local porn shop to shame. He worked out like a dog, six days a week, and it still wasn't enough.

Steve had said, "I saw Rob after and, let me tell you it was freaky. He wasn't just bigger, he was... better. I mean, noticeably more - everything. Muscles, dick, and his face was just - I mean this guy was good looking before, but he was gorgeous. Drop dead, hands down, hard on beautiful." So Steve was determined to find out more.

And he had. About a month later, after getting the sudden notice of his departure, Paul got a call on his machine. He could almost recognize the voice, but when the man on the tape said he was Steve, Paul could hardly believe it. The voice had a silken depth and husky sensualness that Steve never had before. Even over the questionable phonic quality of the phone line, Paul's imagination started on overload matching a body to this amazing sample of masculine intonation.

The voice said, "Paul. I found what I was looking for. I think you'll want it, too. This is Steve. I can give you more info if you're interested in what IGE can do. I can't give you a number to call or anything. But if you're interested, and you've got to be stone cold serious about this, if you want to know more then just include this phrase in your voice mail greeting; 'Leave me a message so I'll know more about you.' I know this all sounds weird, but believe me it's worth it. You'll never believe it, but it's all true."

Frankly, Paul thought the dramatics were a bit of overkill. I mean, all this for some supplements? What were they, illegal? Cooked up in some lab in Venezuela out of human embryos and dodo's eggs? He changed his greeting, anyway. He had to see what it was all about. And where Steve had disappeared to, for that matter.

There followed another message from Steve about a week later, giving Paul a date, time and IP address when he could access the IGE site and a password. What he found there didn't tell him much, either. But what it did say made his head spin.

The treatment, as they called it, would cost $25,000, with a 10% down-payment before they'd even send out their kit. There were no before-and-after images, no lengthy stories of personal achievements, no explanation even of whet the treatment was, whether it was some spa or some chemicals or some electrical muscle stimulation. Nothing but a welcome, the price, an email address to send in his mailing address and the name of the person who'd contacted him. He filled in the form and entered the password Steve had given him and never heard another word. Sure enough, when he'd checked the IP address only 15 minutes later, it came up as an error. Nothing. Gone.

Now he had a black box in his hands from the mystery labs. Cracking the seal, he found inside a video tape, a single sheet of blank paper and two small vials of some liquid, one clear and the other milky white. It was barely enough to fill a teaspoon, whatever it was. A free sample, no doubt, but how the hell it would do anything other than give him an indication of the taste of the junk was another mystery.

He popped the tae into the VCR, set the box and its other contents on the coffee table and hit play on his remote.

For a few seconds nothing happened.

Then a voice started spilling from his audio equipment in stereophonic purity. It was a voice like he'd never heard before. Like Steve's voice, this was another masculine voice but that much richer in tone and depth owing to his stereo set-up. And this voice came at him from the black screen like a tongue on his cock. It was a voice that wrapped itself around him, set his short hairs tingling, made him glad he was a man, dug into him like a tide of deep pleasure. He could hardly hear the words for the feeling it gave him. He felt hot and bothered and started getting hard as the first few words were spoken.

"Greetings to you, Paul Erikson. Thank you for your interest in our services. This tape has been prepared especially for you. My name is Michael, and I am the president of IGE. Before the presentation begins, a few words of warning in the interest of full disclosure.

"This video tape may only be viewed once. There is a magnetic device inside that erases the oxide tape as it enters a special chamber after it has been played. Once you have started the tape, do not attempt to stop or pause it. Such actions will render it immediately void of material. These precautions are in place for our protection - and yours.

"Do not discard the blank sheet of paper in the box. If you have done so, please retrieve it now. You will be given instructions at the end of this presentation concerning deciphering the contents thereon.

"Finally, do nothing with the vial of Transform until instructed.

"Viewing this tape from this point will provide you with most of the information you will require to decide if you wish to take the next step - a visit to our facilities. We do not make our processes and supplements available anywhere outside our facilities. If you elect not to follow through on your inquiry, your deposit will be returned to you. You will have no further contact with IGE.

"Again, thank you for your interest."

Paul found that he'd been rubbing his hard prick through his jeans when silence replaced the man's incredible voice. Had they modulated it using some special process that could elicit this reaction in him? Never before had any sound been able to seemingly enter his brain and coil itself around his pleasure center like that one had.

He turned his attention back to his Sony as the screen gradually faded from black to white, the center of the TV showing the IGE logo again.

And then he was confronted with the face of the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.

"Hello, Paul." The man smiled, and Paul gasped. "My name is Carlos. I am a scientist here at IGE and, I'm proud to add, one of the first benefactors of our body perfecting processes. You'll not I don't label what we do bodybuilding or body improvement, for it is much more than that." The camera started to slowly pull back, revealing that the man, Carlos, was standing in a white room. As the angle widened, it also revealed that the man was shirtless, and what it revealed about his body was nothing short of impossible to believe.

Paul's mouth was hanging open as the man continued to talk. He got out of his chair and approached the TV to get a better view of the muscled contours of the Latin god on its screen. "Our process is very simple and involves one ingredient. We call it Transform, and a small sample has been included in your introductory package." The man's chest was broad and thick, his shoulders looked like bowling balls. His arms were cabled with strength. His lats flared wide and heavy, widening from his tight waist and an amazing - was that a 10-pack of abs he was sporting? Good God, they looked like apples under his bronzed flesh. "As you can see, the results are rather staggering."

So saying, the man began to illustrate the muscular development of his amazing and beautiful body. Paul's hands were ripping his pants open and he was jerking off with wild abandon at the site of so much power, so much sheer masculine beauty and ability. Jesus, why don't they pan down to show the guy's basket?

Carlos slowly bent his arm, keeping his eyes on the camera so that his electric, golden gaze was on Paul's eyes. The bicep on his arm began to bulge obscenely, swelling larger and larger. The head split in two and the muscle continued to grow, getting impossibly huge until it filled his upper arm, its sheer size matched by the tricep on the underside. His forearm was a mass of cabled glory. He paused there, the muscle tensed at its most bulging glory - and then, impossibly, the muscle seemed to swell larger still. Were the fibers swelling and splitting? Was it actually developing, growing larger, even more muscled before his eyes? And as this was occurring, as the man's arm swelled to ever larger proportions, his face remained calm, serene, absolutely beautiful.

Carlos relaxed - if a body of so much muscled glory could be said to be relaxed - and he smiled again. "In case you have some doubts concerning my voracity, I'd like to bring in someone you know to give you an idea of the changes we're able to accomplish. Steve?"

Carlos then walked away from the camera, giving Paul a shot of the most perfectly formed ass he'd ever seen and something that wagged between the man's legs that teased at his sense of disbelief. Then another face filled the screen, and Paul found his hand covered with hot spunk.

"How's it going, Paul?"

Steve was transformed. The face on the screen was nearly as beautiful as Carlos, but its innate male perfection held hints of the man Paul knew as Steve. It was as if someone had taken Steve's picture and fed it into some computer program to produce a perfected version of the man he could be. If this was some trick, it was a fucking good one.

As Steve spoke, he wandered away from the camera, giving Paul a look at the man's back and backside until his entire body was in frame. As he moved, Paul watched the ebb and flow of muscle under his friend's skin. Steve now sported a long mane of auburn hair gathered in a long tail that swayed as he walked, the ends probably tickling his ass when his locks were set free. And what an ass that was. Tight, globed and dimpled. Tanned and perfect for eating. He moved with a feral, sensual grace that tugged at Paul's balls. The man's movements spoke a promise of hours of good, long, hot fucking. His long legs were lined with power. His back widened from a tight waist and slim hips with an impossibly wide V. A Christmas tree of power grew between those dimples above his round, smooth, high ass.

"I know what you're thinking, Paul, and I know what you're doing. If you haven't already cum all over your belly," he said, turning his head slightly to display half of his improved smile, "you're a better man than I was. When I got the tape from Rob, I was practically licking the screen. He's here, of course. With me, and so many others."

Then he turned, and Paul almost fainted. Facing the camera full-on, Steve was sporting one of the biggest, most incredible looking pricks Paul had ever seen in his very experienced life. That was not the dick Steve had been born with. It looked almost like the one on Mark Wahlberg at the end of Boogie Nights. But whereas that prosthetic looked sad and listless, the cock on the screen hanging between the legs of a man Paul had fucked was full and ripe and beautiful. A proud, heavy beast with a thickly veined shaft ending in a knob of fine fuck flesh cowled in Steve's ample foreskin. It wanted to be licked and sucked and swallowed. And it hung over two round eggs in a bulging skin sack that said this guy was ready to cum right now.

"I ain't no special effect, Paul. I'm real, and all natural. Every inch of soft warm skin, every rock-hard muscle, every silken hair on my body is me." He was running his hands over his inches and those bulges. Suddenly the screen started changing to close-ups of every angle on Steve's body. His chest, with its round, lickable nipples. His arms, and the smooth hard bellies of his biceps. His long neck. His tight ass. That incredible cock. The shots were long, lingering visual caresses of the man's flawless form. His skin shone with health and vitality. Paul ached to touch it, stroke it, lay with this man and fuck his brains out.

Then Steve's face filled the screen again. "It's incredible, I know. But it's real. And it can all be yours, if you're willing to take it."

The screen faded to black again, and the voice, that beautiful voice, returned.

"Our results are guaranteed. To experience for yourself a small sample of those results, we invite you to try Tranform now. The vials in your package, Paul, were prepared especially for you by Steve. The dosage has been diluted and is approximately 1/100th of a full-strength application. You will experience incredible physical changes that will only hint at what can be yours should you accept our invitation. These changes are permanent and non-reversable.

"We recommend that if you decide to sample the product, disrobe first and do so alone while standing before a mirror. You will see and feel results immediately after swallowing first the clear liquid, then the white. As you've no doubt noticed from the two men in your presentation, the enhancements are all- inclusive.

"If you choose to take the next step and join us here at IGE, further instructions are included on the sheet of paper. Simply submerge the sheet under hot water to reveal the information. The data will be displayed for approximately 15 seconds before the sheet dissolves entirely, so be prepared to write down what you see.

"Congratulations on being accepted as a candidate, and we hope to hear from you soon. You may eject the tape at any time. This presentation is concluded."

Paul was lying on his back on the floor, his hard dick throbbing hot in his hand. Whoever Michael was, if he looked even half as sexy as he sounded, Paul doubted he could even be in the same room with him. Maybe that was why there was no picture to accompany his speech.

Paul reached toward the black box and took out the vials. "No time like the present," he said aloud, and walked into his bedroom where a full-length mirror stood in the corner.

After stripping out of his clothes, he took a few moments to admire himself. He had a good body, he knew that. Thin, but with good definition of his tight muscles. He got plenty of eye contact wherever he spent his evenings and in the showers at the gym, more than one guy had propositioned him for a little post- workout workout.

"Clear first," he said, unstoppering the tiny vial, and poured the clear fluid on his tongue. The vial was made of thick glass, and what was inside amounted to little more than a drop. It had a salty taste and earthy scent that entered his senses like a perfume. The stuff felt slick but not oily as it coated his mouth, and saliva started building to wash the stuff down as if his body hungered for whatever it was. Weird.

He took a deep breath, toasted himself in the mirror, and opened the white vial.

As the second droplet of fluid met his tongue, there was an immediate burning sensation. A heat that penetrated and spread as he swallowed it, branching through his body and into his arms and legs. It wasn't painful, but wasn't exactly pleasant either. His brain wondered dimly how such a small amount of anything could cause such a drastic reaction so quickly.

The heat continued to spread and grow until his whole body seemed energized. Whatever this junk was, it felt good, and he started feeling horny all over again.

The heat built into a tingling sensation everywhere. He could feel it especially in his cock and balls, and shortly he noticed himself growing hard again. It was as if something were inflating his dick from inside. It felt tight and huge and heavy as it pulsed into erection. It looked red and angry.

He felt something on his shoulder and he brushed at what he thought was a bug but, looking at his reflection, he realized that his hair was growing. And seeing himself now, it was growing everywhere.

A dark trail crawled upwards from a suddenly burgeoning forest of dark, tight curls above his steel-hard dick. Another dark line was developing on his body, but he realized that was a shadow falling across his warm skin caused by the magically developing pack of rippling abdominals that seemed to be inflating on his flat belly. Reaching down to feel them, he saw that his bicep was also fuller than it had been. In fact, he could actually see the muscle grow as he watched it, witnessing the fibers swell and multiply under the skin. Bending his arm, the muscle reacted by bulging thick and high, and he found himself grinning broadly.

To see that grin was to see subtle changes happening to his face. Were his cheek bones rising? Was that possible? And with all this growth happening, shouldn't he be in pain?

But all he felt was pleasure. A deep, constant pleasure all over his body, but chiefly manufactured at his groin. There was a drop of pre-cum at the piss slit and he rubbed it all over the helmet. It felt warm and slick under his touch.

Now his legs were joining the party. Thick wedges of power popped up under his tanned flesh. And where had his tan line gone? Was the light playing tricks? More shadow from the magically appearing muscle?

He turned to go flip the light switch and caught a view of his ass, seeing something of the men's perfect butts from the video reflected on his own firm cheeks.

With the light on, Paul could see very clearly how much he'd changed, and only in the space of minutes, and only with the small dose.

His tool was drooling now and wanted attention, so he started to jerk himself off again. His balls felt hot and heavy, as if they were producing a thick load of his juice even though he'd already cum twice during the video. He'd never seen so much precum in his life, he was leaking it all over his hands, it was coating his whole cock.

And that was bigger too, now that he had a hand on it. It felt so hard, and each stroke was sending deep, hot shocks of bliss through him.

His hair hung across his eyes and he pushed it back, marveling at the shock of feeling its silken softness, as if he'd just been to the salon and they'd bathed it in expensive oils and treatments. It was a sensual experience all its own just to touch it.

He was getting bigger still. The growth was happening everywhere, a subtle but constant development of muscle and size he could see and feel. His hungry, anxious dick begged for attention and his hand slid over its slickened inches trying to please it. He could feel a new load building and see his balls churn in his reflection. Were they really dropping lower? Could they be so filled that they were growing heavier under their burden?

His face was chiseled and smooth. The cheekbones were joined by squared jawline and a sleek, prominent brow. His eyes even looked greener.

God, he wanted to come so bad but his dick didn't seem to want to. Why wouldn't he release his load?

His changes slowed but his stroking didn't. His cock, he thought, was inches longer and fatter, but that couldn't be. It probably just felt that way. But the pleasure he felt was undoubtedly bigger. He'd never felt such a depth of orgasmic bliss that seemed to build and build until he didn't think he could hold on another moment.

He wanted to cum. He wanted to feel that screaming release erupt from his dick. His balls were stretched and swollen with his load. His cock was red and hot in his grip.

Suddenly, he felt a rushing heat everywhere on his body and he watched his reflection swell with muscle everywhere. It was as if his whole body was a prick, swelling suddenly erect as his strength and might increased, because he finally delivered his promise of thick, white cum. It was the most incredible orgasm he'd ever known.

He gushed several deep, strong pumps of cum at his reflection, loosing thick, hot fountains of radiant white spunk that splattered into puddles on the floor. He came over and over when he finally was able to release his pent-up sexual force, experiencing a climax so profound and overpowering that his knees nearly buckled. He wondered later whether, without his new bulging strength, he would have keeled into the warm pool of his seed.

He just kept cumming, like he was filled with it and it all wanted release now. Each pump of his hot spunk lasted several seconds. He was squeezing it out from his toes. His muscles tensed and bulged. He was drowning in a pleasure so deep that he hoped it would never end.

Finally, with one last extended pump, he was finished. Sucking in breath now that he had spent his load, his eyes raised to peer at his reflection, seeing without the rushing surge of erotic bliss what he had become with the aid of the small sample of Transform afforded him by those men in the video.

Paul was astounded. The man in the mirror was definitely himself, but a greatly augmented and improved version. He couldn't imagine any guy at his gym being able to look anywhere but at him if he were to walk through the doors right now.

Because his body was now the very definition of male power, and his face an exhibition of male beauty. His hands began to explore the new, greater dimensions of his muscled contours, feeling his own hard bulges and smooth curves. His arms were huge with rounded might. His belly was a tight, rippled relief map of muscle. Two huge mounds of squared, bursting force defined a new chest that Paul knew would look killer shielded behind a white cotton T shirt, with those pointed nipples poking against the fabric like an invitation. That was assuming he ever wore clothing again.

Because his skin felt erotically charged under his touch. Smooth, soft, warm and inviting. And he could feel his touch magnified as he caressed himself, as if his senses had been turned up a notch or two so he could enjoy the feeling of skin on skin even more keenly. His ass felt nothing short of amazing, sending erotic shocks into his groin like a cattle prod. His touch was magnified, which made him reach forward to see if his cock was enjoying those same benefits.

Looking down at his improved appendage, the thrill he felt manifested in a sudden swelling along its fat and lengthy form. Even limp as it was, it was huge. He figured he was sporting an eight-incher, easily two inches longer and much thicker than what he owned just minutes before. He could feel its weight tugging at his loins, feel its lush burden as the pink, perfect head dipped toward the floor. He tentatively wrapped his hand around the fleshy shaft and was rewarded with an intense sensual shock of pleasure, a tingling, toe-curling depth of sexual incentive to start stroking to renew what he'd felt only moments ago. Could the formula still be working it's magic on him, or was this what he would feel all the time now? How the hell would he be able to take a piss if he could hardly touch his prick without wanting to start whacking off like a monkey?

Paul moved his hand down the tool to the accompaniment of intensifying pleasure until he grasped the helmet, bringing forth a small bubble of precum.

Jesus, he thought, I can't possibly be ready to go again! Not already!

But his cock was telling him otherwise. Its hunger for his touch and repayment of powerful erotic ecstasy was profound and undeniable. Grabbing his balls, he could feel them churn in his hand, like an udder bulging with milk.

What had the man said? This was 1/100th of an actual, full-strength dosage? Could it possibly get better? And yet he'd seen Steve, the astounding changes that his friend had realized made the improvements Paul saw in his mirror pale by comparison. And Carlos looked even more amazing!

What would happen to his body from a single full-strength dose? Or two? How many had Steve and Carlos had? Paul bent his arm to watch his own bicep swell with size and power. How big could he get? How big did he want to be?

And what else could happen to his body besides this evident heightening of sensual arousal?

"What the fuck?" he asked his reflection, hearing now the intimation of that same erotically charged tone he'd heard from the voice on the video. Turning his beautiful ass toward the mirror, he walked back into his living room to find the sheet of paper that was his ticket to a new life. •

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