By johnd7102000

Brandon looked down at the 70-pound barbell he had just curled for 10 reps. "I feel fuckin' strong as shit, Jake. Let's put another 10 pounds on the bar. Eighty pounds of iron's gonna feel like a feather to these big monsters." He flexed his right arm in front of his face and watched his baseball bicep bulge at his command. Scott gulped as he thought about the strength and confidence of this young mesomorph. He got up on his feet and stood, buck naked, at a respectful 10 foot distance from the young stud. The two muscleboys loaded a five pound plate on each side of the bar. Brandon bent down and lifted it up with ease. Then he started curling it up. Scott stared at the strong young boy's arms as they curled up the 80 pound bar. The boy's biceps exploded under his thin skin as they powered up the heavy iron. Scott's cock started twitching as he realized this was far more than double than what he could curl. He felt weak in the stomach as he thought about all that strength in Brandon's muscular arms. That barbell was even heavier than what he could bench. And this 13 year old kid was doing curls with it! Brandon curled the bar all the way up and looked at Scott with a look of total confidence and arrogance. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. "A couple of days ago, I couldn't have done even one rep with this weight. Now look what I'm gonna do." Scott gulped. His cock twitched with excitement. Slowly Brandon lowered the bar and then started curling it up again. "Yeah, faggot boy, look at my arms. Look at all that fuckin' muscle. Look how fucking strong it is." Brandon looked at his bulging biceps. Then he looked right into Scott's eyes with his gorgeous blue eyes. His beautiful face had a look of total arrogance as he slowly curled up the heavy bar. Scott looked at Brandon's drop-dead handsome face and then stared at the bulging muscle in his arms as he curled the heavy bar. His biceps were literally busting out of his skin, with fibers and veins everywhere. That muscle was lifting the heavy iron with ease. Scott couldn't take it any longer. He reached down and grabbed his cock and as soon as he touched it he blasted spurt after spurt of cum all over the floor. Brandon curled the bar all the way up, lowered it and then curled it up again while Scott finished his incredible orgasm. Scott's eyes were fixated on the bulging muscles in Brandon's arms as they raised and lowered the heavy weight. He had the best orgasm in his entire life watching Brandon curl the heavy weight. Brandon looked down and watched his muscles work. He liked what he saw -- big, bulging, striated biceps that were overpowering the 80 pound barbell with ease. God it felt great to be strong! He lowered the bar and held it firmly in his strong grip, as the muscles stretched in his biceps like steel cords and his forearms bulged with rippling fibers and veins. Then he laughed. "Yeah, I thought you would bust a nut when you saw my muscles workin' like this, liftin' a fucking ton of iron. Look Jake. Your brother's such a total fag. He busts his nuts lookin' at buff guys liftin' heavy weights with their big muscles. I guess he's gonna bust a lot of nuts around us, ain't he Jake?" Jake grinned and nodded. "Lots of nuts," he said. Brandon continued. "And I think we're gonna bust a lot of nuts with him as our fuck toy. We're gonna have a real good time with your faggot big brother while we building our muscles with his fucking weights. We're gonna get fucking huge and strong and he's gonna just stay a skinny weak faggot wimp, servicing our big dicks any time we want." The he curled up the bar for another rep, sticking out his tongue at the 16 year old wimp in front of him. Scott just stood there with his mouth open, holding his cock and watching the mesomorph kid's big biceps flex and bulge as they curled up the heavy bar for a fourth rep.

"One more," yelled Brandon. "Gonna make these muscles burn! Spot me Jake." Jake moved in front of his muscular friend, getting ready to spot on this final, grueling rep. Scott moved over to the side so he could get a better view. Slowly Brandon started curling up the bar. "You got it Brandon," yelled Jake. "Look at your fucking muscles Brandon. Look how big they are. That bar ain't nothin' to your big muscles. Your muscles are way stronger than that fucking bar. Big arms, Brandon. You're getting' big arms." Brandon looked down and watched his biceps bulge. All eyes were on Brandon's muscular arms as they powered up the heavy bar. "Fuckin' strong!" yelled the blond musclekid as his arms conquered the 80 pound weight for the fifth rep. He felt like a fucking superman. When he got about half way up, his curl started slowing down. "It's all you, Brandon. You got it stud!" yelled Jake. Sweat was pouring off Brandon's body. His arms were red with muscle building blood and covered with sweat. Veins were popping out all over his arms and shoulders and the cords of muscle were bulging under his thin skin. He was clearly exerting the maximum force that his young, muscular body could produce. He was straining to the max. As the speed of his curl slowed way down, Jake put his fingers under the bar and lifted up with just a few pounds of force. "Yeah, you got it stud. Big arms. Your arms are getting huge. Make 'em burn Brandon. Make 'em burn real good and they'll grow like crazy. Yeah Brandon, look at those big mothers. Look at all that muscle. Look at how big and hard that muscle is. You got big arms Brandon. Real big guns. Lift that fuckin' weight with those big guns. That weight ain't shit to your big guns." Brandon's face was red with strain, with sweat dripping off his cheeks. His whole muscular torso was flexing and sweating as he curled the bar all the way up with just a little help from Jake. His arms looked incredible. Big and pumped and hard as granite. Scott's cock was hard again as he watched the young mesomorph conquer the heavy weight. "Yeah!" yelled Brandon as he finished the curl. "Fuckin' strong!" Jake reached over and felt his friend's arm as he held the bar at the top of the curl and slowly began to lower it. "Fucking big," said Jake. "That muscle's fucking huge. And fucking hard too." Brandon looked at his big arms and smiled.

He lowered the weight and dropped it to the floor. Then he turned to Scott and flexed his right arm. "Fucking big and fucking hard and fucking strong," he said as he looked at the bulging muscle in his arm. "Bigger and harder and stronger than your little arm's ever gonna get. Feel it wimp. Feel how big and hard my arm is already." Scott reached up with both his hands and felt the enormous size and hardness of the blond kid's upper arm. The bicep was peaked and rock-hard. It was hot, sweaty, and pulsating with brute strength. He had never felt a bigger or harder muscle in his life. Brandon smiled as he saw just how overpowering his muscles were to the naked faggot wimp who was admiring them like he was a god. Scott's cock was already hard again. "And just think, faggot. I'm only 13 and I've only been working out three weeks. Just think how much bigger and stronger that muscle's gonna be in a few more months. I'm gonna have more muscle in one arm than you got in your whole fucking faggot body. Muscle that can fuck you up any time I feel like it. Shit, I can already fuck you up any time I want. Like this."

At that, he reached up and wrapped his arm around Scott's neck. The athletic jock was so quick that Scott didn't have time to react to the attack. Scott's neck was now the victim of the musclekid's growing arm. Scott could feel the hot hard fibers in that strong arm as the thick muscle pressed against his scrawny neck. "My arm wants to do another curl," Brandon said "A curl around your little faggot pencil neck. That'll be a lot of fun, watchin' and feelin' my big muscle crush your little fag neck." He grinned at Jake, who nodded his head up and down. "Yeah, crush him Brandon with your big bicep. Show him how strong you are. Show him what a fucking faggot weakling he is compared to you." Jake was really into the muscle domination too.

"No….no……" pleaded Scott. He could already feel the pressure of the muscle kid's arm around his neck and the kid wasn't even flexing yet. "My arm don't care what you want, fag. If my arm wants to do a curl on your scrawny little neck, fuck that's what it's gonna do. My big gun does whatever it wants to sick little fags like you. And you can't do shit about it, can you, you weak little fag wimp." He grinned again at Jake and then grabbed Scott's head and pushed it down to the level of his own shoulders with his left arm. He lined up the dweeb's neck with the bicep of his right arm so the big muscle was facing the wimp's windpipe. Then he started to curl up his forearm. Instantly his rock-hard bicep bulged under his thin skin as it pulled up his muscular forearm with overwhelming force. The big bicep pushed itself into Scott's windpipe, blasting through the cartilege like a piece of fruit. There was a sharp crackling sound as the 13 year-old's big muscle smashed through the cartilage. Scott's neck was nothing to the mesomorph's rock-hard bicep muscle. The big, pumped, weight trained muscle crushed it like an insect. "Fuck, did you hear that, Jake? My muscle smashed right through his fucking windpipe. I could feel the fucker give in – just kinda surrender with a pathetic crackle -- to the power of my big bicep muscle. His fucking neck ain't shit to my big muscle." He flexed even harder, now squeezing so hard that his peaked, rock- hard bicep blasted itself deep inside Scott's helpless little neck. Scott struggled with all his might to free himself from the strong boy's grip, but his weak little efforts were nothing to Brandon's muscles. It was like he was a weak little deer trying to get away from the overwhelming squeeze of a muscular young gorilla.

"That feels cool,' said the strong kid. "It really feels cool when my big muscle smashes through his little neck. My muscle's so big and so hard and so fuckin' strong it just bashes in his little fag pencil neck like it's nothin'. That's real fun. I'm gonna do a couple more reps, 'cause its real fun crushin' the weak little fag with my muscles. It's real fun feelin' my big bicep smash through his neck and hearin' his fuckin' windpipe crackle when it gets smashed by my strong muscle. You havin' a good time faggot? You havin' fun too?" Scott couldn't breathe. His face was red and his neck was wracked with pain from the force of the big rock-hard muscle that was bulging into his crinkled windpipe. He started to drool. The strong boy's grip was so tight he couldn't move. But his cock was rock hard. Even though Brandon's big muscles were inflicting incredible pain on his neck, the feeling of the size, hardness and strength of the blond muscleboy's bicep was completely turning him on. Brandon looked down at the helpless boy's face and neck and laughed. "Fuck, what a spastic!" he laughed as he saw the spit drooling out of the teen weakling's mouth. "What a pathetic weak little spastic. You're so weak you can't do nothin' to stop my new muscles from crushing the life out of you. You're such a worthless faggot maybe I should do it. I got muscles and you don't got shit. I've been buildin' big, strong muscles with your fuckin' weights and my muscles like to fuck up little wimps like you. I don't fucking care how you feel 'cause I'm havin' fun and that's all that matters. The strong guys pick on the weak guys. That's just the way it is. You gotta deal with it, pussy. You ain't shit to Jake and me. You're just a fucking faggot weakling for us to play with. Get ready for another rep, wimp. Get ready to feel the power of my big arm smash your little neck again."

Scott was almost passed out by now, but his cock was still rock-hard after listening to this arrogant muscle talk. Slowly Brandon released his hold around Scott's neck, allowing him to breathe in a few breaths of air. Scott gasped. Then the dominant kid's big arm started curling and squeezing again. "Two," said the arm's young owner as his shredded weight-trained mesomorph bicep pulled on his muscular forearm and hardened into a steel ball. That steel ball smashed right through Scott's windpipe again, ramming itself deep inside his neck as the 13 year old's muscular forearm closed in from the other side. "My muscles always get bigger when they do more reps. They get pumped real good. They get real big and real hard. Does that muscle feel bigger and harder, wimp?" Scott couldn't move or speak. "Yeah it does, don't it." Brandon didn't need Scott to answer. He knew his bicep was pumping up even bigger and harder as it squeezed the scrawny neck that was no match for its overwhelming power. Scott started drooling again. "Look at how much bigger my bicep is, Jake. Look how it's smashing through his faggot pencil neck. Look how strong it is. Fuck, what a rush!" Brandon's cock was rock hard under his workout shorts. He was getting totally turned on seeing and feeling his muscles vanquish their helpless prey. "Yeah, Brandon, your bicep is getting huge. It's so strong and hard and big, my brother's little neck ain't nothin' to it. My brother ain't shit compared to you Brandon. I can't believe how big and strong your muscles are compared to his. He's pathetic."

Brandon smiled as he looked at the bulging muscles in his arm and then looked at Scott's weak little arm. There was no comparison. Bulging muscle vs. thin flab. And he was only 13 years old! He had only been lifting a couple of weeks and already he was strong and muscular. God it felt great to be so strong and muscular and know that he was going to get even stronger and more muscular. Way stronger and way more muscular. Brandon didn't know he was a mesomorph, but he could sure see that his body was sprouting muscles like crazy, getting bigger and stronger every day. He knew he had something Scott could only dream of. The ability to gain muscle at will. The ability to get incredibly big and incredibly strong. He pulled in harder on his arm, almost splitting Scott's neck in half. "Yeah!" he yelled. Scott's face was beet red. He started drooling again. He couldn't believe how strong this young boy had gotten. His cock was ramrod straight, just like Brandon's.

Brandon did two more reps of curls on Scott's neck, finally satisfying his primal urge to completely conquer the little weakling with his brand new muscles. Then he released his grip and pushed the insignificant wimp to the floor. Scott gasped for air as he stared up at the muscular beauty of the blond youth that had just thrashed him so badly. Brandon put his foot on Scott's chest and flexed his arms in triumph. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled. "You ain't shit to these muscles, fag. I'm gonna fuck you up any time I feel like it." Then he pulled down his shorts and waved his rock-hard cock back and forth. "Yeah, really fuck you up," he said as he looked approvingly at his big weapon and his shredded abs. "I'm gonna have a lot of fun fucking you up real good." Scott looked up in awe at the incredibly muscular and dominant boy stud.

"Get up!" ordered Brandon. Scott struggled to get to his feet and stood before the young musclegod awaiting further orders. He was still buck naked. Brandon looked down at the wimp's hard cock and laughed. "You faggots just can't get enough, can you," he said. Then he flexed his muscles mockingly in front of Scott's worshipping eyes. "Yeah, you love my muscles even though they can smash your weak little faggot body into a fucking pulp. Well, you gotta make yourself useful around here. Jake and me are gonna finish out workout and you're gonna be our little slave, doin' whatever we want. Your first job, slave, is to go make two big protein shakes and bring 'em back to us. Yeah, I know it used to be your protein but its our protein now. Don't you eat any of our protein, faggot." He grabbed a bottle of water and quickly drank the last of it, swallowing the liquid with big gulps. He threw the empty bottle at Scott. "And bring back some more water too. Oh yeah, and you don't get to wear any clothes when we're workin' out and you're our slave. You're gonna be our naked little slave. Then after the workout, when our muscles are totally big and pumped, we're gonna fuck the shit out of our little slave. You got that, slave?" Scott gulped. "Yes," he said softly. "YES WHAT?" yelled Brandon, shouting like a Marine drill sergeant. Brandon glowered at the frightened wimp, his sky blue eyes piercing into Scott like a laser. His face looked mean and menacing. He lifted his arm slightly and started to curl it, like he was crushing Scott's neck again. His bicep bulged with authority as it flexed. He curled his arm up and down, all the while looking at Scott's eyes as they watched the big muscle bulge in the boy's strong arm. "Yes, WHAT?" said Brandon again as Scott looked back at his drop-dead gorgeous face. "Yes, SIR," yelled Scott, now knowing he was in the complete control of this young musclegod.

Jake laughed as he watched his big brother literally melt in front of his muscular friend. He grabbed his own water bottle, chugged down the remaining water and threw it at Scott. "You better get your ass in gear, bro. Me and Brandon gotta finish our workout and you got work to do. Now go make those protein shakes like a good little slave. My turn for some curls. Gotta make these mothers really burn and grow!" Without warning, he lunged at Scott and wrapped his own arm around his brother's neck. Then he squeezed, flexing his big bicep into the soft flesh just like Brandon had done. Jake's bicep felt almost as big and hard as Brandon's as it smashed into Scott's neck, and it wasn't even pumped up yet. Jake smiled as he saw what his big muscle could do to his brother's neck without even trying. The muscle just smashed its way in, and it was so strong it didn't even have to strain to do it. God it was great being strong and muscular. Then he let go and flexed his arm in Scott's face. Scott's eyes got wide as they looked at his little brother's big hard bicep. "Yeah, you got two muscle masters to service, bro. We're both way bigger and stronger than you. Now get the fuck out of here and mix up our protein shakes. I'm hungry. My body wants some protein right now. My muscles wanna grow!" He grabbed his brother by the chest, spun him around and shoved him towards the garage door. The push was so hard Scott almost fell down. He staggered out the door to the kitchen.

Like a good slave, Scott made two big protein shakes. He made them extra thick, just like Jake liked them. And even though he was tempted, he didn't eat any of the protein himself. All that protein was going to feed those two muscular boys in the garage. To make their bodies even more muscular. To make them even stronger. To make them even bigger. They were going to get bigger and stronger every day and he was going to stay skinny and weak. That's just the way it was going to be. There was nothing he could do about it. They were the muscular boys, the strong boys, the masters, the boys who ruled their world. He was the skinny boy, the weak boy, the slave, one of the many boys who would be ruled by these muscular mesomorphs. He dared not disobey the orders of his young masters. God knows what their muscles could do to him if he dared disobey them. He realized that he was soon going to have to buy lots more protein powder to keep feeding those muscular boys, those musclekids with the appetites of young lions. He gulped at the thought of all that protein being ravenously devoured and then converted into solid muscle by their genetically gifted bodies. He knew he had no choice but to keep feeding those mesomorph bodies all the protein shakes they wanted, protein shakes he was going to have to buy himself. The strong, muscular 13 year old masters would not take no for an answer from their weak little 16 year old slave. They would smash him like an insect if he didn't buy all the protein they wanted. He realized that all his savings was going to go into the bodies of these genetically superior musclestuds, to make them even bigger, stronger and more muscular. But then he smiled at the thought of these beautiful young muscle gods turning into even more muscular young teenage supermen, forcing him with their big muscles to service their every need. Money well-spent, he thought to himself as his cock stiffened. And he didn't nave any choice in the matter anyway.

After he finished making the shakes, he filled up the water bottles and headed back to the garage. He was still totally nude, as ordered by Brandon, and his cock was still rock hard. It had stayed hard just from him thinking about all that young muscle in the garage. As he walked in, Jake was in the middle of a set of curls with the same 80 weight Brandon had used. His deeply tanned body was covered with sweat and the muscles in his arms were almost popping out of his skin. He got to the top of a curl and looked at his wimpy little brother staring at his body in disbelief. "Yeah, check 'em out, bro. Look at my fucking muscles. Look at how strong they are. I'm almost as strong as Brandon. And way stronger than you." He slowly lowered the bar, smiling as he watched his brother stare at his muscles. Scott quickly put down the shakes and water bottles and raced over to stand next to his 13 year old brother. His cock twitched with excitement as he roamed his eyes over the kid's muscular body. He sure didn't look like a little brother any more. He looked like a muscular young Greek god. His arms hung at his sides like hams, the muscles of his biceps straining against the heavy bar and his triceps bulging in the back. "I bet you never thought I'd get so strong so fast," said Jake. "I'm so much stronger than you it ain't even close. Check out a real man's strength, wimp. A real man with real big muscles. I already got more muscle on my body than you'll ever have. And I just started workin' out." Then he started curling the bar again. The muscles in his arms absolutely bulged with raw power as they lifted the 80 pound bar. "Feel 'em bro. Feel the power in my guns." Scott reached over and put his dainty fingers on his brother's upper arm as it curled up the heavy weight. That arm was hot and sweaty. It was pumped and rock hard. Scott couldn't believe what he was feeling. The bicep felt like it was made with steel cords, steel cords that were stronger than anything Scott could imagine. The tricep was hard as rock and bulging out in the back of his arm under the paper thin skin The steel cords in the bicep turned into a shredded steel ball of solid muscle fibers as they contracted and curled the bar higher and higher with their brute strength. Scott couldn't take it any longer. While feeling that big muscle flex under his soft fingers, he touched his cock with his other hand and spurt a huge burst of cum all over Jake's chest and abs. Then he shot four more smaller spurts in an orgasm of total ecstasy, completely overcome by his little brother's muscular arm and its incredible strength. Jake got to the top of his curl and held it, letting his brother feel the big muscle in his arm as he finished cumming. "Yeah, fuckin' big and strong, ain't it bro. Your little cock went fucking ape shit over my muscle, didn't it. You are such a fuckin' faggot!" He slowly lowered the bar and dropped it to the floor. Then he grabbed Scott's wrist and rubbed the skinny wimp's hand over his abs and chest, rubbing the jism over the sweat-covered paper thin skin. The hot, rock-hard muscle bulged underneath. "That feel good, bro? You like feelin' your wimpy cum on top of my big muscles? I bet your cum wishes it could get some genes from my muscles. Some muscleman genes. But hey, I got all the muscleman genes in our family. You ain't got shit." He laughed and rubbed Scott's hand all over his washboard abs and bulging pecs. Yeah, he sure had good genes. Scott could almost feel the genetic superiority his brother possessed as the young stud rubbed his hand across his rippling muscles. They he raised his arm, grabbed Scott's other hand and put it on his bicep. He flexed the muscle and the huge peak of boy-god muscle mass sprang up at its young owner's command. Scott couldn't believe it. With one hand he was feeling his little brother's rock-hard abs and pecs and with the other hand he was feeling his big bicep, the muscle that had just curled 80 pounds with ease. He looked into his brother's eyes with a look of total awe. Jake looked back and smiled with a look of total confidence and arrogance. A look that said "Yeah, bro, feel my big muscles. Feel the power in my big muscles. Feel the muscles of a real jock stud. Feel the muscles that can beat the shit out of you any time I want. And I don't even have to try hard. I'm so strong and you're so weak, you you don't stand a fucking chance against these muscles. Shit, I could beat you up easy with just one arm. Yeah, one of my arms is stronger than both of your arms. I'm already twice as strong as you and I'm gonna keep on getting stronger. How's it feel to have a 13 year old brother who's already got more fucking muscle than your pathetic 16 year old body ever could dream of having and who's getting even bigger and stronger every day. I bet it makes you feel real weak, don't it bro. Real weak and wimpy. Oh what you would give to have a body like I already got. Well, dream on, faggot. I got muscles and you ain't got shit. I'm a fucking big strong jock and you're fucking weak little faggot. Yeah, bro, feel the muscles of the stud who's gonna rule your miserable faggot wimp life." Scott was mesmerized as he looked into Jake's eyes and felt his bulging muscles.

Breaking Scott's trance, Brandon laughed as he saw Scott's worshipful face stare at his muscular brother. "The fucking fag wimp just can't get enough of our muscles, can he Jake. God what a fucking weakling loser." Brandon reached over, grabbed Scott by his bony shoulders and pulled him away from Jake. "Down boy. Down you little faggot. Bring us our shakes. We're fucking hungry. Our muscles want more protein so they can grow even bigger." He shoved the naked wimp over towards the shakes and water. The push from his strong arms was so hard that Scott went crashing to the floor. "Fucking spastic faggot!" yelled Brandon. "What a fucking retard." Scott got up on his knees, crawled over to the shakes and picked them up. "Bring 'em over here on your fucking knees, slave. Show us the proper respect when you give us those shakes." Scott held the shakes in each hand and shuffled on his knees back over to the two muscular boys, who were standing next to each other flexing their abs, chest and legs ever so slightly. They really did look like young Greek gods. Scott held up the glasses of protein-rich liquid as he stared at their incredible bodies. "I know I am not worthy to be here with you, masters. You are so muscular and strong and I am so puny and weak. Please accept this protein from your humble slave, so your young muscles will grow even bigger and stronger and I will be even more insignificant to your god-like muscular bodies." Brandon smiled. He was satisfied with the respect shown to him by his little faggot slave. Then he and Jake reached over, grabbed the shakes and gulped down the thick liquid. "Ummm, he said. "Feels good to feed these big muscles. Feels good to keep 'em real satisfied. I can almost feel 'em growing right now." Jake looked at his muscular friend and smiled. "Fuck yeah. We're gonna get huge." Scott just stared in awe at their beautiful bodies and their handsome faces as they chugged down the muscle- building shakes.

After they finished their shakes, they drank some water and then continued with their grueling arm workout. Besides the barbell curls, they did dumbbell curls and preacher curls for their biceps. Five sets of each exercise using weights that blew Scott's mind. Then they did forearm curls. Their forearms were already pumped and bulging from the other exercises. The muscles in their forearms were already writhing like snakes, flexing at every move of their wrists, and covered with veins. But these two muscle kids wanted them to be even more pumped and bulging. They wanted them to be huge. Jake put his arms on the preacher pad. Brandon grabbed the barbell, still loaded to 80 pounds, and placed it in Jake's hands. Then Jake started curling the bar up and down with his wrists, using only the power of his forearms, his big, muscular forearms. Scott stared in disbelief as he watched the muscle bulge with every rep. God that muscle is strong, he thought to himself. And it's big. Really big. At the top of each curl, Jake's forearm muscle looked like a bowling pin. A bowling pin writhing with muscle and covered with veins. Scott's eyes bulged out of his head watching all that muscle. When Jake finished 10 reps, he dropped the weight to the floor and stood up. He went over to Scott and flexed his forearm next to Scott's arm. There was no comparison The steel-hard muscles in his forearm were huge and pumped and bulging. They were covered with veins, pulsating with muscle-building blood. "Fucking big," he said confidently. "Fucking big and fucking strong. Look bro. My forearm's so much bigger than yours it ain't even close. Look at all that fucking muscle! Fucking strong muscle. Fucking stronger than you'll ever be. Shit my forearm's way bigger than your upper arm. I got more muscle in my forearm than you got in your whole faggot arm. How's it feel to have a little bro with a forearm like this? How's it feel to be such a wimp compared to me?" Scott just gulped as he looked at the writhing mass of muscle that was his 13 year old brother's forearm. Jake smiled. Yeah, he was the stud of the family. Then he wrapped his right hand around Scott's upper arm and started squeezing. The mass of muscle in his forearm bulged again. Immediately Scott felt a jolt of pain shoot though his arm as that mass of muscle powered Jake's thick fingers into his soft flesh. Jake had crushed Scott's arm at dinner that night, but now his fingers seemed to be twice as strong as then. His fingers had gotten thicker and more muscular. His forearm muscles had gotten incredibly big and strong. So strong they just smashed those big fingers deep into Scott's upper arm even though the weakling was flexing as hard as he could. His flexing muscles were nothing to those strong fingers. "Fucking strong, ain't they bro. My fingers are so strong they can crush your puny arm like it's mush. Look at the muscles in my forearm. Look at how they flex and bulge while they're drivin' my fingers into your weak little arm. God, you are so weak it's pathetic. It feels good to be strong like this. You must feel like shit, getting fucking squeezed to death by my big muscles. And you're so fucking weak you can't do shit to stop me. I can do anything to you I want. And just think, bro. Next week this arm's gonna be even stronger. Stronger and bigger. Stronger, bigger and harder --- all the better to crush you with even more." Scott winced in abject pain as he looked in awe at his little brother's bulging muscles. He nodded in agreement. His little brother so muscular and strong he couldn't believe it. He felt like a total wimp next to him. And he was. Jake smiled and let go. Yeah, it's great to be strong.

The boys did six sets of forearm curls with that 80 pound barbell. Their forearms got so big and pumped it was unbelievable.

Before their forearm exercises, when they were doing dumbbell curls, Scott thought maybe he would do a few sets of barbell curls. After all it was his set of weights. He went over and started taking off some of the plates – the bar was way too heavy for him. When Brandon saw this, he raced over and wrapped his arms around Scott's skinny chest from behind. He jerked Scott up straight. Then he started pulling on his muscular arms, immediately squeezing all the air out of the skinny 16 year old's lungs. The 13 year old's lats flared and his biceps bulged as they applied enormous force to the helpless weakling's torso. "We didn't give you permission to use our weights, faggot. These weights are ours now. You can't touch 'em unless it's to load more iron on for us when we tell you to. These weights are for strong kids like us so we can put even more muscle on our bodies and get even stronger. They're not for weak little faggots like you. They'd just be wasted on you. Jake and me keep adding more and more weight every day 'cause our muscles keep getting bigger and stronger. You ain't added no weight at all. Your muscles don't grow. You a fucking loser. So you're done, wimp. No more weights for you. Just for us. We're gonna get scary big and strong and you're gonna stay the little fag wimp you are now. That's the way I want it and that's the way its gonna be. And there's not a fucking thing you can do about it, you sick little weakling. If me or Jake see you even touchin' one of our weights, we're gonna bust your skinny little faggot ass so bad you'll wish you were never born. You understand, faggot?" At that he squeezed his arms extra hard, so hard it seemed that Scott's ribs were close to breaking. Scott could feel the heat of the young muscle kid's rock-hard biceps as they dug into his chest. God that kid is strong, thought Scott. Strong and mean. A dangerous combination. Scott nodded his head. "Yes sir," he warbled, barely able to speak.

Satisfied, Brandon lifted Scott off the floor and then shoved him forward with his muscular chest as he released his bear hug. The humiliated slave went crashing to the floor. He looked over at the weights, knowing he could never touch them again without permission of his young masters. Then he looked up at the two muscular boys who were standing over him laughing at his pathetic weakness. They flexed their legs and their big quads bulged into columns of striated muscle. Their legs were growing just as fast as their upper bodies. They were getting bigger and stronger every day.

"Time for triceps," said Brandon, now ignoring Scott. He flexed his triceps at Jake. "Gotta make these babies burn!" They began their brutal triceps workout, starting with overhead French presses, then pulley push downs and finally dumbbell kick-backs. Again, five sets with real heavy iron. Scott stared in awe at these muscular youths as they blasted their triceps with intensity he could never approach. When they were finished with their triceps exercises, the big muscles were literally bursting out of their arms, forming heads of rock-hard muscle when they straightened their arms and flexed. Even relaxed, the big muscles bulged out in the back and sides of their arms, making their arms look like hams hanging at their sides. Their still-pumped lats pushed their arms out from their torsos. God they were muscular! Brandon walked over and flexed his pumped triceps next to Scott's arm. There was no comparison. Big striated muscles bulged out in Brandon's arm while Scott's arm looked like a stick. "Yeah, gettin' big, real big" said Brandon, looking at his bulging triceps approvingly. Jake flexed his own triceps on the other side of Scott's arm. His muscles were just as big as Brandon's. Big heads of tricep muscle bulging in his strong young arm. Scott's little stick arm was sandwiched in between those two muscular mesomorph arms and there was no comparison. Muscular strength surrounding puny weakness.

Suddenly Brandon wrapped his arms around Scott's chest, face to face, and squeezed. Scott looked across at the blue eyes and drop dead gorgeous face of the blond muscle kid who had him under his complete control. He looked into those blue eyes. He could feel the boy's hot, sweaty, bulging, rock-hard pecs pushing themselves into his flat little chest. He could feel the big muscles in his arms pull him into those pecs with overwhelming power. He could smell the sweat pouring off the young muscle god's red hot skin. Brandon squeezed real hard, just to show how strong he was. Scott's chest collapsed under the enormous force of those brand new muscles. Then the blond Adonis thrust his hips into Scott, almost lifting him off the ground. Scott could feel the young stud's stiff cock bulging underneath his shorts. "We're done with our workout, fag. You know what that means. Feel my cock? Yeah, it's real hard. Real big and real hard just like my muscles. Now I wanna fuck. I'm as horny as a bull!"

He dropped Scott to the floor and stood over him like a warrior. Scott looked up in awe at his glistening, muscular body. He could see that big cock straining at the shorts, almost ready to burst out. He looked up at his drop-dead handsome face and his beautiful blue eyes. His wild blond hair made him look even more rugged and sensual. Oh, what a stud, thought Scott. Jake came over and stood next to his friend. His cock was bulging too. Both boys looked absolutely radiant. And they looked real horny. "Pull off our shorts, slave. Reach up and pull off our shorts, nice and slow."

Scott looked up at Brandon's beautiful body. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. His cock was rock hard again. He reached up and slowly pulled down the muscular boy's shorts, letting the elastic stretch, and feeling those strong glute muscles as he guided the shorts over the musclekid's firm, round butt. He pulled down further, exposing the boy's blond pubic hair just above his cock. While still feeling that musclebutt, he moved one hand back to the front and rubbed it over those hard, corrugated abs. God, what hard muscles, front and back. He could smell the crotch sweat evaporating off Brandon's hot, wet pubic hairs. He pulled the shorts a little lower and without warning, the kid's cock burst free, almost hitting him in the face and pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Now he could really smell the strong crotch sweat, sweat produced during the young jock's rugged workout. "Look at my cock. It's already big and hard. It's ready to fuck. It's ready to fuck real good." Brandon was proud of his cock, just like he was proud of his muscles. Scott stared in awe at the huge weapon. Then the muscle kid reached down, grabbed his cock and whipped it across Scott's face several times. God that cock was hard. Big,hard and strong. It hurt Scott's face a lot as it smashed into his cheeks. "Yeah, big and hard. A lot bigger and harder than your little cock ain't it faggot. A lot bigger and harder, just like my muscles. Is my big cock hurting your little fag face? Well, fuck! It don't care. It likes to fuck up weak little fags like you. It can hardly wait to fuck you up real bad. Now, off with the shorts, punk." God, what a dominant, arrogant musclekid, thought Scott. He pulled those shorts all the way down Brandon's legs, feeling the hard muscle of his thighs and calves along the way. Brandon twisted his hips back and forth, slapping the wimp's face with his cock. When the shorts were down, Brandon lifted his right leg and threw them to the side with a graceful flick. He stood buck naked looking down with his sky blue eyes at his puny little slave, flexing his abs and stroking his cock. Scott couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. "Now take off Jake's shorts, faggot. And make it quick. I'm fucking horny as shit."

Scott turned to face his little brother, who was standing right next to Brandon. His body was also pumped and sweaty and bulging with muscle. He looked up at Jake's strong young face, his tan skin and short brown hair absolutely radiant. He could see the kid's cock pushing out underneath his shorts, shorts that hung low beneath his washboard abs. Jake looked down at his wimpy older brother and smiled. "Yeah, you can't believe how good I look, can you bro. You can't believe how strong and muscular I am. You can't believe how much muscle I've packed onto my body so fast. And now you're not gonna believe what my cock's gonna do to you. Rip off those shorts!" Scott knew better than to disobey his brother. He ripped those shorts down to his feet in one pull. The kid's cock sprang out and pointed straight up towards his abs. God he was horny. He kicked the shorts aside, grabbed the back of Scott's head and jammed his nose deep into his crotch. The smell of the crotch sweat was overwhelming. "Smell what a real man's crotch smells like, bro. Smell what a real man smells like after blasting his muscles with weights so heavy you couldn't even dream of liftin' 'em. Yeah, smell that muscle sweat you little wimp faggot." He pushed Scott's face deep into his crotch and started twisting his hips around, pushing his rock hard cock into Scott's cheeks. Scott could hardly breathe, but the air he could breathe was heavy with the pungent smell of his brother's crotch sweat. And oh did that smell good. Scott had never smelled such strong jock-boy crotch sweat in his life. Certainly he never made sweat that smelled like that. Jake's sweat was strong, just like his muscles. •

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