By johnd7102000

Jake put down the glass and resumed stroking his cock with his right hand while rubbing his left hand over his washboard abs and pumped up pecs.. "Workin' out and seeing my muscles flexin' and growin' made me fuckin' horny," he said. "I'm gonna bust a nut right now." Scott stared in disbelief at his little brother. Neither brother had openly jacked off in front of the other before. They would have been too embarrassed to reveal themselves to the other brother in this way. Now it was obvious that Jake felt totally uninhibited. He could do anything he wanted whenever he wanted to do it. Scott was stunned by the arrogant self-confidence his muscular 13-year-old brother now possessed. But he was even more stunned by Jake's body. Jake flexed his abs and pecs as he ran his hand over the muscles. His muscles looked like corded steel as they flexed and relaxed at his command under his paper-thin skin. He started moving his hips up and down as he stroked his big cock. His flexing muscles looked absolutely beautiful as he moved his body.

Scott's cock was twitching under his shorts. It had been rock-hard from the moment Jake walked into the bedroom and now it was aching, literally aching with pain, as it responded to all the hormones surging through his body as he watched his little brother's incredibly buff body undulating and his big thick cock twitching with pleasure. Suddenly he ripped off his shorts and started stroking his own cock. Jake looked up at him and smiled. Then he started thrusting his hips up and down harder and harder as he stroked his cock with his right hand. The muscles of his abs and pecs tensed to steel-like hardness. The fingers of his left hand felt those rock-hard muscles as he rubbed his hand over his sweaty skin. He started groaning with pleasure as he felt his hard muscles and his big cock. Suddenly his cock exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum first over his head onto head and then all over his face and body. Spasms of ecstasy surged through his body. He shot over 10 loads of thick mesomorph jism, emptying his huge balls of the thick, creamy liquid. Not more than two seconds after Jake started cumming, Scott's cock exploded too, with the spasms of ecstasy shooting through his body too. The spurts of his orgasm landed right on his little brother's chest and abs, mixing in with Jake's cum. He didn't shoot as much jism as his little brother, only about half as much, and he didn't shoot it very far. Just like his muscles, his cock and balls weren't as big and strong as his little brother's. But his orgasm was just as pleasurable.

Jake rubbed the jism over his chest and abs and continued stroking his cock, which was still hard and dripping cum. "Mmmmmm, that felt so good," he said. He looked up at Scott's cock, which had drops of cum dripping from the slit. "Looks like you had a good time too." Scott nodded his head. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Jake looked down at all the cum on his body. "Well, I better take a shower. I don't wanna be too gross for mom at dinner." He jumped up off the bed and strutted out the door to the bathroom. Scott just couldn't take his eyes off his muscular body as he walked away. Then he spit on his cock, stroked it some more, and managed to cum a second time just thinking about his little brother's muscles and what had just happened. He didn't shoot very much jism, but the orgasm felt real good. Real, real good.

A few minutes later, Jake swaggered back into the bedroom, totally nude and wiping his body with a towel. His cock was still semi-hard and it was swinging like a thick rope with every step. "I busted another nut in the shower," he said as he reached down and grabbed his big weapon. "You shouldda seen the cum splatter against the tile. I shot as much the second time as I did the first. My balls are just full of cum." Scott looked down at Jake's big swinging dick and his large, low hanging ball sack bulging with his big balls. Then he looked at his little brother's totally muscular buff body and his ruggedly handsome face. Then he looked down at that huge cock again. He couldn't believe what was happening to his little brother.

Jake went over to his chest of drawers and pulled out a white tee shirt from the bottom of the drawer. It was a shirt he had worn a year ago and now it was too small for him. "Gimme a pair of scissors," he barked to his brother. Scott dutifully got the scissors from his desk and handed them over. Jake grabbed them out of his hand without so much as a thank-you. He cut off the arms of the tee shirt. Then he cut off about a foot of cloth from the bottom of the shirt. Then he threw the scissors at Scott and put the tee shirt on. The white cotton fabric stretched as he pulled the shirt over his muscular torso. Then he stood up straight and looked at himself in the mirror. "Pretty cool, ain't it," he said as he looked at himself approvingly. His shoulders and arms were totally exposed, revealing his buff new muscles. His pecs were bulging out under the cloth, with his erect nipples pushing out even further. His lats flared out to the sides, stretching the cloth even more. And his abs were completely visible because the shirt had been cut off only a few inches under his pecs. They looked like a washboard of rock-hard muscle. His oblique muscles flared down to his crotch, sort of pointing right at his cock. He grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them up barely over his crotch, not even thinking about putting on any underwear. The shorts hung real low on his hips, exposing the tops of his muscular bubble butt buns and the bottom of his totally cut abs and obliques. "Gotta show mom my muscles," he said. "I think this outfit shows 'em off real good." He flexed his pecs and abs a couple of times in the mirror and smiled. Then he flexed his arms and turned around to face Scott. "Look at what's gonna rule your fucking wuss body the rest of your life," he said. Scott looked at the bulging muscles on his little brother's 13-year-old body and gulped.

An hour later the Scott and Jake's mother came home from work and started making dinner. The boys went into the kitchen. Scott was wearing his usual baggy tee shirt and shorts. Jake was wearing his tight-fitting muscle tee. Their mother turned around and looked at her sons. Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my gosh," she said. "Jake, just look at you. You're changing so fast from a boy to a man. Look at all that muscle on your body. I had no idea you were growing muscle so fast. Your muscles have really responded to you working out with Scott's weights and eating so much more food. Just look at all that muscle, muscle that wasn't there a week ago. I can't believe it. You're turning into a real man." She was totally ignoring Scott as she stared at Jake's body. He smiled. "Yeah mom. Those weights have worked wonders for Brandon and me. We're gettin' huge. We're already stronger than wuss-boy here. We've already gone from 40 to 85 in our bench press and big man Scott here is still stuck at 65 pounds. We doubled our strength and he ain't done jack. And we've really packed on the muscle. Here, feel it." He raised his arm and flexed. His mother wrapped her fingers around his bicep and tricep and squeezed. "Ooooh, that's really big and hard," she said, swooning at feeling the bulging arm muscles of her own son. She ran her hands over Jake's delts, lats and pecs, sighing with oohs and aahs as she felt the buff, hard muscle. Then she ran her fingers down to his abs. "Feels like a washboard. Like corrugated iron. Geez, I could do the laundry on your stomach muscles, Jake. They're as hard as steel." Jake grinned with pride. "Yeah, just as hard as steel. All my muscles are as hard as steel. Now feel Scott's muscles, mom. Feel what a wuss he is compared to me."

Scott's mom looked over at her older son and gasped. "Oh my god, Scott. What happened to your face. It's all black and blue. It looks like you got a black eye." She had been so mesmerized by her younger son's new muscles that she didn't even notice Scott's bruised face. Scott looked sheepishly at his mother. Before he could say anything, Jake blurted out "He got into a fight with Brandon and me and we kicked his ass real good. First Brandon beat him up and then I did too. He always used to kick my little ass, but now with my new muscles I can kick his ass. He's a weak little wuss compared to me."

Their mom looked over at Jake and then back at Scott. "Scott, I told you not to fight with your little brother. It looks like he can defend himself now." Scott was enraged. He didn't start the fight! Brandon did! But before he could say anything, Jake said "Yeah, mom. He won't be able to pick on me anymore. Feel his muscles, mom. Feel how soft and weak they are compared to mine. Flex your arm, wuss." Scott didn't want to do this, but he knew he didn't have a choice. Slowly, he lifted his right arm and flexed. His mom reached up and squeezed his arm muscles, just like she had with Jake. "Whoa," she said. "Jake's right. Your arm muscle isn't nearly as big and hard as his muscle." She ran her hand over his shirt, feeling his flat pecs and his soft gut. "God, Scott. All your muscles are smaller and softer than Jake's." She looked over at Jake's body as she felt Scott's muscles. Jake's body looked absolutely radiant. His tight cut-off tee shirt exposed almost his whole torso. His arms bulged with muscle as they hung at his side. His striated delts capped his shoulders, the fibers twitching under his skin. His abs looked like a washboard. And his pecs and lats pushed out on the tight white cloth of the tee shirt that strained to hold in those bulging muscles. His muscles were rippling with power as he just stood there. His mother couldn't believe how muscular he had gotten. "Gosh Scott, here all along I thought you were the athlete in our family, but it looks like your little brother's got you beat in the muscle category. Totally beat. And he's only 13 and just started workin' out. I wonder what he's gonna look like a year from now. You better watch out, Scott." She smiled and looked at Jake. She was obviously proud of her muscular younger son. Jake smiled back at his admiring mother and hit a double biceps pose in triumph, sticking out his tongue at Scott. Yeah, mesomorphs rule.

"I have a special treat for dinner tonight," she said. "I bought some steaks. Jake has been eating so much lately I bought two steaks for him. Scott, you and I get one steak each. Jake beamed. His mother was feeding him more food than his brother. She knew his growing muscles needed lots of good protein to keep up their warp speed growth. Scott looked defeated. With all the extra food, there was nothing that was going to hold back Jake's growing muscles. He was going to be unstoppable. The family sat down for dinner.

Jake tore into his food like a wild man. Even though he had eaten a big protein shake just an hour before, he was ravenously hungry, His grueling workout had made his body call out for food, lots of food. He gobbled up his food like an efficient eating machine. He finished his two steaks and all his potatoes and vegetables before his mother and Scott had finished half of their steaks. "I'm still hungry," he said, staring at the steaks on his mother's and Jake's plates. "I want more meat." His mother stared in disbelief at his clean plate. "Wow, Jake, you sure have an appetite," she said. "Your muscles must be telling your stomach they need more meat to grow bigger and stronger. You're a growing young man, Jake. Here, take the rest of my steak." Jake smiled and stabbed his fork into his mother's steak. Then he grabbed the slab of meat by the bone with his hands and chomped down on the meat, filling his mouth with a huge bite of the protein rich beef. He chewed up the meat in about three strong chews and ripped another big chunk of beef off the bone. Scott stared at the muscles in his jaw and the sides of his face as they flexed, powering his jaw up and down, smashing his teeth into the meat. His strong jaw and teeth pulverized the meat with ruthless efficiency. In less than a minute he had devoured the whole steak. Scott had not taken one bite. He was transfixed by his brother's rippling, powerful jaw muscles and his brutally efficient eating. Jake was like an animal when he ate. Like a young tiger ripping the flesh off his prey and chewing it up with incredible power and efficiency.

Jake put down the bone of his mother's steak and looked over at his brother's plate. "I want your meat too," he said. "I got growing muscles to feed and you don't got shit." Scott looked down at his steak and hesitated. He didn't want to give his meat to his brother. Actually, he was almost full, being such a light eater, but he still didn't want to give his little brother his steak. After all, it was his steak. He was the big brother. He wanted to eat his own steak. Maybe it would help him build some muscles too. Jake could see the hesitation in his brother's eyes. He reached over and wrapped his hand around Scott's skinny little upper arm with the tips of his fingers right on top of the biceps. Scott looked down at Jake's muscular forearm and over at his bulging upper arm and shoulder muscles. "You wanna give me your meat, don't you, bro. You wanna help feed these muscles so they get even bigger and stronger, don't you bro." As he talked, he started digging his fingers into Scott's bicep. Scott winced in pain. He watched as Jake's forearm flexed like a coil of writhing snakes. "These muscles wanna get real big and real strong, bro. And they crush little wimps who don't give 'em what they need to get huge." Jake applied more power to his fingers. Bolts of pain shot through Scott's arm as the thick strong fingers of his 13-year-old brother smashed though his bicep muscle like it was mush. Scott couldn't believe how strong those fingers were. He couldn't believe how much muscle Jake already had in his forearm. The bulging, rock-hard muscle was way bigger than Scott's upper arm. And it was way stronger. Scott tried to jerk his arm away, but Jake was so strong he held it in place with almost no effort at all. Scott's weak little attempts at resistance were nothing to Jake's strong new mesomorph muscles. Jake looked into his brother's eyes as he crushed. His eyes had a look of total superiority and arrogance as his big new weight trained muscles crushed his older brother's skinny little arm. He liked being so strong and dominating. Scott's eyes had a look of fear, helplessness and pain as he watched and felt the overwhelming power of his little brother's muscles. "Yeah, these muscles are gonna get even bigger and stronger, wimp. You don't wanna piss off these muscles, now do you bro? You wanna treat these muscles real good so they won't beat you up every day, don't you bro. You ain't shit compared to these muscles bro. You wanna give me your meat, don't you. You wanna help these muscles get huge." Jake ordered his muscles to squeeze even harder into Scott's arm and the big shredded fibers flexed even more in his forearm. The snakes looked like they were ready to jump out of his skin. Jake smiled as he saw just how strong he was compared to his brother. He felt so good being so strong. Scott yelled in pain. "Yeah, I wanna give you my meat, Jake," he squealed. "Feed your big muscles! Take my meat, Jake. Take it!"

Jake smiled and let go of Scott's arm. He held his forearm out in front of Scott's face, made a fist and curled it up and down, flexing the pumped muscles in his forearm. The big muscles bulged under his paper-thin skin like writhing like snakes in the shape of a bowling pin. "Pretty strong, huh," he said as he looked at his flexing muscles approvingly. "Way stronger than your weak little arm. You are such a weakling." Then he grabbed Scott's steak off his plate and wolfed it down, tearing the meat off with his teeth and smashing it with his bright while teeth powered by his strong jaw muscles. During that meal, he ate six times more steak than his brother. His muscles were getting six times as much protein. And his muscles would soon be six times as strong. After all, he was a mesomorph. When he was done ripping the beef off the bone with his teeth and chewing up the meat with his strong jaw muscles, he put the bone in his mouth and hit a double biceps pose for his mother. He looked like a total animal with the steak bone between his teeth and his upper arm and forearm muscles bulging with power. His whole upper body looked incredible in his tight cut-off tee shirt. Every muscle was rippling--- his biceps, his triceps, his delts, his lats, his pecs and his abs. "Yeah mom, check 'em out," he said as he looked at his buff arm and shoulder muscles. "They're gonna be even bigger tomorrow. With all that meat, these muscles are gonna grow like crazy." His mom stared in awe at her 13-year-old son's bulging muscles. She was proud of her muscular young son. She really liked his buff muscles. She wanted them to get bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. She wanted to help him get big and strong. She realized that Jake was now dominating his big brother, his new muscles completely overpowering his weak brother. Although she felt somewhat sorry for Scott, she realized that this was the natural order of things. The natural dominance of the strong over the weak. The young son with the strong muscles was going to dominate his weakling older brother. She actually got a primeval surge that went through her body as she watched her strong son's buff muscles crush the weak flesh of his big brother. She felt a primitive attraction to those buff strong muscles. Survival of the fittest, she thought to herself. And Jake is sure buff and fit. She grabbed his upper arm and felt his bulging muscles. Jake flexed for her and the muscle turned into solid rock in his mother's fingers. She let out a little moan and then pushed her plate over to the muscular kid. "Finish my vegetables and potatoes," she said. "Gotta feed those muscles." Jake grabbed her plate and wolfed down the food. Scott just stared in disbelief. He couldn't believe how much food his kid brother had just eaten. He couldn't believe how strong he had gotten. He couldn't believe how muscular he had become. He couldn't believe how much his mother was into his muscles. He couldn't believe all this was happening to him.

The next several days at school, all Scott could think about was Jake and Brandon. He had just seen Jake's overwhelming physical superiority his body, his cock, his strength, his appetite, his attitude and he knew that Brandon was even more physically superior than Jake. Jake kept telling him how Brandon was bigger, stronger and more muscular than he was. And the kid was drop dead gorgeous, with his handsome face, sky blue eyes and blond hair. And yet this beautiful, strong, muscular kid was cocky, arrogant, and extremely aggressive and dominant. Even more aggressive and dominant than Jake. God, he though to himself. All that muscle and strength coupled with all that attitude! What a fucking scary thought. But also a very erotic thought. Scott's cock stayed hard almost all day. He just couldn't keep Brandon out of his mind. He was intimidated by the thought of these muscular boys. Boys who were using his weights to get far more muscular than he dreamed possible. He didn't visit the garage for several days, just visualizing in his mind what was going on in there lots of muscle being packed onto the bodies of Brandon and Jake, the 13 year old mesomorphs. But he saw Jake every night. Strutting around in his tight cut-off muscle tee shirt, flexing his muscles in front of his brother to show off. Eating three or four times as much food as he could eat at breakfast and dinner, plus protein shakes made from Scott's protein. Flexing in the mirror in their bedroom, watching his muscles getting bigger every day. Talking trash talk to his wimpy brother, letting him know how big and strong he was and how little and weak Scott was. And laying in bed teasing his brother, stroking his cock and rubbing his hand over his washboard abs and bulging pecs until he shot load after load of thick, creamy cum high into the air. Scott just couldn't take his eyes off his muscular little brother. But he was so embarrassed after that night when he came in front of Jake that he always waited until Jake was gone before he blasted his load, thinking about his brother's strong, muscular body. All he could think about was Jake and Brandon. It was now three weeks since Jake and Brandon had started lifting weights. Scott finally got up the nerve to watch them work out. So after his track practice, he walked into the garage. Brandon and Jake were deep into their workout. It was back and arms day. They had just finished their back exercises. Five sets of five grueling exercises. Their lats, traps and lower back muscles were pumped and throbbing under skin that was red with muscle-building blood. Now they were starting to blast their arms. As Scott walked in, he saw Brandon doing a set of curls with a 70-pound barbell. Scott gulped. This kid was curling twice as much as he could curl. And it looked like it was easy for him! Brandon's tan, muscular body was dripping with sweat. He was wearing only a pair of red nylon workout shorts that were soaked with sweat and clinging to his hips and butt. He was facing Scott, with Jake standing next to him yelling encouragement as he forced the heavy barbell up and down with the power of his young arms. His traps were bulging out from his thick neck and his lats were bulging out at his sides like slabs of beef. The red-hot muscle was covered with veins, totally pumped from set after set of grueling back exercises. His arms were also pumped from all those back exercises, and now those arms were being forced to work those heavy weights all by themselves. Forced to work super hard so they would get super big and super strong. Scott's eyes fixated on those arms. They looked huge. As the blond boy curled the barbell up and down, his biceps bulged with incredible muscular density. At the bottom of each rep, his biceps looked like steel cords and his triceps bulged in the back of his arms. Then when he curled the barbell up, those biceps contracted like machines in his arms, forming a big ball of striated muscle as they powered up the heavy barbell. Brandon looked over at Scott with a look that said "Yeah, check out these muscles, wimp. Look at how big and strong they are." He knew Scott was mesmerized by his display of muscularity and brute strength.

Brandon finished his 10th rep and dropped the barbell on the floor. "Well look who's here," he said, flexing his muscles casually as his superpumped arms hung like hams at his side . "It's little fag boy. It's the little wimp who likes big muscles. Big muscles that can kick the shit out of his pathetic wimp body. He ain't built any fucking muscle at all on his fuckin' wimp body, but we've been building muscle like crazy. He's 16 years old and he's a fucking weakling. We're only 13 and already we're twice as strong as him. And we got big muscles too. Yeah, look at my muscles faggot. You wish you had big muscles like these, don't you. Well, you don't and I do. I got muscles and you don't got shit. Look at you staring at my muscles. Yeah, Jake told me you got all turned on lookin' at his buff body. Yeah, big brother gets all turned on by little brother's big muscles. Yeah, Jake told me all about it, fuckface. Well, I got bigger and buffer muscles than Jake. Yeah, look at my muscles. Here I'll flex 'em for you. Look at my fuckin' arms, fuckface. Yeah, they're huge ain't they. They're already twice as big as your little stick arms. Yeah, and twice as strong too. Shit, I can see your little cock almost popping out of your shorts. Yeah you like these muscles don't you. You like these muscles even though you know they can smash your weak little body into a fucking pulp. Well, get your sorry ass over here, faggot. Move it!" Scott walked slowly over to Brandon. His cock was rock hard under his shorts. Brandon had already noticed.

He stood in front of the sweaty, muscular, red-hot body of the blond adonis. He could smell the fresh sweat evaporating from the kid's body. He breathed in real deep, taking in the heady aroma of that muscle boy sweat. He stared in disbelief at Brandon's upper body. God that kid was built. His eyes moved up from his washboard abs to his bulging pecs to his red-hot traps and thick, striated delts to his flaring, blood-engorged lats. God, what a total stud. Then he stared at his big, muscular arms. Arms that were engorged with blood and literally bursting with muscle. Oh my fucking God, he thought to himself. He could hardly take his eyes off those arms but finally he looked up at Brandon's drop-dead gorgeous face and into his sky blue eyes. He felt weak in the knees as he comprehended the absolute perfection of Brandon's face and body. Never in his life had he seen a more perfect specimen of beautiful muscular youth. Brandon smiled with a look of arrogance as the 16-year-old fag wimp stared in awe at his buff 13 year old jock stud muscles and his radiant, drop-dead gorgeous face. Slowly he raised his right arm and flexed. The big bicep muscle turned into a rock-hard ball of shredded muscle under his paper-thin skin. It looked like a baseball. It was easily as big as a hardball and it had a tremendous peak at the top where the muscle bulged up even further. Veins crisscrossed under his skin and the fibers of rock hard muscle were clearly visible. His skin was wet with sweat, sweat that made his arm glisten like marble. His forearm was rippling with muscle also, with hundreds of veins carrying blood to the throbbing fibers. His big triceps flexed under the bicep, forming a perfect football shape to the bottom of his upper arm. Brandon smiled when he saw the expression on Scott's face as he stared at his flexing muscles. "Kiss it, fag," he ordered. "Kiss my bicep." Scott gulped. He couldn't believe what Brandon just said. His cock twitched with excitement under his shorts.

He bent down and kissed the top of Brandon's bulging bicep. The sweat tasted salty on his tongue. The skin was red hot, red hot from the hot bicep muscle underneath which was bulging and pumped to the max from the curls it had just done. He held the kiss for several seconds, rubbing his tongue on the muscle fibers that felt like pulsating steel under the muscleboy's thin skin. He breathed in and smelled the pungent musclejock sweat smell, which was evaporating out of the stud's wet armpit and off his hot, glistening skin. God that sweat smelled good. He kissed that rock-like bicep muscle real hard, feeling the fibers of muscle with his lips and tongue. "Look, Jake. Your faggot brother is kissing my muscle! He's kissing my fucking muscle and he's enjoying it! He's touching my muscle with his tongue, rubbing his little fag tongue all over the pumped up fibers. That muscle feel good to you wimp? Those fibers are real hard, ain't they. Yeah, they're totally pumped. They get real big and real hard when they pump up like that. My muscles pump up real fast."

Then he reached down and grabbed Scott's cock. "Look Jake. His little cock's hard as a fucking steel pipe! He's really into my body, just like you said. You like that big muscle, don't you faggot. You never had muscles like that in your whole fucking life. You like my big, hard muscles." At that, Brandon pulled his arm back from Scott's worshipful lips and said "Strip off your clothes, faggot. I wanna see you totally naked." Scott knew better than to disobey the aggressive muscle kid, so he stripped off his shirt, shorts, boxers, shoes and socks and stood in front of his muscle god totally nude. His cock was pointing straight up. His skinny body looked pathetic next to the awesome muscles of the blond kid standing in front of him. "Fuck, you are so turned on I can't believe it. Look at that little cock standing up at full attention! Fuck what a little faggot!"

Brandon held out his arm next to Scott's arm, curled it up and flexed his bicep. Two big heads of peaked bicep muscle popped out on the top of his arm. His arm looked more than twice as big as the skinny flab on Scott's arm. His forearm bulged with muscle. It was way bigger than Scott's upper arm. Scott tried to flex but there was nothing there. "God you are so fucking skinny and weak. Look at your arm compared to mine. Look at your whole body compared to mine. I got tons of muscle and you ain't got shit. Fuckin' A, what a little pussy weakling. Guess what, faggot. Jake and me have put on tons of muscle since the last time I saw you. I'm up to 122 pounds. That's another 10 pounds of shitkicking muscle in a little over a week. I'm already heavier than you are, but I'm shorter and I'm solid muscle. Jake's only two pounds lighter. We've both been puttin' on muscle like crazy. And strong? Yeah, we're fucking strong! We can bench more than our bodyweight now for reps! Next week we'll be benching 20 pounds more. I know it. We're four times stronger than when we started and twice as strong as you already. Look at this body, wimp. Solid, rock-hard muscle. Not an ounce of fat on this body. Yeah, I can see your little cock getting hard just lookin' at my muscles You like my muscles, don't you faggot? You wish you had muscles like me and Jake but you ain't got squat. Even your cock is puny compared to mine. But that little cock sure likes what it's seeing, don't it." Scott was totally aroused and in awe of Brandon. He was even aroused more by Brandon's arrogance. He nodded his head sheepishly. Brandon put down his arm and stood directly in front of Scott. Then he flexed his abs. "Get on your knees and lick the sweat off my abs, faggot. I wanna feel your little fag tongue licking my hard muscles. Look at those fucking abs. They look like fucking bricks, don't they. They're as hard as bricks too. I bet you're gonna like lickin' those hard fuckers, aren't you faggot." Scott's eyes lit up. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. This young muscle god was ordering him to lick his washboard abs, the most beautiful abs he had ever seen.

He got down on his knees in front of the blond adonis. His body was trembling from excitement. His cock was so hard it was like a steel pipe. He could smell the jock- boy sweat emanating from the muscleboy's hot sweaty body. Slowly he stuck out his little tongue and touched one of the rock-hard bricks of muscle with the sensitive tip of that tongue. Instantly he could taste the salt of the sweat. And he could feel the fibers of muscle flexing under skin that was as thin as cellophane. God that muscle felt hard. It felt as hard as iron. He pushed in on the muscle with his tongue, but the corrugated ridge of muscle didn't give at all. It was like rock. His cock twitched with excitement. Then he started rubbing his tongue all over the young god's corrugated abs. There was lots of salty sweat covering his skin, which tasted so, so good. He ran his tongue over the ridges and crevices, feeling the iron-like hardness of the ridges and digging deep inside the crevices to clean out all the sweat. He couldn't believe how hard those abs were and how chiseled they were. The ridges and crevices felt just like bricks on the solid wall of a fortress. A solid wall of muscle. The 13-year-old musclekid had absolutely no fat between his paper-thin skin and the bricks of muscle, so Scott could feel the hot fibers bulging at the command of their young master. Scott caressed those abs with his adoring worshipping tongue, running his tongue up and down, over and across the washboard of 13-year-old mesomorph muscle. He had never had such a wonderful feeling in his body.

. Then, while he was still licking the young Adonis's abs, he reached up and felt the kid's bulging lats, lats that were still hot and pumped and sweaty from set after set of pull-ups, lat pulldowns and barbell and dumbbell rows with weights heavier than Scott could imagine. Scott started groaning as he felt the big slabs of rock-hard muscle. "Fucking big, ain't they wimp," boasted Brandon. "My back muscles are fucking way bigger and way stronger than your pathetic, weak little faggot muscles." Brandon looked down at Scott's back. "Shit, you ain't got no muscle at all on your back and I got tons of muscle. I can do thirty pull-ups easy. Regular pull-ups are too easy for me now. Next week Jake and me are gonna start tying weights around our waists, to make the pull-ups harder. Our muscles are growin' so fast they need more weight. They are so fucking strong regular pull-ups are way too easy for 'em. Shit, you're so fuckin' weak I bet you can't even do a couple of regular pull-ups!" Brandon reached down and grabbed Scott's little lats. There was no muscle there. Brandon laughed. Then he flexed his lats for Scott's worshipping fingers.

Scott gulped. Brandon was right. He could only do three regular pull-ups. The thought of being able to do 30 pull-ups with ease, then strapping a weight on his waist and cranking out more pull-ups with those big muscles was mind-boggling. But this 13 year old could do it after less three weeks of lifing weights. What a fucking stud, he thought. His cock twitched with excitement. "My lats ain't the only muscles that have been growin' like crazy on my body. Feel my chest faggot. Feel how big and hard my chest muscles are. They're way bigger and way harder than your puny little chicken chest." While still caressing the musclekid's corrugated abs with his tongue, Scott moved his hands over and started feeling Brandon's bulging pecs, feeling the rock-hard muscle inside those beautiful curved formations. "Twice as big and twice as strong as your muscles already," said Brandon. "And they're gonna get a lot bigger and a lot stronger. Jake and me are getting stronger every day. And our muscles are getting bigger every day too. Yeah, our muscles really like your weights, wimp. Our muscles are getting totally big and strong lifting your weights, faggot. Pretty soon our muscles are gonna be so strong that you're gonna have to buy more weights. Not for you faggot. For us. Yeah, you'll still be benchin' your puny 65 pounds, but we're gonna need 150, 200, 250, yeah 300 for our benches. We're gonna get fucking huge! We're gonna be benchin' 300 pounds while we're still in Junior High School! We're fucking studs! Fucking muscle studs!" Brandon flexed his pecs as he said that and Scott marveled at the big hard muscles bulging in his chest. God the kid was cocky and arrogant! Benching 300 pounds while still in Junior High School! But then he rubbed his fingers over the round, shredded muscle in his incredible pecs and realized that if his pecs felt like this after three weeks of lifting weights, he probably would be benching 300 pounds very soon. He looked up and gazed longingly at the kid's erect hard nipples that were being pushed out by all the muscle underneath. He rubbed the nipples between the fingers of his hands, feeling just how big and hard and erect they were. They were like iron spikes sticking out of the muscleboy's chest. Brandon started groaning with pleasure as his little slave's fingers caressed his powerful muscles and his sensitive nipples. He flexed his pecs, letting the little weakling feel how big and hard and strong they were. Showing off his muscle superiority. He jutted out his chest proudly. Yeah, he was proud of his body.

Then almost by instinct Scott moved his head up started sucking and licking those erect nipples with his tongue. The muscleboy's nipples felt like a steel spikes. Steel spikes sticking out proudly from a mountain of solid, bulging muscle. Scott wrapped his lips around the nipples and at the same time felt the hard muscle underneath with his fingers. Then he ran his hands up and down the muscleboy's hard body, from his bulging pecs, out to his flaring lats, and down to his washboard abs. God, he never had felt anything like this in his life. He caressed the muscleboy's hard nipples with his tongue as he fondled his pecs, lats and abs with his fingers. God, what a fucking stud, he thought to himself. He was in total ecstasy. Then he let go of the nipples and ran his hands all over Brandon's hard body. His back, his butt, his chest and his abs. Brandon's muscles were totally perfect in every way.

Brandon was moaning with pleasure. He had never experienced anything like this either. "Mmmmm, that feels so good," he said. "I'm getting so hot." Scott was totally hot himself as he moved his caressing tongue around the brick wall of corrugated ab muscle and licked the musclekid's "outie" belly button clean. He was so excited and happy he could almost cry. This was the best experience he had had in his entire life. "Ummm, feels good," murmured Brandon. "Feels good to have my muscles serviced by a little fag wimp. Look at this Jake. Your big brother licked my abs clean. He's really into it. He just can't get enough of my body. Ya know, it feels real good. Makes me feel real strong.. Makes me feel like a fuckin' stud havin' this little faggot wimp worship my fuckin' muscles like this."

Suddenly he reached down and pulled down his shorts. His aroused hard cock sprang up and hit Scott in the face. His cock was way bigger than Scott's cock, bigger even than Jake's. It was real thick too. He grabbed his cock and slapped it across Scott's face several times. The big weapon was rock hard and the slaps really hurt Scott's tender face. Brandon didn't care. He was the one in control and this little slave was going to do his bidding. "My muscles ain't the only thing that's gonna be serviced by your fag tongue, wimp. I'm gonna ram this big cock right down your little fag throat. You're gonna suck my big cock whether you like it or not. I'm getting real horny havin' you lickin' my muscles and feelin' 'em and everything. I'm so fuckin' horny I could ram my dick down your throat and bust a huge nut right now. And there's nothing you could do to stop me, wimp. You're such a weak pile of shit there's nothin' you can do to stop my muscles. I'm so much stronger than you it ain't even close. I'm gonna love shovin' my big dick down your little fag throat and makin' you gag while I get off. But I'm not gonna do it right now. I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna wait till after Jake and me finish our workout. I don't wanna lose the fantastic pump I got. I gotta work these arms so hard they're gonna be fuckin' huge and bulging with fucking muscle. More muscle than you ever seen. So you're gonna stay here until Jake and me are finished workin' out and then you're gonna do whatever I tell you to do. You got that, wimp? You understand, you fuckin' little faggot?"

He slapped his cock across Scott's face a couple more times and then shoved his sweaty crotch into the skinny wimp's face with his cock pointing straight up next to Scott's nose. Scott breathed in the strong smell of the musclekid's crotch sweat. He felt the young stud's big, thick, hard dick pushing into his face, forcing itself into his soft flesh. He reached around and grabbed the kid's muscular ass, pulling his crotch even harder into his face and feeling the rock hard muscles bulging in the young Adonis's muscle butt. His cock twitched with excitement. He was ready to do whatever this young muscle god ordered him to do. "Yes, sir," he said, speaking right into Brandon's balls.

The 13 year-old blond musclekid pushed the naked 16 year-old wimp away from his buff body with a hard shove. Scott went crashing down to the floor on his back. He looked up at Brandon's beautiful muscular body and drop-dead gorgeous face with a look of total awe. Brandon sneered, pulled up his red nylon workout shorts and then flexed his arms. "Gotta keep building these guns, wimp. Gotta keep puttin' muscle on this body. Watch me work out, faggot. Watch me and Jake lift more weight than you can even dream of liftin'." Scott nodded his head. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. It was like a dream come true. •

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