By johnd7102000

Brandon walked over to Jake and the two muscleboys gave each other high fives. "You ready for our next exercise, stud?" he said. Jake nodded his head. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you bro. Brandon and me are gonna start on the Intermediate Workout Program today." He pointed to the intermediate program on the chart. "We figured we're way too good for the Beginner Program, so we're gonna go right to the Intermediate Program. That means we're gonna be workin' out every day. Today is chest and shoulders. Tomorrow is back and arms. Friday is legs. And of course we'll do abs every day. So we got lots more sets to do for our chests and shoulders and abs today. Gotta train these muscles real hard." Jake hit a most muscular pose and looked down at his flexing pecs. They were bulging and super pumped. Scott looked at his brother and frowned. "Hey, wait a minute," he said. "This is my workout day. I just let you do some benches to see how you've doing. This isn't your workout day. It's mine. I gotta finish my workout now. You guys get to work out every other day just like me. You guys have to work out tomorrow on your regular day. These are my weights and you gotta play by my rules. So get the fuck out of here."

Scott was really mad that these two kids wanted to work out on his workout day. He walked up to Brandon and grabbed him by the upper arm. He was shocked to feel how thick and hard Brandon's arm muscles were. He tried to spin the younger boy around, but when he pulled, Brandon stood firm. Then Brandon slowly curled up his arm, flexing his arm as he curled. Scott got a shiver up his spine as he felt those muscles flex. Both the bicep and tricep muscles were big and hard as the kid's arm curled upward. And as he curled his arm up, Brandon's bicep formed a hard ball of muscle. A harder muscle than Scott had ever felt in his life. A bolt of electricity went up and down Scott's spine. He had never felt anything like this before in his life. Then in a flash Brandon spun around, made a fist, pulled his arm back and smashed his fist real hard into Scott's gut. The power of the kid's punch was enormous. All the strength of Brandon's pumped and bulging newly developed pec, delt and tricep muscles was lasered into his fist and that fist buried itself into Scott's abdomen. Scott had never been hit that hard in his life. Before Scott could even react, Brandon pummeled him with lefts and rights to the chest and gut, every blow as hard as the first one. Scott tried to fight back, but his weak little punches bounced harmlessly off Brandon's hard pecs and abs. Brandon didn't even try to jump out of the way, although he easily could have. He just kept up the relentless attack, blow after blow after blow. Even though Scott was five inches taller and outweighed him by 10 pounds, Brandon was much stronger and faster than the older boy. At 5'5" and 110 pounds of solid muscle, he was far more muscular than Scott at 5'10" and 120 pounds. In less than two weeks, his mesomorph body had put on muscle so fast that Scott's skinny ectomorph body was now no match for his young, totally buff muscular body. He looked radiant. His blond hair flew around as he jumped and punched at will. His pumped muscles flexed and bulged as they powered his hard fists into his helpless prey. His body was covered with a sheen of sweat and it literally glowed as he used his new muscles with devastating authority. He was strong and he was dominant. His drop-dead handsome face and blue eyes still looked beautiful as the muscular body below pummeled the older boy. And his own buff 13-year-old body was impervious to Scott's feeble punches. His muscles were hard, like iron. The few punches Scott managed to land just bounced off of those steel hard muscles. It was like he was Superman punching a rag doll. He loved his new muscles. He loved punching Scott's helpless body, landing blow after blow at will. He felt like such a stud. Fuck, he was a stud. Finally, he grabbed Scott's shoulder and spun him around to face Jake.

"Beat him up Jake. Beat up your fucking brother. Show him who's the boss around here from now on. It's easy. He's just a little pussy." Jake looked up into his brother's eyes and smiled. Scott reacted with a look of total fear. He had already been totally thrashed by Brandon. Now his own little brother, another muscular mesomorph, was getting ready to beat him up too. Jake made a fist, pulled back his arm and just held it there. The muscles in his shoulder, upper arm and forearm were pumped and bulging. Scott started trembling. He was frozen in fear. He never dreamed he'd be so afraid of his little brother. In a period of ten days, his little brother had changed from an ordinary boy into a muscular kid who was stronger than he was. Jake's brown eyes sparkled with intensity. The muscles in his jaw flexed and his whole face looked like the face of a young warrior. A good-looking, strong young warrior. He looked eager and determined, like he could hardly wait to try out his new muscles in a fight with his older brother.

SMASH! Jake's fist came smashing into Scott's chest, knocking him backwards. The punch really hurt. He and Jake had traded punches many times in the past, and Jake had never ever hit him as hard as that. That punch was at least twice as hard as he had every felt from his little brother. Jake had gotten twice as strong in the last week, and now he was punching twice as hard. Harder than Scott could punch. Much harder. "Hit him harder!" yelled Brandon. "Beat the shit out of the pussy motherfucker!" Jake pulled back his other arm and smashed his fist into Scott's gut. Scott tried feebly to fight back, but he was weak and tired and his brother was strong, pumped and energized. His weak little punches, the ones that actually hit Jake's body, felt like feathers to Jake. Jake's punches felt like piledrivers to Scott. Jake felt a surge of testosterone and adrenaline blasting through his body as he beat up his older brother with ease. He felt so strong, so dominant, so cocky. He loved the feeling of being the kid in control. Of being the kid who was the strong kid. Of being the kid who had the muscles. Of being the kid who could beat up the kids who didn't have any muscles. Like his older brother. He smashed his fists harder and harder into his brother's pathetic body. "Yeah, fuck him up real good!" yelled Brandon. "You got muscles and he ain't got shit. Show the big wimp who's the boss. Beat the shit out of him." Jake was getting totally excited. His eyes got a wild look as he saw and felt how dominant he was. He was overloaded with testosterone and adrenaline. He felt like a total stud. Scott started staggering. He was so bruised and battered he could hardly stand up. "Punch him out!" yelled Brandon. "Hit the fuckin' loser in the face." Jake pulled back his right arm and smashed his fist into Scott's face. Scott felt a flash of pain in his face and keeled over onto the floor. He wasn't knocked out, but he was totally thrashed. His body and now his face had been totally bruised and battered by these two aggressive 13-year-old mesomorphs. He looked up at the two muscular boys in utter awe. He couldn't believe what they had done to him--- what they could do to him. The two dominant 13 year olds stood over their prey and gave each other high fives. Their muscular bodies were dripping with sweat and their pumped muscles were bulging under their thin skin. They really did look like victorious young warriors.

Then Brandon dropped down and pinned Scott's arms to the floor. Scott looked up at the blue eyes, blond hair and drop-dead handsome face of the boy who was now controlling him with ease. "Open your mouth," ordered Brandon. Scott was confused. Why should he open his mouth? He just laid there. Brandon let go of one of Scott's arms and punched him in the face. Another shot of pain seared through his face. "I said open your mouth, fuckhead." This time Scott knew not to disobey the muscular blond boy. He opened his mouth. Brandon rolled his tongue around his mouth a couple of times. Then he opened his lips and dropped a huge ball of spit into Scott's open mouth. "Yeah, taste my spit, fuckhead. I can make you eat my spit any time I want. I bet my spit tastes good to you, don't it. It's muscle stud spit. Us muscle studs can spit on you wimps any time we fucking want." Scott tasted the muscleboy's spit and then swallowed. The kid had produced a huge amount of spit. He was amazed at how much spit he had to swallow. And he didn't think it tasted very good. He almost gagged. But there was nothing he could do about it. The musclekid was right. He could make Scott eat his spit any time he wanted. He gulped it down.

Brandon looked up at Jake. "Get down here and make him eat your spit too. He's gonna love eating his little brother's spit. He's gonna love looking up at his little brother's muscles, muscles that can kick the shit out of him any time he wants. Yeah, Jake, make him eat your spit." Brandon jumped up off Scott's body and before Scott could move Jake dropped down and pinned his arms to the floor. Scott looked up at his brother's face. A chill went up his spine. For years, when he looked at his brother's face he saw the face of a little kid that he could push around. Now as he looked up, he saw the face of a confident, aggressive young jock. A jock who was growing muscles so fast it was unbelievable. A jock whose face was ruggedly handsome. Big brown eyes, short brown hair, strong jaw and chin. The face of a total stud. Below that handsome face was a body that was now buff and muscular. Jake easily pinned Scott's arms to the floor and as he pinned, the muscles in his own arms bulged under his skin. His chest and shoulder muscles were still pumped from the heavy bench presses and all the hard punching and were covered with sweat. Scott could smell the fresh sweat coming off Jake's hot, muscular body. More shivers went up his spine. He just couldn't believe how strong and muscular Jake had gotten. Jake saw the look of awe and fear on his brother's face. He smiled. He liked being the dominant brother. "Open up," he ordered. Scott knew better than to disobey his muscular little brother. He opened his mouth. Jake rolled his tongue around his mouth and then slowly opened his lips. A huge blob of spit gently fell into Scott's mouth. "Swallow it. Swallow my spit." Scott swallowed his little brother's spit. There was so much, he had to swallow twice. Brandon started laughing. "Yeah, that's a good wimp. I bet that tasted real good. You like eating our spit. You're such a fucking pussy." Scott looked up at Brandon. The beautiful blond boy stuck out his tongue and flexed his right arm. He knew he was superior to the little wuss on the floor.

"Okay, let him up, Jake. We gotta finish our workout." Jake got off of Scott and stood up. Brandon kept talking. "We gotta do incline dumbbell presses, pullovers and flyes to finish our chest workout. Then we gotta do military presses, dumbbell presses, side laterals and front laterals for our shoulder workout. Four sets of each exercise. We're gonna blast our chests and shoulders. When we're done these muscles are gonna be so totally pumped it'll be unreal. I love it when our muscles got so fucking pumped. They get fucking huge." He raised his arm and ran his hand over his flexing delt muscle. He could hardly wait to feel that muscle pump and bulge as it lifted the heavy weights.

Then Brandon's eye was caught by a big glass of white liquid sitting on a shelf in the garage. "Hey, what's that?" he said, pointing to the glass. "It's my protein shake," said Scott. "I bought some protein powder and I mixed up the shake." Brandon walked over to the glass and picked it up. "Protein shake, huh," he said, eyeing the glass. "Protein builds big muscles. My muscles need a lot of protein, they're growin' so fast." Then he gulped down the whole shake in about five gulps. "Feels good to feed these muscles," he said when he finished. "Hey, that was mine!" yelled Scott. "Whaddya gonna do about it, wimp?" said Brandon as he made a fist and held it in front of Scott's chest. Scott looked at Brandon's rippling arm and shoulder muscles and then up at his sky blue eyes, eyes that were as brutal and confident as they were beautiful. He gulped. He knew there was nothing he could do about it. "Protein's for kids who are bulding muscles. Jake and me are building muscles. You ain't building shit. You're just a wuss. Now take this glass and make another shake for Jake." Brandon shoved the glass in Scott's face. Scott hesitated. "Take it, asshole. Take it or I'll pound your fucking wimp ass with all the shit-kicking muscle I've been building with your weights." Slowly, Scott took the glass, turned around and headed for the kitchen. His life had been changed forever that afternoon. When he returned with Jake's shake, the two muscle kids were doing sets of incline dumbbell presses using dumbbells that were far heavier than Scott could even think of using. Scott watched the two kids work out for a few more minutes. He couldn't believe how big their muscles got as they pumped the heavy weights. He marveled the intensity at which they trained, how they did each exercise to complete exhaustion. It seemed like their bodies were just made for working out and getting big and muscular. Like they were just born to get big and strong. Then he headed up to his room. He didn't feel like finishing his own workout. And besides, the two mesomorphs were using the weights. His weights.

Scott was lying on his bed as the door opened and Jake walked in after finishing his brutal chest, shoulders and abs workout. The two brothers shared a bedroom, with their beds on each side of the room. There was an imaginary boundary line down the middle of the room. Scott's side was very neat and orderly. Jake's side was a complete mess, with clothes tossed around everywhere. Every week on Saturday Scott made Jake clean up his side of the room, just like he made him do his share of chores around the house. The two brothers had always shared the chores around the house, helping out their mother who worked very hard to put food in their mouths. But Jake hated doing his chores. Scott had to make him do them.

Jake walked into the room and Scott's mouth dropped open. The younger boy had a bottle of water in his hand and he was chugging it down. He was wearing only his workout shorts. Scott couldn't believe how buff and pumped his muscles were. His whole body was covered with sweat. Beads of sweat were dripping from his face, chest and abs. His torso and his arms were bulging with muscle and his skin was red from all the blood pumping through his veins. His delts stuck out on his shoulders like pieces of striated clay slapped onto his broadening shoulder bones. His abs looked like they had been cut by a knife, a veritable washboard of muscle pulsating under his thin skin. He had just finished three sets of 50 sit-ups and three sets of 50 knee raises hanging from the bar, so those abs were totally shredded. His shoulders, chest and arms were incredibly pumped from the brutal 32 sets of heavy lifting he had done for his chest and shoulders, 16 sets for his chest and 16 sets for his shoulders. His muscular young body looked absolutely radiant. His skin was a reddish brown. Red from all the blood pumping through his muscles and brown from the tan he had. Jake tanned real easily and he kept some of his tan even in winter. He finished drinking the water and threw the empty bottle at his brother. Then he turned around and looked at his body in the mirror. "God those weights are great," he said. "Look at how big my muscles are getting. Look at how pumped they are. Look at my shoulders. Look at how much muscle I got on my shoulders already." He lifted his arms up and down, checking out the striated mounds of muscle flexing on his shoulders at his will. Scott was speechless. He just looked up in awe at his little brother's body. "Brandon and me can press 70 pounds overhead now. Fuck, we could only press 35 pounds last week. We've doubled our strength. Our muscles are getting real big and real strong real fast." Scott gulped. He could still only press 50 pounds. His 13-year-old brother's shoulders were way stronger than his. He looked at all that muscle flexing and bulging. In a week, Jake's shoulders had gotten much stronger than his own shoulders. Jake had slapped a thick slab of muscle on his shoulders. In the same week, he hadn't added and he hadn't put on any muscle at all. Scott's cock started getting hard under his shorts as he watched his little brother flex his new muscles, muscles that had virtually popped out overnight.

Jake came over and stood next to Scott's bed. Scott could smell the smell of fresh sweat evaporating from his little brother's hot body. That sweat smelled good to Scott. The smell of the sweat of a young jock who had just worked out his muscles to total exhaustion. Scott's cock literally twitched under his shorts when he smelled the smell of that fresh, hot sweat. "Feel my abs, bro. Feel how hard they are." Scott reached up and ran his fingers over the hot, sweaty skin that covered Jake's washboard of muscle like cellophane. He rubbed his fingers up and down the slippery skin, feeling the bricks of muscle underneath. He pushed the paper-thin skin over the muscle, feeling the deep crevices between the rock hard bricks. He couldn't believe how hard the muscle was and how thin the skin was. "Pretty hard, huh," said Jake confidently. "Two weeks ago I could only do 25 sit-ups total. Now I can do 50 for sets. Fuck, I could do hundreds of the fuckers if I wanted. My abs have really toughened up and gotten hard. Stand up, bro. Lemme feel your abs."

Scott got off of his bed and stood up across from his brother. His cock was bulging under his shorts. Although he was five inches taller and 12 pounds heavier, he looked absolutely pathetic next to his little brother's solid, muscular body. He tried to flex his abs. He looked down and could easily see that he didn't have any abs at all. Just a layer of fat skin covering a soft gut. Jake reached over and ran his fingers up and down. "Shit, you don't got no abs at all. You've been running all your fucking life and working out as long as I have and you don't got no fucking abs at all. I wanna feel your other muscles." Jake ran his fingers up Scott's torso and felt his flat little pecs, his non- existent lats and his bony little delts. "Geez, you don't got any muscle on your chest or shoulders either. You ain't been puttin' on any muscle at all." He ran his hands down to Scott's skinny little arms and squeezed. Scott tried to flex his arms, but he didn't have any real muscle there. "Shit your arms are still fucking skinny as fucking sticks. And they're soft too." Jake looked down at his own muscular torso. Then he ran his hands over his own pecs, delts, lats and arms and flexed them several times just so see and feel how much bigger and harder they were than his older brother's pitiful excuse for muscles. Then he flexed his right arm and moved his left hand over the hard muscle bulging in his biceps and triceps. He was obviously pleased at what he felt. "Flex your arm," he ordered. Scott raised his right arm and flexed as hard as he could. Jake felt and squeezed his brother's little bump of a bicep and then he felt and squeezed his own ball of rock-hard muscle. "Shit, my arm is way bigger and way harder than yours. Fuck, all my muscles are way bigger and way harder than yours."

Jake looked at his own body and then at Scott's body. "Fuck, I'm building muscle so fast and you ain't doin' shit. Our bodies are just so fucking different. Every time I hit the weights I get an incredible pump and I feel like a fuckin' superman. I know I'll be able heavier weights than I could lift the day before. And I know I'm gonna get bigger and stronger the next day. I know my muscles are gonna be bigger and I'm gonna be stronger. God what a great feeling. Putting on muscle so fast I can almost see it growing. And look at you bro. You're fuckin' pathetic. You're still skinny as shit. You ain't got no muscle in your whole fuckin' body. You're just a fuckin' wuss. You're liftin' the same puny weights as when you started. You don't get a pump. You don't get any stronger. You don't put on any muscle at all. Your pathetic body just don't do shit. Fuck, my muscles are growin' like crazy and your muscles aren't growin' at all! Fuck, how cool is that?"

He grabbed Scott's hand and put it on his pec. Then he flexed the muscle and watched the eyes of his brother get wide as he felt the pumped muscle bulge at the boy's command. "Yeah, you don't work your fuckin' muscles so fuckin' hard that they hurt, the way Brandon and me do. Your muscles aren't as tough as ours. Your body doesn't sweat the way we do. We work out so hard and get so hot and sweaty the sweat just drips off our skin. Feel the fuckin' sweat on my body. Feel how hard and pumped my muscles are. I worked out so hard my muscles are still pumped as shit and I'm still hot and sweaty. Feel it bro. Feel my hot sweat." Scott ran his hand across Jake's sweaty body, feeling the heat and the sweat and the hard muscle underneath. Then he licked the sweat from his hand and tasted the salty liquid. "Yeah, I bet that tastes good don't it bro. The sweat of your buff and built little brother. I bet that tastes real good. The sweat of a real jock . The sweat of a muscle jock who can kick your little wuss ass any time he wants. Yeah, my sweat smells real good too. When I'm doin' those military presses and pressin' up that heavy barbell, I can smell the sweat comin' from my pits. Yeah, the smell gets real strong when Brandon and me crank out set after set, pushing the muscles in our shoulders through the pain barrier. Yeah, my muscles get so hot and pumped the sweat just pours out. My pits get so wet and smelly. Here. Smell what a real muscleman's pits smell like after a brutal chest and shoulder workout." Jake grabbed Scott by the hair and rammed his face into his sweaty armpit. His armpit had just starting growing some hair a few months earlier, and Scott could feel a few strands of that pubescent hair on his nose as Jake jammed his face into the sweaty pit of muscle. He breathed in the strong, pungent odor of his little brother's pit. Jake was sure right that the smell was real strong. Real strong just like his muscles. The sweat of a muscular young mesomorph, a kid who had the genetics to work out incredibly hard with heavy weights and build bigger and bigger muscles. Scott had never made sweat that smelled like that, even after running 10 miles. He breathed in that strong smelling sweat and ran his hand over Jake's lats and delts. His cock throbbed under his shorts. God how strong and powerful those muscles felt. How strong and powerful that sweat smelled. "Yeah, my sweat smells good, don't it bro? You like smelling my sweat. You like feeling my muscles, feeling how big and hard they are, don't you bro. Yeah, I can tell." Jake pulled Scott's head out of his armpit and grabbed his brother's crotch. "You got a boner, don't you bro. You got a big boner for my body. Ha ha ha ha. Big brother's got a big boner for little brother's body. He likes his little bro's big hard muscles. Fuck, I love it. My big bro's into my muscles!" Jake started flexing his muscles right up close to Scott, all the while squeezing the older boy's dick, which was now rock-hard. Scott just stood there frozen. He couldn't believe what was happening.

Jake looked into his brother's eyes as he flexed. In return he saw a look of total awe. He smiled. He knew his older brother was totally overcome by his body. The dweeb's hard cock said it all. He wrapped his free arm around Scott's chest and rubbed his hot, sweaty pecs into his brother's flat little chest. "Yeah, feel my hot muscles, bro. Feel how big and strong they are. You ain't shit compared to me." Scott's cock throbbed with excitement. He rubbed his hands all over Jake's muscular body, feeling his muscle- capped shoulders, his flaring lats, his rippling arms, and his rock-hard lower back. Jake groaned as he drove his bulging pecs into his brother's little chest. After a minute or so of this display of total muscle domination, he let go of Scott and turned back to the mirror. He smiled as he flexed his new muscles, muscles that didn't exist two weeks ago. He himself couldn't believe what had been happening to his body. He watched his hard muscles flex and bulge in the mirror at his command. Hormones were raging through his adolescent body, a young teenage body that was now going through puberty to the extreme, with extreme amounts of testosterone surging through his veins building extreme amounts of muscle as he lifted the heavy weights. His mesomorph body was responding like crazy to the challenge of the heavy weights. His superior genes were ordering his muscles to grow bigger and stronger every day so they could push and pull ever heavier and heavier weights. A barbell that felt heavy today would feel light tomorrow, because the muscles pushing that weight had grown bigger and stronger. That's what mesomorphs do. Their muscles get big and strong. Jake's body was programmed to get bigger, stronger and more muscular when it was challenged by resistance. He was a true mesomorph, a kid who was blessed with genes that told his body to build nothing but muscle, and to build that muscle big and strong. His body was programmed to respond to the resistance of the heavy weights by getting bigger and stronger so it could completely overpower the resistance the next time. His body was programmed to overpower everything that got in its way. To overpower the heavy weights. To overpower weaker kids. To overpower everything. His body was now responding to those heavy weights in ways even he never dreamed were possible. Jake smiled as he watched his young muscles flex in the mirror. Muscles that had sprung up on his body in less than two weeks and were now bigger and stronger than his brother's muscles. Muscles that he knew were going to grow even bigger and stronger in the weeks to come. God it felt good to have a body like his. To have muscles that grew and grew and grew. To know that he was the strong kid, the kid who was stronger than any of the other kids. The kid who could beat up anyone he wanted. He felt like a total stud. His own hard cock pressed against his sweat-covered workout shorts.

Scott stood frozen behind his mesomorph brother, comparing the hard bulging muscles of the 13-year-old natural muscle stud to his own skin and bones. He was totally in awe of his little brother's muscular body. Jake turned to face his brother. "I'm hungry," he said. "Dinner's not for another hour and that workout made me real hungry. Go get me another protein shake." Scott got real mad. "That's my fucking protein powder. I'm not getting you any fucking protein shake. I'm not your fucking slave." Jake looked into his older brother's eyes. His face looked strong and confident, with his brown eyes and strong jaw taking on a determined look. Suddenly he jumped up on Scott's back and wrapped his arm around his brother's neck. His feet were a foot off the floor as he wrapped his vice-like arm around his brother's neck. Then he grabbed his wrist with his other arm and pulled, crushing Scott's neck between his upper arm and forearm. Then he flexed his bicep. The big ball of muscle blasted into his older brother's scrawny little neck like a pile driver. It was not a fair contest. A rock-hard ball of flexing muscle against a scrawny little neck. Yeah, the muscle won. Muscle always wins. The flexing muscle forced itself deep into the neck, crushing Scott's windpipe. All of a sudden Scott couldn't breathe. He twisted and turned his torso, trying to spin Jake off his body, but Jake was much too strong. There was no way the skinny ectomorph was going to spin the muscular mesomorph off his body. The strong always win against the weak. Jake cranked up the pressure some more. Scott started to gag. Saliva started to drool out of his mouth. His face turned beet red. He was completely at the mercy of his little brother. "I'm not asking you, big bro. I'm telling you. You know better than to argue with these muscles. These muscles control you, bro. These muscles can fuck you up any time they want. You're just a little wuss to these muscles. These muscles are fuckin' stronger than you and they're gonna get a hell of a lot stronger. You better not fuck with these muscles. You better not fuck with me any more. I can fuck with you any time I want, but you can't fuck with me. Yeah, bro, I rule your sorry little ass. Now go get the fucking protein shake. And you better make it fast or I'll pound your pathetic little body." Jake let go of Scott's neck and dropped gracefully to the floor. Scott looked down at his rippling muscles and especially at his arms. Jake curled his arms up and down a couple of times, admiring the bulging biceps that had just crushed his big brother's neck. Then he spun his brother around and pushed him out the door of their bedroom. "You got one minute," he yelled.

Scott raced down and made the shake, running back up to the bedroom. When he got back, Jake was laying totally naked on his bed stroking his cock, which was rock hard. Scott handed the shake to his handsome, muscular brother, who grabbed the glass out of his hand and gulped down the protein-rich liquid in about four gulps. "Um, tastes good," he said after a big burp. "Next time make it thicker. Add more protein. I want it real thick with protein." Scott looked down at his brother's strong, muscular body and nodded his head. He stared at Jake's cock and gulped. The young stud's hard cock was actually bigger and thicker than his own. Shit, the 13-year-old kid had just gone through puberty a few months ago and already his cock was bigger than his. This kid was a total stud in every way. A natural born mesomorph with big muscles and a big cock. He had big balls too. His large ball sack bulge with balls the size of huge walnuts. He had just a little bush of dark brown pubic hair, which he had only started to grow a few months earlier. •

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