By johnd7102000

He finished his workout, did some homework and got things ready for dinner. His mom got home and started cooking. Just then, Jake came into the kitchen and said "I'm real hungry tonight, Mom. Cook me some extra stuff." "Okay, son," she said. "I'm glad you're finally getting an appetite." Jake looked at his brother and smiled. Then he pulled up the sleeve on his tee shirt, curled his arm and flexed his bicep. A little bump appeared. "Me and Brandon are workin' out with Scott's weights. He said it was okay with him. Since we've been workin' out we've both been getting hungrier. I don't know why, it just kinda happened." "Well that's nice, Jake," said his mom. "I hope you'll finally take after your brother and do something athletic. You've never had any interest in sports or anything, so now maybe those weights will help you a little." Jake straightened his arm and flexed his tricep. A couple of small bulges appeared under his skin. Scott stared at his little brother's arm. "Yeah, I hope so. Brandon and me are already stronger than we were before. Brandon's stronger than me. He's already getting muscles that are bigger than mine." Scott kind of gulped.

The family sat down for dinner. Scott took his usual portions of food. He had never been a very big eater. His skinny body didn't need a lot of food. Jake looked at what Scott had taken and then loaded twice as much on his plate. This was three times more food than Jake usually ate. "You better eat all that or I'm gonna pound your ass for being wasteful," said Scott. He never thought his brother could eat that much. He thought Jake was just acting macho. But he was wrong. Jake gobbled up all the food on his plate before Scott could finish his own food. All of a sudden, Scott felt real strange. How could it be that this little kid was putting away all that food? There was one piece of chicken left. All of a sudden Scott wanted to eat it, even though he hadn't finished his own plate yet. He had this sudden desire for more food. He reached his fork over to stab the chicken, but before he hit it Jake jabbed his own fork into the white protein-rich meat. "You ain't even finshed yet, bro. I already finished. I get the chicken, don't I Mom?" Their mom looked at Jake's clean plate and Scott's plate still covered with food and said, "Yeah that's right, Scott. Jake already finished his firsts, so he gets the seconds. Gee, I never saw you two boys fighting over food before. I better buy more." Jake gobbled up the piece of chicken and said, "Yeah, mom. Buy more." Scott just kept eating the rest of his food. He couldn't believe how much his little brother had just eaten.

And at his house, Brandon had just eaten more than Jake. Brandon's parents couldn't believe the appetite their son now had. His mother had to fry up some more hamburger meat. Brandon had eaten his own portion plus half of his mother's portion. And he was still hungry. His mother fried up another half pound of hamburger and Brandon wolfed it all down. His parents stared at their only child, who up until now had shown almost no interest in food. "I've been liftin' some weights over at Jake's house," he said. "It's made me real hungry all the time. And I've gotten stronger. I guess my body's turning all the food into muscle." He pulled off his tee shirt and flexed his arms and chest for his parents. "See," he said. "I got more muscle than I had before." His mother looked proudly at her son, who was flexing as hard as he could. He did have some little bulges in his arms and chest, but she really couldn't tell if this was different or not. But if Brandon thought he had more muscle than before that was great with her. She wanted her son to succeed at something. "I'll buy more meat from now on," his mother said. Brandon's dad reached over and put his big hand around his son's upper arm. "Yeah, I can feel some muscle flexin' in there. I can feel some beef building up in those guns. Just keep puttin' on that muscle and you're gonna kick ass. I started putting on muscle when I was your age and then I started kickin' ass. Yeah, that was real fun. Puttin' on the muscle and kickin' guys' asses. It's a great feeling. A tremendous rush. Getting' big and strong. Kickin' the shit out of guys who give you lip. You're gonna have a blast." The father flexed his own big gun, which had a blue tattoo, sort of like a chain, encircling his huge upper arm. When he flexed his bicep, the chain got a lot bigger as the big muscle stretched his skin. If the tattoo had been a real chain, that big muscle would have broken it in two. Brandon's father was a tough dude. Brandon smiled at his father. They obviously had a lot in common. "Fuckin' straight!" he yelled and gave his dad a high five.

Well, for the next week or so the boys didn't see each other much. Jake and Brandon worked out on the days Scott was resting. They rested the days Scott worked out. They were sharing the weights. With vastly different results.

Ten days after their first workout, when Scott came home from running he heard Jake and Brandon working out in the garage. They were yelling at each other as they lifted the weights. "Push it up Brandon. Fuck yeah Brandon, you got it! Another two reps Brandon. Yeah, dude, you're stronger than that fucking weight. Fuckin yeah! You got it! Fuck, look at your muscles Brandon!" Scott went up to his room to study. He thought it was funny the way the two kids yelled at each other in the garage. "Fuckin' kids. Playin' around with the weights," he thought to himself. "Just yelling at each other like fuckin' street urchins. They don't know how to work out right. You gotta be quiet and concentrate to work out right." That night Jake ate a shitload of food again, more than twice as much meat as Scott ate. Scott's appetite hadn't grown much at all. He had never been a very big eater. Then Jake rolled up the sleeve on his tee shirt and flexed his bicep for Scott. Scott's eyes got wide as he looked at Jake's upper arm. Ten days ago there was no muscle there at all. Now there was definitely a bulge of bicep muscle. There were bulges of triceps muscles too. And his forearms now had muscles showing in them. "Your weights really work great," said Jake. "Brandon and me have only been workin' out a little over a week and look at all the muscle I got already. Look how big it is. And you should see Brandon's arms. He's got more muscle than me. But we're both putting on muscle like crazy and getting' a lot stronger. I bet you are too, right Scott? Those weights are great!" Scott kind of gulped. "Oh yeah," he said. "The weights are really working great. I'm getting stronger too." In fact, Scott had not gained any weight at all and he had not gotten any stronger either. He could do two more reps with 65 pounds on the bench press, but that was it. Same with all his other exercises. In most of them he couldn't even do more reps with the same weight. The weights weren't doing a thing to his body. He looked at his little brother's arm again and kind of gulped.

The next day was Scott's workout day. His first exercise was the bench press. He was going to do three sets today. He worked up to 65 pounds again and barely cranked out five reps. He hadn't gotten stronger at all. He took off his tee shirt and ran his hands over his pecs as he looked at himself in the mirror. He still looked the same as last week. Real skinny. And he sure couldn't feel any more muscle in his pecs. Still flat and skinny. Just then the door to the house opened and Jake and Brandon walked into the garage. "How's it goin', fuckhead?" said Brandon, his contempt for Scott now bursting out of his mouth. "You packin' on the muscle? Fuck, Jake and me sure are packing on the muscle. Check it out." At that, both he and Jake ripped off their tee shirts. Scott's mouth dropped open as he saw their upper bodies. They had muscles! Both of these 13 year old boys had muscles! Brandon was clearly the bigger and more muscular of the two, but Jake was a close second. They had never really been fat, but their flesh had been soft and shapeless. Now that soft flesh was gone and muscle had popped out in its place. It was almost like the soft flab had melted away in the last ten days while the hard muscle was growing like crazy underneath. Then the muscle took over and the flab was gone. In less than two weeks, these boys had gone from 100 pounds of soft flesh to 108-110 pounds of solid muscle. Jake weighed 108 and Brandon weighed 110. Jake had gained 8 pounds and Brandon had gained 10 pounds. They had gained 8 to 10 pounds of bodyweight, but they had also lost all the flab. So their actual gain in muscle mass was more like 20 pounds. They had put 20 pounds of pure muscle on their young bodies in ten days. Two pounds of muscle per day. Like the true mesomorphs they were, their bodies responded instantly when they were challenged by the heavy iron. Their muscles grew bigger and stronger every day. Getting bigger and stronger so they could push or pull a heavier weight the next time they were challenged. Their appetites became voracious. They were eating three or four times as much meat as before they started lifting and all that protein was being turned into solid muscle by their young mesomorph bodies. Their muscles were genetically programmed to grow bigger and get stronger when they were challenged by resistance. The more resistance they faced, the bigger and stronger they got. So every workout, those muscles were bigger and stronger and Brandon and Jake could lift bigger, heavier weights than before. Yeah, that's the way it is for mesomorphs. They're just genetically programmed to get big muscles and get real strong when they work out their bodies. It's easy for them. It seems totally normal. They work out and they get bigger and stronger. That's just the way life is for them. They don't realize how hard it is for the poor ectomorphs. They work out and nothing happens. Yeah, it's great being a mesomorph. And it's miserable being an ectomorph when two aggressive young mesomorphs are starting to grow big and strong right before your very eyes.

Scott couldn't believe what he was seeing. Just standing there relaxed, it was obvious the boys had put on a lot of muscle. Instead of bone on their shoulders, they now had caps of muscle that twitched and flexed as they moved their arms. Their arms had gotten a lot bigger and were now muscular. No soft flesh in those guns any more. Those guns were made of muscle. They were bigger than Scott's arms, way bigger, and they were now solid muscle. Scott could see both the biceps and the triceps bulging under their skin as the two boys casually moved their arms ever so slightly. Their forearms had gotten bigger too. Bigger and full of muscle. Their pecs were clearly visible in their chests, bulging out proudly and forcing out their erect nipples. Their pecs were way bigger and more muscular than Scott's flat little pecs. They casually flexed their lats and slabs of muscle sprung out under their shoulders like wings. They already had "V" tapers from their shoulders and lats to their waists. "Fuck," thought Scott to himself. "Look at all that fucking muscle! Those little fuckers already have lats! I don't have any lats at all." Then there were the abs. They both had gotten abs! The layer of flab had been melted away from their stomachs and now the muscle underneath was rippling like corrugated steel. They both had six packs of muscle. A little over one fucking week of lifting weights and doing tons of sit -ups and leg lifts and those two fucking kids melted away their fat and got six packs. Scott looked down at his own waist. He had never had a six-pack. He always had a thin layer of fat covering his abs. Even with all his running, he never had gotten a six pack. And now these two fucking kids got six packs in a week. "Holy shit," Scott thought to himself.

Brandon smiled confidently as he saw the impact his and Jake's bodies were having on Scott. His face suddenly looked much more mature and handsome to Scott. He had always been a good looking kid, but now his blue eyes, square jaw and wild blond hair looked absolutely stunning sitting on top of that muscular body. Jake's face looked mature and handsome too. He had the same brown eyes and brown hair as Scott, but Scott could now see that his face was much more rugged and good looking than his own. His jaw was strong and square. He looked tough and confident. . Now he looked like a tough jock teen rather than a flabby boy. Wow, Scott thought to himself. These two kids have totally changed. "Yeah, check out our bodies, fuckhead," said Brandon. "We're gettin' big and we're getting strong. Those weights are fantastic. We both got muscles real fast. We could see muscle growin' after our first workout. And we keep getting bigger and stronger. We love pumping that heavy iron!" Brandon walked over to Scott and flexed his arm right in front of his face. A ball of muscle sprang up. A rock hard ball of mesomorph bicep muscle. "Two weeks ago, there weren't nothin' there," said the blond boy, looking at his flexing bicep. "Now I got muscle. Hard muscle. Feel it asshole." Scott reached over and wrapped his fingers around the bulging bicep. The muscle was bigger than Scott's bicep and it was rock hard. In ten days, Brandon had built biceps that could flex into a ball of rock hard muscle. Scott squeezed his fingers into the muscular ball, but he couldn't make the slightest dent. "Yeah, real hard," said Brandon in a confident, arrogant way.

"Now let's see yours. You've been working out as long as we have. Plus you're three years older than us. Flex that big bicep." Sheepishly Scott raised his arm and flexed his bicep. His muscle was smaller than Brandon's bicep, and it didn't look anywhere near as hard. Brandon reached up and squeezed. Unlike his own bicep, Scott's bicep was soft and spongy. He easily dug his fingers into the older boy's flesh. Scott could see the fibers of hard muscle bulging in the young boy's forearm as he squeezed. He couldn't believe how much muscle was there. And he couldn't believe how strong it was. He winced in pain as the 13-year-old mesomorph dug his newly strong fingers into his flesh. "Shit, your muscle's like fucking mush. A fucking little mound of mush. You're a total wuss. Jake and me got hard muscles and you got soft muscles. I can't believe your arm didn't get hard like our arms from lifting that iron. That iron makes muscles get real hard. Real hard and real strong. Right Jake?" Jake came over and flexed his own bicep in his brother's face. "Yeah, real hard and real strong," he said as his brother felt his bulging bicep. It was just as hard as Brandon's. Jake looked Scott in they eye and smiled. He knew he had something his brother would never have. Muscles.

Brandon looked over at the bench. "You been doin' benches, wussface? Shit, looks like you're still usin' the same 65 pounds you were usin' when you started. You ain't got no stronger at all. Fuck Jake, can you believe that? Your fucking wuss brother's been pumpin' iron for almost two weeks and he ain't no stronger that when he started. But we're sure stronger, ain't we Jake. We've been getting stronger every day. Our muscles have been getting bigger and stronger every fucking day. Whadda say, Jake? Let's do some benches and see how strong we are now." As Brandon started walking over to the bench, Scott reached up and put his arm in front of his chest. "Hey, I'm workin' out today. You guys can work out tomorrow." Brandon grabbed Scott's arm and squeezed.. Scott was really surprised at the strength of the young blond boy. "I said we wanted to do some benches, fuckhead. Get outta my way." Brandon jerked Scott's arm around and pushed his body right through him, bumping the older boy's chest with his muscle-capped shoulder.

"Let's start with 60 pounds. That'll be a good warmup." Scott's jaw dropped open. Sixty pounds for a warmup. Shit, last week they were benching 40 for their max.. Now they were warming up with 60? Brandon and Jake took off five pounds from each side of the bar. "You go first, stud," said Brandon to his friend. Jake got under the bar and easily pumped out 15 reps. As he lifted the weight up and down, Scott was amazed at how his muscles popped out of his chest, shoulders and arms. He really got a fantastic pump from those 15 reps. "Yeah, feels good," he said as he jumped up off the bench and moved his arms back and forth, flexing his blood-engorged pec muscles. Scott was dumbfounded at the strength of his little brother. He himself could barely do 10 reps with 60 pounds and his little brother was cranking them out like nothing. "Nice pump," said Brandon. "My turn." Brandon got under the bar and pumped out his 15 reps just as easily as Jake. His muscles began to bulge after just a few reps and when he was done his pecs, delts and triceps were red with blood and bulging with pumped up muscle. "Feels good to get a pump," he said, flexing his triceps in front of Scott. "Do you get a good pump like this, fuckface?" Brandon took Scott's hand and put in right on top of his right pec. Then he flexed the bulging muscle a couple of times. Scott couldn't believe how big and hard and hot the muscle was. "Uh, no, not as good as that," said Scott. In truth, he really didn't get much of a pump at all. Certainly nothing like Brandon was showing off to him. "Yeah, I didn't think so," said Brandon. "Jake and me always get a good pump when we work our muscles. Our muscles got pumped the first day we lifted. They were little muscles, but they got a pump. Now those muscles are a lot bigger and they really get huge when they get all pumped up. We can tell they're growing when they get all pumped like this. Time for the next set, Jake. Let's go with 75 pounds. That was our max three days ago. We could only do a couple of reps. We ought to be able to do ten reps now. I know we're a fucking lot stronger than three days ago."

Scott couldn't believe it. They were going to bench ten pounds more than his maximum weight on their second set. And Brandon was sure they could do 10 reps. God they were cocky. Jake got under the bar and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed it back up and it went up easily. Fuck, thought Scott. I can't even press that thing up at all and my little brother pressed it up like it was nothing. Jake pressed the 75-pound bar up and down seven more times. He started slowing down on the eighth rep. "You got it stud!" yelled Brandon. "Push that motherfucker all the way up! You're stronger than that fucking piece of iron. Yeah! You did it! Now do two more." Jake smiled at his friend and lowered the bar to his chest. Then with a huge push he raised the bar about two thirds of the way before slowing down. His bulging muscles were almost glowing as they strained against the heavy weight. Brandon put his fingers under the bar and applied just a little bit of help. "You got it Jake. It's all you Jake. Push that fucker! Big chest Jake. I can see your pecs bulgin' and growin' Jake. Yeah, push. Push hard!" Jake's face was red and contorted from the strain. His neck was bulging with muscle Scott never knew he had. Sweat started dripping down his chest as his red-hot pecs swelled and pushed. His delts were bulging with striations of muscle. His whole upper body was just buzzing with power. Finally he locked his arms and let out a huge breath. "Fantastic, stud. That was all you. You are fuckin' strong! Now do one more. It'll make you get stronger!" Jake grit his teeth and lowered the bar again. As he pushed the bar up off his chest, his pecs flexed with incredible striations of muscle. Those pecs weren't real big, but they were solid muscle. Solid, striated, rock hard muscle. And that muscle was pumped with blood. Blood that was surging through the fibers, making them bigger and stronger and giving them the energy to push against the heavy iron. Jake got the bar about half way up and then Brandon stepped in with his spot. "Push it stud! Fuck, I'm lookin' at your pecs. They're fuckin' huge. The muscle's bulgin' like shit. That iron ain't nothin' to your big muscles. Push that motherfucker! Yeah, you got it. It's all you, stud." Slowly Jake pushed the heavy bar up. His muscles were exhausted, but he forced them to do it, to lift harder than they had ever lifted before. Pain shot through his body, but Jake ignored it. He forced his muscles to work through the pain. He was stronger than the fucking pain. Brandon gave him a little help with a spot and kept yelling encouragement as he slowly raised his arms. He looked up at Brandon's excited face and then over at his brother's face, which had a look of total shock. With a sudden burst of energy he jammed the bar up and crashed it onto the rack. "Way to go," yelled Brandon. "You're fuckin' strong as shit."

Jake jumped off the bench and bumped his chest up against Scott. His skin was red from the incredible pump in his muscles. Sweat was pouring off his body. He grabbed Scott's hand and rubbed it over his hot, sweaty, pumped pecs. Scott couldn't believe how pumped and hard the muscles were. His little brother's pecs were way more pumped and hard than his pecs ever were. And they felt bigger too. Jake looked down at his sweaty chest and flexed his pecs. "I'm fuckin' stronger than you are now. I got muscles and you don't. Get used to it bro." Scott gulped. Brandon came over and flexed his own pecs in front of Scott. "Yeah, we're both stronger than you, fuckhead. We ain't takin' no shit from you anymore. From now on we're gonna be the ones givin' out the shit. And we're gonna be so fuckin' strong you won't be able to do a fuckin' thing about it. We already got muscles and you ain't got shit. You're just a fuckin' wimp." Scott looked at the muscular bodies of these two 13-year-old mesomorphs and gulped again.

Brandon looked over to the bench. He was ready for his set. He was ready to challenge his muscles. "My turn. Let's see if I'm as strong as you, Jake." Brandon got under the 75-pound bar and cranked out eight steady reps without needing a spot. He slowed down a bit for last rep and Jake gave him a gentle spot for reps nine and ten, all the while yelling encouragement to the blond muscleboy at same time. Scott now realized that all their yelling and screaming was far from goofing off. By yelling at each other, the boys were encouraging each other to push their muscles harder and harder, to force their young muscles to lift heavier and heavier weights and to pump up with muscle building blood. Scott watched Brandon's muscles bulge and strain as they lifted the heavy weight. "Yeah, push it up stud. Push up that fuckin' bar with your big muscles. That bar ain't shit to your big muscles. Look at those muscles bulge! They're getting' huge!" Jake yelled at his friend as he watched his muscles explode in his body. Jake and Brandon were just about equally matched in strength, but with Brandon having a slight advantage. And as Scott watched Brandon pump the bench presses, he thought Brandon's muscles were somewhat bigger than Jake's. As the blond, blue-eyed kid pumped out the benches, his pecs swelled up in his chest, engorged with muscle building blood. His arms and shoulders got big too as they helped power the 75-pound bar up and down, pumping up with blood-filled muscle. When he was done, Brandon jumped off the bench and hit a double biceps pose in the mirror. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he looked at his bulging muscles. Scott was standing right next to Brandon and he looked like shit next to the 13 year old's radiant muscular body. Almost by impulse, Scott raised his own arms and hit a double biceps pose. His arms were almost flat, while Brandon's arms were bulging with muscle. His shoulders were nothing but bone and skin. Brandon's shoulders were already capped with striated muscle. His pecs were not even visible. Brandon's pecs were bulging out from his chest with striated strands of muscle. He had absolutely no lats at all. Brandon already had lats, wings of muscle that tapered down from his armpits. A few blond hairs were starting to grow in his armpits. Armpits that were already bigger than Scott's because of the bulging muscle of his delts, lats and pecs. Then Brandon flexed his six pack. His hard abs sprang to attention under his thin skin. Scott gasped as he saw how muscular Brandon's waist was already. Scott didn't have any abs at all. His waist looked soft and flabby. Brandon smiled as he compared his body with Scott's. His sky blue eyes, blond hair and drop- dead handsome face, coupled with his new muscular body, made him look like a young version of one of the superstud hunks on "Average Joe", the guys who just took over, leaving the "Average Joes" in the dust. The guys who were on a higher level than the Average Joes. The guys who ruled. The guys who got the girl, every time. Scott looked very much like an Average Joe. The kind of wuss the superstud hunks ground into the dirt. Scott looked like a total loser compared to Brandon. "You ain't shit compared to me," yelled Brandon. "I'm a fuckin' total stud compared to you! I'm a fuckin' total stud compared to anybody!" God the kid was arrogant. But he was right. Mesomorphs rule.

Jake grabbed Brandon's arm and spun him around. "OK, stud. Enough showing off. We got more work to do. Let's go up to 85 pounds. I bet we'll be able to get a couple of reps. Look at your fuckin' pecs. They're growin' like crazy. So are mine." Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing. These two boys were going to bench with 85 pounds, more than double what they could do just ten days before. And 20 pounds more than Scott could do. Fuckin' A, he thought to himself. These two kids are beyond belief. Scott couldn't believe what was happening to the bodies of these two 13 year olds, but he was going to be on the receiving end of it real soon.

The boys loaded another five pounds onto each end of the bar and Jake got on the bench. He lifted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed. The fibers of his pecs exploded under his skin. His delts exploded too, as they helped his pecs push up the heavy weight. Slowly the bar started rising up. Jake grunted, as his brand new muscles strained against the bar. Brandon yelled at him. "You got it Jake. It's all you Jake. Push it up stud." Finally he got the bar all the way up to the top and locked his elbows. "One more," he grunted. "I'm gonna make these fuckers really grow!" Scott couldn't believe his little brother was going to try to do another rep. Jake took a deep breath and lowered the bar. Then he pushed it up with a loud grunt. The muscles in his chest, shoulders and arms were bulging incredibly as they powered up the heavy bar. His skin was red, flushed with blood as it surged through the pumped muscles. Sweat covered his body. His neck was bulging. Every muscle in his body was flexing as he push up the heavy bar. He got about half way up on his own power and then started slowing down. Brandon put his fingers under the bar and gently helped, all the while yelling at his friend. "You got it Jake. Big chest Jake. I can see your chest getting' real big Jake. Push harder. Yeah, it's all you Jake. That bar ain't shit to your muscles. Yeah, you got it!" Jake forced the bar all the way up and crashed it onto the rack. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled as he jumped up off the bench. He bumped his chest up against Scott's chest, pushing his older brother back. Scott could feel the hot, totally pumped muscles bulging under his sweaty skin. Then Jake ran his hands over his pecs, feeling the sensation of the pumped muscles bulging with rock hard mass. It felt real good. He had never had muscles before. Last week he was a skinny boy. Now being able to feel his own muscles bulging like this was a fantastic feeling. "Fuck those weights are great!" he said. "My muscles are really growin' fast. They feel so big and hard. And they've gotten so fuckin' strong! I'm already benchin' 85 pounds and ten days ago I could only do 40. I'm already fuckin' more than twice as strong! Jesus it feels good to be buildin' so much muscle and gettin' so fuckin' strong." Scott just gulped as he looked at his little brother's new muscles.

Brandon punched Jake on the shoulder. "You're not the only one buildin' big fuckin' muscles and getting' fuckin' strong as shit. My turn on the bench." He got down under the bar. He lowered the bar to his chest and then pushed it up slowly and steadily. His muscles just exploded as they pushed. He got to the top and looked at Scott. "Piece of cake," he said arrogantly as Scott looked with amazement at his bulging muscles. Then he lowered the bar and gritted his teeth. He pushed it back up and almost made it to the top without any help. Jake kept yelling at him, telling him how strong he was, how big his muscles looked, how much bigger they were going to get. When he slowed down about three quarters of the way up, Jake gave him a little spot and he locked his arms. "One more rep!" he yelled. "I'm gonna get huge!" He lowered the bar and started pressing it back up. His skin was beet red and all his muscles were incredibly pumped. Scott could see the individual fibers of muscle in his pecs, delts and triceps as they flexed with enormous strain to power up the 85-pound bar. Sweat was dripping off his body. His handsome face was contorted and his neck was bulging. Brandon was putting everything he had into this rep. He got a little more than half way up and started slowing down. Jake put his fingers under the bar, but he didn't apply any force. "Push it up, stud. You got it!" Brandon's muscles flexed even harder, if that was possible, and the bar went up a few more inches. His pecs ballooned up under his skin, bulging with incredible shredded density. "Yeah, look at those fuckin' muscles. They are so fuckin' big and strong! Keep pushin' that fuckin bar. That fuckin' bar ain't nothin' to your big muscles Brandon!" Brandon kept pushing, but after another inch, his muscles were totally exhausted. He had worked his muscles beyond their limit and they were totally pumped and bulging. They would definitely be getting a lot bigger. The bar stopped going up and finally Jake applied a little force to help his mesomorph friend with the last few inches. Brandon locked his arms and crashed the bar onto the rack. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he jumped off the bench. He went over and bumped his chest against Scott's. "Fuckin' bigger and stronger than you already! Look at all that fuckin' muscle! Feel it! It's hard as a fuckin' rock!" Scott put his hands on Brandon's pecs and his jaw just about dropped open. The muscle was hot and bulging and he could feel the individual fibers flexing under the blond boy's thin skin. He couldn't believe how big and hard Brandon's pecs were compared to his own. He couldn't believe how strong he was already. And the kid was only 13! "Yeah, your muscles have gotten pretty big," said Scott in a total understatement. "Fuckin' right they're big! And they're gonna get a lot bigger! Liftin' these weights every day, Jake and me are gonna get fuckin' huge. These weights are great. They make our muscles get real big and real strong." •

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