By Also_KnownAs

After reviewing the DNA samples he'd taken from the men, Carlos turned and looked at Mike in a pointed way. "Mike, there're some rather unique properties here that can't be accounted for by my serum. It appears that you've been enhanced in another procedure. You have too many chromosomes."

"Actually, I was told I had the perfect number."

"How is this possible?"

Mike tilted his head slightly. "I didn't exactly have what you might call a normal birth."

"Genetic mutation?"

"Of a sort. My father was a biogeneticist. Some say he was a little whacked, and judging by his reaction to my homosexuality I think 'a little whacked' applies. He wanted the perfect son, so he cooked the stew a little longer than normal, creating enhanced X and Y chromosomes which he combined and further enhanced in some way that he keeps secret. I'm a biology major and have been trying to figure out what he did." He held up his hand, "not to undo anything, you understand. I mean, I can hardly complain about the way things turned out. I've led a charmed life, I'll be the first to admit. Enhanced physical strength and dexterity, enhanced physical beauty, enhanced everything." He ran his hand the length of his huge prick, indicating that it was nothing to laugh at earlier either.

"So what we're seeing - and feeling, to some extent - is the result of your father's experiment coupled with my male enhancement formula."

Mike nodded. "I can only assume that's the case. And I've also been experimenting on my own, on myself. I've been doing a lot of investigation of the characteristics of masculine properties as well, so we have something in common." He looked around at the equipment in the room. "Of course, I didn't have access to what you've got, but I've managed to add a few enhancements of my own to my particular chemistry, further increasing my stamina and strength with some added... side effects."

"The attraction."

Again he nodded. "A similar effect as your unintended pheromone, only it's less intense, more finesse. It also seems to work on both sexes, which by observation I would deduce yours does not."

"We haven't done any direct tests, but the appearance of you and these new friends would seem to indicate that assumption." Carlos tilted his head slightly. "But you haven't fully manifested, yet."

"Seeing as how none of us have experienced the monster erection you spoke of, I'd say we're stuck in some mid-transformation limbo. Enhanced greatly, but not transformed."

"So what happens to you from here..."

"Whatever happens, from what I know about your formula, I would imagine that once the bond is entirely complete and my enhanced DNA becomes super-enhanced - I mean, I can't fly as I am - I'll be able to pass on my own built-in enhancements, perhaps improve or alter yours and the combination could result in new powers altogether. We're moving into truly unknown territory." He let that sink in, and then said, "So, how exactly does this work?"

Todd said, "That's up to you. To be honest, we really never know exactly how the transformation will affect the guy until it happens. And the combination of how many are involved in the process could also change the outcome."

"How so?"

Jeff said, "No one could fly until I was changed. Something clicked. And the sex scent was strong when Carlos, Todd and Chuck were the only ones - Chuck could feel Todd's pheromones effecting him when they met after Todd's first transformation - but it kicked into overdrive when Jeremy arrived." His lover nodded. "Todd changed Chuck. Both Todd and Chuck changed Carlos. All three changed Jeremy and all four changed me."

"And there's no telling whose stuff is inside each of us," David added, "because you were all enjoying yourselves over our heads so the stuff on the ground..."

"You could have only one of our seed, or two or three." Todd shrugged his massive shoulders, the cables of power bunching under his bronze skin.

David said, "I want it all. I want to get as powerful as I can."

Sam nodded an agreement, but looked at Jeremy's massive dick and said, "I'd like more of whatever you're giving, if I may."

Jeremy arched an eyebrow and followed Sam's gaze to his own amazing cock, lifting the heavy monster into his grip. "You want one of these?"

"Oh, hell yes. The bigger the better. I've always been hung like a horse, as they say. Had ten inches before any of this happened, and it was always sort of embarrassing."

"You've been hanging with the wrong crowd."

"Apparently. Anyway, now that I can get as big as I want, I want to be as big as I can get."

Stephen looked at the five flying men and answered, "I'm with David. All or nothing."

Mike seemed to be considering something before he said, "No offense intended, but I only want Jeff and Jeremy to do me."

Chuck looked very disappointed. "Why them?"

"I have a theory I'd like to try out."

"What theory is that?" asked Carlos, genuinely interested.

"You may have read that new studies indicate that gay men actually have more testosterone that straight men. It's not 100% true in all cases, nothing is. But one theory suggests that gay men, in the womb, get an overabundance of the male hormone making them, you should excuse the expression, extremely masculine. That might explain my own tendencies, if my father skewed the mix."

"So you're suggesting...."

"I'm just curious about what would happen if I got an undiluted shot from the two men we know were gay before the process. Maybe the formula is altering the male hormone in all of you and you're now, um, more open about sex with other men. But it seems to me that the greatest changes in what you can do came about when you mixed in a little of Jeff and Jeremy's DNA. And the intent of the original formula was to enhance the masculine aspects of the male animal, so what if you enhanced an already naturally enhanced male animal? Maybe if I got a concentrated dose, whatever's going to happen will happen stronger and I can share it with everyone immediately."

"Look, I don't care who does you as long as you do me at some point," Chuck volunteered.

Mike came over and pulled the big man's face down to his, kissing him on the lips deep and hard. "It's a deal," he said.

They agreed that Mike would be first. That way, if he developed any new talents, he could share them with the other four during their initial transformation. The others were anxious to get started, Sam was particularly looking forward to the four-foot penis, but they agreed that it made the most sense, as if anything made any sense anymore, to allow Mike to undergo "the full treatment" first.

"What should I do?"

"Just lie on the floor, and the we..."

"Oh. On the floor?"

"Well, yeah. We just let fly a little of the slicky stuff, then the sticky stuff, and..."

Mike smiled slightly. "Do you mind if I ask a favor?"

Jeff and Jeremy looked at each other, then at the beautiful man before them. "Probably not," answered Jeremy.

"If this is the only time I get the full treatment, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a more active involvement in the application."

"How so?"

To demo his wish, Mike cupped his hand under his own prick and filled it with his precum, then proceeded to rub it onto his skin like cocoa butter. "I just think we'd all enjoy it so much more with a hands-on approach." His rippled belly was shining with a slick coat of clear honey. "Feeling your hands on my body would enhance the experience so much for all of us, don't you agree?"

Jeff let out a smooth sigh and Jeremy was smiling as he looked over at Mike's male perfection. The man might not yet come up to their size and power, but there was definitely something undeniably attractive about him. "Actually," he began, allowing his flow of thick fluid to start pumping, "that's a wonderful idea."

Jeff followed right after him, his dick streaming a clear gush as he placed his hands under the stream and started to coat Mike's incredibly muscled body with his creation. The twin behemoths allowed themselves to stream copiously, producing gallons of the prep fluid that they slathered over Mike's skin. He helped them, stroking them to hardness and twisting his frame around to get every inch coated.

Everyone was really getting into it until Jeremy sucked in a deep breath and announced, "I'm cumming." Then he was spraying a heavy load of hot cream all over Mike, holding his prick like a firehose as his load erupted, splattering like cake batter into the thick coating of clear honey.

Mike opened his mouth to catch the stream as it approached his face, and a few moments later another hot bath of cum started to spray all over him from the opposite side.

If he felt the liquid fire, he never showed it. But as soon as the Jeff's load started splashing, his body began to soak it all in as fast as it was cumming.

Carlos said, "Unusual."

"What?" Todd didn't take his eyes off the super sensual spectacle.

"With every other subject until Mike, the change began as soon as the first drop of semen met the precum. With our friend here, it didn't appear that his body accepted the fluid until..."

"Until he was ready for it." Todd turned. "You think it's him or something else?" But Carlos didn't have time to answer before Chuck let out a loud shout.

"Holy Christ!"

He was pointing at Mike, who was undergoing a change unlike any they'd seen before. His body wasn't morphing like the others. He wasn't going through rough changes, his muscles swelling to enormity, then his frame stretching to fit. Instead, he simply seemed to be magnifying, everything swelling in size and power and beauty all at once. He had a smile on his lips and his hands clasped behind his back. If anything, he looked relaxed.

But what was happening to him was anything but. His legs stretched long and thick with smooth, hard bulges. His chest inflated with cables of mass, as if the two hemispheres were made of rising bread. His shoulders were swelling larger and larger, upward and outward, round mountains of strength. His deltoids stretched and swelled. His lats as large as any of them.

And he was getting larger and taller in a smooth, graceful process. He was simply growing before them, everything swelling and elongating, including his cock.

And that was what Chuck was pointing at, because it was doing something none of them had imagined a cock could do.

It was growing another one, a twin right beside it.

It started as a bud of flesh, a round shoot as if a finger was pushing on his skin from the inside. But the bump elongated into a stalk that quickly manifested a small helmet, like a mushroom. In short order, as they watched, the head split along the underside and over the tip, a dent that grew deeper until the piss slit showed up.

The second cock grew much quicker, now that it looked the part. The small, smooth shaft began to swell and lengthen, so suddenly overwhelmed with veins that it looked like a cable. Then the thickening shaft swelled outward as if ripening, swelling fat and firm like a balloon, overshadowing its small head until the growth found the crown and it bloomed with a flaring, reddened lip.

Mike's eyes remained closed through this unexpected manifestation, but the smile on his lips illustrated perfectly what he was feeling. In moments his new prick had matched its brother in every way, and then the both of them came to some agreement and continued to develop, hanging thick and lush and beautiful over his enlarging balls.

"Oh, my," said Carlos quietly. "I suppose I should have expected that."

"Holy fucking shit, how?"

He shrugged his mighty shoulders. "With so much testosterone, so much masculine power flooding his body, something had to happen."

"Two pricks?"


"Holy fucking shit."

"If it's any consolation," intoned Mike's deep voice, "it feels fucking great." He'd unclasped his hands from behind his back and was stroking the twin tube steaks, one in each hand. They were both already flooding the floor with a tide of clear, slick honey. And they were growing.

"I can't believe this!"

"It's like being on orgasm overload, guys. It's like..." Mike was breathing slow, deep breaths, dying inside an ocean of bliss. "Oh, shit." His still- growing body shook with a sudden spasm. "I'm not cumming, but I'm cumming."

"Shit! Shit!"

"Oh, god. Oh, god, the feeling..."

His cocks were swelling to giant proportions, releasing their load of precum. They were growing erect, both covered with a net of thick veins pumping more and more blood to feed the monsters. Suddenly, they were swelling almost unbelievably quickly, the skin stretching thin and shiny, the cocks elongating like water balloons at a tap. The lip of the helmets were flaring broad and thick, the piss slits open wide to allow more and more of his flood to flow, then gush, then fountain all over the place.

"Jesus fucking..."

His body was still transforming, his huge feet perfectly supporting his 10-foot, muscle-packed frame. His two giant pricks, six feet high and each as thick as his bulging legs, crowned a nutsack so filled with cum that it looked like it held basketballs. Swelling basketballs.

And all of a sudden the fountain of slick honey became a flood of hot, thick cum. It was all an orgasm, every step of the way, from the release of his precum to its build to a gusher to the final change to white cream. As the cum began to fountain, Mike underwent an equally sudden transformation as his entire form seemed to refine and tighten until the muscles were all in distinct relief. His face was beautiful, his body a lesson in muscular development, overwhelmingly powerful. The muscles grew rapidly, then, as he came, and then his body filled out again and he stood before them nearly eleven feet high, with two yards of shoulders and arms bulging so large with muscle that the men around him would have started cumming themselves - except that they were undergoing their own changes as Mike's flood rained down on them.

Growing a second prick felt like absolutely nothing else in the world. Even the incredible muscle growth and increase in height and weight did not feel anything like this.

Mike's transforming fuel came in through every pore and opening, and then it zeroed in on the crotch like an arrow fired at a bulls-eye. This is what it felt like: First there was pressure. A tightening, a swelling, a tense restriction as if the body had been grabbed at the base of the prick and pinched. It was a pain, of sorts, but more like a shining pleasure so deep that it hurt. Then that pain was suddenly replaced with a lingering tickle, a thrumming sting of pleasure that wanted touching, wanted release, wanted to tease and please and tingle. Something was rubbing itself down there. It was like being a kid again and suddenly discovering that climbing poles had its own special pleasure.

Looking down, assuming you weren't so deeply in the throes of orgasmic pleasure from the transformation that you could think to look down, you'd see a small bump like a knuckle start to swell against the side of your cock. You'd feel a hard nudging against yourself, like there was someone pressing the thick, firm flesh of your prick with their finger. The knuckle would bulge and lengthen, and a thin seam would crown the tip and, as you watched, a miniature dick was suddenly beside your monster one. Perfect in every way, exact and tiny.

The tingling feeling would increase, the tickle growing into a slow pulse of pleasure. That pulse would swell in proportion to your new cock's size. And everything from here would start happening pretty fast.

Your cock would be pushed to the side as its twin grew stronger, fatter, extending itself by the inch. It would bloom there, longer and longer, pink and perfect until it was exactly the same size as your old cock, in all ways identical in appearance.

And hungry for your touch, yearning to feed you unending tides of orgasmic delight. And when you reached down with your thickly muscled arms and caressed yourself, the profound throbbing sexual ecstasy you've grown accustomed to would be doubled over again, each cock delivering such profound depths of heavenly bliss that you would want to die from it. It would shake you to your soul.

All of them, Todd and Chuck, Carlos, Jeff and Jeremy, David and Stephen and Sam were transformed by Mike's flooding load. For the two original men, the physical changes manifested almost all at once. Secondary dicks bloomed beside originals, crawling like swelling snakes from dark forests of pubic hair, each a twin of the man's primary fuckstick. It took only moments for Todd and Chuck to develop their second cocks and moments later to discover that what they thought had been the feeling of ultimate pleasure before was just a shadow of what they experienced now. They were each filled up with the power of masculine strength, bodies swollen with new muscle, pricks engorged and spouting, overcome all at once with what Michael was delivering in copious amounts. In seconds, they were adding to the shower of hot, incandescent male power.

Carlos's development took only slightly longer, the feeling of ultimate pleasure and overwhelming strength growing inside him like a supernova. He had no time to think, no time to consider what was happening, wondering at the suddenness of the transformation. His cocks inflated to steel hardness and fountained white perfection. His dark Latino skin was bursting with fresh power everywhere.

Jeff and Jeremy found each other, Michael's enhanced male scent too much for them to ignore when they were so close to the fire. It shoved through their senses and drove their libidos into overdrive. Their hands couldn't move fast enough, their mouths couldn't find enough of each other, and as they began to sprout new appendages, they could feel the hard heat pressing between them, thick shafts swelling into existence topped with flaring helmets dripping with precum. They could feel each other growing bigger as they embraced, sliding their four stiff pricks against their rippling bellies before welcoming each other into their mouths as they jerked themselves off.

David's massive muscular development took off like a rocket, fulfilling his desire to achieve the largest muscle mass possible. Everything swelled larger and larger, muscle into muscle under paper-thin flesh. He moaned with deep satisfaction as the feeling of strength and power increased everywhere. Everything grew and bulged, powerful swelling strength building almost unbounded, fibers becoming ropes becoming cables of towering potency as his muscles expanded wider, thicker and broader. No second prick swelled into existence, but he grabbed himself and pumped out a flood of precum that began to fountain before his prick grew to enormity, towering over his head with a load of cum pumping out of his huge nuts.

Stephen's hairy body drank in the sweet, hot rain of jizz and quickly grew past nine, then ten feet, approaching eleven. His limbs stretched and filled in with swelling brawn, overlaid with thick veins like the branches of a tree. The hair across his chest grew thick and dark, his nipples like shiny two-inch wide buttons lying in his black fur. When his monster started its own shower to bring him to ultimate glory, he was approaching the twelve-foot mark.

Sam was in heaven. The farthest back from the action, he watched the others changing in front of his eyes until the flood of cum and precum was too much to withstand. Figuring that the best way to increase the size of his dick was to make that the spigot through which he'd draw the transforming cream into his body, he dropped to his knees and leaned forward, touching the mouth of his prodigious prick to the flood, feeling a sudden unearthly surge of power draw through it and into him. His body may have been drawing extra energy from the spurting shower of man power raining down from above, feeding his muscles to new growth and power, but the pull from the source through his dick at the thick pool on the floor was making his appendage swell huge with firm meat and roped veins. He could feel its weight increasing, pulling from his groin like a heavy burden he was all too happy to carry. The shaft swelled larger and longer, the helmet blossoming to the size of a tennis ball, and he gloried in the feeling as his body rushed to catch up to the growth of his monster cock and grapefruit- size balls, filling up with potent white cream.

The extended orgasmic overload continued for some time, as the cycles of growth and renewal fed into each other and Michael's thick, pungent waves of testosterone-fueled man scent filled the room. When at last the throbbing, swollen period of super masculine transformation began to subside, and the mingled fuel of the nine men had been fully absorbed and converted into muscle and cock and thick, hard, beautiful, perfected manhood, they looked at each other in awe of the results.

"Fuck me," said Chuck.

"Holy shit," agreed Todd. Both men were still caressing their new double cocks, Todd shaking his head with disbelief while Chuck's huge, lascivious smile spoke volumes about what he was thinking - and feeling. The original duo had grown into larger, even more muscular versions of their previous selves. While the four newcomers had grown incredibly more massive in their separate ways, Todd and Chuck's physical perfection had coalesced into a solid some time ago. Their bodies continued to develop, growing larger and thicker, but their overall appearance was more or less as it had been, except of course for the new dicks. Carlos, though, did seem somehow different. Looking at the beautiful Latin, one couldn't say exactly what that difference was. His own second prick was an obvious manifestation and maybe that amazing augmentation distracted the attention from whatever the change actually was.

"Mmm," commented David, his hands moving over the gargantuan contours of his heavily muscled form. "This is too fucking unreal." His touch crawled across the massive strength of his chest, grown to two huge mounds of striated power. His body had grown so filled with strength that each muscle, each fiber of each muscle, pressed against his thin, copper-colored skin. He raised his arm to see the bicep swell bigger and bigger, watching as each cable of power swelled with strength and capability, pressing one against the other, growing ever more massive as he bent the arm to tighten his strength until it threatened to burst out of his skin. He was incredibly thick, with huge, round muscle masses everywhere. It looked even as if he had muscles no one else had, as if he had grown so large and so powerful that the muscles themselves had developed muscles. Veins suffused his form, feeding his brawny body with hot pulses of power. He was almost throbbing with might, the size and thickness of his muscled body both awesome and incredible.

Sam stood up, grinning madly. "Now this is what I call a cock," he said, lifting into his larger hands what could only be described as a giant prick. Even limp, it hung past his knees and looked to be at least as thick as his legs. He had achieved some muscular development, but the majority of his transformation had occurred in the one place where he really wanted it. He now owned a body of honed beauty, with sleek power that bulged and flexed as he moved. He felt stronger and more alive. But the development of his body was no measure to the growth of his dick. The shaft was firm, thick and pink. A heavy cowl of skin hooded its head, its thick, soft skin allowing only the tip of the helmet to show. His piss slit was already drooling a thick string of pre-cum that lubed and moistened the head. His hands lifted his cock and he held it before him like a serpent whose thick, muscular body extended from his own like another limb. He could feel the heat of it, the urgent need of it, tingling in his grip. So much dick delivered a fairly heavy rush of pleasure with each long stroke.

Carlos was also examining the latest transformation, noting that each of the men's new cocks was cowled with a fleshy foreskin just as his was - although he would expect that because he had been uncut as it was. But it made sense, that these newborn cocks would grow from their bodies intact and perfect. Then he was looking at the new members of their party, interested that while the original five had again grown more, for lack of a better word, perfectly male, the four new members had developed more targeted developments. David was a muscle monster, Sam had his monster cock, Stephen had grown taller than any of them, and then he looked at Michael.

And Michael was nothing short of astonishing. His male magnificence had increased and crystallized with his transformation. It was almost hard to look directly at him, so beautiful and perfect were his features. Carlos felt himself growing aroused and whatever the attraction was that Michael exhibited before - whether it was only charisma or something stirred into his genetic soup - it was now an evident tug Carlos could feel everywhere. Mike's form was both powerful and lithe, the bulging muscles that covered his body displaying their hard, masculine power while managing to remain inhumanly flawless. Standing there, Carlos felt his mouth go dry and his balls tingle with thoughts both carnal and worshipful floating in his head. When Michael's eyes met his stare, he felt a thunderbolt pass through him. When the other man smiled, he felt as though a shower of warmth and love and sex was pouring over his flesh.

Of all of the men who'd gained a new appendage down under, only on Michael did it seem exactly perfect. It would take some adjustment to get used to seeing Todd and Chuck, even as beautiful as they were, walking around with twin swinging pricks between their legs. But looking at Michael was like seeing the new model for male perfection made flesh. It was as if one cock wouldn't be enough for the man.

Stephen's voice broke Carlos's train of thought. "Can we all fly, now?"

"Only one way to find out," answered Jeremy as he stepped into midair, lifting himself effortlessly higher on the sea of wind within the room. "Can you see what I'm doing, Stephen?"

The tall man - tall being a relative term in a room full of men all over ten feet high - squinted his eyes, his square jaw tightening slightly. "I don't see it so much as..."

Todd nodded as he joined Jeremy in flight. "It's perceiving. It's learning to recognize..."

"Shit, this is cool!" David was pushing himself toward the ceiling using his massive arms. "I'm getting the hang of it."

Stephen smiled slightly and the others watched him fall backwards, only to see his huge form stop inches above the floor on a cushion of invisibility. "I think I'm gonna love this." He twisted around and swam upward, slipping between the streams of air on his way to the far wall, where he stopped and stood, parallel to the ground, folding his arms and crossing his legs to literally stand on the wall.

Jeff and Chuck soon joined the others in the air overhead. Chuck was spinning and posing, performing aerial acrobatics like some ballet star set loose of the earth. Jeff joined Jeremy, granting his lover a sweet kiss on the mouth as his hands each grabbed one of Jeremy's cocks for a caressing stroke. He whispered something to Jeremy that made the dark man start to laugh like a rumble of distant thunder. Then they both gazed down at Michael still standing on the floor as if to admire their handiwork.

Michael's smile never left his face as he watched the other men begin to explore their newest assets. Chuck was ass-grabbing Todd, manhandling his friend's body into a position to shove his tongue against Todd's ass. Sam seemed so pre-occupied with what was evidently a very sensitive and very huge cock that he wasn't even looking up. He hadn't attempted to join the others in the air, yet. David was putting on a display of his massive muscular development, looking like what every bodybuilder in every gym on the planet was working to attain. That depth of definition and vascularity wasn't to Michael's tastes, normally, but David made it look very attractive, indeed. And the fur that covered Stephen's massive frame seemed to accentuate the bulges and curves of his body, acting like dark shadows adding depth to his muscular definition. It spread out across his body like a shining dark carpet, with the large round burgundy of his nipples, capped with huge dipping tips, poking through like roofs through a forest.

Carlos wandered over to Michael and following his gaze toward the ceiling. Then he turned back to Mike, saying, "You've been awfully quiet."

Michael nodded slightly, his eyes still heavenward. "Just thinking."

Carlos felt a shudder of erotic bliss pass over him when Michael spoke, his voice and tone containing the strength of the mountains and the depth of the ocean. He hoped he could get used to that, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't. "Care to share?"

Michael met his eyes, his laser-sharp gaze penetrating Carlos like a stab of desire. "I feel whole." His perfect face changed slightly. "No, that isn't the precise term. I feel... complete." He raised his hand and brushed Carlos's hair back, the silken breath of his hand near the Latin's cheek like a caress. "Something has happened to me. Something more than physical."

"What? What has happened?" He allowed his gaze to drink in the perfected contours of the man next to him, marveling in Michael's flawlessness in every aspect. He even smelled wonderful, enticing, comforting and alluring at the same time. "The physical changes are evident. This process certainly agrees with you. Is it some new sense? Some capability?"

Michael looked at Carlos and noticed the other man's pointed gaze along his thickly muscled form. "More than physical," he said softly, "beyond the mere physical. Or perhaps..." He took the man's hand in his own.

Carlos almost gasped. Michael's skin was an experience in physical pleasure all its own. It was smooth, soft, and warm, with a palpable charge of pleasure and gratification. He placed Carlos's hand against his own chest. The thread of pleasure intensified, growing to a palpable warmth of sheer sexuality. Touching the man, even as simple a touch as this, was akin to nothing Carlos had felt before. Or perhaps it was, as he realized that the touch was like petting his own ultra-sensitive cock, but that he felt that same intensity of eroticism through his fingers, his hand, his arm.

Michael was ecstasy made flesh. He was an embodiment of masculine sex, the pure essence of erotic bliss and sensual desire. Carlos felt a coursing sexual power beneath his fingertips, suffused with the warmth of eroticism and strength. Static sparks of need shocked his system, passed to him through the muscled flesh, the soft hairs, the perfect dark rubies of Michael's nipples on his beautiful chest. Something was exchanged between the men beneath that touch, something that curled around the pleasure centers, crawled into the loins, pressed itself against Carlos like an embrace of pure gratification. He was left speechless and breathless. Michael kept his eyes locked on Carlos as he guided the man's hand down his body, over the rippled might of his belly, through the tender follicles of dark fleece that erupted in a perfect trail from his navel leading downward to a forest of dense curls. Carlos could feel the sensation of Michael, whatever that sensation was, wherever it came from, swelling inside him like a ball of light, a bright, hot bliss as his hand moved down the other man's impossibly beautiful body. It grew hotter and bigger inside him, like flying toward the sun. Michael's tender but firm grip guided Carlos's fingers through the utter softness of his pubic fur until they found the twinned origination of the man's cocks.

A tremor of something, of Michael, erupted within Carlos at that merest touch of the sex root. It was a feeling like an orgasm, lacking only the sensation of cumming. Carlos sucked in a quick, sharp breath, his eyes going wide as his body reacted to the unexpected rush of pleasure erupting up his arm and flooding into his entire being. It was like touching an exposed wire filled with thousands of volts of sexual current. His pair of heavy pricks swelled to hardened thickness.

Michael pressed the other man's hand to his identical and perfect pricks, receiving the same sudden jolt of intense pleasure coming back the other way, a torrent that exploded into being and filled him up to overflowing. Whatever had occurred in the transformation, whatever properties of DNA renovation and male genetic enhancement and biological upgrading that had happened, this was the result within himself.

The strength and power and capacity of his masculine body had increased ten-fold everywhere. He could feel it, sense his own staggering strength buried in untapped and endless reserves within this perfect body he'd built, the muscles ready to fulfill any task set them, buzzing with the strength of a hundred men, five hundred, a thousand.... With Carlos's help, with the added power of his serum, he'd realized a new measure of his staggering potential. He knew it. The two men together, unknown to each other, had devised the precise means to achieve male perfection.

And the sexual pleasure he could receive and give as a result, he could feel that, too, and its strength made the physical power shrink in its shadow. He was like some male sensual deity, a being sculpted of pleasure and gratification and deep, hard, hot sexual energy. Some innate power, something either new or newly augmented, coated him with an erotic shield of sensual bliss, and that power emanated from here, from the twins of heavy flesh between his legs, from the firm and lengthy cocks hanging fully-juiced and profoundly receptive above a set of balls capable of delivering his thick, hot, super-potent double flow of transforming cum and pre-cum in unending streams. And with that power, the power of changing any man to his ultimate self, came the power of deep, innate orgasmic satisfaction - and he had no idea how powerful that was.

He moved Carlos's hand away, holding it in his own as he nodded slightly. With his voice of thunder, he whispered, "I don't know how strong I am."

Carlos gulped, realizing the meaning behind that statement, and that his own cocks were still rock hard and pulsing against his abs, pumping gobs of hot honey on his flesh. Feeling the heat of passion and sex pouring off Michael's body at this proximity, he worked to calm himself. "You feel this - this surge of sexual pleasure..."

"It started during the process. I'm sure you and Todd and the others, when you were changed, you realized a growing rush of sexual pleasure, even above what you might normally expect from an extended orgasm. Whatever this transforming fluid is, whatever it becomes, whatever processes it starts within us, it also heightens the pleasure beyond anything I've encountered before. I felt a portion of that when I was outside, inadvertently absorbing your collective spillover. The sexual bliss as I was growing into my former incarnation was ample and lengthy." He grinned, quirking his beautiful mouth sideways, adding, "Not unlike our improved dicks." His face became serious again. "But this last process - I was simply not prepared for what I felt happening to me. I have been standing here trying to cope.

"What you felt, I feel that, too. All the time, now. When I was alone - or relatively so, before you approached - it was like a soft humming that I could hear, but it's not a sound, it's a feeling. A sense. Something... Then you came to me, and it was as if my body began to sing. Like a glow, it grew inside me. Like an embrace, it surrounded me, caressed me. Then your touch, as it passed over me, the song amplified. I moved your touch along myself, feeling what you felt. You hand warmed my skin, as my flesh warmed yours. We were making love with that simple stroke. I could feel you. I know you felt me. And that sense grew, the pleasure, the beauty, the perfection."


"Until you touched the source of the pleasure, just as it was always the source of sexual pleasure. Only now, that pleasure is..." He shook his head, "I'm almost afraid to see how much is there. It is a caged beast waiting only to be unleashed."

His voice was a powerful rumble, and Carlos sensed he was keeping even that restrained. He thought that if Michael wanted to, the young man's voice could bring him to orgasm with a few simple words. He found himself aching to kiss the man's lips. "You said, 'cope'?"

He nodded and smiled. "That's the only way I can explain it. And that's a very imprecise explanation. It isn't painful. It isn't stressful. But it is something I have never had to deal with, a feeling of constant and unending bliss. It's a little... distracting."

"To put it mildly." Carlos's voice was soft.

Mike shrugged. "Perhaps it is only a temporary side effect." He looked up. "It doesn't appear to be affecting anyone else's pleasure."

That much was evident. The men, all of them, were engaged in various forms of sexual acts. Jeremy and Jeff had joined Stephen and David, apparently giving them pointers in the act of man-to-man pleasure. From the looks of things, they were fast learners. Chuck and Todd had pulled Sam and his huge member into the air with them, and were apparently supporting him between them as they performed various acts between themselves. Sam's enormity was producing a flood of lubrication with was coating them all in a slick glaze. One of Todd's dicks - or maybe both of them, it was hard to tell from the way they floated - was planted in Sam's ass, and Chuck was licking the mammoth flesh pole with an eager hunger, his own twin pricks surrounding the thick root of Sam's monster, leaking precum across the smaller man's smoothly muscled chest. It was such a big appendage when erect that it almost looked like three guys playing with a giant dildo.

"It occurs to me," said Mike in his cum-causing tones, "that we are going to have to make a few changes." He looked at Carlos, raising his hands to hold the other man's face before bending his lips to a deep kiss before the Latin heartthrob could ask what he meant. Carlos again felt a throbbing wash of bliss as their lips caressed. "I hope you didn't mind. I just wanted to kiss your beautiful face. I think I've wanted to from the first time I saw you."

Carlos raised an eyebrow, but then his smile took over and he repeated Mike's gesture, taking the model of male perfection's face in his hands and kissing him back. "I'm flattered."

Mike laughed lightly. "I don't know if it's love, of course. After all, you have to live with someone for a while and get really annoyed at him before you discover you're in love. But I feel very strongly attracted to you."

"It's very mutual, Michael." And Carlos realized as he said the words that it was true. Then again, who wouldn't be? But this was more than physical, what he felt. And that surprised him all over again. "Is this the change you were talking of?"

"Not exactly." His arm fell across Carlos's shoulders as he gazed upward at the men overhead. A cascade of bliss fell along the Latin man's body, like a waterfall of sensuality. His cock and balls prickled excitedly. "Did I mention that I was wealthy?"

"I don't think it came up." Carlos swallowed into a dry throat.

"Not extraordinarily so, but passably. Wealthy enough that I own a sizeable chunk of land and a large home thereon." Carlos found his mind racing even as his body swam in a pool of pleasure. "A house with high ceilings I hope."

"As a matter of fact, I built it with a rather unbelievable dream in mind. I had hopes of reaching a level of physical development using my own practices and enhancements that might allow me to gain several inches in height and muscle and one never knows exactly what will happen." His fingertips were brushing a feather-light touch on Carlos's left nipple. "I never anticipated this turn of events, but isn't it lucky that things seem to be turning out better than I ever expected? " "Science is a wonderful thing," observed Carlos.

"Isn't it, though? I suggest we gather up the tribe and bring the party to my place. I have some equipment there, but nothing like this set. You don't think the government would mind if we borrowed some of your research files?" "I think they'd be happy to know that their funding is going to such worthwhile work."

"The Double Cock Project. Such a nice ring to it, too." "Congress would be pleased." He looked around the room, thinking of the hours he'd spent here perfecting the formula that had changed him and these other men forever. On reflection, he wouldn't miss it all that much.

Then Michael laughed and a sly look came over his face. He hiked his thumb over his shoulder toward the door to the yard, asking, "Care to take this new model out for a test drive?"

"I'm ready if you are." Michael smiled, then kissed Carlos with a deep passion. "C'mon, we'll tell the guys about the plan later. Time for fun."

The others didn't notice the absence of Michael and Carlos for some time, which was hardly unexpected since they were exploring each other and discovering who liked what, where and when. Chuck, as usual, was the fuckmeister supreme, taking it and giving it in equal doses, even managing to somehow blow Sam's monster cock while taking it up the ass from Todd's twin terrors. A few abnormalities, if they could be considered that, were also discovered. Sam did not have the power to command the winds, but whether this was because he was physically unable to or mentally unable to grasp the concept was in doubt. He certainly appeared muscular enough, although he was smaller than any other man except for what was between his legs.

David's strength was unmatched when teamed against any other single superman's. They might be able to summon untapped reserves, but he seemed able to pull in more than anyone, building himself up to such a huge collection of brawn that it was a wonder his joints could bend. He was muscle piled on thick muscle, grown vast and meaty, each cabled fiber twisting under paper-thin skin as if he was going to burst out at any moment.

Between David's muscular development and Sam's huge prick, it was evident that if a man were taken only partially to the realm of superman and given an opportunity to develop as he wished, those developments could overshadow other changes and surpass what an "ordinary" growth period could produce. Whether that also meant an increased ability with flying or some super-intense man scent sex juice should that be the individual's wish, was anyone's guess. It simply left room for other newcomers to explore.

Figuring that the only place for the two missing members was outside, the men trooped through the facilities until they reached the outer doors and found themselves in a place that seemed super-saturated with masculine sex. The term "in heat" had new meaning for all of them as they realized what that meant - and felt like.

All eyes were drawn upward to where Carlos and Michael were floating in the sky above them. They could each feel the power of the men like a magnet, as if there was a vortex swirling around up there, a whirlpool of sexual attraction pulling at them.

Then, the feeling was gone and the two men were descending toward them. Michael had his perfect smile in place, reflecting the perfection of his body which seemed, to the naked eye, to be glowing slightly. But that was probably a trick of the dimming light. Carlos was also smiling, in a most uncharacteristic way. Whatever they'd been doing upstairs, it seemed to agree with him.

"Good evening, gentlemen," announced Michael, his smooth, deep tone carrying effortlessly. The men gathered below, as a group, felt distinctly hotter when their ears gathered in the sound of his voice. It seemed to drill its way directly to their cocks. "I trust you have all been enjoying yourselves."

"From the looks of you two," smiled Todd, "I'd say the same out here."

Carlos looked slightly abashed, but recovered quickly enough to say, "I think by now it's apparent to each of us that resuming our old lives would be something of a challenge."

"Oh, I dunno," laughed Chuck, scratching himself with gusto. His pendulous prick wagged like a dogs tail. "I think the guys at Sears automotive would get a kick from having me hand them a new engine instead of carting it in on a hydraulic." The other men laughed as well, thinking of appearing in their old haunts with their new bodies, towering over their co-workers and friends while trying to explain the background of their dramatic developments.

"It does seem like rather an awkward predicament," agreed David. "Not that I'd mind showering at the gym looking like this."

Carlos continued. "Michael has a proposition that I think you'll all find very interesting. If you agree, and you're all free to go your own ways, of course, but if you come with us, then I think..."

"Us?" asked Jeremy.

"I have already made my decision," Carlos announced, slipping his hand into Michael's. The other man's smile increased and he looked at his lover with obvious delight. Just then, Michael looked no more than 16 again and in love for the first time. "And I think you'll find the proposition very agreeable and beneficial to all of us."

"I'm in!" announced Chuck, suddenly. Todd looked at him, cocking an eyebrow. Chuck shrugged back, explaining, "It's a no-brainer. I like being like this. I mean, let's face it, wandering the streets encased in clothes again, trying to shove two cocks down the pantlegs of some jeans, going to McDonald's, seeing a movie... let's be honest. Where in that world can I hang around naked, ass- grabbing the most beautiful collection of flesh the world has ever seen, growing stronger, bigger, more beautiful myself, feeling completely comfortable in the company of other huge, muscular men who want me as much as or more than I want them? No matter what the plan is, as long as it lets me be me - and I mean all of me - I'm in!"

"Now that's logic that's hard to argue with."

"So, it's just us, then?" Jeff asked. "Not that I'll be lonely, of course. Or bored. But, I think we can all agree that new blood is needed. If we seclude ourselves to some Fantasy Island hide-a-way, how will we get men to join us and, sort of, stir the brew some more? I can think of a couple of hotties who I'd love to see in the club." The other men considered their own circle of friends and slowly nodded, thinking of this Latin heartthrob or that tanned model they'd love to see stripped and sweaty.

Michael just smiled. •

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