Taking the Good


By Clarence591

Lucas arrived at the Delta house soon after Artie and his team left for the games. He went into the living room and saw several housemates sitting shirtless in the living room watching wrestling on TV. Artie had asked the other fraternity brothers to stay in the house instead of coming to watch the competition. Seeing their hard bodies and prominent packages, Lucas knew that his spell definitely did work for them. “Well hello there, men. I’m glad you stayed inside like Artie asked instead of going out and enjoying the benefits of your new bodies”.

“What are you talking about, dude?” one of the men replied.

“Oh, right. I forgot you have always been buff” Lucas said collecting his thoughts. If the spell worked that meant he was in full control of these men. “Hey, Albert isn’t it, why don’t you get down on the floor and give me fifty. You’re chest is looking kind of puny.”

“Sure thing, I’ve always had a hard time gaining size in my chest” Albert got on the floor and did 50 pushups, having difficulty at first but soon was pumping then out quickly. When he finished he stood up and waited for another command from Lucas. Lucas just looked at his pumped up chest, now thick with muscle and covered in veins. Albert kept flexing his pecs as he enjoyed the rush.

“Very nice” Lucas said running his hand over Albert’s hard chest.

“Thanks, my chest has always been my best body part. It grows like crazy” Albert said smiling.

“Yes, it certainly does”. Lucas walked back to the foyer and yelled, “I want everybody in the living room now”. Doors could be heard opening and the noise of several men running down the steps filled the foyer. Lucas counted the men and said, “Good you are all here. We are going to do some calisthenics this morning as a group. Now move all the furniture to the side so we have more room. The Deltas immediately did what Lucas asked without question. Once the furniture was moved, he told the men to remove all their clothing. He then ordered them to each do 100 pushups, and then 200 sit ups, 50 squats and 100 jumping jacks for good measure. While the fraternity members were doing the exercises, Lucas sat on the couch and watched. He got hard seeing their young bodies transforming before his eyes; muscles growing and bulging. Their expanding thighs making their large cocks stand out from their bodies even more. Lucas was delighted with himself; he knew that Delta’s gain was a great loss for his own fraternity brothers. Now they had to live their lives as dweebs, no longer the sexy jocks that everyone envied or lusted after. Once the routine was completed, Lucas inspected his army of muscular jocks. He ran his hands over each man’s torso and cock. All were now taller, more handsome and virile. The room was filled with the odor of male sweat. Lucas caught his own reflection in the mirror. While everyone else had changed, he looked the same. He removed his clothing and grabbed onto his gut. “This won’t do, will it my pretties. For some reason, I’m not gaining muscle from Garry, but I can still get rid of this fat. But the question is who deserves to be punished the most, besides Garry and Mark of course”, Lucas thought for a moment then mumbled some words under his breath. Immediately the fat started to melt away from his body. He became lean and tight. His large cock was no longer hidden by a roll of stomach fat. Lucas’s blond hair and flawless skin, made him look like the ideal surfer. “There’s a former head cheerleader with a serious weight problem out there somewhere” Lucas said grinning. “Okay men, it’s time for another set. Hit the floor and give me another 100 pushups.”


Garry led his team to the tug-of-war area. Basically it was a large mud pit with a patch of sand on each side. A thick rope laid across the mud with a bandana tied in the middle. Garry’s team lined up on one side of the pit while the Delta’s were on the other. Both teams appeared to be somewhat evenly matched physically. Both excited by the possibility of winning. The referee told them to grab the rope and dig in for the challenge. He blew his whistle and both teams pulled with all their might. Almost immediately, Garry noticed his team was losing more mass. Their strength was dwindling fast; their once athletic legs and arms getting thinner by the minute. While the other team was adding bulk, the bodies expanding in every direction. Thicker cords of muscle were forming on their legs, shoulders widening, their biceps developing higher peaks and their forearms becoming more massive, covered with veins. Within a few minutes the Deltas had moved the bandana to their side and the referee blew the whistle, indicating the Deltas had won.

“That was too easy, dude. I was hoping maybe this year we would have a real challenge for once” said Norman. He was the most muscular man on his team having taken the huge muscle mass of Aaron.

“I have an idea, Norm. Why don’t we give them a second chance and let their captain help them out”, Artie suggested smugly.

“Good idea, Artie. Maybe with him on their side, the six of them may be able to hold the five of us back longer than a minute.” Norman said arrogantly, “What do you say, Garry?”

“Sure, why not it’s all for fun after all”, Garry answered as he took his position at the end of the rope. He secretly hoped he could win this for his team.

All the other competitors grabbed the rope and took their stance. The referee blew the whistle again, and both teams started to pull. The muscle transfer sped up, as Garry’s incredible strength made the Deltas struggle much more this time. But as his team mates continued to shrink, loosing every noticeable ounce of muscle from their bodies; it was like Garry was alone trying to hold back five powerful men. The Deltas had sapped every bit of maleness from his team. The Delta’s overwhelming strength finally caused Garry to lose his gripe on the rope, sending his team mates into the mud pit. The crowd cheered and laughed at the sight of the geeks covered in mud. The Deltas rejoiced in their third victory of the day by slapping each other on their firm asses. Garry’s team walked over to shake their hands. The Delta team now towered over them; their tight, thickly muscled bodies radiated masculinity and strength. Their small sized shorts now hugged their hard bodies showcasing their super sized equipment. They were the stuff of wet dreams.

“Thanks for going easy on us guys. We knew we never had a chance against you” said Derek covered in mud as he shook Sheldon’s larger hand.

“Yeah, thanks for keeping the tradition going. We really appreciate you choosing us again this year for the tug-of-war. I know we’re not much of a challenge” Aaron said looking up at the awe-inspiring Norman.

Aaron moved on and Garry approached Norman, “Good game, Norm”.

“Why are you in the geek house, Garry? A guy with your physique should be a Delta” asked Norman shaking Garry’s hand, squeezing hard trying to take advantage of Garry’s rope burns.

“Thanks, but I like the geeks Norman” Garry replied watching Norman wince in pain as he squeezed Norman’s hand back even harder. Garry moved down the line to talk to Artie.

“Good game, Artie” Garry said trying to sound sincere.

“Yeah, it’s all for charity. By the way, remember your donation is a pricey $1,234 this year, thanks to my heavyweight team.” Artie said with pride.

The cheerleaders came down from the bleachers and kissed the Delta team. The winner’s left the field with a cheerleader under each muscular arm, the girls’ hands roaming over the men’s superbly athletic bodies as they walked away.

“To the victors go the spoils I guess” said Brad, “I would love to win this thing just once. But guys like them have such a natural physical advantage over guys like us, it’s not fair.

“Yeah, when the sperm meets the egg, it’s a like the handle on a genetic slot machine is pulled. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and get men that look like that” rationalized Derek.

“And sometimes you get all lemons and end up with guys like us” lamented Aaron.

“Enough all ready. It’s over and done”, said Garry trying hard to play along with the charade. “Remember it’s all for charity. Let’s head home and wash up.”


When Garry arrived back at the frat house he searched for Mark with no luck. He decided to continue his search across the street at the Delta house. He knocked on the door and Artie answered. “Hi, have you seen Mark? I thought he might have come over here to congratulate you on your victory” asked Garry.

“No, I haven’t seen him today” answered Artie nervously keeping the door closed behind him.

“Don’t be rude Artie, invite the loser in” Garry heard what sounded like Lucas’s voice from inside the house.

Artie opened the door and Garry walked in. He saw a slender Lucas standing in the center of the living room surrounded by seventeen muscular jocks, all nude. As Garry walked into the living room, he saw Mark lying on the floor nude in the corner. Mark’s hands were bound behind his back, his mouth covered by duct tape, and his face badly bruised. Garry bolted towards Mark.

“Stop him and bind his hands too”, Lucas commanded his muscle army.

Four men grabbed onto Garry trying to stop his progress to Mark’s aide. As they struggled Garry’s shirt was ripped from his body. Two more Deltas joined in trying to control the angry hulk. With three men holding each massive arm, they were able to force Garry’s wrist together behind his back and wrap them tightly with duct tape. They all started pounding Garry in his stomach, chest and back. Garry finally succumbed to the onslaught from the powerful jocks and fell to his knees.

“Congratulations, you fought back harder than Marky over there” Lucas stated calmly.

“If he’s seriously hurt, I swear to God, I’ll kill you Lucas” Garry growled at Lucas trying to catch his breath from the violent battle.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to threaten me, Garry” Lucas responded as he sat on the top of a large wooden card table in the center of the room. He continued to move cat like, lying on his side as if the table were a lounge. “And Mark didn’t get those bruises on his face when we tied his hands. He got those bruises because he won’t tell me what I wanted to know. I hope you will be more cooperative. You see, I was wondering why Artie and I didn’t get the same benefits from my spell as all the other Deltas. Then I thought maybe it wasn’t something I did, but something you did”. All the Delta brothers looked at one another confused by what Lucas was saying, but none dared ask a question. Lucas moved off the table and walked towards Garry. “Where are the dolls?” Lucas asked, his voice taking on a much more serious tone.

“I don’t know, I thought you had them” Garry answered.

Lucas lifted his arm and with the back of his hand slapped Garry’s face hard. Garry almost lost his balance surprised by the blow. “Like I said, I hoped you would be more cooperative”. Lucas lifted his other arm and slapped Garry’s other cheek forcing his head backwards.

“I would never tell you anything to let you hurt Mark again. If you want muscles, there’s plenty in this room to steal. Why don’t you leave Mark’s alone” Garry said tasting blood from a wound on his lip from Lucas’s blows.

“Oh, I’m not after Mark’s muscles, they’re all for Artie. I want to be really huge.” Lucas walked behind Garry as he talked. He placed his hands on Garry’s massive arms roaming up over his shoulders, and down his enormous chest grabbing his large nipples and twisting them hard. “Mark may have the most beautiful body, but you are the biggest, most powerful man on campus. You are all mine.”

“Fine, if you want me, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll tell you where the dolls are, you take my muscles, but you let Mark go untouched. He doesn’t know where I hid the dolls anyway”, Garry said trying to sound logical.

“You are a good friend, willing to sacrifice yourself for Mark’s benefit.” Lucas walked back to the center of the room and leaned his bare ass on the card table deep in thought. “Maybe too good of a friend. When I was your maid I noticed something while cleaning your room, there were no porno magazines. There were lots of men fitness magazines, but no nudie pictures of girls anywhere; unusual for a college guy’s bedroom. And I don’t ever recall seeing you going out on a date alone with a girl either.” Lucas hesitated and looked at Garry, who diverted his eyes toward the floor. “Maybe a different kind of torture will be more effective on you. Bring Mark over here. Hold him right in front of Garry”

Mark was brought to Garry as Lucas ordered. He was held up, dazed but awake, by a man on each side of him. Garry kept his head down towards the floor. Lucas walked behind Garry and then knelt down to be at his level. Lucas lowered Garry’s shorts to his knees exposing his cock and large, round ass. Lucas then grabbed the hair on top of Garry’s head and forced him to look straight ahead. Only a few inches away form his face was Mark’s huge horse dick, perfectly shaped and completely soft. Lucas placed his mouth next to Garry’s ear and started to speak slowly and seductively while caressing Garry’s extra large ass.

“He is beautiful isn’t he? Every muscle perfectly formed as if sculpted by the world’s greatest artist; ideal symmetry and proportion of every body part. His olive skin is absolutely flawless. Look as his abdominal muscles flex and relax with every breath. His waist is so tight and his hips so narrow, not an ounce of fat on him. See the deep groove that runs along his hip bone: and the power in those thighs. Imagine how they must feel; so warm and hard.” Garry tried closing his eyes, but the object before him was too beautiful. His cock started to get hard, he tried to stop it but he couldn’t.

“Please stop. Don’t do this to me in front of him”, Garry whispered.

Lucas continued to hold Garry’s head up by his hair with one hand; he took his other hand off Garry’s ass and wrapped it around his hardening cock. Stroking it slowly he continued his sensual tour of Mark’s body. “Look at those huge balls, the source of all this masculine perfection. Imagine the amount of testosterone they must pump out to maintain that muscular body. Finally we come to the envy of every man who has ever laid eyes upon it; that cock of his, so long and thick. What would it feel like to suck it; to taste his cum, savoring his very essence in your hot moist mouth? Running your hands over his firm ass; squeezing a smooth globe in each hand. He shivers with pleasure while tenderly running his long fingers through your hair.” Garry started to moan, his breathing quickening, his balls churning and his cock harder than it has ever been, sticking straight up against his abs. “And after you finish sucking him dry, he smiles at you and puts his full, soft lips around your cock, licking the tip, trying his best to please you. He then begs you to pump his ass, filling him with your manhood. Because he has secretly always wanted you as much as you wanted him. Tell me how much you want him. How much you love him. Tell me now and we can end this.”

“Yes, I want him. I want him and I love him” Garry shot his load hitting the bottom of his thick pecs that extended out over this abs. He collapses onto the floor embarrassed by having his deepest sexual fantasy revealed to everyone, especially Mark. “I hate you Lucas. I used to pity you, but now I know you are a sick mother fucker. You can do what you want to me and I won’t tell you anything. I’ll see in you hell before I ever let you get your hands on those dolls.”

Lucas stood up and walked to the card table. “I believe you. But now that I know how you really feel about Mark, I don’t need to do anything to you to make you tell me what I want. Bring Mark over there” Lucas told the two men still holding Mark. The men pushed Mark over towards the table. Lucas kept gesturing to the men to move Mark closer to the table, until Mark’s cock was being crushed by table’s edge. Lucas reached down and pulled Mark’s long cock and massive ball sack up and laid his king sized equipment onto the table. “Let’s get two more men to stand behind Mark so he doesn’t move” Lucas grabbed Mark’s thick cock again and talking to Sheldon who was holding Mark’s right arm, “And you hold this up and out of the way.” Sheldon grabbed Mark’s soft cock and held it flat against Mark’s cobblestone gut. He marveled at the size and weight of Mark’s meat. Mark’s large balls were completely exposed and spread out on the table before him. Lucas walked over to a tool chest on the other side of the room and pulled out a hammer. Mark’s eyes widened, he tried to move, but was held in place by the 4 strong men that surrounded him, using all their strength to hold the bodybuilder steady.

“Magic isn’t the only way to steal a man’s muscles. There’s also castration” Lucas said as he slammed the hammer down on the table less than an inch from Mark’s nuts. The hammer hit with such force it left a dent in the wooden top. “Not only will your muscles go, but you’ll get fat, loose that sexy five o’clock shadow and your huge rod will forever be limp as a overcooked noodle. It will be such a shame”. Lucas raised the hammer high over his head. Mark tried to scream through his duct taped mouth.

“Stop!” Garry yelled at Lucas, “The dolls are at the frat house. There’s a hold bureau covered by a tarp in the far corner of the attic. The dolls are in the middle drawer.”

Lucas dropped the hammer onto the floor behind him. “Artie, go across the street and bring me the dolls. And be quick about it”. Lucas ripped the tape off of Mark’s mouth, “Next time I want the world to hear your cowardly screams.” Lucas walked toward Garry still lying on the floor. “And you better be telling me the truth or I will start cracking nuts, first the pretty boy and then you” Lucas told Garry as he kicked him repeatedly his still sore gut.

To deal with the excruciating pain, Lucas mind drifted back, recalling his visit to the old woman in the bayou. He hadn’t told Mark the whole story earlier. The old woman originally didn’t want Garry’s money. But she looked in his eyes and asked “You too are familiar with casting spells, are you not? Why haven’t you used magic to get the things you want?”

“I have only cast one spell. That was in self defense, to undo Lucas’s spell. With magic it seems someone must always pay for someone else to benefit. I don’t want anything that badly. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt because of me” Garry answered.

“Not even the man you has caused you and your friend such pain and humiliation. I know there is something he possesses that you greatly desire” the woman asked still looking into Garry’s eyes and putting her small hand on Garry’s huge chest.

“I don’t wish Lucas any harm. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. I just want to stop him from hurting anyone else.” Lucas replied putting the dolls into his backpack.

“Your heart is as big as your muscles. If you don’t mind, I will take that money you offered me. And in return I’ll give you some advice. Confess your true feelings to your best friend. If in his heart he feels the same towards you, you will become the man you should be”. The old woman then looked down at the floor and starting mumbling again. Garry started to look through his backpack for his wallet. The woman suddenly put her hand on Garry’s crotch, lightly cupping his manhood. The woman stopped muttering under her breath, let go of Garry’s package and put her hand out for payment.

Garry paid her the money. “Thank you for your help” Garry said backing out of the shack. He walked quickly to his car, not sure at what just happened.


Artie returned with the dolls in less than ten minutes. “Here you go, Lucas. They were just where he told you they would be” Artie said trying to catch his breath as he handed the bundled dolls to Lucas.

Lucas put his hand out for the dolls and dropped them quickly when he saw the acacia tree thorn. “Artie, remove that thorn from the wrapping”. Artie removed the thorn holding it between his fingers. “Take the hammer and smash it into pieces. Then wash the pieces down the garbage disposal.” Lucas ordered. Artie did what he was told without questioning the reason.

“I underestimated your intelligence. I didn’t realize you had both brains and brawn.” Lucas said to Garry still lying on the floor.

Artie returned from the kitchen and stood next to Lucas. “Artie now it’s our time to grow. Take off your clothes.” Lucas said while staring at the dolls. Artie didn’t want to strip in front of all these handsome, muscular jocks; but he had to do as Lucas said. He was by far the shortest, thinnest, ugliest, least endowed man there; as he removed his last piece of clothing, his underwear, snickering was heard from the other men. “Unwrap the dolls, Artie” Lucas said afraid to touch them in case there was another thorn inside. Artie untied the knot and removed the white protection cloth finally allowing Lucas’s spell to take its toll on Garry and Mark. Artie put the two dolls on the table, immediately he felt a strange sensation. He felt dizzy, as did Mark. Lucas watched as Artie’s balls started to grow, more than tripling in size. He turned to see Mark’s golf ball sized testicles shrink down to marbles. Artie felt the rush of testosterone throughout his groin. He cock started to harden, quickly reaching its normal four inch size. Artie began stroking his hard-on, it pulsed then continued to grow. Mark’s six inch soft penis receded within in body, stopping when it reached a very skinny one and a half inches. Mark’s tiny dick now got lost in his thick pubic hair. His body and facial features softened, his muscles sagging slightly under their own massive weight, his shoulders hunching forward. Artie’s cock thickened and grew until maxing out just past eleven inches. Artie’s body became firmer, his face more masculine, his hair thicker and his posture improved drastically. Artie could not hold back the ecstasy of his change, grabbing his underwear off the table and using it to catch his load as he came. Lucas felt the change too, but it was not as dramatic, since he was already better hung than Garry. But he gained a little more size in his ball sack and cock.

Artie squeezed the last bit of cum from his softening cock into his waded up underwear. Mark, like every other man in the room, was staring at Artie’s massive rod. “Amazing isn’t it?” Artie asked Mark who diverted his gaze. “It’s okay, you can look. People have always admired my cock. I bet you wish you had something like this between your legs; with your face and body, you would be the perfect stud.”

“Having a small penis has never bothered me. At least that’s the only thing small about me” Mark said defensively, taking a dig at Artie’s small stature.

Artie, whose body was surging with hormones, flew into a rage, “Are you saying you’re more of a man than I am, stubby. I take you on right here and now.”

“This is a fight I want to see. Sheldon, untie his hands. The rest of you move this table and form a circle around our two gladiators”. Everyone followed Lucas directions. Mark, removing the cut duct tape from his wrists, stood in the center of the room with Artie. Garry was off to the side of the room, still sitting on the floor. His view blocked by the other men.

“I’m not going to fight you, Artie. I’m like a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than you. Let’s just say you won and call it a day.” Mark said while rubbing his wrist, not really looking at Artie.

Artie knew Mark was right. Mark’s muscles were huge and powerful. He noticed Mark’s torso was covered with bruises from his earlier beatings. Artie thought if he couldn’t win fairly, he’d play dirty. Artie rushed up to Mark and punched him in the gut with all the strength we had in his scrawny body. Mark was caught off guard and bent forward while grabbing his stomach. Artie then moved behind Mark and sucker punched him in the kidneys. Mark fell to one knee in pain. Artie grabbed one of Mark’s massive arms and tried to bend it behind Mark’s back to force him to the floor. Mark quickly reversed Artie’s weak grip and threw Artie several feet in the air before he hit the floor hard. Artie looked to Lucas for help.

“Artie while you’re down there. Why don’t you give me 25 push ups” Lucas decided to even the playing field a little, by speeding up the transfer process. Artie did what he was told, his body filling out with every push up. Mark got back on his feet still holding his sore gut, his arms and chest thinning as Artie got bigger. Artie stood up feeling energized.

“Okay, let’s stop now before you get hurt” Mark said trying to calm Artie down. Artie rushed Mark again; slamming his larger more powerful fist into Mark’s weakened abdominals. The air was knocked out of Mark, surprised by the power in Artie’s punch. Again Mark fell to one knee. Artie grabbed Mark’s arm again, but this time Mark couldn’t stop him. The harder Mark tried, the weaker he got. Artie was able to twist Mark’s arm behind him and force him onto the floor face first. Artie’s body was bulging all over with growth, not realizing the force of his new muscles, he brought Mark’s arm to the breaking point. “I give, I give” Mark said, his whole body in pain. Artie let go and waited for Mark to stand up. Mark slowly raised himself up off the floor. He now only had a slight size advantage over Artie. Mark put his hands up indicating enough, I don’t want to fight anymore. But Artie grabbed Mark’s hands, interlocking their fingers. Artie raised his hands to push Mark down. Mark pushed back forcing Artie to one knee. Both men used every muscle in their body to get an advantage. Mark continued to shrink with every push, his body shaking trying to hold his winning position. Artie got back on his feet using his bulging thigh muscles. He was now taller than Mark. Mark put his right leg back bracing himself against the force Artie was applying. Artie’s muscles exploded with size and power; his shoulders and back widening by the second. Mark fell to his knees, smaller than Artie was this morning. Artie threw Mark backwards with a burst of raw strength while releasing his grip. Mark fell onto the floor. He looked up at Artie whose massive muscles and cock exuded pure masculinity. He didn’t have the same beautiful lines of Mark’s old body, by his muscles were larger. Artie had the physique of a professional bodybuilder, every muscle huge and distinct. He looked indestructible with his hands on his hips and his legs slightly apart.

“Are we done here?” asked Artie flexing his pecs while looking down at the puny Mark. All the men started to laugh at Mark.

Mark felt humiliated and angry. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Artie’s torso trying to knock him down. Mark’s arms were just long enough to encircle Artie’s immense chest. He was able to grasp his small hands together and squeeze Artie with all his strength. Artie didn’t change position; he just took a deep breath and flexed his pecs, breaking Mark’s hold and forcing Mark’s hands apart. Realizing he couldn’t push Artie down. Mark started punching Artie in the stomach with all the force his thin arms could produce. “You’ve got to be kidding me” was all the Artie said without moving. Each punch of Artie’s abs made them stronger and harder, as the last visible muscle left Mark’s body. Mark’s punches made no impact on Artie; he didn’t even have to flex his abdominals anymore. Artie raised one hand to cover his mouth, faking a yawn. The men in the room started to laugh again. Mark stopped for a moment to catch his breath. Then he grabbed onto Artie’s thick foreman trying to force his hand from his hip. He put one foot on Artie’s massive thigh to get better leverage, but still couldn’t budge Artie’s arm. Artie just looked at Mark and laughed. Mark let go, his body now just skin and bones. He looked like a malnourished 14 year old boy. Mark’s last attempt was to try to pull Artie down by using all of his remaining body weight. He wrapped his twig-like limbs around Artie’s boulder-sized upper arm. Mark squeezed with all his strength, hanging on for dear life. Artie just raised his arm to shoulder level, easily lifting Mark off the ground, Mark’s feet dangling in the air. Artie then bent his elbow, forcing his bicep to swell. Mark squeezed harder, but it was impossible for him to stop the power of Artie’s 23” mountain of muscle. The steel hard peak grew larger breaking Mark’s hold. Mark tired to grab onto Artie’s arm; but it was too large and hard, and the skin too tight, for his small hands to get a grip. Mark fell to the floor on his bony ass. Everyone in the room was laughing hysterically. Mark eyes welled up with tears.

“I told you I didn’t want to fight you. You’re a foot taller and outweigh me by more than a hundred pounds. I tired of you Delta jocks always picking on us smaller guys” Mark said in a higher pitched voice.

“You’re right, little dude. It wasn’t fair, but it sure was fun”, Artie said in a deep baritone voice rubbing his inflated bicep, savoring its size and hardness. “Why don’t you put your clothes on and get back to the geek house”.

Mark walked over to wear Artie left his clothes. Mark didn’t recognize them, but they had to be his, they were too small for anyone else in the room. Mark put on the small size t-shirt that hung loose on his tiny frame. He pulled up the pants, rolling up the cuffs to make them fit his short legs, and held onto the waist band to prevent them from falling down. He walked towards the men blocking the door. They looked at Lucas, who was doing some pushups against the wall, adding size to his chest and arms. “Let him go, he has nothing left to offer”. Mark walked out the door giving Garry a final sorrowful look.

“How would you like more of a challenge, Artie?” Lucas said caressing his newly enlarged chest as he walked over to Garry.

“Definitely, and the name is T”, said Artie. The men moved away from the center of the room to give Artie a wide berth as he walked to meet Lucas. Artie was easily the biggest man in the room, since Lucas had stolen about 15 pounds of muscle from Garry. Every muscle on Artie’s body was fully pumped. His arms forced away from his body by overdeveloped lats. He brought his huge arms forward to flex his chest and abs while stretching his barn door sized back and powerful delts. He then flexed his broad back widening his shoulders, lengthening his spine and stretching his immense slabs of pec meat. His pecs continued to bunch and relax as he pumped his arms causing his biceps and triceps to expand. As he walked, his legs were forced to swing outward to accommodate his massive thighs; his large ass cheeks rising and failing with each step. His 8” long, semi-soft cock and huge balls were pushed from thigh to thigh as he moved. Many of Artie’s brothers were now stroking their hard cocks while watching this magnificent muscle display.

Lucas told Sheldon to remove the duct tape from Garry’s wrists. Sheldon then helped Garry stand as he pulled up his shorts. Both Artie and Lucas now stood at the same height as Garry. “Once and for all, we’ll decide which one of us is the strongest man on campus”, Artie said as he grabbed Garry by the arm, squeezing his diminished left tricep, and pushed him to the center of the room. Garry, still dizzy from the beatings and the loss of muscle, stood there disoriented.

Lucas walked over to the card table and picked up Garry’s and Mark’s voodoo dolls. He held one in each hand and then said “Like Mark, when I’m through with you, you’ll be a pathetic excuse for a man. Small, weak and helpless like these dolls. You’ll know what it is to be reviled or pitied, or even worse ignored, because of the way you look. You’ll have all your physical advantages taking away, no longer respected, idolized or feared. I’m taking away everything that’s good, just like you took it from me. T, destroy him.” Garry stared at Lucas as he spoke. He had never seen such anger and hatred; it had to be the look of evil.

Artie wrapped his thick arms around Garry’s chest and squeezed. The powerful bear hug made it difficult for Garry to breath. Garry put his hands on Artie’s shoulders and tried to push himself free. The more he pushed the less effective he seemed to be. Garry’s enormous arms were deflating as he struggled against Artie. Lucas felt the rush of power entering his arms; how he missed the intoxicating feeling of being a muscular man. He knew that Garry’s extraordinary muscle mass on his narrower frame would look incredible. He would have a physique more perfect than any bodybuilder that ever lived. And with his handsome face and huge cock, the world would be his for the taking. Lucas closed his eyes enjoying his intensified virility. The feeling was causing him to get hard; he had to flex his arms, to feel their awesome power. He raised his arms straight out, still holding onto the dolls. He bent his elbows, causing his ever growing biceps to peak. He squeezed his arms tighter and tighter, finally squeezing his large hands around the dolls with all his might. Suddenly, Lucas let a loud gasp, his eyes opening wide. Everyone in the room turned to look at him. Artie let go of the much smaller Garry, who fell to the floor in exhaustion. Lucas looked at his right hand and saw the sharp tip of an acacia thorn sticking out through the back of his hand. He turned to his left hand and saw the same thing. He opened his hands and dropped the blood soaked dolls; the other end of the thorns could be seen in his palms. Lucas stood there with mouth wide open as if he couldn’t breath. Suddenly a gust of wind broke through the windows and filled the room. Debris flew about everywhere. Lucas let out a shrill scream as hundreds of thorns broke through his skin, pushing out from the inside. His entire face and body covered with thorns. Garry thought of the old woman’s tale of the evil African medicine man and how he died. The wind stopped as suddenly as it started and everyone in the room collapsed into unconsciousness.

Garry was the first one to wake. He went to Lucas’s side. Lucas’s body was back to being weak and overweight. The thorns and wounds were gone except those in his palms. Garry thought quickly and removed Mark’s and his face from the bloody voodoo dolls. He looked around the room and noticed that all the Delta men were back to there natural small size. He took one last look at Lucas. He still had such a handsome face. He scanned down to look at his most admirable feature and noticed his previously huge cock was tiny. Garry heard a moan from one of the other men in the room and decided it would be best for him to leave. Garry hurried out the door and ran across the street to his house.


Garry entered his house and saw Mark lying in the living room virtually nude. Artie’s old clothes were turned to shreds by the return of Mark’s old physique. The small clothes were unable to contain his extra large muscles. The only thing still intact was the pants 32” waist band. Mark brought his hand to his face as he started to wake. Garry quickly ran up the stairs to avoid being seen. He went to his room and sat on his bed, he heard people moving about the house talking. Garry did not know what he should do next.

After a short time, Garry heard an ambulance pulling up to the Delta house, followed by two police cars. He had a great view of the street from his window. The vehicles flashing lights illuminated the darkening sky and Garry’s small room. He saw 2 cops leave the Delta house and walk towards his house. A moment later he heard Mark’s voice calling all the house mates into the living room. Garry pulled on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt to cover his bruises. He also stopped by the bathroom to wash the blood off his face. He joined his brothers on a sofa, avoiding making eye contact with Mark. Garry did notice that Mark was wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt, too.

Mark stood in the back of the room as the officers asked their questions. He stared at the back of Garry’s head the entire time. He kept thinking about what happened and how their relationship had changed today. He recalled all they had been through together this year and how much Garry had meant to him. His eyes welled with tears as he realized the friendship they had was over. Garry began to fidget. He hadn’t worn these jeans in sometime and they suddenly felt uncomfortably tight.

The police finished their questions and told everyone they could go. They asked Mark to show them Lucas’s room. Garry went back to his room; the day’s events finally taken their toll, he was exhausted. He decided to take a shower before going to bed early. The warm water felt good as it hit his sore muscles. As he started to lather his balls, he felt something was different. The feeling reinforced when he grabbed his cock. Garry’s large frame and thick chest made it difficult for him to see his groin in the small shower stall. He quickly rinsed himself off and went to the mirror over the sink. He couldn’t believe his eyes; his cock was much larger and thicker. His huge meat forced outward by a set of lemon sized balls. His own package now exceeded Mark’s. He remembered the old woman grabbing him right before he left her shack. Was this what she meant when she said he would become the man he should be when he confessed his true feelings to Mark? He also remembered how small Lucas’s cock looked when he last saw him. Did she cast a spell giving him Lucas’s most prized possession? He grabbed his manhood and loved the weight of it; his entire body now in perfect proportion.

Garry walked to his room, laughing to himself as he watched his cock swing from side to side. He put a Josh Gorban CD in his stereo system and crawled into bed. He hoped the mellow music would lull him to sleep. His room was filled with gray moonlight streaming through his open window. Garry laid there with one hand behind his head and the other mindlessly playing with his large cock. He looked up at the ceiling as today’s drama ran over and over in is head. There was a soft knock at his door.

“Come in” Garry said before even thinking. Garry saw Mark opening his door.

“Did I wake you?” Mark asked softly.

“No, I was just lying here” Garry answered while reaching for his table lamp.

“Please, leave the light off. The dark feels more comforting tonight” Mark pleaded.

“Sure, how are you feeling?” Garry asked settling back into bed.

“I’m pretty sore.” Mark said rubbing his stomach through his sweatshirt.

“I know what you mean” Garry said with a slight laugh.

“The cops finally left.” Mark entered Garry’s room and closed the door behind him. He walked to the window by the foot of Garry’s bed and leaned against the window frame. Mark stared out the window as he talked quietly to Garry. Garry’s eyes never left Mark’s face trying to read his expressions. “They told me Lucas is in a coma. They don’t know if or when he will ever come out of it. They also have no idea what happened here today.” Mark paused, his eyes filling with tears. “You have to tell me one day what happened after I left you there. It seems you saved me from Lucas again.” Mark paused once more trying to get control of his emotions. “Everyone is a little hazy on the details of the day. They are also suffering from killer headaches, almost like a hangover. Unfortunately we can’t say the same thing can we? We remember everything that happened. I guess because we were under Lucas’s spell for such a short time, compared to everyone else.”

Garry waited for Mark to continue, he didn’t know what to say. In the silence the CD playing softly in the background changed tracks. The song began.

I have been blind, unwilling,

to see the true love you’re giving

I have ignored every blessing

I’m on my knees confessing

Garry couldn’t take Mark’s silence anymore. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to come out like that. Your friendship means everything to me. And friendship is all I need from you. I take back everything I said, and we can forget it ever happened.”

“You can’t take it back” Mark said still looking out the window. “Words are funny things. They have no mass or weight, but are the most powerful things on Earth. I can’t….”. Mark stopped in mid sentence looking frustrated.

I have been wrong about you

I thought I was strong without you

For so long, nothing could move me

For so long, nothing could change me

Garry was afraid Mark was about to end their friendship and tried once more to save it. “Okay so we can’t ignore it. But we can work our way past it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me anyway. I’m not really gay; I think Lucas was controlling me or something”

“Don’t, just don’t” Mark interrupted Garry. He turned away from the window and stood at the foot of Garry’s bed. His voice getting louder, “Do you know what I was thinking when you said what you did?”

Garry couldn’t speak, scared of the answer, he just shook his head no.

“How brave you are. Confessing to something I have been so afraid to admit, even to myself. You were willing to sacrifice everything to protect me. No one has ever loved me that much before.” Mark spoke with such passion it surprised Garry. Mark didn’t say another word, keeping his eyes locked on Garry’s as he moved. Mark walked to the side of Garry’s bed and pulled his shirt up over his head revealing his prized torso. He unzipped his jeans, his large cock pushing its way through the opening. After undoing the button, he slipped his pants off and stood there naked in front of Garry. This time no one was forcing him there. Garry swallowed hard nervously. Mark reached for the covers and slid into Garry’s bed; the metal frame protesting the weight of the two muscle men.

You are the air that I breathe

You’re the ground beneath my feet

When did stop believing?

Now I feel myself surrender

Each time I see your face

I am captured by your beauty

Your unassuming grace

And I feel my heart is turning

Falling into place

I can’t hide it

Now hear my confession

Each man lay on his side staring into each other’s eyes. Mark touched Garry’s forearm which lay on top of the blanket. He ran his hand up Garry’s powerful arm, over his shoulder and up the back of his neck. He pulled Garry face closer to his and kissed him deeply. The passion the two had been denying for almost a year, exploded. They kissed lustfully for several minutes, their tongues playing against each other. Both men ran their hands over the other’s broad back and round ass. Garry moved his body closer to kiss Mark’s chest, forcing his hard cock into Mark’s abs. Mark moved his hand to grasp Garry’s rod. Mark’s eyes widened and he chuckled, “Feels like you have more than one story to tell me”.

“Later”, Garry said as he pulled Mark’s hard body on top of his. Their enormous, hard cocks sandwiched between their sculpted abdominals were massaged with every breath as they continued to kiss passionately. Waves of unimaginable pleasure washed over them. They continued to explore each other bodies throughout the night; the first of many such nights. The next three years of college were going to be full of good times. And nobody could take that away from them now.

I can’t hide it

Now hear my confession •

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