Hercules Revealed


By C Monty

His bright hazel eyes filled with a combination of curiosity, confusion, and lust, Michael obliged my request to continue caressing my nipples, took the two soft fleshy nubs on my now larger and sweaty pectoral muscles, and began to gently knead them between his long, warm fingers. The electric waves of pleasure I’d felt the first two times he’d tried it mounted again, causing me to nearly lose my balance as my moans got louder and louder and feelings of pure hot pleasure increased. Since Michael didn’t stop his rubbing this time, the feeling doubled and quadrupled instead of abating. My blood began pumping pure waves of erotic tongue-licking, dick-sucking, ass-fucking pleasure all over my body. I grabbed Michael’s body and slid my fingers deep into his throbbing rectum as the room began to spin around me. It stung to keep my eyes open, but after about a half-minute of trying, I had managed to crack first my left eye, and then my right eye, open into enough of a squint to see what was going on. But nothing could have prepared me for what I now saw.

Michael and I were both five feet off the ground, floating in mid-air. The waves of pleasure that had been coursing through my body were now pouring out of my body, and I could see them. Golden streaks of light circled around me and around Michael, who was so caught up in the bliss of sexual pleasure that he was oblivious to what was going on. Sparks poured off of each streak as it spun faster and faster around us, and I could feel the movement manifesting itself as a spiraling wind whipping across my skin and through my hair.

All of a sudden, one of the golden streaks shot out of the cycle and hit me dead in the center of my abdomen, causing me lose hold of Michael as an incredible feeling began rocketing through my veins. I saw Michael float, not fall, out of my arms, and he stayed stationary in the air, but just out of my reach. The streak of energy or whatever it was began racing faster and faster inside of me. Blood screamed in my ears. Every cell in my body felt like it was glowing. My dick had swelled to a thickness and hardness I had never felt before in my entire life. I let loose with a scream that could have woken the dead, as the strange energies and winds began whipping faster and faster around and within me.

The golden streaks soon multiplied to the point that they appeared to be one single rapidly spinning mass of bright yellow light. The energies inside of me had now achieved speeds faster than anything I’d ever imagined. Michael was gone out of my view, and I began to feel that strange feeling like I was going to explode from the inside again. My body locked in mid-air as the golden energies literally shot out of my mouth, eyes, and pores, and streaked across my skin and up and down my entire body.

And then I felt it. I was changing.

Power flowed through my legs, and my smooth-toned quad muscles suddenly transformed into huge, striated collections of beef, resting atop calves that suddenly exploded with power. It flowed across my torso, and my abs folded into hard rows of brick-like muscle, my lats flared out from behind me and forced my arms higher into the sky, and those arms surged with might that could rip apart canyons barehanded. Bones cracked as they shifted and grew, stretching my frame longer and longer. As my heart raced to unimaginable speeds, the energies moved into my chest, as the cables of muscle in my pectorals swelled with new brawn and forced my now highly-sensitive nipples out further into the air. Now it traveled up my neck and into my head, and I felt my neck muscles double in size and my chin tingle as black curly hairs poked through the skin and formed a thin goatee. My eyes now seemed to radiate heat, and I could see my formerly short curly black locks now floating from behind me in the wind.

Through every micron of my body, untold power surged. Through every limb and hair follicle, it pulsed and burned. My skin now felt as smooth as satin from the inside. Short soft hairs began to decorate my massive chest and long bulging legs. And then my dick, almost unbearably hard through all of this, began to swell until it was a foot long and a half a foot around. A clear, glistening coat of pre-cum began to ooze from the head and down the shaft as the cycling energies continued to spin around, over, and inside of me. And then, the bands of glowing sparkling light exploded inside me, and baked my new body in the brightest, hottest light ever imagined by mortal man. My entire body felt like it should have been incinerated as the incredible heat poured across it, but I remained unharmed.

All of a sudden my eyes opened again.

Just as strangely as it had started, the transformation was now all over. I found that I could also move again, and turned around to see Michael, in a subconscious state of bliss, still floating in the air behind me, suspended by a mass of the same racing golden streaks of light that had transformed me into a reasonably good-looking young man into a…a…god?

I looked down at myself. My feet, larger and more chiseled though they were, were farther away from me than they’d ever been. My body was packed with so much muscle that I could easily be a real-life model for any number of comic book superheroes. From inside, I felt the heat of something like the sun burning inside me, and I realized that whatever this heat, light, or power was, it had replaced blood in my veins and arteries, and was now pumping itself throughout my entire body. And my twelve inch dick throbbed between my legs, begging to release the churning cream developing in my now lemon-sized balls.

Wait a minute…twelve inches? It’s not possible.

How tall did I look? I took a quick pondering glance down my towering frame, and estimated my height at about….eight feet.

No...it’s not possible.

The distribution of the hairs on my legs and arms…looks awfully similar to…

It’s…it’s just not possible.

I grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it forward. It was now long enough that it draped across my shoulders. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder, a single strand of long curly hair fell across my face and into my line of vision.

Holy shit. It IS possible.

The reason the storeroom looked like something had gone “boom” inside of it. The light. The feeling of…exploding…from the inside.

Holy shit.

I had no idea how or why, but I had somehow become the huge god – well he had to be a god or at the very least a damn good magician - from the statue. The statue that was now gone without a trace. Well, almost without a trace.

Shocked almost beyond belief, I tried to organize my thoughts, which was impossible to do because of the realization that I now possessed the body and power of a freaking god, a god who was on the absolute edge of orgasm. As my mind began racing, I looked over again at Michael, still wrapped in those strange golden streaks of energy and floating off by himself.

My pulse quickened. My dick jumped. I had to fuck him. It wasn't just want or desire anymore...it was need.

I outstretched my hand as I began to try and float over and grab him. To my complete and utter amazement, Michael made it over to me before I even go a chance to try and figure out exactly could I make it over to him.

I could make things move just by thinking about it?

I...I could make things move just by thinking about it!

Michael now floated in front of me, his lips still moist and inviting, his eyes shut as if he were lost in a wet dream, his hands clasped behind his back, and his nine inches hard and ready.

Let’s see what else I can make happen just by thinking about it. •

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