By WBHunk

How long I jumped and crashed didn’t matter. Leap after leap, roaring each time I landed, cracks opening where my feet touched, over and over again. Power….sheer raw power, driving me forward. And suddenly-I was there.

I looked around a dank alley, my sweat pooling at my feet as it dripped from my chest, sizzling as it touched my emerald toes. What was I doing here, I thought, my reasoning mind suddenly coming back to me. Almost instantly, I felt the energy ebb away from me, my body melting back to a stunning hunk, suitable for any Colt shoot---and it was wrong. All wrong. I wanted my power back. This wretched puny human form means nothing to me. “I AM THE HULK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, the echo changing to a roar as the nuclear power tore through my being, muscles rippling and surging, body returning to its incredible sensual form. I rubbed my hands up and down my chest, torturing my furry nips for the pure pleasure. I am Hulk. Puny poor Tom is gone forever.

Hulk knows what Hulk wants. Must hide power. Disguise as human. I laughed as I forced my body to change, my cock reluctantly shrinking, legs and feet returning to normal proportions. Hulk will be sneaky and get his way. First Hulk need clothes. There. That store.

I casually walked in, naked as a jaybird. The bored clerk looked up, furtively hiding his copy of Exercise for Men. “Hey, what the…….”, his voice trailing off as he stared into my eyes.

“Give me clothes,” I rumbled, giving him the posing show of his life. Poor fool. If only he knew-but he isn’t worthy of Hulk. Let him keep his pretty-boy fantasies.

“Y-yes sir,” he babbled, tripping over the cords coming out from the counter. I chuckled as I watched him tear around the store, knocking over displays. He approached me, an acolyte to the altar of muscle, an offering of fashion in his outstretched arms.

“Good,” I said contentedly, pulling up the sleek bicycle shorts over my rippling thighs, the tank top giving a full view of my corded lats , my massive arms free to breathe. A fine pair of sandals complemented the two nicely. Green all around. He even has decent taste in colors. “Thank you,” I said, swaggering to the door.

“Uh…sir,” he said, tagging along behind me, his eyes drawn to what little the shorts were hiding of my glute ripple. “You….haven’t paid. We take credit cards, checks……”

I whirled to face him. “Or this?”, I said, lifting him up to my face, then driving my sweet throbbing tongue down his throat. I felt his cock rise up as I probed his face, his lips desperately pressed against mine….then a sudden warmth against my chest. I set him down and watched him blush at the sight of his cum-stained pants. Ten seconds. New record. “Goodbye,” I said, casually walking out, tightening my ass with every step. I should have gotten change back for that.

I strolled down the street, enjoying the views of the other pedestrians, hearing the occasional crash behind me as an unsuspecting motorist let my basket get in his eyes. Let ‘em look. Fuck, I can do as much to them when I’m this puny as I can when….mmmm, I thought, my cock stiffening, its outline plainly visible. Not yet. Must wait. Keep going…and going, and going…..

And I stopped again….then turned to look. I was in a quiet little neighborhood, typical suburban houses everywhere, in front of a nondescript little cottage. What am I doing here, I thought again….then I knew. Without hesitating, I turned and walked up the sidewalk. My fist went up, and I pounded on the door.

“All right….jeez, I’m coming!” said a voice from the other side. I heard the sound of a VCR spitting out a tape, then the rebuckling of pants. I laughed at the sounds. He always does that. Wait a minute….how do I………Hulk knows.

Suddenly, the door swung open. “Well? What is…..what is…what is…..uhhhhhhh”

“Took you long enough,” I said, walking sedately over to the couch. Nice furniture. Needs a maid, but not too bad otherwise. I hope he cooks. Hard worker, judging by all the crap on his desk.

“Who….who are you?” he stammered, coming into the room, standing at the end of the couch, staring me up and down. Not bad. About 5’10 or so, he’s seen a gym before….nice short hair, hairy enough…..lots of worry lines. Must be a high-stress position.

“Does it matter?” I said confidently, folding up my legs, then stretching them out, letting the Lycra give him a glimpse of coming attractions. I don’t know who the heck he is….but Hulk has to be here. Hulk must be here. Don’t ask why.

“I….I guess not,” he whispered. Let’s clear him a little room on the couch. There, that’s good…..come over, sit down….oh yeah, a little closer. “Why are you here?” he asked wonderingly.

“Why don’t you tell me,” I said, drawing closer to him, his face inches from mine, staring into his brownish eyes. I’d like to know too. “C’mon….tell me all about you.”

Forty-five minutes later, we’d gotten through a lot of everything. The job stress, the closet thing, the not-pretty complex…all that good stuff. The words tumbled out of him as I massaged his thighs, laughing at his jokes, enjoying myself immensely. I still have no idea why I’m here, but Hulk really likes this fella. And then….the bombshell.

“What’s my favorite fantasy?” he said. Gawd, he’s cute when he blushes. “Well….you’re probably going to laugh…”

“Try me.” Hulk HAS heard…and seen…everything.

“Well, I’ve always had this weird dream….about this huge musclebeast…..I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. It’s strange….I call out to him….he comes. And then….somehow….I’m with him…and it’s like we’re the same. Then….the sheets are always wet when I wake up.” He laughs.

Hulk hear you. Hulk is here. “I’m here,” I rumbled. Now. Show it to him. SHOW IT TO HIM!

“What do you….oh God!” he exclaimed, as my tank top suddenly went tight, the straps of my sandals blowing apart as a river of green cascaded to them by way of my legs. The power….Hulk has power. Hulk IS power! Show him man pecs. Arms grow huge. Flex, roar, give him show. Every fiber full of man-energy. Massive hands. Muscle bulls. Gut of titanium. Ultimate hair. Not even Spandex contain Hulk! Cock free, balls pumping. Feel it. FEEL IT!

He’s staring. Show him. Show him everything. His dream. Coming true. Sex beyond sex. Crawling over me, tongue exploring my valleys. Flexing, trapping him in cracks. Massaging his ass with my abs. Holding him between my pecs. Cock. I want his cock. Taking him. Tastes beautiful. Suck him dry. Suck out the puny cum. He collapses on me, his body miniature against mine. No more puny cum. Hulk for you. You for Hulk.

His mouth on my cock. Tongue tickling it. Harder. Harder. Sucking, blowing. Hulk feel it. Hulk like it. Hulk LOVE it! The rumble….the surge. Windows shattering, alarms sounding. Gasp. Gasp. GASP. ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

He crawls from me, cum dripping from his lips. He holds his belly. He cries out in pain….then joy. See him. Feet expanding. Shoes destroyed. Now shirt shredding to bits. Biceps exploding outwards, forearms writhing with power. Neck bulling. Pants scream in agony. Snakes on legs. More shredding, more power. Cock bursting free, balls crashing against legs. Hands on cock, kneading with savage joy. He huffs…and huffs….shoulders flaring, head mushrooming….THOOM! Wall destroyed by a shower of glowing green jizz. Gorgeous tight emerald ass heaving as the sensation overwhelms him.

He turns to me, achingly handsome, his dream, my destiny. “Hulk want……Hulk!” he says, voice beyond manly. We clasp….then kiss, cocks rising, twining about each other, glorious gods of green muscle. Looks like Hulk found a new hired hand. •

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