Andrew's Prequel


By sl97aq

Whne Andrew got to Steve's house, out of breath, and panting, he had to sit on the curb for a few moments to catch his breath. "I had better ask Dad to give me some lung training," he said to himself. "I wish I knew the proper word for it. Maybe Steve will know." Andrew got up and knocked on Steve's door. "Hi Andrew," said Steve, after he opened the door. "Come on in." "Thank you," Said Andrew, stepping inside. "Where are your parents?" "Mom and Dad went out to get some shopping done, " Stev replied. "My dad is picking up some gym clothes for me." "Are you starting into weight training too?" Andrew asked without thinking. "Yes, " agreed Steve. "My dad just told me. He said that I should start bulking up now, if I want to play football in 3 years. Since he is big, and so am I for my age, it should work out." "Very funny," laughed Adnrew. "Oh yes!" grinned Steve, catching on. "I guess it was. I didn't even think about what I was saying. So, you are trying to work out too?" "Yes, my father just told me," Andrew replied. "What gym are you going to?" "The YMCA," replied Steve. "what about you?" "Oh I haven't picked one out yet," replied Andrew. He remebered how his father had told him to keep his promtion secret until he could announce it officially. But since his dad had picked out the Company Gym, and Andrew had not, he was not lying to Steve. "But I'm sure my dad will help me pick one out." "Hi Andrew," said Carrie, coming into the room. "How are you?" "I'm fine," replied Andrew, trying not to notice her too much. "Well, see you later," Carrie said. "Bye," said Adnrew, his gaze unintentionally following her. "Hey, stop looking at my sister!" teased Steve. "You're too young to have a girlfiriend." "Very funny," laughed Andrew, turning red from embarassment. "Let's go for a run. I need the exercise." "Okay," agreed Steve. "Let me leave a note for my parents so they don't worry." Once Steve left the note, he and Andrew left the house, and began to jog around the block. •

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