Yard Stud

By myoder

It was a hot summer and the house I just moved into was in a shambles. The previous tenants hadleft a lot of junk in the back yard: tires, logs, and a couple of old beaters, rusting and derelect. The landlord was slow to have anything done around the place, so I finally decided to call a hauling company. I picked one from the paper. It read "EZ Haul. No job too big, no job too small". I called the number and a man with a really deep sexy voice answered.

"EZ Haul. Whatcha got for me?"

"I got a few old cars and a whole pile of junk to go out. Probably take a couple of guys and a tow truck," I said.

"I'll be over this afternoon," he said.

"But you'll need -" I started, but he'd hung up. ***

That afternoon the sun was high and hot. The doorbell rang. When I answered it I was shocked. There was this guy. Huge. He was wearing a tie-dye bandana, mirror shades, a tanktop and jeans. Every stitch on him clung to his muscles. He was only 5'10", about my height but looked to weigh about 400lbs. - and none of it fat. His massive hairy pecs stuck out like pumpkins from his broad, rock hard gut. His traps were like mounds of hard flesh against his thick neck. Veins snaked like ropes over his shoulders and arms. He had a macho mustache and a days growth of stubble, and tattoos all down his inhuman arms. These guns looked to be about 23 inches unflexed! The bulge in his pants gave me the clear impression he was carying some heavy equipment.

"Hi," he said, extending his big hairy hand. "I'm Joe with EZ Haul." This was the guy on the phone. His voice was deep and incredibly sexy. Seeing this mountain of muscle made my cock harden and I tried to think about other things to keep it down.

"Where's the shit I gotta move?" he asked casually flexing his pecs. My mouth went dry as I showed his through the house. "Out back," I stammered.

He went outside and started to work immediately. He grabbed armloads of tires and hoisted them onto his big flatbed. I stood and watched from the kitchen window as he lifted a huge log, which I could barely shift withall my stength. He picked it up under one arm and then grabbed another under his other. He lugged them to his truck and using his foot, bent them up and snapped them like twigs before tossing them on the pile.

Within an hour or so all that remained were the old cars. I watched as he looked them over. His body was swollen with the pump he'd got from the other work and I wantedto see what he'd do with these autos. He pulled off his bandana revealing his almost shaved head. Sweat poured off his brow. He looked incredibly hot and I started feelign my dick grow inmy pants watching this behemoth of muscle work his huge body. He grabbed the front end of one of the cars and lifted, with no strain! Then he pushed forward and I could hear the sound of metal crunching. He strained more now pushign the car over onto itself. His shirt stetched and finally tore up his back as his muscles grew with the strin of pushing this massive weight. His arms looked to be twice the size from when he arrived, pumped and huge the veins standing out like firehoses. His massive hairy forearms were tangled knots of thick muscle. His neck spread out thickening with with the pump e was getting.

Finally, the car couldn't take the pressure this muscle man was exerting. Glass popped and the frame of the car bent with the power of this superhuman man. Soon he'd folded the car into a heap and positioned himself underneath. He lifted the ton of twisted metal like a sack of potatoes and hoisted it onw his back walked over to the truck and tossed it on top.

"Shit!" I said aloud as i watched this incredible feat of raw masculine power. He looked over and saw me watching. He rubbed the sweat from his forehead his huge biceps flexed and massive. I was in awe of his power and muscle and my cock was straining to get out of my pants. The bulge in his jeans had grown and I he rubbed it casually. He pulled what little remained of his tank top off his torso, revealing huge pecs and a rock hard gut. Here was this incredibly sexy muscle giant standing in my backyard. He walked to the back door and entered.

"Hey, guy can I get a drink of water? That was pretty hard work out there."

"Sure," I said offering him a glass. "Man! You must be incredibly powerful to do that!"

"Yeah, pretty fucking strong!" he grunted flexing his arm at his side, the knotted bicep like a twisted basketball. He rolled hishead showing off his thick neck and traps.

"You're fucking huge, Joe! How big are those arms - look to be about 24 inches, man!"

"Twenty-nine 'bout now," he said proudly raising one massive thick arm in front of my face. "Looks pretty fuckin hot, huh? I see you like it." He grabbed my crotch and rubbed my hardon. "Yeah, I got that effect on people. Men, women they all fukin freak when they see me. Big stud with big muscles. Go ahead and touch it, guy."

I touched his massive arm and he flexed it more. Then he raised the other in a freaky double biceps, hairy sweaty pits and heavy male scent. He lowered his arms and flexed his huge pecs.

"Like these fuckin' pigs? Squeeze 'em!" I squeezed his pecs but barely dented the hard muscle. Then he moved his lips to mine and his tongue entered my mouth. I tasted the saltysweat on his mustache and wrapped my arms around his neck. He held my hips with his massive hairy hands, and I felt his ham-sized, hairy forearms as he fondled my ass. I groaned as he caressed my butt and desperately wanted him to fuck me. "Let's go to the bedroom," I said. He followed me closely, squeezing my ass in his strong hands. In the bedroom he turned me around and kissed me again."Strip," he commanded. I did. Then he pulled me too him and I felt his mass and power. Then he stood back and started posing. I ran my hands all over his huge frame, feeling his hairy pecs his superhuman arms, his neck, traps, shoulders and thick back.

He continued flexing reveling in my adoration. "Yeah! Worship this big muscle man! Worship my fuckin' huge dick!" He tugged his zipper roughly and pulled out a massive cock, half hard. "Even 12 inches of muscle dick for you, buddy. Get down there and make him feel good!" I got on my knees, pulling my own cock out and tongued the huge shaftof his dick. It bobbed and flexed as I licked and stroked it. He towered over me his hands onhis hips as I sucked and licked the huge dong. Then he picked me up and put me on the bed.

"Time to work that ass, man. Never been fucked by anyone like me before, huh?" His huge cock flexed and he lubed it up. Then he bent down and spread my cheeks open flcking his tongue over my quivering hole. One by one he worked in his fingers. First one then two and finally three. His thumb worked over my balls as he loosened me up. Then he knelt onthe bed and positioned his rock hard dick atmy eager asshole. He pushed in slow and steady and I could feel him flexing it in my ass, letting meknow he was there.

"Being fucked by my muscle pole, guy! Feel these muscles while I fuck you!"

He fucked me for what seemed like hours, leaning his huge body over me, I felt his hairy pecs, ran my hands over his arms and licked his hairy forearms while his cock kept perfect rythym in my ass. Hegrabbed my dick and fisted it and I felt the cum rising in my balls.

"Yeah, Joe! I'm gonna shoot, stud!" I cried as cum gushed over my chest and into my hair. He picked me upand carried meto the center of the room. Hejacked me upand down on his huge prick and I could feel his big nuts slapping against my ass. He grunted a few times and then pressed his mouth to mine. I rubbed his huge pecs, pulling the hair on them and I felt his huge dick explode in my ass, shooting loads of hot cum deep inside me.

We stayed like this for some time, and we both came a few more times that afternoon and into the evening. And now, every weekend, I'm tempted to mess up my yard. •

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