By Also_KnownAs

It didn't take long for Jeremy and Jeff to start releasing massive amounts of their sex scent into the open air. They were doing things with their new bodies previously only fantasized about. With so much sexual overload, they couldn't help but allow the power of their passion to escape, and the super-saturated winds surrounded the men in a storm of sexual heat.

The other men, too, released their strong scent without thinking, allowing themselves unfettered freedom as they floating among the warm winds. They breathed each other in and gloried in the thick lustful passion, their senses infused with the heady masculine musk that they now all produced in abundance. The air around them smelled strongly of sex, of hard cocks in wet mouths, of tongues on nipples and dicks in asses.

And what was not caught on their bodies or in their mouths or asses fell like rain. Their fountaining cocks showered honey and cum on the ground below where the fluids mingled and combined into the super-rich formula ready to turn any man who encountered it into a perfect muscular beauty from a wet dream. Puddles of it, big and small, gathered on the parking lot blacktop where it could not soak into the earth.

And while the men pleasured each other, soaring high above the earth, tangling limbs and tongues, drizzling their clear honey over their slickened skin, caressing and sucking, fucking and fondling, their huge muscular bodies flexing, bulging, gleaming with sweat and precum in the afternoon sun, the scent traveled on the winds to the nearby college, streaming like smoke through the campus. Heavily diluted but too powerful to fully dissipate, it found its way to some of the young men. Straight or gay or bi, they felt themselves strongly driven to find someone to couple with. Dicks grew hard in tight jeans, pushing to burst through. Suddenly, these young men were seeking fuck partners, overcome by lust, and they turned to each other, the male heat buried in the scent making them desire other hard bodies, long limbs and hard pricks. Man to man sex, rough and sudden.

And of those men, four recognized a desire, a need so deep that they were compelled to seek the source of what they felt. Something inside told them that more awaited them, and although they didn't know each other, their common desire drove them to find the well from which that scent had come.

David was a runner, and a fast one. He had a tall, sleek body of able muscle, particularly his legs. Long, thick cables of power lined his thighs, and hard diamond-shaped muscle sat on his calves. He had a shock of strawberry blonde hair on his 20-year-old's head and wore a tightly cropped goatee. He didn't care much for anything except that feeling of speed, and of winning. He had wanted to gain strength and mass since he was twelve, but his body refused to get bigger, so he got faster instead. He literally ran toward the lab, his long strides carrying him there effortlessly.

Sam was a freshman and small for his age. A pale, white 18-year-old with ratty brown hair and acne. He was very, very smart and very, very shy. But he had been blessed with one extraordinarily large endowment between his legs, a cock so thick and long that he was taunted and embarrassed in the locker room, or when it inadvertently slipped out his shorts leg or climbed over his waistband. It seemed to have a mind of its own, and this time it seemed to want him to find out where that feeling he was feeling was coming from. His roommate, Larry, was sucking on him at the moment. Sam didn't know if he was gay or not, but he loved Larry's attentions. He also knew he'd be headed out as soon as the blow job was over.

Stephen was in the math department, an untenured teacher. He'd just started at the college this year, and had spent a little time at the nearby lab doing some research. He was 25 and slightly dumpy, carrying around a beer gut he'd worked hard to get during his own college career. His body was covered with hair, everywhere but on his head. and his horned-rim glasses had a hard time hanging onto his small nose. He always looked like he had a five o'clock shadow, and the unibrow didn't help. But he was very tall, nearly 6' 5", and parts of his body, particularly his arms and chest, still displayed the work he put in on them when he'd played football.

Mike was a BMOC. He had everything going for him. Wealthy, handsome, athletic, charming and intelligent, the only thing that spoiled his perfection as far as his father was concerned was his homosexuality. That had come as a shock, especially considering the care that his father, a biologist, had taken with his conception. He wasn't normal, but he wasn't meant to be. Mike had a secret that accounted for his special attraction.

Mike lettered in every sport, excelling in baseball and swimming especially. He had a Slavic background, with an olive complexion and bright blue eyes. All the girls showed their interest in him plainly, but he'd been out of the closet since his Sophomore year. The 22-year-old college senior was in his Alfa driving through the thick scent, jerking off with one hand while navigating with the other, his ample cock stiff and red in his hand. He was smiling broadly, showing a row of straight white teeth on his tanned face.

Something was calling him.

The four men were all making their way toward the lab, and arrived within minutes of each other in the parking lot.

None of them considered looking up.

The area was drenched with sex scent. Mike arrived first in his red convertible, and was sitting in his car holding his spurting cock when David arrived. Mike had literally ripped his shirt off but hadn't managed to remove himself from his pants before being overcome by the man scent that was everywhere here. The outside winds managed to disperse a lot of the strength of the aroma, but with the endless fucking happening over his head, it couldn't disappear entirely. Something warm and thick had dropped onto his exposed chest from overhead, but lost as he was in an erotic frenzy, he thought it the product of his own ministrations and didn't notice it soaking into his skin. As more of the stuff coated him, he didn't notice that he was growing larger and larger, either.

David had stripped out of his clothes as he ran, now streaking naked across the asphalt toward the guy in the car. He didn't see the puddle on the ground as he ran through it, but when his skin struck the slick fluid, he felt compelled to stop in his tracks and go back though he had no idea why, and he dipped his hand in the syrupy puddle, watching as the stuff glommed onto his skin and was absorbed up his arms as if he were a sponge. Sudden cables of new strength bulged on his forearms immediately, and soon his shoulders, back and chest had joined in on the fun. He threw his head back, suddenly overcome by strong erotic pulses that shook his entire frame while he soaked in the rest of the pool of transforming fluid.

Stephen arrived on his bike, dropping it to the ground and running barefoot the rest of the way into the lot. He was aware, even through his haze of sensual turmoil, that there were two other men already here and that something impossible was happening to them. Slowing to a walk, he watched a guy in a sports car swell with brawn. The guy had his eyes closed and seemed to be jerking off, and as his arm rose and fell, each time it had a larger bicep attached to it. His chest was already huge and was expanding as if he was being inflated. The guy was growing too large for his car, that was obvious. Then something wet and thick fell on his skin and disappeared. Another thick glop fell on his shoulder and was suddenly gone as well. In both cases, a sudden growth of muscle would swell huge and then even out, as the rest of his body caught up. Then Stephen noticed that thin, gleaming puddles covered the guy's car. Whenever his hand or arm slid into one, it dried immediately. At least, that's what it looked like was happening. Whoever he was, he was beautiful.

A sound like a groan drew his attention to another figure, someone low to the ground further away, but this guy, too, seemed to be undergoing some enormous, incredible change. Stephen's hand crawled down his own pants as a strong current of man scent struck him suddenly, his nostrils flaring to suck it into his body. A surging tingle erupted in his loins and his cock was hot in hand - no, he'd just cum on himself, and looking down, he almost stumbled headlong into a puddle of something as he watched a wet spot grow on his Dockers. He looked back up at the red-haired guy, his face displaying the disbelief he felt as he watched the guy's upper back suddenly flare wide like a cobra's hood. The guy started to stand up and turn around, and Stephen stepped forward into the pool at his feet.

David stood up and turned around, having absorbed all of the puddle in front of him and he wanted more. He saw Stephen standing there with his hand down his pants and saw the huge pool at his feet quiver as he stepped barefoot into it. David merely smiled, knowing what was in store for the other dude, whomever he was. Looking down, he had to giggle when he saw the huge muscle on his chest. Reaching up, he could feel it still growing, actually feel himself swelling with more strength and size as whatever was happening to him kept happening. Something hot and wet struck his chest as he was looking at it, and he watched it being absorbed. Then he looked up.

Sam arrived last, having no car or bike and not being able to run very fast. He'd just managed to pull on his boxers, but by the time he arrived at the parking lot it didn't really matter. His prick was so hard and so huge that it had popped through the fly long before he got there, and he strolled across the black top stroking his huge, wet meat with both hands. Another talent Sam possessed was being able to somehow produce load after load of hot cum. It was like everything else about his body had been short-changed to make up for the blessing of his loins. But he'd been sucked by Larry twice, and he'd come twice again on the way, so that now he was shooting blanks but still shooting.

There was a guy lying across a car. A huge guy, so big that his upper body nearly concealed the trunk of the convertible. He seemed to be breathing hard, because his chest was getting really huge. But it wasn't going down. Maybe he was holding his breath for some reason. And, 'Jesus,' he thought, 'that guy's dick is bigger than mine!' The guy was caressing himself. He was completely naked.

There was another guy directly in front of him, a tall guy standing in a puddle of water. Something weird was going on, though, because the guy's clothes were all split along the seams. His pants were hanging low on his hips and they were high water pants or something, like the guy was so tall he couldn't find pants that fit. The guy's legs were sticking out the bottom. And his shoulders were huge! The guy had to be a major bodybuilder or something. On the other side of the lot was another guy looking back at him. Sam realized he was still holding his prick and felt embarrassed, but the other guy was completely naked - just like the guy on the car, who looked like he still hadn't exhaled - and he had a fairly impressive hard-on going himself. The other guy was beckoning him. He was huge, too! What was this, some Mr. Universe convention or something?

The sound of ripping material drew Sam's attention back to the tall guy. His upper body was completely bare, suddenly, and his shirt and jacket were falling to the ground. But his arms were at his side - fucking huge arms, too - so he hadn't torn his clothes off. So how...? He watched in vague amazement as the guy's pants ripped upward, exposing an immense collection of muscles on his thighs.

The other guy was shouting something. Poodle? Step on the poodle? What the hell did that mean.

"What?" he shouted back.

"The puddles! Step in a puddle! There's something weird happening!"

Well, that much was obvious. But why should he step in a puddle? He looked at the one the tall guy was standing in - Had he actually been that tall before? And where'd all that hair come from? - and noticed he wasn't standing in a puddle anymore. What the fuck? Then the tall guy was lifting his arms... no, he was grabbing the waist of his pants and he... ripped them off his body. He had a round, perfect ass and looking between his legs, this guy had a monster prick, too! It was so obvious it was almost comical. The guy was doing something to himself, rubbing his belly or something. He was apparently flexing his muscles because he looked like he was getting even bigger just standing there.

Sam looked over at David and watched him walk toward a shimmering pool on the ground and step into the middle of it. He made it very obvious that he was doing that for a reason. Then all the sudden something warm and wet fell on Sam's head. "Fucking birds," he said, reaching up to wipe it off when another splash hit him, and he felt suddenly as if someone had poured boiling water on his head. It burned for a moment and was gone, but he abruptly felt a renewed bout of sexual gratification all over his body. He was trying to cum again, but there was nothing left in his overworked balls.

Then he was struck with a huge load from something overhead that coated him and his clothing in some weird glaze. And he was overcome with erotic bliss and dropped to his knees at the same time that his arms began to split his T shirt open.

It was Jeff who noticed that anything other than their endless fuckfest in the sky was happening. Probably because he was least affected by the sex scent, but he could tell that there was a car in the lot that hadn't been there before, and something was lying on the car. Something big.


Then he saw something - no, someone was walking across the lot and had stopped. And the someone seemed to be in the middle of a mirror. There was something shiny, in fact there was a lot of something shiny all over the parking lot.

"Uh, guys?" He turned off his sex scent and unwrapped his legs from around Carlos, allowing his stiff prick to slip out of his Latin lover's tight ass. He tried to get Jeremy's attention, and had to basically grab Todd's ass and throw the blond god across the sky to stop his chocolate boyfriend's mouth from sucking Todd's huge erection to another delivery of sweet, hot cum. "We've got company."

Chuck looked at Jeff from under Carlos's legs where he'd been licking his balls. "Say what?" A huge drop of cum mixed with precum dropped off Chuck's chin and fell toward the lot. Todd's stiff dick was still fountaining a huge load that didn't have anywhere to go but down. Jeff realized his own cock had been cumming or lubing constantly since they'd started up - how long ago had it been? And not all of that had found its way into or onto one of the others.

"I think we've inadvertently invited a few new recruits." Jeff was looking down at the lot, and soon the other men were, too.

"Holy shit. How the hell...?"

"Well," Jeff began, "considering we've been up here fucking around..."

"Literally," added Chuck.

"...for something like an hour, and all that time I know I was sweating fuck scent like a man in the desert, I would assume we attracted a little unintentional attention."

"No fucking way."

"Considering how strong we know Jeff and Jeremy's scent to be, and adding that I was also allowing my pheromones to drift freely..."

"And me," agreed Chuck.

"And me," added Todd.

"Well, shit. Now what?" Chuck looked downright disgusted.

Carlos shrugged. "Since what's been done can't be undone, I suggest we go down and help them fulfill their full potential."

"You mean, why give them leftovers when they could be feasting on the true source?"

"He means let's go down and welcome our new friends and see what they'll bring to the mix. After all, so far the best results come from new blood."

"Hey! That's true!" And with that, Chuck was streaking toward the ground, anxious to see what the new recruits looked like, and to see what new magic the elixir could bring.

David stood in another pool of whatever the stuff was, allowing himself to pull it all in and continue to get larger and larger. God, it was an amazing feeling. It was like being licked everywhere, like he was one big, hard dick being sucked and fucked and fondled all at the same time. Couple that with the feeling of surging strength, the swelling of his muscles and his growing height, he just wanted this to go on forever.

Sam, once he realized what was happening, literally rolled himself into his next load. He'd ripped his clothes off as he'd seen the tall guy do, using new, amazing muscles that were sprouting everywhere. Jesus, it felt good. And judging by the relative sizes of the other dudes, he had a ways to go to catch up.

Stephen couldn't help but be analytical about it. He was trying to estimate how much he'd grown, how much he weighed, what the relationship was between the amount of the stud he absorbed and how much bulk it produced. And, God, did he feel horny. Seeing the amazing physical beauty of the other men seemed to just make him hornier. He was gripping the hard, round swelling of the new bicep on his right arm when a hand touched his shoulder. "Hi," said a voice, one so full of masculine power that Stephen felt momentarily overcome. He looked over into the face of perfection.

Mike's male beauty had been honed to a new, incredible state. He stood slightly taller than Stephen, and his eyes were a piercing aqua blue. They sparkled in a face carved with a strong jaw and amazing cheek bones. The man next to Stephen exuded confidence and charisma. It was clear that this was a man completely comfortable with himself, even if he had managed to gain something like 300 lbs. of muscle and now stood what Stephen estimated was nearly seven feet tall. "Hello," responded Stephen at last.

"I'm Michael," the god intoned.

"Stephen. I'm Stephen."

Michael offered his chiseled hand and shook Stephen's hand in a friendly, firm grip. The mathematian decided that he really liked this guy. He wondered if there was something odd at work that would create such an aura of attraction around him. Then he remembered the scent that had pulled him hear in the first place. "Yeah," smiled Mike with a casual shrug, "I think I'm putting that scent off. Maybe I always was, come to think of it." His lips smiled a perfect smile. "I think I read somewhere that it's called the underarm effect, because they think that's where we put out pheromones."


Mike nodded, then looked across the lot. "Looks like our unknown friends are still at it. Shall we go introduce ourselves?" Everything about this guy was screaming at Stephen to take him in his arms and kiss him so hard and so deep that they'd die from lack of oxygen.

Instead, all he said was, "Sure," as Mike took his hand and lead him toward where David stood.

David had been methodical about finding the richest pools and his dimensions were clear evidence that he'd chosen correctly. He was perhaps half a head taller than Mike, and nearly as broad as he was tall. His lanky frame seemed to welcome the new muscle with ease. He was still developing new brawn as he watched the other two approaching, and he smiled as he folded his arms across his chest. "Hey," he said, "looks like I win the contest."

Mike laughed slightly. "I didn't know that's what this was!"

David nodded. "Naturally. My name's David."

"I'm Mike, and this is Steve."

"Stephen. Hi." He waved, feeling his shoulder bunch with unexpected muscle.

David nodded a greeting to the other two and then looked up. "I think we're about to find out what's going on."

The other two men followed his gaze, and Stephen said, "Holy shit."

"That about sums it up," agreed Michael, laughing again.

Chuck swooped down from the blue and floated over the heads of the three men, looking down at them. One was nothing short of amazing, already as physically beautiful if not yet as big as any of his approaching friends from above. Chuck's loins stirred just looking at this guy, who was smiling up at him as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Next to him was a massive man, there was no other word for him. He had shining red-blonde hair and a closely clipped goatee on his face. His eyes were silver, or looked it. He appeared to be still growing, assuming that was possible. The guy was huge!

The third guy stood there with his mouth hanging open. His arms and chest bulged with vascular power. He was taller than either of the other two, almost as tall as Chuck. A look of innocence and wonder covered his face.

The beauty said, "Hello."

Chuck alighted to the ground, standing over them in towering majesty. "Hello, yourself." He glanced up as four other giants fell out of the sky and stepped to the ground with aching grace and beauty.

"My name's Mike. This is David and Stephen." He gestured to the other two. "I assume we have you gentlemen to thank for what's happened to us? Assuming you're gentlemen and not alien beings or robots or something, having escaped your confines and taken to the skies. Which would still be pretty cool."

"We are human," said Carlos, stepping forward. "Albeit greatly enhanced. My name is Carlos" "A pleasure. I assume this is a result of the lab we all stand before, no doubt."

Carlos smiled at Mike. "To an extent. This is Todd, Jeff and Jeremy. Chuck you met already."

"Yes," he said, throwing his gaze along Chuck's contours, "he makes quite an entrance."

"Just being neighborly," he answered, floating a foot off the ground as he bowed.

"Well then, it looks as though you've discovered our secret. Shall we go inside and discuss it?"

Mike nodded, then looked across the parking lot. "As soon as our last friend is done, of course. I think he's rather enjoying himself at the moment." All eight turned to look at Sam, who was kneeling in a pool of transforming fluid, working on one of the biggest pricks any of them had ever seen that wasn't going into a phase two transition.

"Jesus," said Todd.

"My, my, my," agreed Jeremy.

"I'll buy that for a dollar," joked Jeff, arching an eyebrow.

"He is rather impressive, even given the relative, uh, dimensions of the rest of us and considering that you five have a foot or two on us newcomers." Mike placed his hand in a friendly manner on Stephen's shoulder, gazing downward at his companion's monster. "Which is not to shortchange any of the rest of us in that department, of course." Jeremy and Jeff looked at Mike, and he turned his face to them as if he could feel their eyes and wiggled his brows at them. "Yes," he said, "I am."

Chuck looked over. "You are what?"

"Gay, of course. Would I be this charming if I weren't?"

Jeremy started, "But I never said..."

"No," agreed Mike, "but it's a talent of mine." Then he smiled in a way that made them think of sex and that there were other talents this guy wasn't yet sharing. "Well," he sighed, "I've a feeling that if we don't interrupt him, we shall never learn his name. He seems quite insistent on that particular activity."

"It's a byproduct of the transformation," added Carlos.

"Among other things," added Todd.

"Well, this does sound interesting. Shall we?" And without waiting for an answer, Mike started toward where Sam was.

"Rather forward guy, isn't he?" remarked Chuck.

"Yeah," said Todd, "but for some reason, I really like him."

"He has that effect," observed Stephen with a wry smile, then they were all following Michael across the lot toward Sam.

Sam had never known such joy in his life. His body was transforming, growing stronger and bigger and better every passing second. And whatever this stuff was, what it did to his dick was the best thing of all.

It was huge and super sensitive. He figured it had grown to twice its normal size, and when he last measured that it was ten inches soft. Every touch, every caress, every stroke sent deep, hard pulses of orgasm through his developing body. If he cupped the junk in his hand and coated his dick with it, a warmth would surround it like he was deep in someone's wet pussy, or mouth, or whatever. But it was better than that, more satisfying, more amazing. The stuff was slick and warm. And the more he used, the bigger and harder he got.

"Hey, dude." Sam looked up and nearly came all over the place. The most beautiful man - fuck that, the most beautiful human being he'd ever seen was standing over him. His mouth went slack and he forgot for the moment to keep jerking off. "So, the rest of us were wondering if you wouldn't mind pausing in your single-minded and completely understandable pursuit of self gratification to come inside and find out what's going on, here." The man before him had everything. Beauty, strength, humor and a magnetism that drew Sam to him like no one else he'd encountered before.

"Were you always like this?"

The man seemed to understand the question. He shrugged in a friendly manner and smiled, but rather than answer he simply said, "I'm Mike." He offered his hand and Sam took it, lifting himself out of the puddle - which he realized wasn't there anymore, anyway.

"I'm Sam."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sam." He glanced down, adding, "And your beautiful cock." Jesus, even the guy's voice seemed to curl around you like a warm kitten in your lap. He had a body that would make the dead get up and dance. Sleek, muscular, athletic and perfect. He laid his muscled arm across Sam's shoulders and said, "Let's go hear a story. I think it involves us flying around like birds, which sounds pretty interesting, don't you think?"

It didn't take much convincing. The four new men had personally experienced what it felt like to be enhanced by the serum in the form of the others' super cum and were already enjoying some of the benefits. David, who had taken in the most of the cast-off jizz in the parking lot, was already able to transform his appearance and alter the size of his body. He was huge everywhere. His muscles were sleek, tight balloons of brawn, bulging in round beauty whenever he moved.

Stephen's strength had increased ten-fold. His body had welcomed the metamorphosis by building massive, vascular muscles everywhere, but especially on his chest, arms and legs. His waist was very tight and flat, maybe 34 inches around, but the enormity of his upper body and the thickness of his thighs made it appear even smaller than that. In addition to already being eight feet tall, he was also the hairiest man in the room, with a thick carpet of dark curls erupting on his chest and belly. His huge prick seemed to growing out of a patch of darkness and his balls sat in the hairiest nutsack anyone could remember seeing. His ass, a wonder of physical construction with high, rounded bubble cheeks offset with deep dimples, sported its own dark forest that lead down his legs.

Sam's dick had doubled in length, outgrowing the development of his body but he seemed happy to own a prick 20 inches long and 12 inches around, even though it was impractical to do anything with it in an ordinary sense. His size had increased, but his body didn't show anything like the development of the other three. Rather than a bodybuilder's enormity, he looked more like a swimmer or gymnast. Mike said that Sam had taken his old body, all except for "Sam's incredible fuckpole," as he called it. As for Mike, his development was nothing short of male perfection in motion. He volunteered with some modesty that he had "not been bad looking" before the change, adding that he'd done some modeling and was proud of his body. He showed the most comfort with his new, enhanced form, moving as if he had been born to it. His actions were a study in grace and beauty. Everything from his broad shoulders to his rippling stomach to his long, muscular legs fit together as if he'd been created from a new mold of man rather than re-created as an enhanced one. He looked perfect, as if he was what god always intended in the first place. •

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