Muscle Worship

By Anonymous

This story was inspired by Hot Day by Nick. (and Lee Priest)

It was one of those dog days of summer. It was 1:30am and still well over 90 degrees fahrenheit and nearly 100 percent humidity. Buckets of sweat were pouring off my body. Tonight, like most nights, I was working working out in the gym and had just finished pumping up my biceps. I had decided to join the 24 hour gym because I needed to add some muscle to my lean but muscular body and I could never find the time to work out during normal hours. Tonight was like most nights which meant I had the entire gym to myself.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the gym, the most incredible looking guy walked out of the locker room. He wore baggy clothes that tended to hide most of his body, but I could tell he was a very massive stud. Although it was nearly 2am and I was exhausted from my workout, I decided to stay for a while and see if things got interesting. The muscle stud looked like was only about 21 years old, but had obviously had been working out for several years (I later found out he started with push-ups and pull-ups when he was only nine. He started pumping iron when he was eleven.) The muscle stud walked over to the incline bench and started pumping out some quick reps. Even though the bar was loaded with 250 pounds, he made it look like he was bench pressing a broom stick.

After a quick set of twenty reps, he moved over to the squat machine and proceeded to squat nearly 500 pounds for twenty reps. Again, he made the weight look like it was nothing. Next, the muscle stud went over to the preacher bench and took a 100 pound dumb bell and started to do preacher curls with the weight. He alternated arms and finished his set by doing 20 reps for each arm.

It during this last warm-up exercise that he noticed that I was staring at him. During the last few reps for his right arm, he looked straight at me and winked. I quickly turned away in fear. Even though I was 30 feet away, I felt as though he was right next to me. I tried to keep calm and continue my lat pulls, but I couldn't keep my eyes off him. It was almost as if I was being pursued by him.

The muscle stud then went over to his bag and pulled out a water bottle. After he drank some water, he took about ten steps and walked directly over to me. Although I am 6'2" and weigh about 200, I knew I could be in some serious trouble. I had worked hard to develop my physique and had produced a 48" chest that tapered down to a rock-hard 29" waist. My 17 1/2" biceps had a decent size peak and a thick vein running down the middle of it. Needless to say, I could handle myself in most situations.

However, when this muscle stud walked over, my knees went weak as I saw just how huge he really was. He was a good 3" taller than me and at least twice my size. I was really surprised when he smiled at me and said "My name's Lee. Sure is hot in here isn't it?" I couldn't believe this muscle stud was actually talking to me. Somehow I managed to respond to him, saying "Yeah, its a real furnace. My name's Dave."

Lee just smiled and said, "I think I'm going to make myself more comfortable" and he proceeded to take off his clothes right in front of me. Grabbing both sides of his sweat pants, he slowly lowered them down his legs. I audibly gasped as I saw the most amazing legs I had ever seen before. His quads looked like they were easily 35" and his calves had to be at least 22". His vascular condition was almost painful to witness. Not a trace of fat could be seen anywhere on his legs. He was shredded to the bone. There were huge veins everywhere, criss-crossing his quads and calves. With even the slightest movement, you could see the muscle fibers at work, dancing under his skin. His skin was so thin that it was possible to see the texture of his muscle fibers. Even though he had his pants off, I couldn't see what his package looked like because his huge sweatshirt went halfway down his quads. His conditioning was obscene. It took me a few seconds to realize that I hadn't taken a breath during this little show. I took a few deep breaths to get a hold of myself.

After he had removed his pants, he looked up at me and said "What do you think?" I said that I never saw someone who was so ripped and so huge. He responded by saying "You haven't seen anything yet." Crossing his hands and grabbing his oversized sweatshirt on each side, he started to lift his sweatshirt off. I nearly feignted when I saw how small his waist was and how large his package was. I had always considered myself very lucky to have such a small, ripped waist. I worked hard for my six-pack abs and knew that I was genetically blessed to have had only a 29" waist and still be over 6' tall. I also had a huge attraction to really built guys with extremely small, muscular waists. Sensing a stirring in my shorts, I looked down and saw that my 8" cock was starting to stiffen and make a tent in my shorts. Although I am sure that Lee saw my reaction to his muscular body, he didn't say anything to me.

Even though Lee was 3" taller than me, he had what looked to be a waist that was no bigger than 25". Not only that, his six-pack was actually a ten-pack with even those really hard to see abdominal muscles forming deep ridges in his stomach (most guys are lucky to ever see a six-pack, but there are actually two more rows of abs that are hidden and extremely difficult to develop). His abs were so big and cut that it looked like I could stick my finger all the way in to my first knuckle in each of the muscled rows.

His package was contained in a tiny posing strap that barely contained all of his big cock. Although he was completely hairless everywhere else, I could see just a few tufts of curly blond hair reaching over the bright red suit. His dick looked like it was ten inches soft and about as thick as a beer can. Lee was just smiling away as he watched me get erect merely by looking at his unbelievable body. Lee finally lifted the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor.

I couldn't believe how big his chest was. His pecs defied gravity as they billowed out insanely over his abs and created a huge overhang. His nipples were half-dollar sized and actually were pointing towards the floor because his chest was so huge and thick. I took one look at his arms and spontaneously creamed in my shorts. His arms were unbelieveably huge (what else did you expect) and laced with more veins than I could care to count (he had 82 separate veins on each arm which wrapped themselves around his biceps and triceps, but that is another story). I estimated his chest at about 65" and his arms a solid 25". Seeing that I had created a mess in my shorts, Lee asked "Did I make you do that?" I nodded my head, indicating that he had indeed caused me to cum just by taking off his shirt and displaying his muscles for me.

Once again, Lee looked at me and said "What do you think?" With my mouth parched and my mind going crazy, I somehow managed to get out the words, "Can I touch your muscles?" Lee just smiled and said, "Sure. In a little bit. You haven't seen nothing yet. I've only just started to warm up." Lee started to make some muscle poses like I never saw in my life. Pose after pose, he put on the best display of muscle I ever saw. Most muscular, double bi's, front lat spread, rear lat spread, abs & thighs, side chest, Lee made his muscles come alive in front of his adoring muscle fan. I noticed that as he was posing, his dick started to move around and get bigger. In fact it was starting to obscenely stretch his lycra posing strap.

After this quick pose session, Lee raised his arms again and let me inspect his arms as he slowly hit a double bi pose. His arms had an insane peak that rubbed up against his forearm when he fully flexed his biceps. I could see an incredibly clear split at the top of the peak that divided the bicep into its two heads. Each arm had two large veins that ran along the peak. One split at the shoulder and ran towards his chest. The other vein, which was much bigger than than the first, ran up the biceps and joined with an even larger vein on his delts. The largest vein was nearly 1/2" thick and you could actually see the blood racing through it. Away from this main vein, shot four smaller veins that inched towards the back of his arm, towards the triceps. His triceps were incredibly striated and the horeshoe-shape was very clearly defined. These four veins spread from the center of his triceps and disappeared into the ripped muscle. Finally there was deep separation between the biceps and triceps. A single large vein ran along this separation line.

Each forearm looked to be at least 20" around with huge mounds of bulging, shredded muscle. Here and there you could see lumps of muscle bursting away from the main mass. Muscle fibers were clearly visible under his paper thin skin. The veins on his forearms were even more scary than on his upper arms. Five 1/4" thick veins ran lengthwise on his inner forearms with another three veins snaking on the outside of his forearms. Between these veins were numerous smaller veins running cross-wise along the inner and outer forearm. The five largest veins on his inner forearm merged at his elbow to form the large vein that dominated his biceps. The three smaller veins on the backside of his forearms simply snaked straight up his outer biceps, intertwining with the large veins.

As was flexing his arms, Lee started to lovingly lick his huge biceps. The saliva, combined with his sweat created an incredible sheen over his arms. Lee gave his arms a bath for what seemed like hours. Next Lee slowly opened his clenched fists and extended his fingers over the pointed peaks of his biceps. Lee was actually massaging the peaks of his biceps with his fingers. I never even dreamed this was possible. At the sight of this, I involuntarily shot a second load. Unlike the first time, when I creamed in my shorts, this time, the top two inches of my dick had pushed out of my shorts and it was sticking out of the top of my shorts. Thus when I shot my load, I actually managed to get a few spurts on Lee's chest. Lee scooped the milky substance off of his chest and licked his fingers clean.

Seeing my involuntary reaction to his biceps, Lee nodded to me and then looked his biceps again. I understood immediately what he wanted me to do and didn't hesistate to reach up and cop a feel of his arms. I couldn't wait to spent some serious time massaging the rock hard muscle of his biceps and forearms. It felt incredible to play with his huge pulsing veins and feel the blood rushing through them. I tried to make a dent in his peaked biceps, but no matter how hard I crushed them (even with both hands) I couldn't even make the peak budge just a little bit. Lee played with me by flexing his biceps just a little harder and trapping my two hands inbetween the peak of his biceps and his forearms. He flexed so hard that my hands turned white as a result of his cutting off the circulation of blood to my hands. After a few seconds of being trapped, Lee relaxed his biceps so I could withdraw my crushed hand. Lee next started to swivel his wrists back and forth which made his huge peaks jump up and down. Lee then pushed me away to get ready for his next pose. I couldn't help but notice that 3" of his huge cock had now snaked its way out of his posing strap and was leaking profusely with pre-cum.

Next, Lee brought his huge arms down to his side and began to hit a most muscular pose. His shoulders were huge and looked like shoulder pads. But these "pads" were hard and dense, with tiny striations everywhere. Two angry, pulsing veins jutted out of his delts with one shooting over to his striated pecs. Each of the three heads, front, back and side, were equally amazing. Each of his heads were cut sharply into the side of his shoulder and were covered with a tiny network of veins. His traps leaped up towards his ears and made his head seem tiny. There were even veins wrapped around these huge hunks of muscle.

His chest was simply breathtaking. As Lee flexed even harder, his left and right pecs started to fight for room in the middle of his chest. They pushed up against eachother and created a straight line that ran from the bottom of his neck to the top of his abs. His pecs were so thick and striated that you could stick a pencil three inches into this vertical line between his pecs. At the bottom of his pecs, where they started to curve out, there was a small triangle that opened up to his abs. Inside the triangle was a small indentation and another vein. As Lee flexed even harder, I could see dozens of veins and striations painfully pop out of his pecs. He was flexing so hard that drops of sweat poured off of his pecs and rushed down towards his posing suit. He sweated so much that his suit left nothing to the imagination.

Once again, Lee nodded at me and invited me to worship his huge pecs. Lee smiled as I rubbed my hands all over his striated pecs. Twisting and turning his pliable nipples, they started to turn a light shade of red and form little erasers sticking up from his skin. I rubbed the striations of his pecs and almost got a finger cut because they were so hard and sharply defined. I moved my hands to the outer edges of his pecs near his biceps and stuck my finger in the nearly circle-like form that the pectoral muscle had formed near his armpits. It almost looked like the sun with all of those striated rays of muscle coming out of this circle. Once again, it was as hard as steel but warm to the touch. His biceps nearly touched his pecs at this spot. Feeling playfull again, Lee flexed just a little bit harder and ended up trapping my hands again. This time my hands were caught between his outer pecs and the peaks of his biceps. Lee crushed my hands a second time and I creamed a third time. This time my cock was totally exposed and I spurted copious amounts of cum all over his pecs and abs. Lee smiled again and hungrily scooped up my warm cum into his hands and drank my spunk.

As I stepped backwards, Lee started to move his one leg back and forth while keeping his foot on the floor. I knew Lee was preparing for an awesome abs and thighs pose. I was mesmerized by the huge mass of muscle that was swaying back and forth on his quads. His quads were so large that he had to keep one leg a few inches in front of the other when standing straight (otherwise they would rub together). In fact, his quads were so large that they rubbed together all the way down to his knees and then actually touched for a few inches at his calves. It was also kind of funny to see his cock and balls lifted high in the air by his quads. They had no where to go but up when he flexed his quads. I could only imagine the pain he could inflict on himself if he balls got trapped between his quads when he flexed. They would probably be turned into a bloody, pulpy mess with just one quick flex. Lee finally stopped swaying his huge right quad and flexed the muscle.

Lee's right quad exploded with literally dozens upon dozens of thick veins. His legs looked like unshakable pillars of granite. The fronts of his quads were cut to shreds, with three large tear-drop muscles crazily defined just above each knee. Within each tear drop there were striations criss-crossing wildly. The outside of his quads swept outward at an impossible angle and you could make out ribbons of hard muscle stretched along the surface. Even though he was facing me, I could see his huge calves peeking out from behind his shins. There were several 1/2" thick veins which started at the very top of his quads (appearing to come out of his cock) and ran down in a fairly straight line all the way to his ankles. One particularly large vein ran down the front of his quads, ducked to the inside of his knee and continued along the inside of the calf until it reached his ankle. There were dozens of secondary veins jutting out from these main veins and they wrapped themselves around the three tear drops and his calves. Lee relaxed his right leg, put his left leg forward, swayed the muscle back and forth a few times and then suddenly flexed it, turning the muscle into steel.

Lee continued his abs and thighs pose by raising his arms up and locking them behind his head. Even in this half-flexed position, his biceps were pushing into his ears. In fact, it appeared to be somewhat painful for Lee to have his two peaked biceps squeezing his head like a zit. But, Lee only kept smiling at me as his head was crushed by his peaked biceps. With his arms in this position, it gave me an amazing opportunity to examine his hairless armpits. Because of his incredibly thick lats, Lee's armpits were incredibly deep and wide. There even a few veins appearing through his paper-thin skin. Beads of sweat rolled down these veins. The thick rope-like veins actually guided the sweat and directed it towards his intercostal muscles. I could actually see what appeared to be two huge tendons surrounded by his thick pit muscle. Although I wanted to shove my face in there and lick his juicy sweat, I resisted and waited for Lee to beckon me to worship him.

Expelling all of the air from his chest, Lee completed the abs and thighs pose by flexing his abs impossibly hard. Huge horizontal ridges of muscle appeared and his cut 10-pack appeared to be transformed into thick bricks of a flesh wall. The center line which divided his left and right rows as well as the horizontal lines between each row were so deep that I thought I could put my entire pinky finger in between the muscle without even bending my finger. Although his abs were covered with veins, two thick veins in particular caught my attention because they started at his belly button (an outie) and disappeared at the top of his cock. Lee's intercostals were similarly just as ripped and laced with veins. His cock, now nearly entirely exposed and erect, extended all the way up his abs. In fact, his cock was pushing against the overhang of his massive pecs. It was over 15" at this point.

Finally, Lee beckoned me to come closer. Putting my hands on his abs, they felt like a cobblestone road of muscle. After marveling at his incredibly ripped abs, I decided to touch those two veins that disappeared at the top of his cock. Putting my index finger on each one, I traced them with my fingers. As I was doing this, Lee startled me by saying "Go ahead and try to hurt me by punching my abs as hard as you want." Making a fist and winding up as hard as I could, I gave him the hardest right jab to the abs I could. My hand harmlessly hit his steel abs, not even making a dent or noticeable mark. Lee laughed at me and continued to flex even harder. I progressed from his abs up to his armpits. I ran my hands all over his stinky armpit and was actually able to put my entire fist inside the hole created by the merging of his lats, pecs and delts. I played with one of the more prominent veins and one of his huge tendons and marveled at how he could possibly have gotten this ripped. Finally I stuck my entire face in his armpit and attempted to lick all of his sweaty armpit juice. Although I couldn't see his face, I knew he was enjoying this worship because I could hear him moaning and sighing.

Next I reached up to pull on his huge arms, attempting to put my fingers in a small hole created by his peaked biceps, huge traps and of course, his head/neck. After pushing around one of the large veins on his biceps, I managed to barely get two of my fingers into the hole. Once again, Lee decided it would be fun to trap my fingers in there by flexing his biceps. With my fingers trapped in this hole, I went back to his armpit and licked the sweat off until he relaxed his biceps. Although he wouldn't admit it, I think my tongue on his pits tickled him.

Finally I shifted my attention to his huge legs. Lee relaxed his quads so that I could sway his muscle back and forth, however they barely moved even in this relaxed state. Suddenly he flexed his right quad and brought this muscle to a stand-still. I could literally count the striations in each of the tears of muscle above his knee. In this super-flexed state, the striations almost felt like sandpaper because they were so fine and so hard. Next I took one of his veins and pressed as hard as I could against it, trying to slow the flow of blood. Even though I couldn't stop it completely, it felt incredible to feel the blood rush through his veins.

I continued down his quads and felt the incredible ball-like muscle of his calves. They were so round and huge that they were clearly visible on either side of his shins when you looked at him from the front. At this point, Lee brought his hands down from around his neck and surprised me by forcing my head in between his quads. I could barely breath and was really frightened that he wouldn't know his own strength and would flex too hard and break my neck. But like the other situations when he kept me immobile just by flexing his muscles, Lee knew exactly how much he should flex his powerful muscles to make me excited. Being totally enveloped by his quads, I came a fourth time just before I nearly passed out. When Lee saw this, he relaxed his legs and I dropped to the floor gasping for breath. Lee also decided that he had enough of wearing his posing strap and ripped it off with one quick jerk of his arm.

Putting his hands on his hips, Lee started to perform a front lat spread. Lee smiled as he slowly extended his tremendously wide lats which extended from his armpits to almost the top of his hips. Lee's wing-like lats slowly filled up the area framed by his arms, until there was nothing visible but his huge lats. Lee gave one last grunt and his lats actually popped out on the other side of his arms (which means that his lats were now wider than his delts). Prominent veins crisscrossed his lats in all directions. Sweat poured out of his armpits and raced down to his abs. I reached out and felt his wing-like lats, and was amazed that even though they were spread out about 10" from his pecs, they were still 4" thick.

Knowing that I had an abdominal fetish, Lee made the lat spread even more impressive by sucking in his abs and creating a vaccuum pose (made famous by Tony Pearson & Frank Zane). His abs disappeared up into his diaphram and made his already small waist ridiculously tiny. Reaching out to grab his waist, my hands actually reached around his entire waist. Taking a quarter turn, Lee showed me his profile and just how ridulous it looked to have his two foot thick upper body (his pecs and back) stacked on top of his abs which during this vaccuum pose were only about 3" thick (from back to front). Lee made another quarter turn and displayed his tremendous back to me.

His back was a virtual anatomy lesson with muscles normally only seen on an anatomy chart clearly visible and absolutely ripped to shreds. The middle of his back was alive with tiny striations and veins. Smaller veins snaked out for a short distance to either side. His traps bulged out insanely and flared out to either side, combining with the ripped muscle of the back. Without his posing strap on, his glutes were fully exposed and cut to ribbons. Although they were not very big, his glutes were incredibly defined. So many striations criss-crossed his glutes that it looked like there was no skin. I reached out and rubbed my hands on his ripped glutes. I couldn't imagine how anyone could get anything pass his glutes (and into his glory hole) if he kept them in this flexed state. Even if they weren't flexed, you would have a difficult time fucking this muscle stud.

Finally, Lee turned around and faced me. His body was covered with sweat and and his veins were bulging as a result of this strenuous flex session. Lee sat down on the bench press machine and motioned for me to come over and sit on his lap, facing him. As I sat down on top of his huge legs, I couldn't help but stare at his cock which was now fully erect (at about 17") and was trapped between the vertical line separating his pecs. Lee massaged his cock by gently flexing his pecs, making his cock leak even more precum. Not really knowing what to do next, I grabbed the lower half of his cock with both hands and started to jerk him off. My hands barely went around his cock. The top portion of his cock was still trapped by his pecs. Lee continued to flex his pecs and jerk himself off. Lee reached out with his huge, calloused hands and started to pull on my 12" cock. As soon as he touched my cock, I exploded with a dozen streams of cum, spraying Lee all over his pecs and face.

Lee moved my hands off of his cock and took over where I left off. Lee closed his eyes and concentrated all of his efforts towards jerking off his huge cock. While his pecs were flexing at a furious rate and jerking off the upper part of his cock, he continued to pump the lower part of his cock with his hands. I made myself busy by massaging the muscles of his abs and biceps. After about five minutes, Lee's cock suddenly erupted with blasts of warm cum. Within seconds, both Lee and I were covered with his thicky milky cum. A minute later, Lee's cock had spurted out its last dribble of cum and started to deflate. Lee wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I loved the feeling of being entirely surrounded by his muscles. Finally, Lee spoke to me and said, "That was just a warm up. You ready for a real workout?" •

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