Tom woke up the next morning, feeling tired, but strangely energized. He jumped out of bed and looked at his huge new body in the mirror. His face hadn't changed much, but his jaw was broader and his beard was coming in a little thicker than before. His mustache was still sexy as it draped over his full lips. It was the rest of him that was incredible. His pecs were ripped and striated, pulsing and twitching with muscle, his neck was as thick as his thighs used to be and his traps rose like small mounds of rock beside his neck. His shoulders had to be a yard wide and his arms were like bowling balls, even unflexed. Veins snaked over his massive torso, brutal hard abs like bricks on his thick gut. His lats spread wide and with each breath they pushed his freaky arms out at an incredible angle. His waist was bigger, but in proportion to his mass and girth. He tightened his thighs and his hairy quads bunched and flexed. His diamond-cut calves were huge and ripped. And between his legs his 8" soft dick started to rise as he gazed at his freaky muscles. "I'm hittin' the gym today," he said to himself. "They won' t fuckin' believe this!" He went to the shower and was completely engrossed as he soaped his massive frame - feeling the thickness of his pecs the rippling power in his rock hard abs, the shape of his bubble butt and his ham-sized forearms. He felt huge and incredibly sexy - a real man with a real man's muscle. His cock stiffened to it's thick 15 inches and he soaped it. stroking the length of the freaky shaft and lifting his heavy balls. "Yeah, fuckin' huge man! Fuckin' huge muscle! Gonna show them what a real man looks like! Gonna give 'em this man's dick to play with." He stroked his cock with both hands, and there was still room for more. He imagined those huge jocks at the gym totally worshipping his massive muscle. He pictured them hanging on his 30" arms and straddling his thick hard cock, while he pumped out rep after rep with 500 lb dumbells and pressed thousands of pounds. His wildest dreams of being the biggest muscle stud on the planet were coming true. He stroked his cock to a huge climax, cum shooting the wall of the shower and streaming down through the steamy water. He pulled on the baggiest clothes he had and they stretched tight over his pecs and barn door shoulders. His arms were so huge he had to tear the sleeves a little to accomodate them. He grabbed his gym bag, a couple of packets of the Huginex and headed out. When he got to the gym, he mixed up a couple of packets of the formula and chugged it down. He immediately sauntered into the weight room and felt the stares as people were shocked to see this behemoth of muscle. He grinned as he hit the first rack to bench press more than anyone had done before. "Steve," he called to his friend. "Come here and spot me a few, guy!" "What the hell happened to you?!" Steve asked. "You're a fucking freak, Man!" "New routine. I'll show you how big a real stud gets, little guy." Tom loaded the bar with 900 lbs and laid beneath it. He grabbed the bar and Steve watched in shock as Tom pumped out 10 quick reps with the huge weight. His massive pecs immediately responded to the formula and the weight and ballooned out, stretching his shirt thin. He pumped out another 20 reps while Steve and the others watched in awe. Then Tom stood up and bounced his bulging pecs a few times. The collar on his sweat top tore open and the shirt split down the front revealing the massive pulsing mounds of his thick pecs, the thinline of dark hair trailing down the deep, striated cleavage. Tom smiled and moved immediately for some dumbells. He grabbed the largest set - two 145 lb dumbells. "This isn't going to be enough," Tom said. "I won't get any pump out of these. He grabbed the full weight rack and started doing semi-barbell curls with the whole 1000 lbs of combined weights. "YEAH!" Tom grunted as he pumped out 20, 30, 40 reps in his growing arms. Within minutes, the sleeves on his shirt could not contain the mass of his expaning biceps and they ripped open, showing the twisted steel muscle and veins in his biceps and forearms. Then he hoisted the rack over his head and performed 30 reps of squats, his massive quads and calves expanding and bursting through the sweat pants. He put the rack down and raised his arms in a freaky display of his size, while his tattered gym wear fell in pieces around him. His cock was hardening now and pushing at the jock that barely held it in. "MEASURE THESE GUNS, STEVE!" Tom commanded. Steve grabebd a tape and read off the size. "Fuck, Tom! They're 33", man!" Steve was getting hard himself as Tom flexed each muscle to show his superhuman build. "YEAH!" Tom yelled as he flexed his arm over and over. He reached out and picked up Steve in one hand, performing arm curls with the big jock. He put Steve down and grabbed the weight rack again, this time pressing the whole rack down as the metal bent and twisted in his powerful hands. Finally it was left as a mass of bent metal on the floor. Tom's excitement mounted and his jock strap couldn't hold the massive cock anymore and the elastic snapped, Tom's 15 inch prick springing up and throbbing wildly. "FUCKIN' BIG, MAN!" Tom grunted as he hit a most muscular and the other guys couldn't contain their awe of this monster. They crowded around Tom and ran their hands over his massive body - hanging on his gargantuan biceps, climbing on his immense back, slamming their rock hard cocks on his muscle. Three of them started jerking the monster cock, and Tom was in heaven. He held two of the guys in his hands and pumped them, sucking their cocks with each upstroke. "BIGGEST FUCKIN' STUD, DUDES! FUCKIN' 19 YEAR OLD MUSCLESTUD! WORSHIP THESE FUCKIN' STUD MUSCLES! STROKE MY FUCKIN' STUD COCK!" It was an orgy of flexing as the guys oiled up Tom and stroked their cocks to his massive posing routine. Freaky double-bi, massive rolling pecs, horseshoe triceps, and mountainous traps. Tom's lats were so wide and thick he looked like a solid block of muscle flesh. Tom grabbed his huge dick and pumped it with both hands. His chest heaved and he moaned loud as he sprayed his load over the guys, who started shooting their own hot cream over Tom's freaky giant muscles. •

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