Tom was a jock. He loved playing football, baseball and all the other sports at college. At 19, he was already a huge guy - 6'2" and 190 lbs of solid muscle. He had shoulder length brown hair, a little mustache and a little soft hair that trailed down the center of his pecs, over his ripped abs and down to his crotch. He worked out everyday in the weight room, pushing his body as far as it would go. He wanted to build size and mass. he dreamed of being the biggest bodybuilder in the world. His arms were a big 19 inches, his chest 48, his thick quads a huge 25". Everyday after classes he'd come home and head straight for his bedroom. There he'd strip down and pump up. He had a heavy weight set which he used to make his muscles swell. Once he could feel the blood rushing into his arms and pecs, he'd stop and pose in the mirror. Front lat spread, side chest pose, double biceps, and finally a most muscular showing his shredded traps and thick neck. He'd stare in awe at his muscles and dream that one day he'd be the biggest man on the planet. His self-worship always got his cock rock hard and he'd beat his 8 inches off posing and getting off on his body. But he always wanted to be bigger. One day he noticed an ad in the latest issue of Conan the Destroyer. he read that comic to look at the pictures of huge muscle savages - dreaming that he' be as rugged and huge himself some day. The ad had a photo of a huge man - easily 400 lbs and all muscle. "Probably a fake picture," he thought. The ad read "Huginex! Get BIG MUSCLES fast! Be a HIT with the GIRLS! No pain! No steroids! Garenteed twice the growth of competing formulas! Call today!" He chuckled thinking this is some kind of rip off. A bunch of herbs or sugar pills for $19.95. Curious, he decided to call the number. The person on the line was curt and told Tom that she simply took orders and didn't nswer questions. He decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. He ordered a package of the formula and gave the person his credit card number. "Please allow three to six weeks delivery." she said. "If within five days you are not happy with your results, please return the purchase for a full refund. Thank you, goodbye." Tom hung up the phone and moved to his weights. *** A month later a package arrived. Tom had forgotten he'd ordered the formula, but he tore open the paper to find a small box with several packets of powder and some instructions. "Huginex. The latest formula for superb muscle growth. No harsh chemicals, no steroids. Huginex is a combination of herbs culled from ancient asian tradition mixed to provide YOU with the MUSCLE GROWTH you seek. Simply mix one packet each day in a glass of water and drink it. You'll find HUGINEX has a great cherry flavor. We garentee that within 5 days you'll gain twice the size you now possess. WARNING: do not lift weights within 5 hours of drinking the formula, doing so may cause adverse reactions." "Yeah, a fake." Tom thought. Still - he'd paid for it so he mixed up a packet and drank it down. An hour later, Tom felt anxious and wanted some activity. He'd always lifted weights when he felt this way, and convincing himself there was nothing to the warning on the box, he picked up a set of 30lb dumbells and started curling. By the third rep he felt a tingling in his arms. He continued lifting and ingnored the feeling. Then he felt something odd. His arms felt lighter - or rather the weight did! He looked in the mirror and was shocked! His arms were pumping huge! The weights seemed small in his hands as he tossed them up and down pumping out rep after rep not stopping for a moment. After 50 continuous reps he put the weights down and lifted his arms. They were huge! He grabbed a tape measure and read - 22"! "Shit," he said. "This is freaky." He grabbed a 200 lb barbell and started benching. He felt the same tingling in his pecs and looked down to watch his chest swelling before his eyes. His tank top was stretching over his massive chest and the material was staring to tear over his shoulders. He pumped out another 50 reps ad put the weight back. When he looked in mirror he was stunned and started laughing. His pecs flexed huge and hard causing the shirt to bounce up and down. Herevelled in this incredible size and his new power. He held his head back and looked at the thickness of his neck. It had to be 21 inches around! His traps were rising like striated rocks beside his neck and his shoulders were spreading wide as his lats grew bigger and thicker. "Fuck!" he said, "I gotta take more of that stuff!" He opened anotehrpacket ad mixed it up. Then he thought, if one's great, two'll be incredible. He poured another packet in the water ad downed the whole thing. He went immediately to the weights. Thetingling came faster now and spread through his body. He felt every muscle getting bigger and thicker, he watched veins rising over his massive frame. He pumped his arms and chest, squatted with heavy weights and flet his body growing! His flimsy shirt stretched over his massive torso and finally gave out, tearing up the back over his broad lats and rippling pecs. The shirt fell to the floor and he laughed at the monster he saw in the mirror. He flexed his arms. They were immense! The tape read 26" and they were getting bigger. He tore his shorts off and starting feeling his dick. It was growing too. He measured it soft at 8 inches. "Fuckin' huge, man!" he shouted as he started pulling his dick to get it hard. His big hands barely encircled it's girth and the blood rushing to it made it an obscene monster prick. He measured it hard at a massive, thick 15 inches! He flexed it, getting off on his new superhuman mass. He weighed himself and the scales stopped at 350 lbs! He'd gained 160 lbs in a few minutes! He started going through his posing routine and blasted his quads which were now a gargantuan 30 inches! He hit pose after pose, his rock hard dick bobbing up and down in front of him. He tried to stretch his hand over his massive gun and it would barely cover the bowling ball peak on his freaky biceps. He hit a most muscular pose and striated muscle and veins exploded all over his massive body. "FUCKIN' FREAKY MUSCLE!" he laughed, getting off on his huge body. He stroked his monster prick and flexed his thick, veined pecs, kissing the muscles in his own self-worship. Finally, in a blast of inhuman posing, his cock shot a huge hard load over the image in the mirror. Tom fell onto his bed and slept, dreaming of the new strength and size which he would soon reveal to the world... •

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