By Also_KnownAs

"So, how should we handle this?"

"First, turn off the juice. He's already jazzed enough by my voice on the phone. Sounded like he was stroking off a load just talking with me. If he runs into a wall of that man heat sex juice, he's done for."

"Are you sure you should have told him everything?"

"I never lie to Jeff."

"I'm not implying... I'm just saying."

"Don't worry about it, Chuck. He's cool. And I left out most of the more... unbelievable details. You heard me."

"We all heard you, Jeremy," the doctor replied. "But I would have to join Chuck's hesitation about revealing so much so soon."

"When he walks in the door, what then?" Jeremy shook his head. "Believe me, it'll be okay. Much better to get him prepared than shock the hell out of him the way you guys did me."

"Should we get dressed or anything?"

Jeremy almost laughed out loud. "Yeah, sure Chuck. Why don't you slide that 18- inch beer can down some Calvins to hide it."

Jeff pulled into the lot and saw Jeremy's truck sitting there. His mind was swimming with fantasy images of what his boyfriend had described. Could it be true? Some magical transforming serum developed at this laboratory had turned him and that redneck neighbor and some other guys into Supermen? It was like some bad fantasy tale you might read on the Web or something.

"Okay, well, picture a Tom of Finland guy. You know, dick big enough to choke a horse, smooth muscles, all man, masculine power incarnate. Got it?"


"Okay, now multiply that by about ten."

"Uh huh."

"I'm not shitting you, Jeff."

"Uh huh."

"Honestly. I'm standing here looking at my bicep. I'm bending my arm and watching the muscle grow. And grow. And grow."

"And grow?"

"To put it mildly."

"How is that possible?"

"I'm just the monkey in this experiment, I didn't cook up the formula. I could put the doctor on and let him explain if you want. By the way, he took the stuff too. He's a Latin heartthrob that makes Ricky Martin look like Dom Deluise. He's got golden eyes and long, dark hair to his ass. His chest could be a whole Gay Pride Parade by itself."

"And you said that neighbor freak is..."

"Chuck is here, too. He invited me. He's got a Jagger body -- it would make a dead man cum."

"But what about..?"

"Don't think. Just get that beautiful butt over here. Now."

So he did. Jeremy certainly sounded like he was a lot bigger. If one could judge a man by his voice over the phone, Jeff pictured the man who owned Jeremy's deep, sexy baritone as a man standing about eight feet tall, about six feet wide, his body bulging with rock hard muscle swinging a bat between his legs to hit a few out of the park every time. The voice was practically oozing sex through the phone at him without trying too hard. He wanted to see the man behind that voice.

He wore his best-fitting jeans and a clean, white T shirt severely tucked. He knew he had a good body; he'd worked hard enough for it. Jeremy was often going on about how nice his butt looked, but Jeff was prouder of his arms and flat stomach. He wasn't always in such great shape until he'd come out in his late teens. Then the urge to merge made him start paying attention to how he looked and took care of himself.

Now he had to admit that he was a "catch" in anyone's book. He went from rail thin and anemic to muscled and powerful in about a year and a half, and kept at it religiously. He loved the feeling of power and capability he felt during and after a workout. He loved the pump, and loved showing himself off. He may own an average sized dick, but the rest of him was - by his own estimate - way better than average.

The lights were on inside the labs as he entered the long hallway leading to where the four awaited him. He could feel something like excitement tingle his skin, but it was more palpable than that. He felt anxious, alive, invigorated. The feeling grew stronger as he walked deeper into the building, and it seemed to want to centralize in his Wranglers. He was suddenly vitally aware of his cock, conscious of its weight and size, feeling the heat of it down there. He was getting hard just thinking about Jeremy. There was an urgency building inside that started in his crotch but was spreading everywhere. He could feel the cotton of his shirt on his chest, particularly as it rubbed on his suddenly alert nipples. His biceps felt tight in the sleeves, when they hadn't before. His legs stretched as he walked, and he could sense the muscle in them, the innate power.

He swallowed hard, unaware that his hand was rubbing his cock through the jeans. His pace had slowed as he began to pay more attention to himself, to his body, the hot flesh and hard muscle. His balls felt tight, cooped up inside his jeans. His hand shoved under his waistband, his fingers reaching down his pants, the added pressure popping the button fly open. He groped himself in his briefs, his hot dick pressing itself against his palm, growing harder by the second. Was it already drooling on his touch?

He pulled his hand out of his pants and licked off the salty tang of precum. The head of his prick was testing the cotton boundaries, swollen and red. He pulled his shirt up, exposing his flat belly and the goody trail of dark hair that lead down into a forest. He caressed himself, enraptured by his own tight body. His cock was pulsing with each beat of his heart, and he was about to grip himself and start jacking when he heard it.


The sound struck his ears like a wet kiss, like a deep thrust in his ass. It was the sound of sex, the sound of passion and heat and muscle. He looked toward the voice and nearly came right then. "What..?"

"Hey, Jeff. Looks like my juice is even more potent than we thought. Sorry about that."

He straightened, saying, "Jeremy?"

The figure at the doorway spread his arms wide, unveiling what could only be described as a body to die for. Jeremy's lats opened like muscled wings. His shoulders swelled like bowling balls. His chest was two huge hemispheres of power. And the prick that hung from his loins was nothing short of incredible. "In the flesh." Jeff's partner started walking toward him. Every step was an exercise in perfect athletic grace. The muscles moved under the glowing cocoa skin like invitations to sex. His thighs swelled and flexed, his arms bulging as they bent with might beyond imaging. And "big" didn't even begin to describe his dimensions. Huge, maybe. Mammoth, colossal, massive...


Jeremy stood near Jeff, towering above him. "Yeah, not bad, huh?" He made a muscle and Jeff watched the bicep build and build and build. It swelled into a mass of power, bulging larger and larger under Jeremy's smooth, warm skin until the head split, and then it got bigger still. The muscle grew and grew, just as Jeremy had described it over the phone. "Call me a liar, now." And the bicep got bigger still, filling Jeremy's upper arm and growing toward his fist.


"You said that already." Jeff scanned down Jeremy's collection of gorgeous muscles, over the huge rounded squares of his chest, the cobbled eight-pack on his belly, and further down until his eyes rested on the most beautiful manflesh Jeff had ever seen or dreamed of. How big was it? How could that be real? "So," intoned Jeremy's passionate embrace of a voice, "did you want to put your dick away, or weren't you done with it, yet?"

Jeff looked down at his own cock, stiff as a board and pulsing hard. He'd never felt so hard in his life. Love and lust curled up inside him for Jeremy, and all he wanted was to be with his man forever. What he said to the naked colossus before him was, "I could use a little help."

Jeremy smiled. "My pleasure."

And something happened. Something changed. Something started. Jeff was suddenly overwhelmed with an orgasmic pleasure that dug itself into his core. A tide of bliss overwhelmed his senses and he started to cum in thick, hot spurts. He was ripping his shirt off as he came, moaning with undeniable pleasure.

Jeremy launched a much-softened version of his man scent, knowing that anything approaching even a half-load of his heat would probably drive any ordinary man insane. He barely nudged Jeff along, allowing only a slim thread of his power to escape at this close range, but it was enough to cause such a drastic reaction in his lover that he reeled it back in almost at once. He'd have to really learn to contain his power in public if this was the result. But like cologne, the scent lingered in the air around them and Jeff's urgency didn't abate for a few minutes.

By the time it had, Jeremy's dark-skinned companion had his pants around his ankles, his underwear and T shirt were in shreds and his belly was coated with a fairly decent amount of sticky cum. His cock was still jerking dully even as he came back to his senses. "What the fuck was that?" he breathed.

"Me," said Jeremy. "Come on, let's get you started and see what you can do."

Meeting Todd, Chuck and the Doc was another shock for Jeff, but after a round of intros they began to demonstrate what Jeff had in store for him with a few body modifications and some strength and size displays.

By the time it was all done, including Chuck's self-suck demo and obvious enjoyment in relating their many extended fuck fests, Jeff was hard again and ready to sign up.

"Okay, you've got a decision to make, then." Jeremy knelt down and was looking up at his lover, holding his hand. "When I got the treatment, all three of these beautiful men gave me their full load. The result was that I got bigger than any of them, in addition to the super scent I can put out driving any guy into a wild frenzy of uncontrollable sexual heat."

"To put it mildly," agreed Jeff.

Jeremy nodded. "And that wasn't even close to half power, or even 25%. What I zapped you with was like spitting in the ocean." Jeff's eyes widened for a moment as the full realization of the statement hit him. To have control of something like that, he thought. What a temptation. Jeremy continued. "None of the other guys has that to the extent I do, although the three of them together can be a pretty potent force on a regular guy, they don't have any effect on each other or on me. But if I wanted to, I can make any of them - or all of them - fall into an ecstasy to put your wildest sex fantasy to shame." "Believe it," added Chuck. "He can even suggest what he wants us to look like, altering our appearance for us." He smiled his half smile. "And I gotta admit that he's a damn fine sculptor, speaking from personal experience."

The doctor said, "It appears that each man adds something to the mix. Todd's transformation was the catalyst. Chuck and Todd together added the transforming powers. My participation enhanced and strengthened what came before, and Jeremy has the additional capability you've experienced yourself."

Jeremy nodded. "Even though the guys already had the sex scent, I can control it almost totally, and my version is about ten times stronger than theirs, combined."

"So with me in the mix, there may be new capabilities, or I may enhance what's come before, or..."

"Or you may merely experience the enhanced muscular development and size. We know that much will happen, at least, because that's what the serum was designed to do. Enhance the masculine characteristics to extreme capacities."

Eyeing the examples around him, Jeff had to say that the doctor's goal had been met and then some. "That's good enough for me."

Jeremy stood up. "How do you want it?"

"I want it all."

Ten minutes later, Jeff was lying in a pool of transformation fuel. The four of them together outdid themselves, knowing that whatever gift Jeff brought to the mix, they'd all share in it one way or another. Their balls had swollen huge with white hot jizz, and they'd released a flood of precum to accompany the huge loads they delivered. Now the fifth member of the team was busy absorbing it all, and they stood back to watch the process all over again.

There was an immediately noticeable difference, because Jeff began to develop as soon as the first drops of seed splashed into the clear preparation honey. The seed burrowed into his arm and the bicep turned red and swelled as if stung by a bee. As more of the cream covered him, bulging growth sprouted everywhere in an uncontrolled manner. Muscle and sinew became swollen with new power, and only after his body could physically contain no further muscle did it begin to expand.

It looked as if he was actually being inflated. It happened so fast and he grew so big that the others worried that he was in pain, for no human body could possibly undergo so rapid and extreme a change and not feel pain.

"Jeff? Jeff, you all right?"

All Jeff felt was pleasure. It was the intense gratification he felt after a workout magnified a hundred times. He could feel his strength swelling. He felt himself enlarge and as the muscles grew, his body hummed with vitality and power and capacity. He felt invincible and the feeling just kept increasing.


"I'm fine," he said. His voice was already an octave lower. "I'm great." He opened his eyes and smiled. "I can feel it."

"Feel what?"

"Everything. Strength and muscle and..." He sensed something else building and tentatively tested it.

"Shit. Oh, shit." Even Jeremy could feel Jeff's pheromones. His dick was instantly hard, and Todd was cumming again, spouting a white fountain of cum all at once.

Jeff pulled it back, feeling that capability developing as rapidly and as powerfully as his body. To the others watching, it looked like Jeff's skin was boiling in slow motion. His growth was happening so suddenly, his development so rapid that the muscle looked like coils unfurling in unending succession. It was as if his body could hardly catch up to the growth that was being forced into it. He twisted his arm around and raised his hand to his gaze, leaning forward to watch the snaking power swell on his forearm. It was so weird that it seemed to be happening to someone else.

A swelling sense of sensual pleasure erupted suddenly in his loins when his cock began to sprout like a weed. He gazed down his lengthening form, noticing his feet reaching farther away from his head and saw the shaft of his manhood growing thicker and thicker, as if it were a loaf of French bread ripening in an oven. The whole of his cock curled around, the helmet caught in a deep crevasse of his quickly growing thigh muscles.

"This is incredible!" Todd was beside himself.

"Remarkable," agreed the doctor.

"Is he going to stop?"

"Of course the development will stop. It's just a question of when."

"And how much," added Chuck.

"And how big," said Jeremy, watching Jeff's dick continue to grow.

The doctor tilted his head slightly. "Do you think you could stand up, Jeff? I'd get a better indication of your growth in relation to the rest of us that way."

Jeff simply nodded and climbed to his feet, seeming to continue to stand up even after he'd gained his footing as his body continued its metamorphosis. He was already looking eye-to-eye with Todd and would be at Jeremy's height in seconds. His muscular development seemed to be trying to catch up to his growth at this point, after having been fully in charge for the first minutes of his transformation. He had to keep repositioning his legs further and further out to allow for his developing thighs and balls, but then his shoulders would catch up, he'd stretch taller still and they'd be at shoulder width again.

"Shit, lookit that. He's already moving to phase two." Chuck was watching the drizzle of lube start to pour from Jeff's knee-length cock.

"That seems to be a common element, now," observed the doctor. "The lag time between initial outside-originated development and self-actuated development is growing less and less. The body no longer fully matures into its initial development before it begins producing its own subsequent fueling emissions." He paused a moment. "Or it may be that the amount of fluid involved in the process forces the body to begin producing immediately or the excess would..."

"Would what?" Jeremy sounded slightly worried, even having been through it himself. After all, they'd really creamed Jeff.

The doctor only shrugged. "It's a moot point. Obviously the male body conforms to the serum's changing properties and adjusts accordingly." The pool of Jeff's precum flood was already at their feet and growing bigger. His huge cock, already swollen to three feet in length, was producing a thick, hot tide of the clear honey in an unendingly abundant supply. He'd yet to start stroking himself. His balls were also showing how anxious his body was to begin his next phase of perfected muscular growth, not that he needed one.

Because Jeff was already half-a-head taller than Jeremy and still growing. The development had calmed down to a steady rhythm of growth and adjustment instead of the earlier uncontrolled swelling. Jeff's eyes were closed, but the smile on his lips and his slow, deep breathing illustrated for Jeremy and the others that he was deep in the passionate embrace of orgasmic pleasure.

His chest broadened with cables of steel. His legs lengthened and filled out with thick, tight wedges of brawn. His skin glowed like forged copper. His arms expanded with firm bellies of strength. He pulled in a deep breath as he slowly extended his arms from his body. His stomach erupted with a cobblestone street of hard abdominals. His dick was rising in the air, now four feet high. They could all feel a heat pouring off him like a furnace. He almost seemed to be glowing. His balls were swollen like some massive fruit, stretched tight and glossy with his seed.

All at once, he was cumming, without ever touching himself. His monster cock, still growing, began to fountain a stream of white hot lava, surprising the others with its unexpected appearance. Jeff's mammoth chest was rising and falling as he breathed into the orgasm, feeling it everywhere and then, unable to contain himself, he released himself from the bonds of his own building and flooded the room with his manscent.

The result was instant fucking chaos. Or instant chaotic fucking.

Jeff's cum coated them all, mingling with his flood of precum outside and inside. All the men were absorbing his emissions as they began to simultaneously cum and fuck and suck each other. Dicks were engorged and spurting, plugged into asses and shoved into mouths. Hands were grabbing and caressing. The power of Jeff's pheromone flow was an overwhelming onslaught that drove everything out of the brain except sexual gratification, the need for it, the want of it, and the desire to give and get it. Someone was licking his asshole. Hands reached for his immense hard-on, sliding their grip along the heat of his flesh sending intense shocks of erotic pleasure through him which he shoved back out through his man scent, strengthening it all over again.

And he could still feel himself growing. In every way, he was getting bigger, stronger, more powerful, more beautiful. His development was renewing as he absorbed his own seed, and he could sense the other men starting to exhibit the signs of his effect on them, or they on him, or what they had made all together. Another round of development was taking place, and he could feel that something else was manifesting in him, now. Something swollen with power.

He couldn't quite touch what it was, didn't know how to control it, but he could feel it building like a wall of molten glass that he would pass through to touch the hot core of whatever it was. It felt like something was crystallizing, coming into focus, bringing itself to life or waking from a centuries-long slumber. His body was pulsing with still-increasing muscle and intensity everywhere.

And he was still releasing his powerful seed on the men around him, released to uncontrollable passion by the depth of his own ecstasy. Everyone but him was fucking like bunnies as they grew into new, larger, better bodies. Shoulders were swelling with cabled might, chests expanding until the crevasse between the meaty muscle would hide an entire hand, legs extending and growing thicker and wider, all the men - Todd, Chuck, the Doctor and his Jeremy - all of them increasing with capacity and ability and size to unheard of dimensions and strengths. Unstoppable, unbelievable.

He opened his eyes as his fountain finally abated and he felt himself grow limp. The world looked different from this angle, so tall above the floor. His shoulders were so broad and chest so large that he could see them in his peripheral vision, watch himself continue to grow into this new body with its unlimited capacity for strength. He pulled in his manscent, and it was like dowsing a fire. The men around him slowed in whatever sexual pursuits they had been engaged in and seemed to come to their senses as Jeff's powerful lust was withdrawn. Slowly, they disentangled themselves from one another, their bodies soaking in the last of the thick, hot fluid product of their mingled encounters and Jeff's second phase transformation and stood looking at each other as their development slowed to a standstill almost all at the same time.

"Wow." The word came from Todd's lips like a feral growl. He was looking down at himself, flexing his hand and bending his arm to watch the new muscle perform.

"Shit," agreed Chuck, who was looking at his friend's larger form with open admiration, and then he was scanning the others in the room with equal parts of lust and wonder.

Each of them had attained an equal height for the first time, all standing at eye level with Jeff. "Interesting," observed the doctor. "No transformation imbalance at all. Perhaps because we were all engaged - fluidly active, as it were - in the final phase of Jeff's development. We all shared equally in the process and all enjoy its benefits."

Jeremy was standing next to Jeff, almost afraid to touch his lover's perfect male beauty, and to the others the two men had virtually identical physiques, right down to the matching massive perfection of their cocks. Jeff simply reached up his hand to rest on Jeremy's neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. The invisible wall broken, Jeremy wrapped his muscled arms around Jeff and fell headlong into an extended, deep kiss that expressed the intense love the men felt for each other.

Todd smiled at the obvious emotion the two were expressing and wondered if he'd ever feel that way. He'd bedded his share of women, and he'd come to love the feeling of a dick in his ass, but that was all hot passion and animal need, it had never been love. How would he react when it happened to him?

Chuck watched the exchange with interest, his face not telling very much about the thoughts going through his head. Mostly, he just thought it was hot seeing the two immense muscular specimens go at it so unabashedly. Yep, he thought, ain't nothing wrong with love or sex no matter who's doing what to who. It was all okay, as long as he could get a piece of it. He glanced at Todd in an unusual way, as if sizing his best friend up, but he just couldn't see falling in love with him. Lust, certainly. Fucking, positively. But love? He just hoped Jeremy wouldn't pull rank and deny him access to Jeff's amazing body and prick. Man, but he wanted to swallow that man whole. And to feel his giant erection tickling his prostate... man!

The doctor, as usual, was all business. Clearing his throat for attention - the sound akin to that of an 18-wheeler starting its engine - the two lovers broke off their kiss and turned toward him, still wrapped in each other's arms, while Todd and Chuck did the same, not wrapped in anyone's embrace at the moment. "I was wondering if you were experiencing any new manifestations, Jeff. It's clear you possess Jeremy's strong pheromone attraction, perhaps amplified even stronger than his ability."

Jeff arched an eyebrow and smiled, looking at the men around him. "We could always find out right now."

Jeremy placed a restraining hand on his lover's meaty chest. "Hold on, stud. Let's hear from the doctor before we re-engage the fuck engines." Jeff's skin felt warm and supple under his palm. Copper velvet on smooth, hard marble. Chuck was grinning despite himself, looking forward to another round involving the newest hunk on the farm. Jeremy asked, "Anything new happening, Jeff?"

His partner considered the question for a moment. "I did feel like something was happening. I don't quite know how to describe it. It was a feeling of building power, but not like muscle, not like this." He bent his arm into a display of raw force that made Jeremy feel woozy. Todd whispered something under his breath, probably "Wow," again, and Chuck bent his own arm to compare sheer size and obvious capacity with Jeff's incredible and seemingly effortless show of muscle. "It was something..."

"Something controllable? Some kind of force?"

"Something," said Jeff. "It's like I know it's there waiting for me to..."

"To discover it?" asked Todd. "To find it?"

"To use it." Jeff tilted his head curiously and looked like he was reaching for something inside, sending his concentration inward, using his innate and immense strength in a new way. The world tilted sideways. New perceptions manifested. Parts of Jeff's brain that had never been used activated and a new way of seeing things suddenly changed everything that anyone believed possible until that moment.

That was when he looked like he was growing taller again. Jeremy let his arms fall as he felt Jeff pull away. It was only when the doctor said, "That's impossible," that the men realized what was happening.

Jeff was floating. His feet had lifted from the ground and the man was literally hovering six inches above the floor.

Jeremy shouted, "Jeff!"


"How the hell...?"

"What?" he repeated, opening his eyes. But he already knew, because the world was different. "It's so easy," he said. "The air, space... everything." He was floating higher, now, rising as if he were half-climbing, half-swimming, looking toward the ceiling as his body began to approach it. "Anyone can do it. It's the air," he said again.

"What air? Jeff, you're fucking flying, dammit! How are you doing that?" "Look," he said. "Look at the air. Use the air."

Chuck looked at Todd, and then they both looked at the Doctor. "Okay, what the fuck is happening?"

Jeff was twisting around in midair like a gymnast, his movements graceful and effortless. He was spinning, diving, floating and falling. He seemed unbound by gravity, embraced by magic. Todd's mouth hung open. Chuck asked again, "What the fuck is going on?"

The doctor's eyes were slitted as he concentrated on something. "I can almost..."

"Almost what? Why won't anyone fucking tell me what's going on?"

"I can see it." The doctor lifted a leg up and then, as if stepping on a ladder, he lifted his other leg and appeared to be climbing into nothing. "Oh my," he said. Then his body was floating upwards as well. "The currents," he said as his huge frame twisted and he began to spin on an axis, his arms stretched out. "Air has mass, volume, weight. Concentrate on seeing the currents around you. Try to fall into the air, to grab it or slide through it or find a current and... float." He moved higher toward the ceiling, finally coming to rest standing upside down on the acoustic tiles. "Reach inside. See if you can find it."

"Find what?" Chuck was very agitated. He asked Todd, "Do you understand what the hell he's going on about?"

The doctor elaborated. "The strength of your body is virtually unbound. Remember that you can lift any weight and your muscles will compensate. Move your arm through what you'd consider nothing, and you can feel the air. That's not nothing, it's something. You can use that, we always could, but we were missing something." He rubbed his chin with his finger. "Two things actually. One was that strength, the power to use the volume of air around us to lift ourselves into it. The other was perception, the ability to see the currents, to feel them, to use them. Something... something up here," he said, tapping his forehead, "has changed. But you have to realize it, you have to find it and use it."

And suddenly Todd was launching off the floor. He'd raised his huge arms, overwhelmed with hard muscle, and thrust himself through the air as if diving upward. He was flying at the ceiling like a man falling toward the ground, when all at once he twisted around, bringing his powerful legs in front of himself, planted on an overhead beam, crouched, and launched himself in the opposite direction, racing toward the floor. He looked like he was about to become a wet spot on the tile when he bent himself and coasted along about a foot above it. Chuck's brain was having a hard time with the concept of his best friend, already become this beautiful expression of muscle and manhood, literally flying. Todd swooped toward the far wall and was soon flying up its length until he reached the top when he simply put his hand in front of him and stopped himself, floating motionless in midair with a huge, satisfied grin on his perfect features. "Damn," he said, "I could get off on this."

"Todd, how the fuck...?" Jeremy had his eyes closed and had missed Todd's aerobatics. He was looking for that spark or whatever it was, reaching inside. He concentrated on feeling the air surge past his skin, heightening his senses, allowing himself to overcome what he thought was possible and accept that he could fly.

"Forget reality, Chuck. Jesus, after everything else that's happened to you today, I'd have thought adding the ability to fly to the ability to change your physical appearance, cum on command and manage tons of weight with your finger would be easy."

"But... it's... you're..."

"Chuck, use your strength. Fucking use it. Don't think of lifting something else, think of using something else to lift yourself."

"But... I... there's..."

"Oh, fuck." It was Jeremy's voice. Chuck looked over to see the fourth member of the flying musclefucks join his comrades in the air over his head. Jeremy started off awkwardly, as if climbing through an uneven hole. Maybe he was having trouble seeing the currents as clearly as the others, but after a few moments of his jerky movements, a smile came to his face as all the pieces fell into place and he was suddenly climbing with an effortless ease. "Oh, fuck!" Then he was performing spins and skidding across ponds of air like a smooth rock. He curled into a ball and started twirling like a leaf caught in the wind. He bobbed on ripples of air, then fell toward the ground as if slipping between streams before alighting back on the floor next to Chuck, putting his hand on the man's broad shoulder. "Just give in to it, and it'll do anything you want. It's fucking fantastic!" And he launched himself back toward the high ceiling to join the others, who were all hanging in midair looking back down at Chuck.

The Doctor said, "I understand this is a difficult concept to grasp, and I admit that it goes against every law of nature ever written, but think of it this way. These are unwritten laws. This is new territory. We are not the men we were. That much should be obvious. We are so much more that what we were seems like the dream, and this is reality."

"It all sounds good, and with you guys hanging over my head it's hard to argue with you, but I just can't seem to believe..."

"Chuck," said Todd as he floated closer, "take my hand."

"You gonna be Clark to my Lois?"

"I'm going to show you what it's like. You're going to feel the caress of the air against your skin so you can tell how to use it. You're going to feel the safety of the wind's embrace and know that you can stay suspended here forever, floating above the ground as light as a feather, as powerful as a storm. You're going to feel the pure freedom of the sky, even in this room. You're going to surrender to your own power, your body's new limitless potential, and know that nothing is beyond you, even your dreams. If you come up with me, I know you'll get it. You've got to! Can you imagine fucking up here?"

That was all Chuck needed to hear. The pretty poetry about freedom and flying was all very nice, but the thought of being unchained from gravity, to float above the ground surrounded by warm winds while getting fucked and sucked and caressed and manhandled by any one of these muscled perfect beauties - or all of them at once -- was a goal he could get into.

He placed his hand in Todd's and his friend's limitless strength took hold of him as he tensed his muscles and felt himself rising off the floor. He still felt as heavy as lead. He could sense the huge weight of his massively compacted muscles, his body wanted to be on the ground. "Close your eyes," advised Jeremy, who was now floating in the air next to him, helping to support him. "Feel the power of the air around you. Feel your own power flowing through your muscles. Can you feel how strong you are?"

Chuck closed his eyes and tuned his senses inward. He became acutely aware of the strength of his body. He could feel unrestrained power waiting his command, raw, unconstrained brawn in the muscles arms and chest and back, running the length of his legs. Muscle and power and ability to do anything he wanted, power to obey his wishes, muscle that would grow to suit his needs and desires, a body of limitless potential.

Jeremy said, "Reach for that new power, Chuck. It's there, inside you. Your body wants to allow you to fly, to swim through the wind's currents, to float in warm pools of air and dive and swoop like an eagle. It can sense the strength of the air around you and use it to push itself upwards, higher and higher, surrounding you in its welcoming waves."

"Open your eyes, Chuck."

He heard Todd's voice now farther away, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself supported by nothing, his head inches from the ceiling, his feet dangling in the air. He could sense the still air in which he stood, how his powerful body was using the air to support itself. The other men floated nearby watching, ready to catch him if anything happened. They were all incredibly beautiful, and as he looked at them, he could see the currents surrounding them, and how they rested inside them, how they positioned themselves and they were not floating on nothing, they were supported from beneath by waves of air, pools of it, thick blocks and wavering columns. Their naked flesh was caressed and supported by a soft, warm ocean that surrounded them everywhere.

"This... is so cool."

And he dove toward the ground, arms at his side, diving through the wind, watching the currents twist and move before him as he brushed the tiled floor and pulled up, arms thrown out, twisting upwards like a corkscrew until he came up to where Todd and Jeremy and Jeff and the Doctor watched and hung suspended in front of them, folding his arms over his massive chest, a sideways grin on his face. "Let's go outside. I can't wait to stretch my wings."

The doctor voiced a strong objection to their leaving the lab, but arguing with four men who could just break through the wall anyway seemed pointless after a while. They were like children wanting to play with the new toy.

They walked out onto the parking lot in their naked glory. Five 9-foot tall supermen with flowing manes of shimmering hair, their amazing collections of powerful muscle encased in sleek, smooth skin of metallic hues, cocks as big as a normal man's forearm hanging in thick, obvious glory between their legs. The wind was warm outside, much warmer than inside the lab, and their senses were almost overwhelmed by the mass of it out there.

But Chuck immediately launched himself into the sky, his body soaring upwards like a bullet, propelled by his strong legs into the ocean of air over the earth. He went hundreds of feet up, feeling the air growing colder as he rose, his wealth of midnight hair streaming behind him. The wind tickled his prick and caressed his ass. It was like skinny-dipping in the sky, his naked body enjoying unconstrained freedom and power.

He stopped and floated, looking down. From there, he could see Todd below him, his arms outstretched, a beatific smile on his bronzed face. He was floating on his back, his face toward the sun, soaking in the vitality and heat. Below him, Jeremy and Jeff were together, and he guessed that it wouldn't be long before they were experimenting with new fuck methods that had never been possible before. He felt a strong erotic tingle in his cock that shivered through his body at the thought. He thought that no one had ever felt this free and alive before.

The doctor remained on the ground, or perhaps just above it. A thought occurred to Chuck, then, and he turned and headed back down, falling out of the sky as quickly as he had ascended until he neared the asphalt, and he pivoted and hovered in the warm embrace of the wind above the doctor, who was, indeed, simply standing on the ground.

"What's your name?" Chuck asked. "It seems stupid to keep calling you Doc."

"Carlos." "No shit?"

The doctor - Carlos - smiled a perfect smile. "Yes," he answered, "I shit you not."

"Carlos. That fits you."

He shrugged. "It's my name."

"You aren't going to come up for a swim?" Chuck allowed himself to float freely in the currents, so that his body was twisting and turning like a feather. He enjoyed the feeling of the wind on his naked flesh. It was enormously erotic.

"I was considering the ramifications of this latest twist."

"Flying? What's bad about it?"

"I didn't say it was bad, I was merely contemplating... What are Jeremy and Jeff doing?" He pointed into the sky and Chuck pivoted in the air to look up.

"Oh. That's called a 69."

"Aptly named."

"Yeah. Jeremy's got Jeff in his mouth, Jeff has Jeremy in his, and they're sucking each other royally." He looked back at Carlos, that crooked grin on his face. "You wanna try it?"

"Aren't you and Todd...?" He left the question unfinished.

Chuck laughed out loud. "That ugly son of a bitch?" He looked up to where Todd was slowly floating under the sky, keeping a leisurely pace. "I enjoy his ass, he enjoys mine. It's just fucking. I'm not in love with him, and I know he'd offer to do you if you wanted him to. I guess I'd be with him if he looked interested, but he's enjoying himself. Jeremy and Jeff, well, it's not surprising they're already going at it. And you're standing on the ground looking all sexy as shit." He met Carlos's golden gaze with his own forest green one. "You do know you're sexy as shit, right?"

Carlos smiled back. "I'm learning to cope."

"I know exactly what you mean." Chuck came closer, wrapping his body around Carlos, his arms in an embrace around the Latin man's broad shoulders. "Let's have some fun while the sun shines. It isn't as if we have any pressing engagements."

Carlos leaned his head back against Chuck's muscled form. "It's pretty amazing, isn't it?" "Redefine amazing and maybe it's that. I assume you never intended this particular happy accident when you were developing the formula."

"I don't recall ever thinking, 'and here's the chemical bonds that will free up the mental and physical constrictions that keep a man under the yoke of gravity's tyranny', no. Not exactly."

"Jesus, Carlos, you do have a way with words." Chuck was lifting him off the ground, and their lips met in a deep tongue wrestling match.

A few minutes later, the parking lot had a sudden rainstorm of a rather unusual type. •

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