Gym Encounter

By G.I.Barrie

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and drew in my breath, preparing myself for the next set. Looking up to begin, I gasped at what I saw. It was him! He was here! The most gorgeous guy I knew was a mere twenty feet away from me! Quickly, I pulled my gaze away, fearful that he would register the fact I was staring at his wonderful form. Occasionally I had seen him here at the University gym, I knew not his name or his department, but I knew i adored him. He seemed to normally go at a different time to me; I prefer to exhaust myself last thing at night, after the days labs and classes, the few times I was able to go through the day, were the times I had seen him previously. Usually I excercised in solitude, now there was another in the otherwise quiet, empty gymnasium. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over to his amazing physique. Dressed in a pair of black cotton rugby shorts and a black training vest his deeply tanned body rippled with muscle from head to toe, making my athletic body look puny in comparison. Wih every stride of his tree-trunk thighs the muscled bunched and quivered, striations criss-crossing the deep v-shaped seperations. As he breathed the thin vest strained against a huge, deep chest, matched by his barn-door shoulders and massive arms dwarfing a tiny waist below. To cap it all, the bastard had the face of an angel! Smooth tanned skin, set off by sparkling white teeth, brilliant laser blue eyes, and neatly shorn dark brown hair... He turned away from me, to set down the sports bag slung across his broad shoulders - I gasped to see his back spring into life - with every move of his arms, the thick muscles bunched and flexed under his skin. Oh that this Adonis were mine ! As he bent over, with his tight ass and thick, powerful legs full on show to me, I could feel the blood begin to pound in my head and I started to stiffen.

With a start, I broke out of my lustful trance and mentally shook myself. The guy was probably straight, all the best ones were - what was the point, was it worth making a pass at him to get the crap beaten out of me if he objected? Regretfully I turned to my weights and continued my biceps curls, glancing across occasionally to watch him warm up, stretching that incredibly tall frame. Hoping he wouldn't notice, I watched him bend over, flat footed, to press his palms to the floor, he then proceeded to straighten up, then do the splits - what suppleness! Again I managed to break my gaze and continue my reps.

A few minutes later I was startled from my closed-eyed concentration by a hand on my shoulder. "Excuse me buddy..", said a warm,deep voice, ", I was wondering if you'd mind spotting my bench press..?" Snapping my eyes up, I found myself staring straight into his beautiful eyes. I forced words from my suddenly tight throat, "Yeah, sure, hang on and i'll put these back, I'll be with you in a minute.." I stumbled over to the weights rack, paused, and took a deep breath. I'd better try and calm down in case he got suspicious.. Straightening up, I strode over to the bench next to which he was standing, accompanied by the pounding of my heart in my ears - he was HUGE, god knows how tall he was, well over my height of six feet, his frame dwarfed me - suddenly making my knees feel weak.. "Thanks, my name is Andrew by the way, pleased to meet you." He shook my hand warmly, making my skin tingle at his touch. "Hi, I'm Gavin, no problem, I don't mind helping you out - what weight do you want to start with?" I helped load up the barbell, soon he was positioned under it, I above, standing with my hands ready. He took the bar in his hand and pushed, lifting it off with a clank he pushed out reps, his chest swelled enormously with each deep breath, and my eyes wandered down his frame. Still paying close attention to his safety I felt myself getting excited by the large outline the straining cloth of his shorts revealed. Soon it was my turn beneath the bar, I tried to ignore the temptation of his crotch hovering above me, hanging heavy with its large load in the soft cotton comfort of his tight fitting shorts. After much gasping and heaving on both our parts he said he felt he had done enough, I conceeded defeat also, made my excuses and headed to the shower, explaining i was tired, telling him I'd see him another time.. I breathed a sigh of relief as i turned the door and headed up the stairs, it had been taking all my willpower not to get hard as I basked in the feeling of his huge prescence. I stripped and headed for the shower...

The steaming, hot water felt wonderful on my warm skin - I soaped my body and began running my hands over my tanned chest imagining what his loving touch would feel like. I groaned as I began to harden at the thought of his strong body pressed closely to mine, kissing me deeply, taking me completely. Sliding my hands further down I stroked the hair around my thick, throbbing shaft, letting my fingers slide further I caressed the slippery skin between my thighs. Getting more excited with each passing breath, I moved my left hand around to my rear, and stroked the tight, firm cleft of my ass. I encircled my straining cock with my right and slowly stroked it while i tentatively pushed a forefinger up my eager hole. Oh, that felt wonderful! Reluctantly I withdrew, it was too risky to be so bold here, what if someone came and should discover me! Resisting the temptation to continue, I rinsed myself off, took my towel from the rack, and sat down next to my clothes. The passion that had gripped my pulsing member refused to be ignored, and my mind wandered back to Andrew. He was the only one here, and should not return here for at least an hour! I could resist my urge no longer, leaning back in the bench I rested against the wall, closed my eyes, and took my cock again. Slowly beating myself off I focussed Andrew in my mind, imagining he was my lover, feeling his hard muscled arms encircling me, his eager mouth sucking my breath from me with every hot kiss.

A strong hand grabbed my wrist.

Startled I opened my eyes, fear gripping my heart, I looked straight into the eyes of my fantasy lover. His eyes bored into mine, terrified I jerked up in my seat. Without a word his massive arms pushed me back, unable to move I watched in disbelief as he firmly took my cock in his grasp and thrust in deep into his mouth. My body sang with pleasure as with amazing power his strong lips encircled my hard dick, caressing the head with his moist tongue. I threw my head back at the wonderful sensations playing up and down my throbbing shaft. Eyes closed I began fucking his mouth, driving my cock deep into his throat with every strong thrust of my hips. Flashes of colour sped in front of my closed lids as I revelled in the pleasure he was giving me, I could feel a flood rising from deep within as I ran my fingers through his soft hair, feeling the eagerness of his firm lips driving me to approaching orgasm. Suddenly the flood broke, I gasped aloud and my whole body tensed as I felt the fire spurt from me. With one last thrust my whole body straightened, I almost passed out with the intensity as I drove my cock deep into his throat one last time, flooding it with my cum. Explosions flashed across my mind, swelled, and slowly died... Panting, I opened my eyes to see Andrew smiling at me, wiping the fluid from his lips. To shocked to say a word I gave him a blank look of disbelief.

"Sorry about that, I couldn't help myself...I've seen you in here a few times before but I've never had the guts to approach you, I'm terribly sorry..." His voice trailed off, as he stood up to leave. I put an arm around his waist to stop him, finally words managed to escape my throat. "Oh god, no don't be sorry, that was wonderful, please don't go...." He looked back at me, I could feel my legs going weak again at his intense stare. "I want to spend the night with you." I felt as if I were in a dream come true, this couldn't be happening, it was too unexpected to feel real....I nodded consent and turned to dress, as did he.

As we left the sports centre I turned to him, he smiled back at me. Was this really happening, was I sure I was not just dreaming? Here I was with the one person I wanted above all others, the one I had been falling in love with for months. I was about to become his completely, and he would finally be mine! His beautiful smiling face, assured and trusting, satisfied any doubts that remained, I didn't know what I was about to get myself into, but I knew I wanted it......


"Do you live far from here..?" I asked, trying to calm myself down as i pondered on the possible foolishness of my decision. "Not far, I live on campus." I think he must have noticed I was nervous."You've not done anything like this before have you?" Andrew asked.I looked at him, his large blue eyes seemed to look into every part of me, I shook my head and smiled. "I still don't know if i'm doing the right thing." I answered. "If it helps, neither do I, this is new to me too." he assured me. Reaching over he took my hand in his, squeezing gently, he looked up and smiled at me, his face beaming trust."You don't have to if you don't want to you know, i'm not going to drag you by the hair or anything..." I looked him in the eye, my mind made up, "I've decided, let's go."

He patted me on the back, gave me back my hand, and lead me up the hill from the sports complex, towards the Halls Of Residence.We chatted on the way, I told him that I was studying chemistry, in my third year, he enthused about his biology course, told me about his family, there was just himself and his mother, him having lost his father when he was young.I cracked a few jokes to liven the atmosphere, he duly laughed. As we passed the shopping complex, he stopped, and darted off saying he'd be back in five minutes - I stood confused, perhaps he had chickened out? I watched him run off, his powerful muscled propelling his long legs into huge strides...what a giant of a guy he was...

He returned with a smirk on his face, refusing to tell me what was up - I couldn't be bothered asking what he was up to, Instead i asked him the number of his apartment."I'll race you...!" We sped off up the hill, within a few minutes it became clear he was a lot fitter than I, and faster to, he beat me by miles.. Panting I stood hunched over as he fumbled for his keys, unlocking the door, he beckoned me inside, turning on the light for me as I walked in... The sight that greeted me was a pleasant surprise. Instead of the typical messy student flat, before me was a smartly furnished modern apartment! Andrew noticed my surprise,"Yeah, I guess I'm kinda houseproud, would you like a drink, coffee, tea?" "Coffee will do fine, where shall I hang my coat?" He motioned towards a door to my left, and blushed slightly. "Erm, the bedroom I suppose, here let me." He strided over to me, and I stopped, grabbing his arm.My heart raced at the bulk of hard muscle of his upper arm, on the spur of the moment I reached up and drew his head to me, kissing him gently on the lips.He responded with a passion; sliding his mighty arms around my chest he drew me close to him. Kissing him deeply, i slid my hands around to hold him, hugging him tightly, lost in the moment I could feel only his strong demanding lips pressed onto mine, his probing tongue dancing with mine, sucking the breath from me, crushing me in his fire. Without a word we broke, our eyes met and locked, slowly, he bent slightly, lowering his hand to my knees.As if I were a mere child he lifted me into his powerful arms, I felt like I weighed nothing. Slowly he walked over to the door, reaching down I open it, and we stepped inside. The room was in semi-darkness as he set me down on a large, soft bed, and turned to switch on the light.A soft glow spread from small lights along the top of the wall, illuminating the room with a misty light. The room was comfortably furnished, a desk with textbooks open stood in one corner, large soft armchairs and a television in the other. The double bed upon which he placed me, was something else, I expected something dark and masculine to be covering it, his bedspread was a large double divan `Garfield' with matching pillows! Only then I noticed the wallhangings, large rugs, and oils of beautiful landscaped hung in the soft light - what a paradox this hulk of a guy was, apparantly herd on the outside, but what a soft interior he had! Andrew sat on the bed next to me, slowly extending a hand to me, he traced a line from my eyes, down my nose, across my cheekbones, lingering on my ear, then down my kneck.As he kissed me there he slid my jacket off my shoulders. Then he slowly unbuttoned my shirt revealing once again, my broad, hairy chest. His fingers toyed with the black hair a moment before going to the belt on my jeans; loosening the buckle, he pulled me to my feet, kissing me briefly once again. I was, by this time, hardening rapidly. His gentle hands slipped beneath the shirt at my shoulders, reaching behind to my shoulder bladed, he pulled the shirt off my body, letting it fall to the floor. Next the button on my jeans, and the zip were opened, and slid to the floor... Soon i was naked before him, my cock was fully hard and jutted out from my body, twitching with each loud beat of my heart. "Undress me now" he whispered. Beneath his jacket there was only a t-shirt stretched over his massive chest. I rolled it up, and as he lifted his arms I gasped with awe as his lats flared wide, "God, you're beautiful!" I whispered. I breathed heavily with excitement as i slipped the thin material off his warm body, feeling the muscles ripple under his skin at my touch.His jeans soon joined the pile of clothes on the floor, and I removed both our socks, leaving him at last in only his briefs.I paused, wondering at what i would find, remembering the large bulge I had seen beneath his shorts at the gym.Would i be able to take it? Looking at him standing in front of me, the promise of something huge pressing against his underwear, and the stiff ereection thrusting out from me, I decided now was the time to find out. Bending down onto my knees in front of him, i ran my hands around his huge thighs, caressing the warm skin.I brought one hand up to the bulge in his pants, and he twitched.With one hand on either side of his waist, I pulled his briefs down. "Fucking sweet jesus!" I looked up him, gazing down at me. I've never had one this big, you're huge, bloody enormous!" He pulled me up to him, pressing his naked body against mine, his very stiff cock pressed hard against my stomach, as he looked me straight in the eye. "I love you, I want you, but I don't want to hurt you, if anything we do hurts, please tell me, and I'll stop." I nodded, and stepped onto the bed, waiting for him. Andrew paused to get something from his jacket pocket, and lay his enormous torso next to me. "What is all this about?" I queried? He showed me what he had been holding, lubricant, and condoms. "I thought it might help if I got these, might put your mind at rest, I don't have any nasty diseases or anything, but I thought it might put your mind at rest...." In reply, I just kissed him. He lay on his back and I slipped my rigid cock into his mouth, he sucked more gently this time, not wanting me to come too quickly. I bent over, and approached his monstrous dick, placing both hands around it's trunk I pulled back the foreskin, putting the huge swollen head on full view. I hesitated to go further, could i fit it in? It looked too big, its girth was as thick as my wrist! Slowly I moved my open mouth towards it, opening my jaws wide to accommodate it's massive head.Even with my jaws fully open it brushed against my stretched lips, soon I had it completely enfolded in my warm, wet mouth.Tentativly I moved my tongue over the hard head, Andrew let out a loud groan and gently thrust his hips, pushing against my lips, shoving a little more of the length into me. I spread saliva over the monster inside my mouth, making it as slippery as possible, slowly I drew more in, lubricating it on it's way. My tongue was soon pressed flat to the floor of my mouth as it was completely filled by his huge member. Moving my head in time to the pulsing of his sucking mouth around my cock I slid Andrew's mammoth penis in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and focussed my mind on my task, not wanting to hurt him by scraping the girth along my teeth I tried to hold it away with my lips. I could feel the thick veins that snaked along it's length as they passed in my lips and tongue, Andrew started moving his hips again, slowly he fucked his large cock in and out of my mouth as he sucked eagerly on mine. All I could feel were his lips around my dick, engulfing me, and his wonderfully huge, hard cock as it went deep into my mouth. I moved my right hand down to below his balls, and slowly slid it between the firms cheeks of his ass, at my soft touch he groaned in pleasure. I went further, carefully I pushed against his asshole with my index finger, he sucked harder on my cock as I slid my probing digit into his rectum. I began fucking his ass with my finger, in response he groaned again, and grabbed by cheeks with both of his hands, kneeding them firmly in his powerfull grip.In and out we sawed in time, me in his ass, he in my mouth, he started quickening the pace, and finally grabbed me, pulling me off him. "That was wonderful, but i don't want to come just yet, i want you to fuck me..", he panted. He turned over to his front, and motioned to the lubricant and condoms by the bed. I oiled his ass cheeks, and hole carefully, and slipped on the condom, on my cock it was a tight fit, what about him? I placed a leg on either side of his waist and opened his cheeks with one hand. Carefully, I placed the hard head of my cock over his ass, and leaning over him, started to gently push my way inside.He stiffened slightly, and I halted. "Do you want me to stop?" "No, keep going, that feels wonderful..." he replied. I readied myself, and slowly eased the head of my cock in, Andrew gasped once, then seemed to breath easier once in was in.I began thrusting smoothly, soon I was all the way in, I could feel hot flesh enclosing my sex, wanted so badly to fuck him. "Screw me.." He whispered. I let myself lie on top of him, feeling the huge mass of him, as I started pumping his asshole, he gasped and began thrusting in time with me.I lay on top of him and slid my arms underneath his shoulders ,holding him close to me, revelling in the feeling.I buried my cock all the way up him, then pulled out almost all the way, to thrust straight up, again and again, Andrew started gasping in ecstasy and I fucked him wildly, I could feel the old familiar surge building within me, and I clasped him tighter to me, sweat drippped off me as I slammed my groin against him.Suddenly orgasm was upon me, I gave him one last thrust, all the way, deep into his bowels, as I was swept away on a flood of pleasure.I lay motionless inside him, stars reeling through my mind, numbness blanketing my senses as I span in the darkness. Shortly I came round, and pulled my length out of him, I gasped for breath, exhausted from the effort I had expended. I lay beside him on the bed, and he smiled at me, "That was great, God, I almost came." he said, I pulled closer to him, and kissed him again.. "My turn now.", I whispered. Secretely a part of me dreaded what was to come, I was unsure if I could even begin to cope with his massive member, but I wanted to try, I wanted to be fucked by my lover.... As I turned over, Andrew prepared himself, the condom was pulled so tightly around his penis, the thick veins stood out in stark profile, he was so huge! I lay on my front and closed my eyes, i could feel his massive form kneeling over me and shortly his fingers were in the cleft of my arse. He took great care to lubricate me thoroughly, then he started to finger-fuck me to loosen the rings of muscle around my anus.I started to relax at the pleasurebale sensations he was giving me, it felt so good.After he felt I had loosened enough, in slipped another finger, joining the first in blissfully sliding in and out of my tight ass. With great care, he slipped another finger into me, only when he thought I was loose enough.After about fifteen minutes, with great care ond patience on his part, he had four of his strong fingers sliding in nd out of me. Slowly he stopped, and applied even more lubricant, i lay quiet knowing what was to come. "Remember, tell me to stop if it hurts too much, I dont want to cause you pain, Gavin." I nodded agreement, and make a quite promise; Andrew wanted this, and so did I, even if I was in afgony, I would say nothing. I concentrated and focussed all my attention on my arsehole, willing it to relax, so as to let his huge dick past into my bowels.I closed my eyes, and felt a pair of very strong hands spreading the cheeks of my ass. "Right, here we go." I thought to myself. I felt the head of his mighty member brush against the spread cheeks of my ass as he placed the huge head against the partially relaxed hole. As i had done before, he leaned over me, and slowly pushed. The cock that felt so large inside my mouth, now felt like a tree branch pushing against me.I willed myself not to panic, or tense my hole as he gently began to push. I felt my ass-hole dilate in respose, the very tip of his huge blunt head penetrated me. "Are you sure you want all of this?" my concerned lover asked, "Yes, don't stop, please, not now..." I replied. The strength of his pushing increased, my small hole approached its limit, even though only half of his head was through into me. I gritted my teeth, and lay in silence, the pain started to build, my asshole felt as if it were being heated, the huge dick continued to force its way in. The stretching continued, i thought i was going to scream, the pain was intense now, i thought i was going to split in two with this huge monster being pushed into my bowels, but still i remained silent. I started to sweat, how much more of it could there be, i couldn't take much more! Just as i was about to scream past my clenched teeth, the head finally pushed its way in, there was a flash of pain like fire searing across my asshole, and an amazing sensation as the trunk of his enormous dick slid deep into me.I felt it reach the very depths of my bowels - filling me as i had never been before, and knew no one could fill me again. I though i had a baseball bat rammed up me as he slowly started to slide up and down my arse; i could feel the rings of muscle around my tightly stretched arsehole being pulled and pushed as he fucked my arse. Andrew leant over and started kissing my kneck, hungrily he sucked at my skin as he screwed me to the bed, time lost all meaning for me as my mind concentrated on the massive dick deep in my bowels, filling my mind with pleasure.I felt him quicken the pace, gasping for air as he pushed with his whole body, ramming deep into me as he approached orgasm, his arms encircled my chest, and i took his whole weight on top of me, as he fucked me with a fury.He started gasping aloud, moaning as he reamed ever deeper into me, opening my body to new heights of pleasure and ecstasy.With a loud gasp he thrust painfully into me with all his might, and collapsed with a scream on top of me, gasping for breath.I felt the length of his monster dick pulse inside me as it squirted out gout after gout of cum against the condom.Andrew could only hold me as he was swept away on a flood of orgasm, panting with exhileration on top of me. Slowly his breath steadied, "Jesus Gavin, that was amazing, thank you..oh god.." He supported himself on his hands, and slowly pulled his the whole of his massive member out from my hole, it relaxed gratefully. He lay on the bed next to me, his huge cock was starting to wilt.He placed his arms around my kneck and kissed me, "I think i'm falling in love with you.." In my exhaustion i just beamed at him, then i kissed him back and pulled him close to me, "I love you to..."

After taking turns to clean ourselves in the bathroom, we returned to bed. I enclosed his massive chest in my arms and snuggled into him, feeling his warm body, the beautiful hardness of him, the massive bulk, and was glad that at last he was finally mine.In perfect happiness we slept in each others arms, not caring what tommorrow would bring, but merely basking in the warm glow of each others love. •

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