Fantasy (2005)


I awoke, alone in the big bed. His aroma was all about me, I didn't want towash it off in case this was a dream. I got up, dressed, and went down to the oversized kitchen. He sat at the table with numerous charts and books scattered about him. As I entered he lok down at me, smiled and said we would start the experiments in about 2 hours. In the meanwhile he suggested I walk around the grounds and perhaps try his gym. At 10 a.m. I was to come down to his lab. I strolled the grounds until I came upon the gym..Of course all the equipment was built to accomadate his size but I was still able to give myself a good workout. When I got a nice pump going I headed to the lab. The following days were filled with various test, shots and assorted pills. I was given an exercise program designed to strengthen and stretch my ligaments. I was exposed ro low levels of radiation and given steriods that were as yet unheard of in the bodybuilding community. After 2 weeks..nothing had as yet happenned. This was quite puzzling to Doc for his growth had occures in a little under a week. The third week went by and still no change. Doc G. was getting depressed and spent most of the night going over his notes and in turn, that meant no sex for me. Not that I could even take his giant cock, the head alone was almost nine inches across - I measured - but at least we enjoyed each other.I felt as if it were my fault. I wanted so badly to grow for him and myself, but it just wasn't happenning. At the end of the fifth week Doc said he didn't think it was going to work. He told me a car would arrive tomorrow to take me to the airport, and I would be paid for the entire 3 months. I didn't want to leave, but he needed to be by his self and go over all his research. We spent our last night together just holding each other. The morning cae too quickly, and I awoke to the beaming face of Doc G. As I struggled to clear my head he said "it worked, it worked" and he helped me to my feet. I stood up and up and up and found myself actuallt looking down at Doc. I then realized I was HUGE! I towered over Doc. I looked down at my body and couldn't see my feet due to the thrust of my pecs which were actually pressing into my chin. My arms were tremendous, my legs the size of tree trunks, so big that I had trouble walking. My cock, which was just average before, hund down to my knees and my balls were the size of regulation basketballs. I stood before the full lenght mirror in the corner of the room and stared at my body as I flexed my newly huge muscles. Doc walked over to me, pulled out a tape measure, and proceeded to take my measurements. We both stared in disbelief at my new height 12'11" We then measured everything...My chest, so HUGE and striated was 196" my gigantic arms measured a solid 150" cold each MASSIVE THIGH 160" and my cock almost 50". i picked Doc up in my massive arms, carried him to his bed which was almost too small for me and proceeded to have wild sex for the remainder of the morning. The following days we spent with Doc preforming various test and charting all the results. I continued to grow even bigger and taller and more muscular with each passing day. It was becoming more difficult to move..I was truly becoming MUSCLEBOUND! My growth finally slowed and then stopped completely. I was well over 30 feet tall and just so DAMN BIG AND MUSCULAR that the ground would literally shake when I walked. I no longer fit in Doc's house... so we set up home in one of the larger warehouses on his property. We are now about to start phase 2 of the experiment. Both Doc and I are gonna resume the treatment...we want to see just how big we can grow. He's created a steroid that is more powerful than anything in creation. How BIG will we GROW? I for one, hope it never stops. •

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