By Also_KnownAs


"Jeremy! It's Chuck."

"Chuck who?"

"Chuck your neighbor Chuck."

"What's up with your voice? Trying to sound all macho and shit?" "Uh, yeah. Listen, what're you up to today?"

"Just hangin'. Probably work out a little later. Why?"

"Feel like getting a work out, now? I found this new gym you're gonna love."

"You? Mr. Beer Gut? At a gym?"

"Yeah, well, you'd be amazed at the progress I've made."

"I'll bet."

"Uh, well, I'd be willing to take that bet."

"Sure, man! What're you putting on the line?"

"Fifty bucks says you don't recognize me when you get here."

"I just saw you yesterday!"

"So what? Sounds like a sure thing, to me."

"You sure you don't have a cold or something?"

"C'mon, is it a bet or not?"

"Sure, sure, whatever man. Where you at?"

Chuck hung up the phone. "He's on his way." He looked at Todd, then checked himself in the mirror. "How d'you think I'd look as a redhead?"

"You lost me."

"Never mind. Um, so, how are we gonna do this? Just, like, spring it on him? Like, 'Hi, Jeremy! Say, don't we three look pretty fucking amazing? All you have to do is suck my dick and you, too, can be one hot, sexy superman who can control your body's appearance and increase your muscular strength just by thinking it.' I mean, you really think..."

"I should point out," remarked the doctor, "that the transforming fluid works internally or externally."

"Your point?"

"I think he means that unless Jeremy's really into swallowing a monster cock, which I suppose he might be..?"

Chuck shrugged. "Never came up. 'Jeremy, can you get me a beer while you're up and by the way, do you suck cock?'" Chuck scratched himself through the black material. His dick seemed to blossom slightly, like a very large puppy moving to be closer to the petting hand.

"Yes, well, um, as we know the body will soak in the cum no matter how it's applied. So, I mean, if it comes down to it, we could churn up a batch and tell him it's an ointment he can apply to his body and that'll work. Or even just hand him a glass of it and invite him to drink a toast to the new Jeremy. His mouth never actually has to touch..." Todd grabbed a handful of his own monster, finishing his sentence.

"You always want to take all the fun out of everything."

"What, you want your next door neighbor to suck your dick?"

"Hello? Todd, I want everybody to suck my dick." "Well, that goes without saying."

"But I thought I'd mention it."

"Thanks for the input."

"I'm wondering about the pheromone effect."

"What about it, Doc?"

"Chuck, when you were exposed to Todd..."


"...I noticed that you had a rather difficult time restraining yourself."

"Well, yeah. After jumbotron here pulled out his foot long and started stroking, it was like I was knee-deep in sex. I mean, whatever he was putting out, I was really soaking in it. I had to jerk off, my cock was just too insistent. Hard as a rock and wet as the mighty Mississippi. From the minute I walked into his place, I could feel it."

"And that was only one subject, prior to the multiple transformations the three of us have been through since. I would suspect that any man walking into this building would be more or less rendered immobile by the strength of their need to satisfy the sudden sexual desire that would likely overwhelm their senses."

"Whoa. Cool!"

Jeremy pulled up to the lab and stepped from his Jeep. He was already a fairly well built specimen of a man. Standing just over six feet tall and tipping the scales at 215, Jeremy was an ex high school football jock. He'd graduated from the local college a few months back and moved into Chuck's building. They were not close friends, mostly meeting once in a while to watch TV over a few beers.

Jeremy wore his workout clothes, looking forward to a sweaty round of weights and aerobics. He was justifiably proud of the body he'd built. He knew he was pretty lucky in the gene department, and he also had nothing to worry about downstairs, either. He hadn't told Chuck, who seemed like your average red- blooded all-American homophobe that he was gay. What did the guy care, anyway? He was certainly not going to be making anyone's hit list with that beer gut. It was about time he got off his ass and started getting the fat down. His lover Jeff was expecting him over for dinner, so this would have to be a short, intense session working his upper body.

He truly loved Jeff; a Native American beauty who'd started out as just another fuck buddy, but had quickly become more. Jeff was the same age as Jeremy, with dark eyes and full lips and an amazing ass. That's what Jeremy first saw, if he were honest with himself. He told Jeff it was his sense of humor that attracted him, but it was that tight, round butt in a pair of Wranglers that really set him off.

Jeff told Jeremy what he liked about him was his eyes. Jeremy had almond-shaped eyes slightly upturned at the corners, so it always appeared that he was smiling. His skin was a nice shade of cocoa, or what Jeff called High Grade Milk Chocolate. He was the product of an African-American father and an Asian mother, gathering the majority of his genetic soup from his dad who'd gifted him with size in all the right places and his dark skin, while his mother's blood showed in his eyes and facial features and a complete lack of body hair, and also lent him a lithe figure rather than bulky. His muscles were arranged on a tall frame that got him plenty of attention, which was fine with Jeremy. He shaved his head as well to complete the picture, yielding a smooth, muscular body.

Jeremy suspected what Jeff liked was his big dick - since he paid so much attention to it - and his chest. He packed eight thick inches of limp prick in his shorts that would swell to ten hard, growing broad and huge. Jeremy also worked hard to get a pair of impressive pecs that looked even larger inside the low-hanging tank top he was wearing now. The deep cleavage was almost entirely exposed, and the nipples poked out just above the armholes, so that the cotton rubbed against them giving him a slight thrill even when he was walking.

He adjusted himself in his jockstrap before grabbing the tote with his change of clothes in it. He hoped this place had some new meat on display. He was looking forward to a shower where he could do a little window-shopping.

"Look but don't touch," he said to himself as he walked toward the building, not noticing the almost complete absence of cars in the lot, nor the fact that there was no indication of any sort what this building was. This was where Chuck said he was, and he didn't have time to wonder about anything.

He just wanted his workout.

As he turned the door handle and stepped inside, he was suddenly and overwhelmingly reminded of sex.

More than sex, of fucking. Fucking hard and fucking deep and fucking plenty. His skin prickled from it, his senses heightened like an animal's after a scent. Each step forward seemed to intensify the feeling. And it was men he smelled. Man sex. Men together. He could almost feel hands on his ass, fingers on his nipples, dicks at his hole. He could feel the sex like a cloak. It was dripping from the walls, soaking through his shoes, flooding the hallway with the heat of it. Roughness, smoothness, hardness, softness. Skin and muscle, velvet soft and rock hard.

His mouth was dry. He felt himself growing harder and harder, straining against the elastic of his jock. His shorts were tenting. A sheen of sweat broke out on his brow and arms. He was flexing and relaxing his hands. His ass tightened up, his balls began to churn and tingle.

Rounding a corner, he saw an open door at the end of a long hall. He felt something cold against the head of his prick and realized a flow of precum had soaked through his shorts already. His hand moved toward his chest and he began caressing himself. His erect nipples needed pinching. His skin felt slick and hot. The smell of men and sex was overpowering, now, like nothing he'd ever encountered, at least not this strong. Not ever. It was spicy and heady. It flooded his senses.

At some point he'd stopped to lean against a wall. His mouth hung open as he gulped in breaths. His other hand had found its way into his pants, digging inside his jock to fondle his stiff prick. He pulled it out, shoving his shorts off his tool. He was already firing off huge spurts of cum. His hot seed spilled over his hand and splattered his belly. He was so hard it hurt, so hard the shaft and head were glossy. He arched his back as he started jerking himself to another orgasm. His was swimming in sex, drowning in fucking.

He didn't notice the tall figure standing in the doorway at the end of the hall.

"Oops. Looks like you were right, Doc. There's Jeremy, and he's well past introductions."

Jeremy heard something like music or thunder, a faint sound that sank into the pleasure centers of his brain and licked his balls with a long, wet tongue. A voice of such power and depth that hearing it sent a shiver of orgasm through him. He was already cumming again, a quick second round of sticky heat shot out of his rock-hard prick.

Chuck folded his arms across his chest as he leaned against the doorframe. "So, what do we do, just wait for him to get through?"

The doctor appeared next to him. "I doubt that would prove useful. If my theory is correct, he'll never quite be through. I'm afraid the combination of the three of us... unless this is also controllable."

"There's an off switch?"

The doctor looked over. "Possibly." He looked at Jeremy, perched against the wall and fucking himself senseless. "Probably." He made an effort to shut down his man sense.

Jeremy's hand slowed slightly, his head lolled to one side. His body was still hungry for more. His dick was veined and red, pulsing hard with hot blood. His balls tried to produce but couldn't. Still, he felt the quicksilver throb of another orgasmic blast rock his being. If he could have cum again, he would have.

"So, what, I just.."

"You just shut it off. Like any of the other changes."

Chuck grunted, looking back at Jeremy. "Convenient."

"Oh, God."

Jeremy felt the flood receding. The heat diminished. Somewhere, he managed to find another cargo of spunk and he started pumping another load of hot cream on his hand. It was a small load. It dribbled over his hard belly. He could still hear the voices, the sound of Gods talking.

"Funky!" Chuck shouted over his shoulder, "Todd, shut down your stink, you're driving Jeremy fucking nuts."

Jeremy sat down against the wall, his dick in his hand, still spurting. He had a smile on his face.

Chuck moved down the hall toward his neighbor, bending down to eye level. "Hey, Jeremy. You bring the beer?"

Jeremy opened his eyes and looked into Chuck's face. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He was looking at the face of a sculpture, the face of someone designed to be the perfect man. His silky hair fell across one of his laser sharp green eyes, and he brushed it back with a powerful hand. The bulge of his bicep drew Jeremy's attention, and he felt like cumming all over again if he had any left. His eyes stayed locked on the other man as Chuck rose to his feet again while Jeremy scanned every perfect inch. The long, elegant neck. The wide, thick chest. A rippled belly filled with condensed power. A bulge that left nothing to the imagination, showing a cock that couldn't possibly be real, held against the man's thigh under some black material, or maybe his bottom half was black, since it looked just as shining and healthy as the man's beautiful skin. The muscles of his thighs played around each other as he rose.

The man reached down to him, and when he spoke, Jeremy's ears could hardly contain their ecstasy. The tone was a deep as the ocean, as beautiful as a song. "You gonna sit on your ass holding your cock all day, or are you coming inside to get the full effect on?"

Jeremy looked up and up, his gaze crossing the unbelievable contours of the huge stud, over every muscled inch, toward his face again. He felt like he was looking at some fuck fantasy made flesh, it was impossible that such a man actually existed. When he smiled, it was with a crooked familiarity. His teeth were electric white and the look on his gorgeous face sent another erotic shock through Jeremy's system. Could lips be that kissable? Could a man's skin appear to be so flawlessly smooth, so velvety soft?

Jeremy followed the length of the man's arm from his powerful shoulder, along the bulging, perfect lines of his bicep and forearm to the gracefully masculine hand with its long, graceful fingers and polished nails. Even his fingernails were beautiful.

"Jeremy? Hello?"

That voice again: as powerful as a storm, as sensual as an embrace, as sexual as a mouth on his cock.

"I'm Jeremy," he answered softly.

"Duh. Are you going to get up or do I have to pull you up by your balls?" The man arched his slender brow, his magnificent eyes shifting to Jeremy's lap where, in fact, his balls were laying.

Jeremy pushed himself up the wall, avoiding the huge man's hand as if touching the fantasy would make him disappear. He stood and, after a moment, realized that his dick was still hanging out of his shorts and he sheepishly hid himself, any satisfaction he might have had earlier regarding the size of his package sent running as he stared openly at the tall man's assets, snuggled tightly behind his odd skintight pants. No one had a limp dick so large and thick and firm. Was it limp? It had to be. And no one had a set of balls so round and perfect. He wanted to hold them, to lick them, to pull them inside his mouth and suck them dry.

He offered his hand, saying, "I'm Jeremy," again. His eyes stayed glued on the big man's basket, however. He didn't seem to notice the thick strings of his own cum on his fingers.

"Yes, Jeremy, I know that." He was laughing slightly, his smile a picture of ultimate temptation. "Guess this means I win the bet." That was when Jeremy's roof caved in. "Chuck?" And all at once he started to recognize the crooked smile, but that was about all the Chuck there was left in the man standing in front of him. "Holy shit."

"That sums it up pretty good. So, I guess you like what you see." His gaze moved downward to where Jeremy had begun slowly caressing his dick again, his fingers rubbing his stiffening prick through his shorts. "And if you're that intent on hand-jobbing something, I got something you might find a bit more challenging." Chuck moved his hand down his pelvis, digging his fingers under his waistband and shoving it down, exposing a thick dick root nestled in a forest of soft, silken curls of fur, pulling himself free, hauling out inch after fat, amazing inch of his tool until the whole 16-inch tube of love flesh was hanging in the open air, Chuck's hand grasping himself several inches along the wrist-thick shaft. Jeremy watched with intent interest, his lips slightly parted, breathing slowly. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but there it was, inches from him. A glistening drop of precum was already swelling at the piss slit on the cowled mushroom head. And the guy wasn't even hard.


"No. Chuck. Remember?"

"Are you going to stand there all day playing with yourself, or are you going to bring your friend inside so he can join the club, you big dumb stud?"

Jeremy heard another voice, as deep and resonant as the man before him. Looking over, his eyes nearly jumped from his head as he watched another God walk the earth toward him. This one was as beautiful as Chuck - Chuck? - Chuck was, but he had a mane of golden hair and even from here, Jeremy could see turquoise blue eyes, piercingly blue like the sky, looking back at him. This one was totally naked, though. No black sheath of material clinging to his well-muscled contours. A pendulous dick, as thick and beautiful and long as Chuck's, was swinging back and forth as he walked. And his movements were athletically graceful, sensual, erotic, speaking to the power that his form made evident.

Todd was smiling as he put his arm on Chuck's shoulder, looking down at Jeremy. "You forgot to mention how hot Jeremy is, Chuck!"

"I never really thought of him as hot before. But now that you mention it, can you imagine what a little of him is gonna do for us?"

The other man seemed to be caressing his own chest, his thumb absently teasing his nipple to hardness. Jeremy watched the play of muscle in his arm and shoulder, how the thick fibers moved around each other, how the sun-kissed skin seemed like liquid copper. His chest was two mountains of solid rock, honed smooth and beautiful by a master's chisel. "How's it going, Jeremy? I'm Todd." He nodded a friendly greeting to Jeremy. It was like being recognized by the sun.

"What... How..."

Todd hiked a thumb over his shoulder toward the doorway. "Come on in, Jeremy. Have we got a proposition for you!"

Jeremy had always felt like a big man until that day in the lab. He was seated at the weight bench, surrounded by the three most beautiful men in creation. Each standing well over seven feet tall, each gifted with an overabundance of physical beauty and strength. When he saw the doctor's Latino form, he nearly creamed again. He stopped questioning how it was possible - but only until Chuck started demonstrating what they meant by 'complete control of all physical faculties.' He watched Chuck's form inflate with increasing brawn before his eyes. He watched Chuck's cock swell like a balloon, growing fatter and longer until it hung beyond his knees. He watched the man's hair and eyes change color, watched as he denuded himself completely, loosing all his hair and just as quickly regrowing it.

"And you can change it however you want?"

Chuck nodded. "Any requests?"

"Dark hair. Jet black. To your ass. Black eyes, too." As he mentioned each desire, Chuck fulfilled it. "Shit," said Jeremy, "this could be dangerous. Now, broaden your chest. Bigger. Still bigger. Go for it, Chuck! Yeah! Bigger nipples! Bigger! And let's see some shoulder action. I'm talking full, round mothers. Shirt busters. Shit. Holy shit. Okay, okay, now the arms. Swell them suckers, Chuck! Double bi me! Higher! Get them peaks up! Lick 'em!"

"Whoa, there, boy." Todd put his hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "Wouldn't you rather be doing this yourself?"

Jeremy was immediately on his feet. "I want in! Shit, yeah!"

"Okay, cool. The doctor's going to take some measurements and then we'll get you going."

"How long till I'm big like you motherfuckers?"

"What, five minutes, Doc?"

"About that, yes. Depending on whether it takes a single application or several. Since Jeremy is a new subject, I'm not sure what the requirements are." "How long did it take you, Chuck?" "To get where I am now? We started this morning at Todd's place. Then we came here. Fucked each other. Sucked each other. Grow, grow, grow. Presto change-o. Got the doc involved in the action. Little self suck, couple more blow jobs. Bim bam boom, supermen." Jeremy's mouth was hanging open. "Oh, yeah, Probably forgot to mention the little wonder that does it all for us."

"It started out as a serum that the Doc gave me last night. But..."

"Yodda, yodda, yodda, Todd. Long story short, Jeremy?" He nodded. "Okay, this'll sound far out, but since the evidence is standing in front of you, it's a little hard to dispute." The doctor came over and started measuring Jeremy's pre- transformation stats. Jeremy had already stripped naked, and the doc was the only man in the room still wearing any covering clothing, even if his bodysuit was skin tight and form-fitting. Chuck came over and kneeled down so Jeremy wasn't looking up at him. He placed his hand on Jeremy's leg and started to caress his calf, which caused Jeremy to raise a brow but otherwise withhold comment. "Can I ask a personal question, Jeremy?" His hand moved up behind his knee.

"Sure, Chuck." His hand was on the back of Jeremy's thigh. His touch was firm but his palm was warm and soft. "You ever do it with a guy before?"

He had to laugh slightly. "I'm gay, Chuck."

Chuck returned the laugh, and his hand was suddenly grabbing Jeremy's ass, one long finger digging into his hole. "That makes the whole thing a lot easier." He lifted himself slightly and pressed his lips to Jeremy's, opening his mouth and shoving his eager tongue into the other man's mouth. After a moment, Jeremy returned the favor, his hand grasping the back of Chuck's head and holding him in the passionate kiss.

Todd just shook his head. "It's polite to ask first, shit for brains."

Chuck pulled back, but his hand was still working magic with Jeremy's undercarriage. Their eyes met. "It works like this. You can either swallow my cum, or I can cover you with it. If you want a bigger jolt, two of us can coat you. If all three of us do you at once - we don't know what'll happen, actually."

"It's the cum?"

"It's a combination, actually, Jeremy." The doctor was all business, as usual. "Once you've been transformed, your body will start to produce a slick lubricant from your penis at the start of arousal. This flow of clear fluid continues until the point of ejaculation, and it may be quite substantial."

Chuck clicked his tongue. "You always make everything sound so not sexy."

"Yes, well, to continue. When the pre-ejaculate and the ejaculate are combined, a chemical process which, frankly, I can't account for, takes place and it is this fluid that acts as the actual agent of conversion."

Chuck rose to his full height, towering over Jeremy. He dipped his lips to Jeremy's ear, whispering, "and if you feel like maybe you're not into it, we have another little added benefit that comes with the change." And he re-engaged his man scent, flooding Jeremy's senses with the powerful pheromone, and the smaller man almost buckled.

"Oh, oh God."

"Good, huh?"

"Oh, shit. Holy shit, oh my God." Jeremy was reaching his mouth toward Chuck's, pushing his tongue inside. Chuck's long reach found his asshole again, and he helped it along with some rough fingering. His body reacted almost as hard, his dick swelling to erection in record time before Chuck shut it down again, but the kiss lingered.

Jeremy rested his head against Chuck's massive chest. "Holy shit."

"Any questions?" He heard Chuck's rumble as well as felt it.

"We should mention the giant dick part."

"Oh yeah. I always forget that."

Jeremy shook slightly, still reeling from Chuck's unwarned assault. "Giant dick part?"

"Well, see, after the first change, your body does this weird...thing."

The doctor spoke up. "It is only temporary and doesn't seem to reoccur - unless, I suppose, you will it to after the physical control capabilities manifest."

"Weird thing."

"Your body will change first, from our loads. Then your dick gets huge - we're talking amazingly colossally big. Like, over your head, third leg, unbelievable huge." Jeremy's eyes registered his disbelief. "Then you cum, and then you soak it all in - all your own load, and another transformation takes place."

"The first one makes you grow, the second one sort of refines things, with a little more growth."

"Uh huh."

"After that it's pretty much up in the air. It was different for each of us, as the serum started changing when it went through each guy's system. Or something. Right, Doc?"

The doctor shrugged. "I'm afraid my clinical notes could not keep up with these gentlemen after a time. Once I became directly involved in the process..."

"It was the Doc's juice that kicked the fucker into overdrive. Todd and I were about a foot shorter before he took our loads, then he really grew, and then we each took another hit off him, and that's where we are now."

"So at this stage," summed up Jeremy, "you think you've taken the formula or whatever as far as it can go with three guys, so you're going to see what happens..."

"With some fresh cum in the mix. Which I assume you're up for."

Jeremy looked from one man to the next. "Hell, boys. Get another uniform ready, you've got another team member on his way."

"You got what you need, Doc?"

"It's all in the computer. You're a very excellent subject, Jeremy."

"Yeah, I thought I was one fuckin' stud before..."

"You'll be fuckin' a stud before you know it, don't you worry."

Todd and the doctor approached Jeremy. Todd said, "You want us one at a time, or you want it all now?"

After a deep breath, Jeremy said, "Slime me."

The doctor stripped off his pants and all three supermen hung their ample cocks over Jeremy, who lay down on the floor. Almost in unison, the men began their flows of precum, drizzling clear honey on Jeremy's naked skin with an ever increasing supply. They were each stroking themselves as they covered him in their loads, and as Jeremy spread the slick fluid over his body, he watched in amazement as three sets of balls began to swell to lemons, then grapefruit, then melons.

"Let's give him all we got, gents. This one's for all of us."

"Shut up, Todd, I'm trying to concentrate."

Todd looked at Jeremy, smiling. "Chuck thinks the better it feels, the more powerful the juice." He smiled. "I'm not sure he's wrong."

"You don't have to get a hard on to cum?"

"We can cum whenever we want. It's just not the same if we don't..."

"Could you two shut the fuck up? It's a little hard to... uh... oh... oh, yeah, there we go." Jeremy glanced down as Chuck's balls were suddenly inflating. He could see them filling up with Chuck's powerful load. He looked over and saw that the quiet doctor's ball sack was equally heavy, hanging very low and swollen with hot cum. All three dicks were pouring their clear precum on him and he was lying in a thick puddle of it now. There seemed to be gallons of it. Once Todd's load had joined the race, he said, "Everyone ready?"

Chuck's perfect features were screwed up in evident orgasmic ecstasy. "Yessss, oh yesss..."

"Okay, then."

A fire was lit on Jeremy's chocolate skin. The precum all at once turned to scalding oil on his flesh, and he grit his teeth to keep from screaming. It was an exquisite pain that infused him to his core. No one had mentioned this little piece, and he knew why.

They came in torrents, flooding their loads onto Jeremy's body until he looked as though he were cocooned in it. He lay very still, and once Chuck, who had the largest load as usual, had spent his entire cargo, the three stood back to observe.

"It'll be okay, Jeremy," said Chuck, "the heat only lasts a few seconds, and then..."

"Whoa," said Todd. "That's fucking incredible."

"Indeed," agreed the doctor.

Jeremy had already absorbed everything. The pool of sticky super cum was gone as they watched, sucked into Chuck's friend so quickly that they wondered if they'd seen what they'd seen. "What do you think, Doc? Is that because there were three loads? Or is it because Jeremy's never been transformed? Or..."

"I can't say, Todd."

"Shit, Todd, shut up. Nobody knows what the fuck is happening except Jeremy, and he's... there he goes."

Once the fire had died and moved into his system, his entire body was a prick being fucked. Jeremy fell into a depth of ecstasy like no one had ever felt before. He felt like he was cumming out of everywhere, like he was in a state of constant orgasm that shook him from head to toe. He couldn't move, all he could do was drown in the bliss.

His breath grew shallow, his eyes were closed, and the only indication that he wasn't in pain was the smile on his lips.

Then he could feel himself getting bigger, growing heavier, his muscles all swelling with sudden strength and size. It was like he was stretching, but he made no movements of his own. Instead, his body was just increasing, like he was blossoming. He could feel it intensely, the feel of muscular development mingling with the deep humming orgasm that shook him to the core.

"This is pretty amazing, what we got here."

He heard Chuck's voice somewhere outside his sensation of constant growth and increasing strength. He could hear the rumbling tone, but not the words. He sighed with deep contentment.

"Wow." Todd bent down and placed his hand on Jeremy's swelling bicep. "He's hot. I can feel the muscle growing. This is so totally cool!"

Jeremy was expanding in every direction. As he grew, his features refined. His arms would bulge with muscle almost too large to believe, then a moment later the arm would lengthen and the muscle would stretch literally to fit. His chest would build up into twin hemispheres of fat muscular power, then his torso would expand outward. It was a continual process of building and refining. Swelling power bulging everywhere, then his body would stretch itself again and he'd be perfected into a newer, larger, more beautiful version of himself.

His dick just seemed to ripen and swell in an unending process. He already had a more than decent sized cock, but as his body expanded in phases, his prick just grew and grew. Fatter, longer, smoother, bigger; a thick pipe of chocolate flesh erupting from his groin like a hose, unwinding over two round, swelling fruit. Jeremy's balls looked like lemons, elongated spheres swollen with his growing power, ripe and juicy.

He opened his eyes, turning his head to look at the men standing over him. He was becoming one of them, he could feel himself growing stronger and bigger with each heartbeat. He leaned forward, feeling a sudden swelling of might in his abdomen as his muscles flawlessly obeyed his commands. He continued to develop as he rose to his feet, feeling slightly dizzy from his extended orgasmic pleasure trip. Something heavy hung from his groin, something ponderous and huge. He looked down, over his still growing chest, watching the muscle fiber crawling across its expanse, growing plump with corded brawn like bands of steel encasing his ribcage, and further down, beyond the popping cobblestones of his impossibly defined belly until his gaze reached the source of that feeling of weight and power that coursed through him, fed from his loins by something his eyes told him could not possibly be true.

Smiling, he reached down, his hand growing larger as he watched, the strands of muscle reaching along his forearm and inflating with capacity under skin that looked paper thin and elastic, smooth and perfect. He touched his fingertips to his burgeoning tool, remembering the words Chuck had spoken. 'Then your dick gets huge - we're talking amazingly colossally big. Like, over your head, third leg, unbelievable huge.' He ran his touch down the length of his pole, watching it continue to expand as he watched. It didn't pulse into erection, it was visibly growing. Thicker and longer as he watched, fatter and firmer under his touch.

"Look at him go. I'm so proud of our little boy!"

Todd laughed despite himself. "Yes, if he keeps up at this rate, I think we've got a new champion in our midst. Sorry, Doc."

Chuck circled around his neighbor, watching the man develop by the second, growing ever taller, expanding ever wider, getting ever stronger. He watched the muscles of his back swell and multiply, fighting each other under the skin for supremacy in their confined space, then his back would suddenly spread wider like a cobra's hood, and the muscles settled in for a moment before another round of bulging growth would occur. Jeremy was already as tall as Todd, which meant that he'd managed to gain over a foot in height. He looked about four feet across as well. "Damn, those are some killer shoulders."

Jeremy smiled and twisted around, looking at Chuck. "Thanks." Then his face registered the surprise he felt at hearing his new voice, which had dropped a couple of registers and sounded like it was coming from inside a cave.

Chuck smiled his crooked smile. "Sure, Bud."

Todd asked, "How's it feel?"

Jeremy turned back. He was continually feeling every inch of himself. His hands moved down one arm and then the other, played across the huge hemispheres of his chest, danced down the rippled glory of his eight-pack. "Feels fucking amazing. I feel so strong. It just keeps getting better. I can't believe... when's it going to stop?"

"Difficult to say. Your development does not appear to be slowing, and you had your first exposure approximately four minutes ago."

"Feels like four hours." He looked down at the huge tool hanging between his legs. It was incredibly thick. He grabbed it, feeling a sudden rushing surge or heightened gratification. "Holy... Oh, Jesus..."

Chuck looked over. "Phase Two, coming up."

"Literally," smiled Todd, nodding.

As if Chuck's word set him off, a bubble of clear fluid appeared at the tip of his cock and quickly swelled into a flowing ribbon of slick honey. Jeremy cupped his hand under the flow, since his cock wasn't getting hard yet, and spread the precum all over his tool. The warmth returned, infusing his cock, which responded to his attention by growing harder as he caressed himself. The head bloomed thickly.

"His fuckin' arm's as big as his head!"

Jeremy smiled and tensed his bicep, feeling the huge muscle's belly grow round and full.

"Whoops. Make that 'bigger than his head.' Shit, Jeremy, no need to make us feel puny."

"Just wait," he said, pumping his prick with both hands, feeling the electric charge of orgasmic bliss running through him. His flow was streaming thick and hot, now, and as his yard-long cock started to stand at attention, he set his legs apart to support its weight. It was a fabulous burden, feeling it tugging at his groin. Or maybe that was his balls, which he could feel rubbing against his thighs, swimming in a coat of clear honey.

His body was still growing. He was taller than the doctor now. Too wide to probably fit easily through a doorway. His head would graze the ceilings back at his apartment.

Chuck looked at Todd. "You feel that?"

Todd nodded slowly. "You think it's him?"

"Sure as hell isn't us, or we'd have felt that a while back." Chuck started petting his snake. "Jesus, if we can feel it, an ordinary guy wouldn't stand a chance."

"It is a rather... potent sensation," agreed the doctor.

"Jeremy, are you turning on the mojo? You're doing something to us here that, whoa, I mean, it's nice and all, but could you save it for later?" Chuck could feel his short hairs stand on end. He was starting to feel extremely horny. Todd had his eyes closed and was leaning his head back, moaning softly as he played with his nipples. Even the normally stoic doctor, who'd pulled his pants back up, was digging down in his crotch under the sleek material.

Jeremy just smiled. It was like he was experiencing so much pleasure, he had to let some of it drain off him. It was as if he could sense a sphere of his sexuality stretching out as he stroked himself to greater heights. "You want me to reel it in, Chuck?"

His neighbor was rubbing the ridge of his cock helmet with his thumb. "Just for now, Jeremy. Shit. Oh, shit. Yes, please."

"You sure?"

"Jeremy, please..."

Then the sensation was gone, like a fire had been doused. Jeremy sucked it all back in and drown in his luxurious pleasure. He bit his lower lip, feeling a blissful strain as he attempted to hold all the orgasmic eroticism he was experiencing inside his huge body. Was it like this for the other three? How did they satnd it? Why didn't they warn him?

His cock was now as big and thick as his leg. It swelled out from his groin like a huge limb, spider-webbed with finger-thick veins. The head glistened above his head. His whole body was at an angle to offset its immense weight and size. His balls pressed against each other painfully, filled to overflowing with hot, energized cum. When he first heard this explained, it scared him a little, and also excited him. He thought they were fucking with him, but now here he was with a four-foot high, two-foot wide, three-feet around hard-on and there was something about it that seemed... right. He couldn't explain it, didn't have to, but as he stroked the steel-hard cock, feeling the heat of it against his massive chest and flat, rippling abdomen, he felt like this was exactly as it should be.

"Fuck, that's a lot of lube." Chuck blinked a couple of times, watching the flood accumulate on the floor, the pool spreading out from Jeremy in an ever widening circle, encompassing even the three men who stood nearby.

"It may be a direct reaction to the amount we provided." The doctor rubbed his chin, a gesture held over from his previous body.

"Should we..."

"I'm going to blow..." Jeremy's voice was tense and thin. His balls were huge, with thick veins covering the surface.

"Do it, Jeremy! Shoot your wad!"

"Here it comes..."

Jeremy bent his knees as his load fountained out of him. It was thick and brilliant white, almost incandescent. He came so fast, so fierce, so full that he plastered the ceiling and a rain of his powerful seed fell on all four men, mixing with the heavy pool of precum at their feet and they were all suddenly soaking in his final transforming flood.

He came gallons, buckets, a torrent of hot, creamy jizz erupted out of his huge erection and coated them all in sticky heat. Chuck immediately fell to his knees and started to coat himself in the clear glaze, effectively mixing the doses together and it started soaking into his muscled flesh. "Oh God," he said. "Oh my God."

"What, does it hurt? Does it burn?" Todd was trying to wipe it off, but it was coming down in a flood. "What, Chuck?"

"So good. It feels..." He didn't finish the sentence. Instead, he fell forward, immersed in Jeremy's tide. He could feel it soaking into his muscles and bones. He could feel it like a current running through him, and he realized he was starting to grow again. His muscles tensed and bloomed with renewed strength and size, thick fibrous cables of power that expanded larger by the second.

Todd saw Chuck's sudden development, his body morphing with more muscular power, then he felt some deep and sudden rush of sexual bliss and he knelt to the pool of quickly fusing fluids, plunging his hands into the thick, warm stuff and feeling it move into his skin and up his arms, the biceps suddenly swelling as if flexed, up his legs, the muscles of his thighs bulging with new growth, into his groin and down the length of his dick, which was already fattening, the head dropping toward the floor. The thrum of orgasm shook him.

The doctor made no move to hasten the process. His feet remained planted in the edge of the puddle, Jeremy was still erupting, sooner or later it would all come together in him. But he could feel Jeremy's masculine sexual heat building like a balloon about to burst. His hands were shoving his pants off his hips. His ample prick bobbed into the open air, and he was stroking it with a slow, luxurious touch.

Even as he continued blowing his load, Jeremy was growing larger still. He was overwhelmed by everything that was happening. He couldn't control the power of his pleasure, he had to allow it to spread. He couldn't stop himself, he couldn't hold it in. The pleasure of his orgasm was too deep and wide and hard to contain. He filled the room with his drive, his passion, his sex. It was a thick and pungent masculinity, a throbbing heat of sexual satisfaction too big to contain. He sensed it as it extended, he could pinpoint where it was going, as if he could target it if he wanted, as if he could condense its power in a silver arrow of orgasm and thrust it out at a target, make a man cum just by looking at him, sending him waves of pleasure like bands of heat until his cock was hard enough to hurt and his balls were pumping out cum like a shake machine. He was his passion, alive within it, everywhere.

His arms were bursting with strength. His muscles were swollen with power, his body shook with it until his load was finally spent, and his mammoth prick began to slowly recede to a limp status. Once he'd stopped, he pulled his man sense back to himself, sucking it from the room.

Chuck felt the heat of passion drain from him, and he rolled over, breathing hard. He'd gained another six inches of height already, and he felt as though he was about to burst from his skin, so strong was his sense of power. Todd's mouth hung slack, his eyes closed. He felt both tired and invigorated. He was now eight feet tall, owned a 19-inch cock and felt like he could bench press Los Angeles. He was still absorbing Jeremy's fuel.

The doctor had his cock in his hand, feeling it swelling. His eyes were open, but unfocused when Jeremy's sexual presence was withdrawn from his senses. He was over eight feet high, now. The pool no longer touched his feet.

Jeremy was soaking in his load as fast as he could. There was so much of it that it seemed impossible that he had made it all, or that he could collect it all. The other men were also absorbing it, he could feel that. He could feel their power, their strength, their masculine energy. There was some connection to them, one he couldn't quite express if he had to, but it was definitely there. He could even tell who was who. It was a sort of intimacy beyond anything he'd felt before. Not that he knew anything about them, their history, their emotions, their opinions. He knew them. He knew the core of them.

Or something.

He turned his sharpened senses - he realized that this was true, now, as well. His senses seemed heightened, the feeling that he could release and direct his masculine power was part of it, somehow. He turned his attention inward, feeling the final refinements taking place inside and out. His muscles grew stronger and larger.


He felt all powerful. His whole body was humming with the feeling. He had an innate sense of himself, of his body, of his being.

"Uh, Jeremy?"

Every breath felt silver clean, like he was filled with light. His skin was tingling, a sensual charge cloaked him head to toe.

"Earth to Jeremy!"


He opened his eyes. The floor under his feet was clean and dry. Before him stood the three men he had come to know, but they had again changed, in some ways subtle, in some ways dramatic.

He did not think they could be any more beautiful, and for the most part they were as perfectly formed in every way as before. There were minute changes here and there, skin a little more flawless, muscle tone smoother, harder. But they were each larger now than they had been when he first met them, which he also doubted possible. But there they stood, defying expectations.

Chuck was smiling his sideways grin, his massive arms folded before his chest. Had his waist become more compact? His slim hips widened to a set of thick, muscular lats that flared like wings. A wavy lock of dark hair draped across one of his substantial shoulders. Todd stood next to him, his body transformed to that of a smooth golden statue. His skin glowed, literally, under the fluorescent lights. It looked as if it were made, at least partially, of burnished bronze. One hand rested on the bicep of his opposite arm, his grip unable to contain fully that engorged football of cabled might. The man they called The Doctor stood behind and between the two. Whatever had happened had altered the heights of the men, so that now Todd was the tallest and Chuck only slightly less so. The doctor appeared nearly unchanged, but a glance at his cock told a different story. It had been a lengthy tool before, but now its girth made it look even more impressive. It looked as thick as a beercan, but he realized it had to be even thicker than that, on a man his size.

And they were huge. Massive. Broad with muscle, so much naked brawn on display that he felt like cumming again, right there and then. "Hi."

"Hi, yourself. So, you ready to see the result of all that fun?" Jeremy raised an eyebrow, but his smile betrayed his eagerness. "Step right this way to the mirror funhouse, buddy boy."

Chuck lead him into the next room - damn, that is one extremely fine ass on that man, thought Jeremy - and then motioned toward a wall covered floor to ceiling in mirrors. Jeremy could feel something warm and firm and very big swinging from his groin, brushing his thighs as he walked but he didn't look down to check himself out until Chuck turned him and motioned at the wall, and the vision that was reflected back to him was nothing short of unbelievable.

He knew he was big. You couldn't not know when you moved and felt the weight of that much muscle move with you. And peripherally he noticed his shoulders, mounded with brawn, his chest, like two mountains shifting as he walked. He was aware of the feeling of each muscle, the tightly constrained power that filled them up, the smooth, sleek, effortless strength that would allow him to do anything he ever dreamed of. But even in dreams, he never imagined a man such as the one in the mirror.

"So, what do you think?"

There he was. There were his almond-shaped eyes that Jeff loved, but they were in a face of an African deity. A noticeable brow shadowed those eyes, adding a proud bearing to his face. He smiled, and watched as his face turned from merely breathtaking to immediate erection material. If he'd ever seen this face in a crowd before, he was sure it would haunt many an erotic fantasy the rest of his life. He reached up to touch it, to test that it was real, and his gaze fell to the arm that was rising in the reflection. Like the rest of his new body, it was painted with his milk chocolate skin, but it was made better. His skin looked like velvet. It was the sort of skin one ached to touch, to run your fingers along its smooth, warm softness and experience a sudden jolt in your jeans, thinking about caressing it everywhere. The elegant hand, the shining nails, the flow of muscle on his forearm. The huge swelling bicep that suddenly inflated into being was incredible. He paused, just looking at it.

Chuck looked over at Todd, who was leaning against the doorway. "I think he likes it."

His chest was amazing, or maybe there's a word that's bigger and more amazing than amazing, because his pecs certainly were. Smooth, rounded squares of incredible brawn sat there. He almost felt dizzy looking at this man, this man who was him. His torso narrowed down to slim, well-made hips and a straight line down the center of his body, starting in the deep separation between the globes of his chest and extending down between the awesome ripples of his abdominals, pointed toward what could only be described as the most beautiful cock he'd ever seen, in picture, illustrations or fantasies.

"Holy fuck."

"Yeah, he likes it."

Sure, he'd just had a four-foot high hard-on, but that paled in comparison to the man-tool hanging in luxuriant abundance between his thickly muscled thighs. It was colossal. It was spectacular. It was everything a great cock should be, and it was his. "Wow," he said.

Chuck glanced down at the object of Jeremy's attention. "That about sums it up, yeah." He reached over and petted Jeremy's prick, sending it bouncing ponderously. "Thing must weigh what, 50 pounds? What do you think, Todd?"

"Yeah, about that." He was pushing his wealth of golden locks across his shoulder, smiling.

"Gentlemen, I would like to take some measurements."

"Wouldn't we all." Chuck grabbed Jeremy, his huge hand not managing to encompass the prick.

"Jeremy? If you please?"

"Yeah. Yeah, sure Doc." Jeremy walked out slightly bent over, watching his cock move, unable to take his eyes off it."

"Look, I know what you're thinking." Chuck looked down. "Or maybe not. But anyway, you don't have to worry that it won't fit something or other. Remember, you've got control. You can make it smaller if you want to. This is just your, sort of, relaxed state. How you look when you're not thinking about how you look."


"Though I must say, I'm not sure I'd change a thing. That's one mighty fine piece you're packing, Jeremy."

"Uh, thanks."

The doctor's figures showed that Jeremy had put on over 1,000 pounds of muscle, solid packed and ready for action. He now stood eight-foot-two, a gain of almost two feet in height. The other men had added from 6 to 9 inches in height, but Jeremy had clearly benefited most from whatever he added to the brew.

Jeremy discovered that the other three did not have his ability to release the male pheromone to the extent that even the three other supermen were affected.

With a little trial and error, he learned very quickly how to control it to a remarkable degree, so that he could couple the waves of erotic bliss with his glance, sending a stream of whatever it was - Heat? Lust? Hunger? Desire? -- intense and focused at a target and make that man instantly hard, instantly in heat, overwhelmed with a sexual desire that he could not control. He could temper the flow so that the target might only feel a heightened sense of desire, or he could flood the other man's senses so that he would be lost in an orgasmic bliss, creaming from swollen balls, nearly incapacitated by sexual pleasure.

Chuck, it came as no surprise, seemed the most susceptible to it, or maybe he was most willing to succumb to any opportunity at sexual gratification. Jeremy wasn't sure how deep and hard he could push a man, since what he'd accomplished with Chuck, in particular, who kept asking him to "pour it on" until he was flat on his back, moaning and laughing and cumming like a fountain, didn't tap him out. He still had reserves he could have pushed at Chuck, but he worried there was a danger here.

The doctor could only guess as to why he had this particular power. "Perhaps your system was saturated with the pheromonal emissions from the three of us when you arrived, since it is not a naturally occurring human facility, at least to the extent that it is physically effective on others. We have been here a few hours and all that time, we have been giving off the scent, if you will, without realizing it. Not knowing exactly what it is makes it difficult to pinpoint a cause and effect, but we know that pheromones are used by nearly every creature for sexual attraction. Perhaps we have inadvertently reawakened some dormant gene or gland, or the serum has energized some part of the brain not normally used. The amount you were exposed to may have been absorbed and altered in some way, giving you this capability."

Jeremy found that he had a heightened sense of awareness of this effect, as well, almost as if he could 'see' his power as he directed it. Chuck called it the Mind Fuck "This is just fucking incredible!"

"Yes, Jeremy."

"I still don't get how this is possible."

"See, Chuck? I'm not the only guy around here who asks questions."

Jeremy was working out on the equipment, since he wanted to test their claims that his new body was, for all intents and purposes, a self-adjusting muscle machine able to handle unheard of amounts of weight for virtually endless reps. He was now curling 4,500 lbs.

Chuck was lounging on one of the weight benches. His hands were cupped behind his head and he was holding a half-situp position, his abs pumped to full power. "And I still say, who gives a shit?" He looked over at Jeremy. "So, are we gonna fuck, or what?"

Jeremy let the weight slam back into place. "Excuse me?"

"Oh yeah, Chuck's a real fuck pig. Probably not what you were expecting from Mr. Redneck Beerdrinker, but he's had an amazing change of heart in the current circumstances."

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. "Top or bottom?"

"Huh or whuh?"

Jeremy laughed. "Fucker or fuckee?"

Chuck shrugged. "Either way suits me. I just want to test drive that beautiful cock of yours."

Jeremy cocked a thumb at Chuck. "I never figured him to change teams so easily."

"And doesn't he have a way with words?" "Quite charming. Funny thing is, the way he looks, that line works really well."

"You should let him give you a blow job, first. Either he's had some training on the side, or the guy's a natural."

Jeremy quirked a grin. "Nobody knows more about cocks than a guy who owns one."

Chuck stood up. "Talk, talk, talk. Is that all you guys want to do?"

"I have a suggestion." It was the first time the doctor had spoken in a while, so the other three paid attention. He crossed toward Jeremy, setting his hand on his chocolate-coated shoulder. "I propose," he said, moving his hand across the muscled expanse of the dark man's chest until his fingers found Jeremy's erect nipple, which he pinched hard, "that we all get a sample of this man's remarkable equipment."

Todd laughed out loud and Chuck looked like he was having a heart attack. "Doc! Your mind finally heading south?"

The doctor brought his Latino features down next to Jeremy's sculpted cheek. His hand was reaching lower as well. "I am as susceptible to our new friend's obvious assets as anyone else." His grip squeezed the root of Jeremy's most obvious asset. "And I am, so far, the only one of us still inexperienced at the art of fucking another man's brains out." He planted a heavy kiss on Jeremy's full lips, his wealth of auburn hair cascading across the bigger man's body, tickling his abs and prick.

"You go, Doc! Yeah, boy!"

"Jeremy, how's about you pump out a little of your heavy duty love heat to get our engines going." Chuck clapped his hands and rubbed them with gusto. "I'd love to see how it works when I've got something to work on besides myself."

Jeremy was still lip-locked with the doctor, but he heard Chuck's request and gladly obeyed, sending out soft, wet vibes of his passion like waves of heat that washed over the room. He started slowly, letting the passion sink into each man, bringing them to a slightly heightened level of desire. It was like smoke that drifted between them, a scent like animal sex, like rough leather, something that tickled their pricks and licked their balls.

Each time he used this new force, his control over its potency and the feelings he wanted to infuse grew stronger. He could color the man-sense with visions of sex, with colors and sensual thoughts, and these seemed to be communicated and manifested in some way. 'This is what I want to do with you, this is how I want you to feel, this is how I see you, this is where I'll touch you...' He enclosed a suggestion in his current experimentally, directed at Chuck, and the response was immediate.

Chuck closed his eyes and his head fell back as he sucked in a deep breath, feeling Jeremy's erotic charge wash over his senses. The light fur on his chest spread like a fertilized lawn, extending down his flat, rippled belly, growing darker and furrier. His bulging muscled frame became branched with vascular beauty. The dark curls at his groin expanded and thickened, his cock swelled with veins, his balls dropped low. His legs grew hairier as well, until Chuck looked the perfect bear, his well-muscled torso thick with soft fur the way Jeremy wanted to see him.

As the doctor pulled Jeremy off the weight bench toward the floor, Chuck turned to Todd and grabbed his ass hard, digging his fingers into the other man's golden flesh. Todd was erect almost immediately, gasping under the effects of Jeremy's scent and Chuck's forceful demands. Chuck's hairy body pressed against his back, feeling both soft and hard, both smooth and rough. Chuck's teeth dug into his shoulder as Todd's hand reached back to squeeze Chuck's balls.

All four men were on the floor, and Jeremy gradually turned up the heat, sending out his energy in increasingly thicker waves, bathing them all in deep passionate erotic flows. He pulled them together, a tangle of sweat and muscle. The men were releasing a flood of precum, lubricating their bodies in the salty musk. Mouths sucked cocks, lips sucked nipples, hands caressed asses, thighs, chests. Todd's legs were over the doctor's shoulders, the Latin beauty's cock buried in his ass. Todd sucked on Jeremy's balls as Chuck swallowed his own dick. Then Jeremy taught Chuck what a blow job was, and how to lick out an ass, while Todd turned the tables on the doctor and took him on all fours.

They fucked and sucked and came and fucked and sucked and came again. An orgy of continual pleasure, their lithe and muscled bodies twisting into impossible positions, trading off who was where doing what to whom. Deep throating monster pricks while being royally fucked up the ass. Eating out a soft rosebud while being eaten out from behind. Balls in mouths, kisses on chests, nibbles on necks, tongues in ears.

And they pumped out load after copious load of hot, white jizz. Their bodies soaked it in and gave it out in endless cycles, gifting the huge, muscled men with deep, sustained, mind-blowing orgasm after overwhelming, breathtaking orgasm. Finally, it was the doctor who pulled himself away, his old scientific curiosity once again holding sway over the overworked pleasure centers, wanting to see what the result was, if any, of this latest extended round of pleasuring.

"I doubt we could get any bigger than this," Chuck volunteered, making a muscle on his arm and playfully sending his bicep into overload, watching the ball of brawn swell larger and larger with each flex, a huge grin on his lips.

"Anyone else catch my sex drive thang?" Jeremy was laying on his back on the floor, a relief map of intoxicating power. His head rested on one arm, the muscle swollen with fine striations. "I'm sorta anxious to feel it pointed my way for a change, not that I mind being the center of attention of course." He launched a playful lob of his potent man-scent at Todd, watching the blonde god suck in a sudden breath as his dick inflated again.

"Don't aim that thing unless you intend to follow through, Jeremy." Todd was smiling as he said it. "But I'm afraid I don't seem to have caught that bug. You, Chuck?"

His friend closed his eyes and seemed to be trying to perform Jeremy's trick, but no one felt a thing. "If I'm doing it, it's just at sub-god power. Probably drive mere mortals to start spurting cum at 100 paces, but not you studs. Looks like you're one up on us, Jeremy." The black man smiled. "Just promise to use your powers for good, not evil."

Jeremy rolled over onto his stomach and looked toward Chuck. "Sure, my man." Then he fired a white-hot arrow of sex toward him. When it hit, Chuck's dick swelled and hardened, and a stream of precum started to flow. "Was that good enough for you?"

"Mmmm, you're getting very good at that." Chuck started to stroke his meat again, but was interrupted when the doctor spoke.

"I would suggest that if any growth did occur, we all shared in it equally and would probably not be aware of it. If I might take a few quick measurements?"

The men had, in fact, developed again, but only slightly in comparison with past growth spurts. Jeremy was another three inches taller and had gained close to 140 lbs. of additional muscle weight. The other three had made better muscular gains, between 160 and 225 lbs., possibly because they had some catching up to do, but remained slightly shorter than Jeremy's massive 8 foot, 5 inch frame. And Jeremy had only one thing on his mind - the next candidate.

"Chuck, you met Jeff."

"That Indian guy?"

"Native American. Yeah."

"He was always so quiet."

"Well, at the time, he was a little cautious around you, being such a homophobe."

"I wasn't!"


"But things have changed, anyway."

"That's the world's biggest understatement, you hot buttfuck bunny."

"But," asked Todd, "would he fit in?" Jeremy was nodding vigorously as Chuck rubbed his chin for a moment. "He's pretty... pretty."

"Beautiful," corrected Jeremy. "I mean, the minute I saw this guy, it was lust."

"You guys were lovers?"

"Are lovers, Chuck. Jesus, you can be so dim sometimes." Jeremy turned, walking in front of the other three guys as he spoke about Jeff. His movements were smooth and graceful, effortlessly sensual and completely arousing. "He has this amazing skin. It's so smooth, so warm. His eyes are caramel colored when the light hits them. And what an ass, that's all I'm saying. That man's ass could stop a herd of butch lesbians in their tracks."

"That's one nice ass."

"Believe it."

Todd was already holding up the phone handset. "Dial," he said. •

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