Fitting Room


By tjstoys

I decided this was time to ask a few nosey questions. I asked about the boxes in the other rooms and he opened up to give his story. His long time boyfriend and he had split up about 4 months ago, after being together for about 8 years. His trip was back to Florida, which had been put off a couple days was to go through the paper work of selling the house they owned together and then wrap up a number of loose ends he left there when he moved. He still hadn’t really said goodbye to Jim’s (the guy) family and there mutual friends. He moved back here to where his family was from because he didn’t know where else to go. He only ever unpacked the main rooms because he still thought things might change between him and Jim and they might get back together. He was visibly upset as he spoke and I came over to him sat on his lap and gave him a big hug and said I was sorry for bringing it up. He said not to apologize it was good to talk about it. He figured now he was only fooling himself and that when he got back he would start to unpack those rooms. I dropped the subject and said that I would clean up while he got his shower.

After cleaning up I sat on the sofa and waited for him to get done. I had no idea what was going on today but whatever it was, as long as it involved being with him I didn’t much care. I waited for him for a while and then decided to venture in to see what was up. He was just coming out of the bathroom as I came in. He looked so hot in just a towel it made me stop in my tracks and just stare. I finally spoke as he stopped to stare back kinda making fun of me.

“If I looked like that I would walk around just a towel all the time” I said

“Man would you stop that” he said “you’re embarrassing me”

“No but I would” I said “I would walk around the house, on the streets, go the food store, go to meet the mayor, or the president, or” Suddenly he had grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth so the rest of my sentence was just a mumbled sound.

“Ok STOP!” I made a mumbled sound “does that mean you’ll stop” he said. I made another mumble and a gesture and he let go and said “Ok then”

Then I said “then I would travel around the world in just a towel” and with that he grabbed me and threw me on the bed and said I guess I going to have to keep your mouth occupied and started to kiss me hard and stick his tongue down my throat. He was kissing so hard at one point I was loosing my breath. He rolled on his back and easily picked me up and put me on top of him. One of my legs was over top of his third leg if you know what I mean and as he got hard it actually started to lift the weight of my leg up. It freaked me out a little and I stopped kissing him for a second and move my leg. I moved to the side and looked down there and there was this giant tent made out of the towel. He knew what I was obviously looking at and he opened the towel. It was so big and meaty I just had to try and take it all in. As I tried he stopped me and got a condom out of the drawer and went to put it on. Once it was on the tip I stopped him and pushed it down with my mouth. I was unable to get it all the way down. It was just to long for me to go all the way but he groaned so load I figured he was enjoying what I could do. I was so hard I could have burst out of my jeans. I had to get out of them so I quick jumped off the side of the bed and slid my shirt and jeans off and then he saw I had stolen a pair of his boxers to put on.

“Stealing my underwear” he said and then he slid across the bed laying on his stomach he reached out and tore them off positioned me just at the edge of the bed (I’m still standing) facing him and slid my hard on all the way into his mouth till my cock and balls were all inside his mouth. He sucked me dry in a matter of seconds. I was almost screaming during that time. (Ok it kinda was screaming) He released me after I was so week in the knees that I started to fall, but he caught me with his arms. Pulled me onto the bed face up, brought me legs up over his shoulders and found my hole and came in me while we looked each other in the face and he bounced his pecs the whole time. Then we just laid on the bed for an hour cuddling and roaming our hands all over each other.

He spoke after a little while. “You can really take a fucking” “only when it’s from the right person” I said. He kissed me and then said he had to shower again. He went into the shower and I fell asleep. I was jolted awake by the phone ringing. Then I picked it up, I was obviously feeling to comfortable there way to fast.

“Hello” I said “Peter?” the other male voice said. “Oh no sorry” I said “Peter is in the shower right now”

“And Who Are YOU!” the voice snapped back. “Jussst a friend” I said nervously. “Well tell him that Jim called as soon as he gets out. It is very important that I speak with him as soon as possible.”

“I will let him know” I said “You do that” he snapped back and then he hung up.

Just then Peter walked back into the bedroom. “Who was that” he said I started with an apology “I’m sorry I picked up your phone It just came naturally I didn’t mean to” “Whatever” he cut me off. “Who was it” “It was Jim he said you needed to call him back as soon as possible that it was very important”

“That asshole, what does he want now” “I don’t know” I said

“I’ll go take a shower now and give you time to talk to him” wanting to sound mature and not worried about it.

“Thanks” He said and gave me a big hug which turned out more like a Bear Hug when he picked me up in the process and squeezed me against his chest and yes I started to get hard again. As he set me down he saw it and said “Again already, Maybe Later” and chuckled. I said “You let me know when your ready” and went into the bathroom.

To tell you the truth I wasn’t ready he had worn me out and I hardly had enough energy to stand in the shower. I was about half way through my shower when I heard a loud noise and another and another, so I turned the shower head to another setting where it wasn’t hitting the walls and floor so hard so I could hear. I could tell it was Peter voice which was very loud but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I finished quickly and came out to find Peter just lying on the bed dressed now with his hands over his face.

“Peter are you alright” I said “Yea” he said in a week voice. “No not really” he said “A good friend of mine and Jim’s was in a bad car accident”

Oh God I said “Is he alright” “No not really, he’s in a coma” he said and then burst out crying. (the sound I had heard in the shower) I’m going to fly out tonight after all. “I’m sorry” he said “What? You’re sorry for what?” “I just thought we could spend the day together” “Well me too but your being there for your friend when he wakes up is a lot more important”

He got up and came over and hugged me and said “Thanks, this relationship if you can call it that of ours in so much more to me than I thought or expected it to be”. I was so taken aback by his comment that you guessed it I came out with “Me Too” again what he must have thought of me and my stupidity at that moment. He smiled and walked out of the room and I quickly got dressed using his boxers once again.

The rest of the day was he spent on the phone booking a flight, hotel, car and then packing. Then only a few hours later he was almost ready to go. He asked for my info, phone number, address, and said he’d call me when he got there. He said I could stay there when ever I wanted but I felt funny and declined the offer. We went out to his car and he through in his suit cases.

“Have a safe trip” I said and he smiled “I’ll call you when I get there” he said and opened the door of his car and got in. He closed the door and he rolled down the window. I leaned into the window and said “I’ll really miss you, is that weird to say after only knowing each other such a short time” “No, because I feel the same way” he said. “Can we pick up where we left off when I get back in a few weeks” “I can’t wait” I said He reached up and pulled me to his face and we kissed our tongues danced and then he let go and I stood back up. “I gotta go” he said and I just nodded and backed away from the car. “Be careful” I yelled as he started to pull away from the curb “I’ll call you” he yelled back and then drove away. It was cold so I immediately got in my car. “I love you” I whispered. Then I started my car and drove home.

Later that night he called. His friend had died while he was on the way there, he was devastated. I comforted him best I could over the phone and tried to tell him that living in a coma would be so much worse, he half heartily agreed. We talked a short time about his friend and how great he was all the time his voice was trembling and he would stop compose himself and try again to say whatever he was trying to say. I told him to get some sleep and he doubted that he would. This went on for days and I wanted so much to be with him and hold him. The next week he seemed to be getting better and it was time to work on selling the house. His calls were not everyday and they were shorter. I didn’t think much of it.

He called twice during the third week he was away during the conversation I asked how things were going between him and Jim with selling the house he stopped for a moment and didn’t say anything. I remember saying his name to in a question. “Oh God Tim I never meant for this to happen” he said. What? I asked. I never meant to hurt you” tears started to well up in my eyes. “Why” I cried out knowing what he was going to say.

“It just happened he said we started to talk one night after Kevin died and all our problems from the last 6 months just melted away. Were going to try being together again. He said. “But” is all I got to say when he said “Your so amazing someone’s going to fall for you in no time flat, like I did” “I will always remember you, please take care of yourself” and he hung up the phone. I started to cry and said into the phone (which now had no one on the other end) “But I Love You”.

I never heard from Peter again. I never expected this to happen and I never thought when it did I would feel anything like I did. I always imagined a night with some totally hot bodybuilder but I always thought it would be like a hooker or something because I was so sure the only way it would happen was with lots of money, so I always thought there would be no feelings with it. I was wrong it took a number of months to get over Peter. These months included many a trip past his house. After the first month there was a Sale Sign on the house and then a month later a Sold Sign. A friend finally convinced me to go to a party one night since I hadn’t been out in 4 months or so, at this party I met a really cute and nice guy. We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary together this year as a couple. I have never been happier and I Love Him with all my heart. But Peter will always be special to me; He was My Fantasy Come True. •

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