Drawing Inspiration


By Lover_Boy

"Ta Daaah!" Arthur held the picture up triumphantly.

Michael stood, still in his maroon bikini briefs, and walked over to inspect it. Letting out a low whistle, "Very nice!"

The picture was a lifelike portrait of a tall, muscular, male angel with wings of brilliant white light; bathing nude in a moonlit waterfall lagoon. Dark skinned, and raven haired, he stood so that the water level barely hid his naughty bits, and seemingly gazed seductively at whoever looked at the portrait.

Art's aprehensive expression changed to relief. "You really like it....?"

Michael raised an eyebrow, " Oh yeah! He's HOT!"

Arthur elbowed Michael playfully. "Okay, Mr. Casanova."

Michael sat down on his bed next to Art. "Miss Rice is sure to put that one in the showcase."

"I'm lucky. I have the real thing here to admire."

Michael blushed, looking modest. But DAMN he was cute when he blushed. Art brushed an errant lock of thick, lustrous hair from Michael's forehead. As he looked up at Art's touch, Art brought his lips into contact with Michael's. The impromptu kiss caught them both off guard, but they settled easily into it. After a few passionate momnets, they parted lips....reluctantly.

Michael spoke first, "What was that for?"

"It was a thankyou."

"For what....?"

"For being you. For being wonderful", Art spoke sincerely, "For being everything I could have ever dreamed of and so much more. For being perfect." With that, small tears trickled down his cheeks, and Michael wrapped his arms around Art. Art leaned in, resting his head on Michael's ample pecs.

Michael leaned his head against Art's, and spoke tenderly, "Oh, Arty, it's what you deserve."

Tenderly, Arthur began stroking Michael's pecs, relishing the feel of his smooth skin, warm to the touch. As Michael sighed with contentment, Arthur's hands traveled lower, investigating the cobbled ridges of muscle that made up Michael's perfectly symmetrical eight-pack. Sliding the other hand around Michael's waist, he gently caresed his hands over the rippling mass of Michael's back. He raised his head now, to the side of Michael's corded neck, and nuzzled him gently just below the ear. With a shudder, Michael closed his eyes, moaning softly with pleasure.

As Art's lips moved lower to his chest, Michael laid back on the bed to accomodate Arthur's efforts. Art repositioned himself, straddling Michael's legs. Michael reached up and untucked Art's shirt.

"Take it off", he ordered gently.

Tentatively, Arthur removed his shirt, and instantly felt Michael's warm, strong hands on either side of his waist, encouragingly pulling him downward. Art acquiesced, laying bodily on top of Michael, feeling their two bodies touch. The sensation was nearly electric as their lips locked into a kiss deeper, and more passionate than any they'd previously shared. In the back of his mind, it occured to Art vaguely that for the first time ever, he didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed or uncomfortable without his shirt.

Wishing to continue his oral exploration of Michael's body, he slowly moved his kisses downward. As his lips touched the thick valley between Michael's pecs, Michael inhaled sharply. Looking up at Michael's face, he noted a euphoric expression ao nis lover's face. Gently he tongued the length of Michael's cleavage, slowly, bringing forth a loud gasp of pleasure.

He slid back, now kneeling over Michael's shins, and moved his lips and tongue over the brick-like structure of abs, every inch lower causing Michael to moan louder and louder. As he slid his hands slowly and puposefully upward over Michael's torso, he gingerly tweaked Michael's nipples, causing them to harden.

Suddenly, Arthur became aware of something hard pushing up against his chest, and looked down. The large lump in Michael's briefs was beginning to grow. Art's eyes widened, "Oh wow...!!!!" •

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