By Also_KnownAs

The doctor's explorations of his burgeoning strength did not go well. The man had no experience working out in the first place, having spent his life as an academic. He was having trouble adjusting to his added height and larger dimensions. Things kept getting in the way.

Number one was that huge dick. It flopped and dangled and slapped into things. He finally discovered he could keep it semi-rigid in a relaxed state so that it wouldn't helicopter around when he turned and also wouldn't climb into an erection that poked him in the eye when he bent over. He learned to control it without touching it soon after discovering that when he did touch it, eruptions of orgasmic pleasure shook him thoroughly. Maybe it was still tender, he thought, or maybe the other gentlemen experienced this same rush of elation even when they casually handled their penises. He simply concentrated on gaining better control of the appendage until it more or less obeyed his desires.

Then there was all that hair. It was just a nuisance! He wondered how women managed it. First he tried to tie it in a knot, but there was so much of it that it was only marginally less annoying. Remembering that he had control over his body, he pulled on his hair and it all came out in his hand, so he tossed it away. He rubbed his hand across his smooth head and marveled at the tingle of sensual bliss he felt. Was every inch of his body going to be delivering that pleasure?

He noted that Todd and Chuck seemed to be engaged in another round of sexual activity and decided it would be best to go about his business. He found it exciting, however, that his first inclination was to join them. He examined his own feelings of lust and desire, discovering that he was releasing a steady drizzle of lube while he watched them before shutting the valve off. 'Interesting,' he thought.

Pointing his brain back to the matter at hand, he decided to start with some arm work. He knew there wasn't much to it, he picked up a dumbbell and bent his arm, then unbent his arm, then bent his arm, over and over brainlessly to exercise the muscle. If one increased the weight and repetitions, the muscle would be forced to grow to accommodate the added strain.

He picked up a weight and set it back down, muttering, "Too light." Looking over, he noticed a contraption that consisted of a series of levers and pulleys attached to plates. He sat down on its bench, grabbed a handle hanging near the weights, pulled it toward himself and began.

He struggled slightly at first, but then watched with interest as the bulge of his bicep was suddenly swelling beneath the skin. He could see the muscle fiber expand, split, condense and expand again. His muscle was physically building itself by the second, altering to account for the burden set against it with an effortless grace. As he slowly bent his arm, the muscle rounded into a ball, a ball that grew larger and rounder, fitting itself into the crook of his arm and chest. It was as if each part of his body was perfectly attuned to every other part. Whatever was needed was granted.

When he lowered the weight, he discovered that it no longer seemed as heavy. It was still a burden, but not a strain. And the muscle that had previously swelled to such extraordinary extents looked like it had before he'd started, no longer fat with new muscle. The power had not disappeared, it had merely been condensed in the muscle fiber, so that his strength was increased but his size had not.

And all this had happened without any thought on his part. It was a little like watching it happen to someone else, but he was feeling it all. He twisted around and added up the plates to see how much he'd done.

It was 800 lbs. He was curling the equivalent of a fully-loaded refrigerator. He found that... interesting.

The doctor had never been the type of person who cared about his body at all. If he woke up and his eyes showed him what was in front of his nose, and his hands could still use a keyboard, he was a happy man. Mirrors held almost no fascination for him, and the idea of a comb was something he'd tried once but found much too time consuming. He was all brain, no brawn. Gray matter encased in a collection of bones and flesh that helped it get around, and that was about it.

He looked at his hands curiously, flexing the fingers in and out, watching the play of muscle across his forearm as he did so. He was, of course, well acquainted with human anatomy. He knew the names of the bones and muscles, what connected where, and how it all worked. His gaze moved to his chest and the two huge globes of muscle there. His moved his hand across the expansive pectorals, feeling the tight ripples and hard bulges. But that had all seemed like a foreign language to him before. His body was an awkward assemblage of limbs and a round belly. He fed it when it was hungry. His hand moved down to his stomach, thinking that, and felt the rounded muscles against his flat abdomen. He sat up, stretching himself, feeling the stretch inside and out.

Exercise was something other people did.

Now he found himself living inside what could easily be called the most amazing collection of muscle, flesh and bone the world, and certainly he, has ever encountered.

His hand traveled further south, finding a warm nest of pubic hair. It felt soft and silky.

A body that could curl 800 lbs. His fingertips found the root of his huge prick. It still felt hot and firm.

A body standing nearly eight feet tall.

He curled his fingers underneath and gripped the mass of himself.

A body that demanded to be tested, to be used, to be... wow, that felt good.

He looked down to see that he'd started moving his hand along the length of his cock, noticing fully the velvety softness of his tool, the beauty of the flesh covering the firm, meaty inches lying across his thickly muscled thigh. Inwardly, he examined these feelings of self worship he'd not encountered before, wondering idly whether they'd been there all along waiting for something worthy to revere or whether the transformation was bringing them forth, if he was like Chuck, perhaps driven to repeated acts of sexual release to further refine his body's capabilities. Was this hunger, this desire he felt, simply a manifestation of... damn, that's incredibly sensitive right there. Ooh. Oh, yeah. Mmm, my my my.

He ran his fingers along the surface, inching them back up the length of his ample manhood until they again reached the swelling lip of the head hidden under his uncut foreskin. The whole of his tool was firm and warm, so thick around that he could not grasp its entirety within his grip without squeezing. He tensed his asshole, firming his shift and watched the head pull further from its hood. He could feel the beating of his heart throbbing through it, a steady, heavy pulse that seemed to feed his desire to caress himself.

Spreading his heavy, muscled thighs wider he adjusted his grip, cupping his fingers underneath and rubbing the helmet under his thumb. He pulled the tight foreskin back and the head seemed to suddenly swell as if striking the open air had made it ripen. He was struck with a term he'd heard in his youth and looking down at himself realized that a one-eyed trouser snake was exactly what he had.

A drop of the clear lubing fluid appeared from the eye and he dipped his thumb into it, painting a glistening coat all over the helmet. A perceptive warming accompanied the paint job, a heat that dug itself into his cock and further increased its size and stiffness. Another thick gob of the honey surged from the tip and amplified, swelling into a steady drizzle that started to pool on the bench under his dick. He gripped himself in his free hand and used the other to spread the flow all over his thickening manhood, spreading it along the swelling contours like icing. His flow was building fast, the unhurried drizzle building to a steady surge that ran down his slowly rising length like a deliberate tide. Was he making this happen, or was it happening on its own? The puddle that had been gathering under his balls on the weight bench was already flowing onto the floor in thick threads of lubricant.

His ministrations continued as he leisurely stroked himself to erection, watching the veins along the shaft grow and multiply, feeling their rippled density under his hand. He no longer needed to hold himself, he had grown rock hard but was still increasing in size. The head had slipped clear of its cowl and was expanding like a mushroom cap, the lipped ridge flaring thick and wide. It was pressing into his abs so he leaned back, allowing himself room to grow. The spill of clear fluid was coating his muscular stomach and flowing through his silken pubes, the hair now dark and matted with his honey.

The intensity of the erotic pulses thrilling their way through his senses was growing along with his cock. Each stroke seemed to increase and tighten the connection between his cock and his body, to expand the electrical shock of orgasmic pleasure building inside. He was feeling the fuck everywhere, not just in his loins. It was most intense there, but the power was building and spreading. The tingling shock of bliss was growing into a deep, pulsing swell of passionate ecstasy that was slowly encompassing every inch of flesh, ever fiber of muscle, into his bloodstream, through his bones, top to bottom, stem to stern.

If he could have, he might have pondered this effect. But his body was too happy to let his brain wander anywhere that might take it from expanding this feeling it was feeling. He felt more powerful, more alive, more intensely filled with pleasure with every momentous stroke of his prodigious prick.

He felt something against his thighs and felt a pressure between his legs. So he threw one leg to the other side of the bench to straddle it, allowing his balls space to expand. They were swelling like melons on the vine, filled with his powerful seed. They inflated in his ball sack until they reached the edge of the bench and started to hang off, the skin stretching and the balls swelling. His cock was now as thick as a beer can and as high as his chest. His whole body felt like a prick, shaken with unending pulses of erotic bliss.

The glistening eye of the monster was poised in front of him, and he bent toward it to welcome its hardness. The slick surface touched his lips and he could feel that same heat penetrate. His mouth slid over the helmet's lubed surface and welcomed it inside. His taste was salt and musk, a pure masculine perfume that filled his head with pulses of erotic desire. He sucked on himself, pulling the head deeper inside, feeling the clear honey begin to coat his tongue and slide down his throat. He sucked and swallowed, moving his mouth further down his cock, raking his teeth along its firm and throbbing shaft. He could feel his load like a rich and beautiful burden, weighing his balls down with his charge. It wanted escape. It wanted to rush up and up his inches and fill his mouth.

Eyes closed, drowning in bliss, he let himself go, the sudden release rushing through his entire being like quicksilver lightning. The orgasmic ecstasy exploded inward and outward, following the trail of the doctor's incredible cum through the length of his massive hard-on, building like a fire in his loins that had been doused with gasoline.

He shoved his mouth down on himself and welcomed his seed inside. It came like a flood, pushing itself free in a fast, fat fountain. Like the other men, he did not cum in short spurts, but emptied his balls in one, long stream. The excess gushed from the corners of his mouth as he tried to swallow it all. It spilled on his huge chest and mingled with the gleaming slick of lube. He could feel himself filling up, feel a heat building like hellfire in his belly that was spreading out like lava in his blood. Then his skin was soaking up the clear glaze like a sponge. Somewhere inside it was all mixing with his enhanced DNA, becoming part of every fiber of muscle, every cell of his skin and bones.

The doctor's ultimate refinement had begun.

Chuck was plowing Todd's sweet ass like a man on a mission. He stood with his hands clasped behind his head, his torso bent slightly back so that his abs stood out in thick relief as his hips shoved his prick in and out. He had a grin on his lips that reflected the thrumming bliss he felt all along his cock, pumping in and out of Todd's lubricated hole like a piston. Chuck had a steady rhythm established and he was managing to thrust and withdraw at least twelve inches of his mighty prick with every pump.

Todd was bent over in front of his friend, his perfect ass high in the air to welcome Chuck's meat inside. His virgin ass was getting filled to the brink. Chuck's wealth of lube ran down Todd's legs, squirting out as Chuck pushed himself inside to splash against his own groin and belly as well. Todd's flow was also gushing freely, and he'd already found himself cumming twice during Chuck's lengthy attentions. He could feel another load building and ready to surge unbidden. His cock was stretched so tight and rigid that it almost hurt. Sometimes it felt as if Chuck's prick was entering his own, doubling its girth and hardness.

"Mmm, Todd, you feel so good."

"You're sorta breaking the mood here, Chuck."

"Am I?" He paused, his cock buried deep inside his friend's ass, and allowed himself to swell and lengthen, thrusting deeper without moving his hips. A cock- powered fuck. "How're you feeling, now, buddy?"

"Mmm, oh God." He squirmed slightly and moved back, welcoming the huge cock more fully. He could feel another load building in his balls already. He felt like he could go on like this forever. "Oh, God," he whispered again, because Chuck was doing something new involving his nipples. He could feel the heavy weight of his friend on his back, feel the tight muscled power of Chuck's body pressed against his own.

"So, you prefer being the fuckee, or the fucker?"

"It's all... mmm... ooh, ah... good."

"Depending on your," Chuck said, pausing as he shoved all the way into Todd's ass, slapping his balls against his friend's, "perspective." He looked across the room at the Doctor, his grin of satisfaction widening into a smile of realization. "Looks like the doc's going through the final transformation." Todd raised his head to see, watching the doctor sucking his own dick even as his body was perfecting itself to a level of human beauty that was almost beyond belief.

The doctor was lost in a haze of orgasmic bliss, unaware that his limbs were growing slightly more muscled, encased with cables of power swollen with raw force and unlimited capacity. His belly tightened, cobblestoned with fist-sized abdominals in a defined eight-pack, his shoulders widened and grew into bowling balls clothed with fat strips of muscle, his face became sculpted with flawless masculine features - higher cheekbones, broader chin, dimpled and perfect. His skin was smooth, clean, soft, glowing with a golden tanned magnificence. His legs lengthened and grew stronger, bigger, fed with finger-thick veins that nourished the monster thighs and calves to engorged magnificence. The twin hemispheres of his already huge chest swelled with renewed eagerness, bulging out into squarish plates of palpable force.

He released himself from his mouth and sat back as the process finalized. His rock hard prick slowly receded to its semi-limp state, laying in lengthy glory across one heavy thigh as his body solidified into its ultimate state of perfection, and the man opened his golden eyes to look down at a body that not even God himself might dream within the realm of human possibility. Todd found himself squirting his load as he watched, and felt himself filled with Chuck's hot cream at the same time. The doctor stood slowly, his hands rising to touch the smooth perfection of his body. His fingers danced across the expanse of his chest. He tightened the muscle and watched the play of fiber under his own bronzed skin. He could feel the tightly constrained power within the muscle, and stretched out his perceptions to feel the same swelling sense of power in every inch of his new being. His body was humming with muscular power and capability. He felt that, literally, there was nothing he could not now do.

And then his old mind returned, and wanted to know how this was possible, how the serum had managed to transform his nearly half-century old body into the form he now owned. Was it something about the passing from one man to the next? Was it the special combination of the three of them? Was it his own metabolism? And could he pass this on, improving Todd and Chuck to his state of male perfection?

And would the next candidate further enhance the process - even though he could not imagine how it could get better than this. Smiling, he started striding across the floor toward the other men, who were even now soaking in the pool of thick cream resulting from their last coupling. They were staring at him, seemingly unaware that their bodies were again reclaiming the magical fuel they produced with a seemingly unending supply.

"Jesus, Doc, look at you!" Todd folded is arms across his chest, smiling broadly.

Chuck approached and teasingly squeezed the doctor's upper arm, which felt like warm rock covered with soft suede. "Hard as iron," he said, then he twisted the bigger man's nipple. "So, ya big stud, when do Todd and I get to sample the merchandise?"

"You gentlemen aren't tired, then?" The doctor's voice was like liquid thunder. Chuck could feel it reaching for his balls and caressing his cock. Todd huffed out a surprised breath and licked his lips. "And who," the doctor asked, raising one of his sculpted eyebrows as his hand moved down his torso, traveling over the rippling power on his belly until his fingers wound around his ample and amazing prick, squeezing it suggestively as he allowed himself to swell and lengthen in his grip, "goes first?" His cock was crawling downward, the shaft enlarging as it extended, the head mushrooming inside its tightening foreskin. A clear ball of super lube was swelling into existence at its eye.

Chuck's eyes bulged, but it was Todd who knelt before the doctor and lifted his burgeoning monster to his mouth, kissing the translucent honey from the piss slit before swallowing the snake inside.

The doctor felt a little bit like a spigot, spilling his special transforming fluids inside Todd, who sucked on his tool like a man with a mission, which was not far from the truth. The doctor could feel the thrumming bliss of sexual gratification as he released a small flood of his clear honey, which Todd hungrily swallowed with a smile on his lips. It only took a few seconds of attention before the doctor could feel his load of hot cream building to release in his swelling balls. He decided not to wait, he wanted to see what would happen more than he wanted to get sucked off. His scientific curiosity winning out again. So he allowed his cargo of enhanced jizz to rush through the thick inches of his cock into Todd, watching the man's face suddenly change from an expression of happy satisfaction to one of slightly contained alarm.

Todd felt the doctor's seed enter him as if he were swallowing lava. The heat as the two fluids met deep inside him was immediate and overwhelming. He swallowed it all, though, feeling the hot pain mingling with another feeling just as deep and just as awesome, but this one a feeling of surging strength, building power, unlimited muscular might that started in his gut and shot throughout his being like lightning. He could not get enough of whatever the doctor was giving him. It was a fuel more potent and pungent than anything he'd felt until now. His body cried for it, ached for it, welcomed it like water on parched land.

The pain and the pleasure built inside and crashed through his body until it reached to his fingertips and toes and he felt the world turning black. The doctor pulled his wet prick out of Todd's mouth as the man collapsed to the floor, sucking in deep breaths, his eyes wide and wild.

"Whoa," said Chuck. But he didn't move, because it was apparent that something drastic was happening.

As the other two men watched, Todd's body began to stretch and swell. His face suddenly relaxed into a mask of ecstasy. He could feel himself growing both physically and in strength and power. Looking down, he watched his legs lengthen, the muscles pulled tight and long, then they were swelling with new growth. He raised his hand to his gaze, watching the fingers stretch, feeling his arms grow heavier with muscle.

Chuck was smiling, watching what was in store for him. Todd's frame was expanding, improving again, growing more unmistakably powerful and beautiful. His chest stretched wide, then filled in with two huge mounds of perfect muscle. His neck lengthened and broadened. His shoulders were swelling into mammoth displays of raw muscular force. Todd's pelvis shifted upwards as his ass tightened and rounded. His cock was growing even thicker, even longer, even more impressively enormous. Todd was moaning with evident gratification, feeling himself swell and grow and increase in power everywhere. Suddenly his flat belly erupted with an eight-pack of perfection. His waist seemed to narrow as two wings of thick muscle unfolded from his lats.

It was nothing short of incredible, watching his friend continue to develop before his eyes. It was as if Todd would achieve a certain measurement, his body expanding and perfecting into its new dimensions, then it would start to grow again. The diamonds of his calves would again swell, his nipples would again expand, his arms would again enlarge, his chest would again inflate. And through it all, Todd kept his eyes closed and drowned in a pool of sensual bliss, each perfection of muscle and bone and tendon sending shocks of orgasm through him.

The cycles would follow each other almost immediately, but through the process Chuck could see Todd's form refine itself before beginning another growth phase. In between, his skin would fill with muscle, his limbs would stretch another couple of inches, his face would grow lean, taught, then fill in and distill to a more polished version of the Todd he had come to recognize. He could see the muscle develop. Fibers of new power would swell into existence and inflate, pushing Todd's body to a bigger and better measurement each time. He didn't appear to be in pain, even though it was evident that the process affected even his bones this time. How else could he be seen to be growing taller and wider to accommodate the massive growth of his muscles?

Todd moved onto his back, laying flat on the floor as his development continued. He could feel the cold tiles under his naked body against his skin as he began swelling into another round of growth. As Chuck and the doctor watched, Todd's torso seemed to spread all at once, the muscles flattening to stretch across his wider and taller frame for a moment, then like vines or snakes the new muscle would start appearing, swelling up on his chest, inflating his shoulders, rippling his abs. His skin was elastic and shiney, velvet smooth and copper. His feet moved another few inches away from him as his head moved north. Again, the muscle at first stretched to accommodate the new size then fresh muscle began to grow and swell like cables of power.

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the growth stopped and Todd opened his turquoise eyes, a smile of aching beauty on his face. "That was very nice," he said. His voice, like the doctor's, resounded with unrestrained masculine power and capability. Chuck watched his friend stand, towering over him, now taller even than the doctor, his form loaded to the max with a perfected set of muscles and a monster cock hanging between his legs, lush and full and thick and beautiful.

With a drop of clear lube already at the tip. "Ready, buddy?"

Todd didn't have to ask twice. Chuck grabbed Todd's colossus and licked off the first drop. It stung his lips and tongue with its salty tang, as if the power it contained was being manifested already. Chuck smiled in anticipation of his next transformation. "Let 'er rip, big guy," he said, opening his mouth and swallowing the cock as Todd released a fountain into his friend.

Chuck drank all that Todd had to give, gripping the root of his prick with one hand and fondling Todd's ample balls with the other, feeling them growing heavy and swollen with hot cum. He dug a finger into Todd's ass to help heighten his friend's pleasure, rewarded with a swelling flood of lube before he felt Todd's monster enlarge in his throat just before the roaring fire of his seed was filling his gut.

Chuck would have howled if Todd's cock weren't lodged inside him. The pain of the twice-refined fire came hard and fast. Todd pumped a gallon of super juice into his friend. When he pulled himself out, Chuck stood drunkenly, with an odd smile on his lips. "Mmmm," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "that was..."

He paused as his eyes widened, and he whispered, "I can feel it." His breath grew ragged and his eyes seemed to sag for a moment, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. In another second, his body straightened and the man positioned himself for a display that neither Todd nor the doctor would soon forget.

It started with Chuck's legs, which stretched longer as they watched. Chuck closed his eyes, a satisfied smile on his lips, as his arms started to lengthen as well. Then his torso and neck equalized the sudden expansion and he stood before them looking thinner but perhaps half a foot taller. In another moment, his body began to swell with new muscle everywhere. It inflated under the skin as if someone were pumping him with power. Thick cords erupted on his chest, fat strands of brawn that met and condensed into two ponderous globes of power capped by two perfect nipples, dipping low before the muscular onslaught. More muscle appeared on his thighs and calves, on his upper and lower arms. Hard balloons of brute force swelling larger and larger. His neck filled in with cables of strength feeding onto bowling ball shoulders. His belly seemed to suction onto the high, hard eight-pack that appeared as if by magic.

Then it started again. Another spurt of growth pushing Chuck's frame taller again. Another round of muscle refinement and growth as his body developed into a taller, wider version of who he had just been. His face grew more beautifully sculpted, with a narrow nose and slender, dark brows. Then, as if his cock had decided on its own to join the fun, it suddenly grew fatter and longer, fed by thick veins on his pelvis and turning a dark purple that slowly receded to a more familiar pink color as it adjusted to its new dimensions.

There were four distinct cycles of growth, each one pushing Chuck a little less than the one before. The first had been a dramatic and sudden burst, adding several inches and who knew how many pounds of muscle and height. The next was just as dramatic, but slightly less noticeable. The third, another round that pushed his cock to new, unbelievable dimensions before the final round seemed only to perfect everything that came before.

At last, fully transformed, Chuck opened his eyes and immediately stroked himself, feeling the quicksilver rush of pleasure through his body. "Wow," he said quietly.

After Chuck's conversion to new superman status, the doctor insisted that the three of them have measurements taken for his records. It turned out that Todd had overestimated the doctor's height, since the man was now seven feet, five and a half inches tall, "quite a bit shorter than eight feet," observed Chuck.

"Yeah, well, he looked awfully big before."

Todd was now the tallest of the three, standing seven foot nine, while Chuck was just an inch shorter. Chuck was the heaviest, however, weighing in at around 600 pounds. There was not much difference, all things considered, between the three men, but Chuck seemed to take comfort in the one area where he managed to excel.

"The density of the muscle fiber accounts for the weight. Average men..."

Chuck snickered. "Average men."

The doctor cleared his throat. "Average men of our height and appearance would normally be around 275, 280."

Chuck hefted his 16-inch schlong, saying, "I'll bet this adds 40 or 50 pounds all by itself!"

"Ha, ha, Einstein, whatever." Todd looked at the doctor. "So, now what?"


"What's next on the agenda? Now that we've pretty much attained perfection, what's left?"

"With your gentlemen's cooperation, I propose we find a new, unaltered test subject and see, indeed, what happens next."

"You mean, we should bring some new blood into the mix..."

"Or new cum," corrected Chuck.

"And see what happens?" The doctor nodded, reaching up to rub his neck. "And how do we do that? You have some phone numbers or something?"

"I think we need to go out and find some likely candidates."

"Go out? Like this?" Todd pivoted, showing his naked perfection. "You think that might attract some attention?"

"Not to mention being illegal." Chuck was rubbing his chin, and he suddenly sprouted a shadow of a beard as if it was an afterthought. "Not that I object to a little public nudity."

The doctor stood up, moving toward the far end of the lab where a door stood closed. "We have some clothing back here that should fit. It's made of a new stretch fabric one of the other labs is developing." He opened the door as the other two followed him in. Chuck suddenly sucked in a gasp and Todd and the doctor turned to see what the problem was.

What they caught was the reflection of all three men on a wall of mirrors. Although each of them had seen the other two from every angle, it was the first time all three of them saw all three of them at the same time. It was a little overwhelming.

"Jesus," said Todd, a big smile on his face, "why didn't you mention what a big hunkin' stud I was, Chuck?" He shot a double-bi pose at the mirror, watching his body perform in muscular perfection. His arms swelled with high peaks of solid brawn. His chest split into diamonds of thick power.

"Because," answered his friends, spreading his lats wide enough to block the sun, "I was too busy being a super hung jock to notice." He reached down and tugged at his cock, extending it a couple of extra inches.

Even the doctor couldn't help himself, turning slightly to see the reflection of his perfect ass in the mirror. "Not bad," he confessed, sounding like a cook who was looking at the wedding cake he just baked. "Not bad at all!"

"Yup," said Todd, "I'd say you managed to create something pretty fuckin' special, Doc." He slapped the doctor on the back with a good natured laugh. "I don't see much I could complain about."

"No regrets about the experiment, then?" "Only that I wish I'd done it sooner." He looked at himself again. "Seems a shame to cover this up with clothes, don't it Chuck?"

"Mm hmm."

The doctor had turned aside and was opening a locker, pulling out a very small plastic ball, then another, and finally a third. He handed one to each man and kept one for himself.

"What's this?"

Rather than answering Chuck, the doctor twisted his own ball apart and something that looked like a wadded up piece of yellow paper popped out. He held it in his hand as it slowly unraveled. "This is the clothing I mentioned."

Todd held up his ball. "This?" He opened it, revealing a red sheath of scrunched material. Chuck's ball held a black set of whatever it was.

The doctor had separated his piece into two pieces, and was starting to stretch the material wider and wider, until he found a hole. "It's designed to be super compact for travel. What you do is stretch it until you find an arm hole, a neck hole, etc." He examined the edge of the hole he'd located. "They're marked. Then you simply, er..."

Rather than explain further, he started pulled the material over his head and began to systematically stretch it until the arms became apparent, and he slipped into the sleeves, and finally pulled the material down his torso. It was so thin and clung so tightly that it might as well have been a second skin. Every muscular bulge seemed highlighted by the shimmering cloth, as if the doctor had painted himself yellow. He then took the second piece and shoved his legs inside, pulling it up his body until the seams met and, with a slight pressure, he attached the two pieces together.

"That's almost more obscene than not wearing anything at all," observed Todd, looking at the obvious outline of the good doctor's enormous tool pressed against his hip. Again, the material sucked onto his body so tightly that every edge of his cock, from the flaring helmet to the thick shaft, was clearly evident.

"Perhaps it is not the most concealing of clothes, but it has several advantages. It keeps you warm in cold and cools you in direct sunlight. It breathes like cotton and is pliable enough to allow complete movement without binding or chafing.

"And you still look naked!" Chuck seemed actually pleased. He'd managed to work himself into his black sheath on shimmering cloth and was looking at himself in the mirror. "This is amazing stuff. It feels like I'm not wearing anything at all, but it covers everything. It even managed to work its way into my crack." He illustrated his point by turning to reveal that, indeed, the material had suctioned itself so completely to his body that the distinct hemispheres of his tight bubble butt were separated. "It's like the bat suit, only real! See? Nipples!" He pinched them and they perked up immediately, poking against the material.

Todd had his 'pants' on and was adjusting his cock to be not quite so apparent, but also not invisible. Chuck started to laugh watching his friend's prick dancing inside the red confines, growing one way, then the other, shrinking and extending until Todd was satisfied with the resulting bulge. "There. It's a cock, but it's not a COCK."

"What's wrong with having a COCK?" Which Chuck, evidently, did. His tool was so thick and obvious that anyone who saw it might think it completely unreal. "Besides, according to the letter of the law, I think we're sufficiently covered."

"You just want to flaunt it."

"Duh, Todd. I walked around in layers of clothes trying to hide my fat gut and tiny dick for a long, long time. Now that I got something to strut, I'm damn well strutting it!" He started pumping his arms, building up more and more mass with each flex until his had long, thick biceps piled on top of hard, bulging triceps. He sucked in a breath and his chest expanded by the inch, filled out with thick cables of heavy muscle. He rubbed his palm on his stomach as if polishing it, grinning with satisfaction as his abdominals swelled into power. Chuck continued refining his powerful frame, checking the mirror now and again, until he was satisfied with the result. "There," he said, striking a pose, balling his hand into a fist and swelling his bicep into a huge ball of hard muscle, "if this ain't a worthy advertisement for our services, I don't know what is." Chuck stripped himself out of the top, leaving the lower half of his body sheathed in the skintight black material, hugging every inch of his perfection. A sudden crop of dark curls erupted across the expanse of his chest, leading to a dark trail that wound down and under the pants, if they could be called that.

"I don't suspect we need to advertise anything, Chuck. I have a feeling when we see the right guy, we'll know it - and so will he." Todd smiled as he looked at the doctor's latino features, his golden eyes and mane of soft, dark hair. The doctor stood finally at ease in his perfect body, looking comfortable and relaxed. His intelligence shown through his steady gaze, and his erect stature spoke volumes about not fucking with the guy, unless he wanted you fucking with him. Then he glanced at his own reflection, showing the blonde surfer God with sky blue eyes and a cock that could choke Linda Lovelace. He turned around, watching the fluid ease and athletic grace of his body, marveling how right it felt, how powerful, how strong. Finally, he was looking at Chuck's newest form, his body mounded with muscle, a cropped Marine crew cut on his head offset by the Black Forest that furred his torso. Chuck was smiling back at him, his teeth looking almost too white when contrasted with the fuzzy shadow of a two-day beard on his chin and cheeks. "Where do we start?"

The doctor considered. "I still have the files for the test subject candidates. We could take a look, see if we like one, go for a visit and see what happens from there."

Chuck was shaking his head. "I wasn't a candidate. Maybe it was my untested gene stuff that caused this reaction. You said yourself, doc, that this wasn't exactly the expected result."

The doctor nodded. "Perhaps." He looked at Todd. "What do you think?"

He shrugged. "Don't much care. Only, I think we need to add a little African to the mix, along with the my Nordic, Chuck's Eastern Euro and your Latino, Doc. Maybe it's that combo - the mixing from all races - that's the trigger."

"A valid point, and one I had considered."

"Hey, what about Jeremy!"

Todd looked at Chuck. "Jeremy, your neighbor?"

"Yeah! Jeremy's cool, and I know he'd kill for a little of this action. The guy already works out, looks pretty big. I bet he wants to be bigger."

"How old is he?" It was the doctor's question.

"About 22, I think. Just outta college. Smart guy, works with computers or something. Unattached."

"But what about the..." Todd made a jerking off gesture. "You think he'd be cool with sucking us off, or us pouring gallons of lube and cum all over him?"

Chuck clicked his tongue. "Jesus Todd, like we're going to find anyone who doesn't think that's a wee bit odd."

"You don't seem to mind anymore. I can think of a time a few hours ago when you'd a run like your ass was on fire before you ever sucked anyone's dick, let alone your best friend's."

"And need I remind both of you of the attraction pheromones. Although they may no longer affect us between ourselves, I should think that any man exposed to the three of us would be overcome by his desire to, uh, to be... um. To have us..."

"Fuck his brains out. Yeah, Doc, I do dimly recall my initial reaction to the big guy, here." Chuck slapped Todd's beautiful ass and laughed. "Man, I was almost creaming my jeans just being near you and that was, what, four or five helpings ago. I shouldn't wonder that any guy who walks in on us here would be instantly hard and lapping at our cocks before we even said hi."

"So, Jeremy?"

"Jeremy." Chuck looked down. "Wonder why we got all dolled up for if he's coming here?"

"Probably best not to totally shock him at first, anyway. Three guys hanging out in a lab all naked?"

"Hell, it already looks like a gym. If we had a sauna there'd be no problem.' Chuck glanced at the doctor. "You'll like him. Like I said, he's totally cool. And I can't wait to see what a little dark blood does to our juice." He slapped his hands together and rubbed them. "Where's the phone?" •

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