Brick Wall Named Donny, The

By mbclemons

This is a story about Jeff, a Junior in High School and how a new step- brother changed his life.

Jeff's Mom and Dad split up when he was 10 years old. His Dad move away and remarried, so he didn't have much time for Jeff. It was only him and his Mom except for rare boyfriend until last year.

Jeff's Mom met Chuck and they instantly hit it off. After a couple of months Chuck started staying the night. Jeff really liked Chuck and was happy for his Mom. Two months ago they got married and Chuck moved in their house. Chuck also had a son named Donny, he was two years younger than Jeff. Donny came to live with them last month because he was having trouble with his Mom. Jeff was 6 feet tall thin from running cross-country, with brown close cut hair and brown eyes. Donny on the other hand was 5 feet 9 inches was always in very baggie clothes, he had blond hair and blue eyes.

Chuck took one half of the basement and turned it into a room for Donny. Jeff tried to be Donny's friend but he always stayed in his room in the basement. Two months after he moved in Chuck and Bev ( Jeff's Mom) went on a trip. Jeff would go down stair to try to get Donny to go running or anything with him, but Donny would just grunt (leave me alone).

After three days of this Jeff was get really pissed off and went down to confront Donny. He pounded on Donny's door, He finally open it and Jeff barged in. Jeff couldn't believe his eyes He had a unmade twin bed, a dressed, a desk, a weight bench with weights piled around it, and the walls were full of bodybuilder posters. Jeff started yelling at Donny about being such an antisocial. Donny never resounded and that just pissed off Jeff even more. Jeff went to shove Donny meet what felt like a brick wall.

The only thing Donny did when Jeff tried to shove him was " You don't want to do this man". This made Jeff even more furious and he shoved Donny even harder. He only succeeded in making Donny take one step back. Donny repeated "man you don't want to do this". Jeff was so pissed he punched Donny in the gut. Jeff's hand felt like it broke and Donny just stood immobile. Donny returned the punch into Jeff's gut. Jeff dropped like a brick to his knees the wind knocked out of him. Donny just stood looking at him. Jeff's mind exploded because there was no way this 15 year old punk was going to get the best of him.

Jeff caught his breathe and with all his strength rammed Donny and succeeded to knock him off his feet. They both fell on Donny's bed and Jeff grabbed his hands to pin him down. Donny easily flipped them both over and sat on top of Jeff. Jeff used his powerful legs to push Donny off. Jeff then kicked at Donny and hit him square in the nuts. Now it was Donny's turn to drop to his knees. Jeff grabbed him by the jersey to fling him across the room, but he only pulled his jersey off. Donny was able to move again and grabbed Jeff and fling him out his door, nearly half way across the basement. Jeff landed in a heap and Donny slammed and locked his door. Jeff thought about returning to Dony's room but he better quit now.

Jeff went to his room to lick his wounds. He laid on his bed and thought about what just happened. He had only seen Donny's body for a minute, but he had memorizes his upper torso. His dick began to stiffen as he went over it again and again. Donny was only 15 but his body appeared much older, he could rival any poster on his wall. He had broad shoulder, big biceps (he later found out are 17 inches), bowling ball pecs and the most etched six pack abs he had ever seen. Jeff went back over the fight and how he was sitting on those rock hard abs and he shot a wad up his stomach.

Donny slammed and locked the door after he threw Jeff out. He looked at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of his door. His body glistened from sweat and his pants looked like he had a tent pole in them.

He loved to look at his body especially after putting some guy in his place. Jeff proved to be not much of a challenge. He stood there and began to flex his pecs first the right then the left. He flex and the right pec bunch up and he held it there for a second, he followed with the right. Then he dance them up and down.

His rod was aching so he slowly removed his pant. He kept thinking how Jeffy Boy would react to this. Once his pants were off his dick popped out the front of his boxers. He slowly brought his arms up and hit a double biceps. Thinking to himself how Jeff had looked when he first saw him out of his shirt. He brought his right arm up and licked his bicep, it was salty from sweat.

His left hand found his right nipple and he rolled it between his thumb and finger. He squeezed his pec and moved his hand down over his abs. He removed his boxers and his dick sprang free.

He slowly stroked his rod and then hit a most muscular pose. When he released his pose he shot his load all over the mirror.

Donny always love to fight and it made him horny as hell. Tonight was fun but he liked really trading punches. Back home a friend and himself spent hour trading gut punches. He laid on his bed thinking how he might bring Jeffy Boy down for a little more torture. He stroked his rod till he shot another wad all over his abs. He wiped some up with his finger, brought it to his lips and sucked it in savoring the taste.

The next morning both Jeff and Donny woke up with raging hard-ons, each for different reasons. Jeff couldn't get Donny's muscular torso out of his mind. The way you could see each muscle move under his skin, contracting and relaxing. Jeff had be drawn to men before but just dismissed it as looking for a father figure. Donny was some how different, more intense, and he had this desire for more. He wanted to touch Donny and have him touch back.

Donny knew what turned him on and liked it. He loved his muscles and beating the crap out of guys. This was the first time he worked over an older guy, but that just made it hotter. Jeff was not going to be a problem, because he had taken care of him yesterday without really trying. He sat on his weight bench doing dumbbell curls plan how to get Jeff to start a fight again. This time he wouldn't just throw him out, Jeff would have to pay. Maybe he would have him lick every inch of his body or maybe oral sex all night long.

Jeff wanted to confront Donny again but realized that his temper was as hot as his body. Donny didn't even seem to strain in dominating Jeff and what if he didn't want to stop. Jeff knew he was no longer in charge and thought it would be better to avoid Donny at all cost. They didn't see each other till that afternoon.

Donny came in from his run all sweaty and as he passed Jeff bumping him a little extra hard. Jeff said excuse me and headed for the living room. Jeff figured Donny would just head back to his room like always, but Donny had other ideals. He walk into the living room and removed the sweat shirt he was wearing and began wiping the sweat from his face. Underneath he had on a soaked tank top that cling to every muscle of his torso. Jeff tried not to notice but found his eyes kept returning to Donny's body. He wasn't sure why but he wanted nothing else but to see if Donny's lower half match his top. Donny removed his long running pants as if he could read Jeff's mind. Donny had on a pair of biking shorts that were soaked and almost transparent. Jeff tried not to, but let out a big gasp, at this Donny just chuckled. Donny broke the tension when he said "Hey man all my shit in the wash. Could I bum some clothes from you till they get done, since were bros now." Jeff surprise at this and thinking thing were going to be okay said "sure I guess." Jeff headed to his room to get them, Donny called out "I need the works that means skivvies too." When Jeff returned to the living room Donny was gone. He went down stairs and found Donny's door ajar. As he approached it he could see Donny inside flexing and posing. Donny was facing away from the door looking at a mirror that Jeff hadn't even notice the day before. Jeff stayed in the shadows watching Donny. He could feel his dick starting to rise as Donny moved from one pose to the next. His shoulder look as wide as the door, his skin look like tissue paper as the muscles moved underneath it, his waist was smaller than Jeff's, his calves looked like someone had put a big hunk of clay on them but was all muscle, the back of his thighs had as much definition as the front did, and the ass (Jeff had to hold his mouth shut to keep from gasping) to big round globes that he could clinch into ripples of muscle and release. Donny turn around to reveal a hard-on pointing straight out from his body. He cross the room flung open the door, Jeff just stood there with his mouth open. Donny yelled "You like watching my muscles pussy", he then grabbed Jeff and pulled him into the room.

Donny pulled Jeff into his room, slammed and dead-bolted the door. Jeff was so scared he wet his pant. You could smell the piss and this pushed Donny on. Donny started out by calling Jeff humiliating names, pointing out how he was getting off by looking at his body. Donny then turned his attention to Jeff's body. He ripped off Jeff's shirt making fun of his puny build and his flabby abs. He ordered Jeff to flex his biceps, when he didn't Donny slapped him. Jeff flexed his biceps and Donny grabbed them. Jeff thought he was going to break his arm. Donny let go laughing, then he pumped his arm a couple of time. He bent down and slowly flexed his arm right in front of Jeff's face. Jeff was scared to death but had a hard rod in his pants, aching to get free. Donny ordered him to feel it, squeeze it, and try to make a dent in it. Jeff was shaking but electricity shot through his body when his hand touched Donny's bicep. Donny grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. He ordered Jeff to do poses next to him. Double Biceps, side Chest, Lat spread, Abs, Legs, and most Muscular. With every pose Donny Told Jeff how much better he was than him. Donny grabbed Jeff and ordered him to go stiff, then he pulled him to his chest and pressed him over his head. Jeff shot cum filling the front of his jeans. Donny dropped him on his bed and hit another double biceps. He was now sweaty and ordered Jeff to lick him clean. Jeff started at his feet tasting his salty sweat. When he reach Donny's dick he pulled Jeff's head to his abs and told him to save that for last. Jeff started to get another hard on and couldn't believe it , he had never been able to get hard that fast when he jacked off. Donny decided he was not done when Jeff reach his neck he punch in the gut. Jeff dropped to his knees, Donny slapped him in the face with his dick. He then pushed him back with his foot and sat on Jeff's chest slapping him with his dick. Donny then picked him up and throw him on the weight bench and drove his rod home. Jeff watched as his whole body flexed and could feel the cum shooting inside of him. When Donny was done he carried Jeff to the shower and they washed each other up. Donny put on the clothes Jeff had brought down leaving him only a towel. They spent the night together then Jeff moved into Donny's room. Donny's Dad and Jeff's Mom thought it was great the boys were getting along. Donny always made sure to leave no marks on Jeff and Jeff learn how to take care of his baby Daddy. •

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