Danny Gets Big


By StudMscl

Danny sat at the kitchen table and studied the brown paper packets that lay in an untidy pile in front of him. They were each about an inch square and looked like the sugar packets his father put in his coffee but without anything printed on them. If that crazy old woman was to be believed they would make him a man among men, or something like that.

Sitting there in the kitchen with the Saturday morning sunlight streaming through the window it was strange to think that less than an hour before, for the first time in his life, he had actually done something heroic. Heroism was just not something that came naturally to Danny, but then he would have been the first to admit that he was more comfortable using his mind than his body. At 17 he was just under six feet tall but weighed in at a paltry 155 pounds. His father never tired of telling him that he'd always dreamed that his only child would one day be a football star like his old man, and the fact that Danny had made the Honor Roll five straight semesters hardly made up for the disappointment.

Still, something had possessed him earlier that day when walking home from the library he had spotted an old woman slowly making her way across the street oblivious of the speeding truck bearing down on her. Without a thought he had snatched her out of the way just before the truck, horn blaring, roared through the spot where she had been and off down the street. Danny had helped the old woman to the curb and then collapsed onto it himself as he his adrenaline rush subsided and he realized that he could have been killed himself.

It was only then that the old woman pushed the unkempt, gray hair away from her face and regarded him with steely, blue eyes that somehow looked far too young for her gnarled visage. She let out a dry chuckle then spoke.

"You've saved me, lad, and given me a debt to repay at the same time." Her voice, like her eyes, seemed younger then the bent shape it belonged to, and though she had an accent Danny couldn't begin to guess where it originated.

She reached into the folds of her clothes and brought out a brown paper bag, creased and folded as if from years of use. She held it out to him and when he hesitated she said, "Take it, boy. They'll give you what you want, make you the man you've always wanted to be. And they'll see to it that you get the other men you want, too."

He would have refused but something in those eyes told him not to so he gingerly took the bag from her. Having apparently repaid her debt she chuckled once more and set off leaving Danny sitting on the curb. After a couple minutes he got the courage to look inside the bag and saw what appeared to be sugar packets stolen from some coffee shop. He started to laugh but then remembered those steely eyes and quickly glanced up the street where she had disappeared from sight. With a small frown he got up off the curb and hurried home.

Crazy old lady, he thought as he picked up one of the packets from the table and tore it open. The white powder inside looked somewhat like sugar but finer than the table variety he was used to. Of course it was stupid to think that anything could happen but maybe . . .

For once Danny didn't allow himself to dissect the situation but instead went to the cupboard for a glass which he filled up at the sink. He mixed in the contents of one of the packets and watched it dissolve, leaving what looked to be an ordinary glass of water. Despite his resolve he hesitated a moment but before he could have second thoughts he picked up the glass and downed the contents.

When he was done he stood there for a moment feeling a little foolish. It had tasted like water mixed with sugar and a voice in the back of his head assured him that's exactly what it had been. Idiot, he called himself, then set the glass in the sink and headed for his room. Danny got halfway down the hallway when he suddenly began to feel dizzy. He stopped and stood there swaying for a moment but as quickly as the dizzy spell came it was gone. Not daring to think anything could be happening he continued to his bedroom noting as he entered that the room seemed to be awfully warm. Between his bed and his computer table was a closet with a full length mirror on the door. He stopped and looked at himself in the mirror just as a strange feeling began to come over his body.

It had already been warm when he left for the library that morning so he was only wearing a T-shirt and khaki shorts that came down to his knees. For an instant all he could focus on was the thin arms and legs that protruded from his clothes, testament to the fact that he was not the athletic stud his big, beefy father had always wanted for a son. But even as he lamented that fact he began to realize that it wasn't the room that was hot, it was himself. He felt almost feverish and though that meant he must be sick he felt fine, great even. In moment the warm feeling had spread from his torso throughout the rest of his body. For a second he thought his eyesight must even have been affected but when he blinked and looked more closely into the mirror he was amazed to see that his image was beginning to change.

His shoulders were broadening, which seemed impossible, but he could see with his own eyes how his T-shirt began to tighten across the top of his torso. In a moment he realized it was not just his shoulders growing larger but his chest too as his pecs began to expand underneath the shirt. He tore his eyes from the mirror and looked down at his body which had suddenly gone wild with impossible growth. His once flat chest was expanding outwards before his eyes. He brought his hands up to feel his burgeoning pecs and was awestruck to see that his forearms were widening too. Following his arms up past his elbows he could see that his biceps were also growing, already almost filling the once loose sleeves of his T-shirt. With a cry of mixed surprise and fear he grabbed the shirt at his waist and pulled it over his head.

Once again looking in the mirror he was astounded to see that his previously skinny torso was seemingly twice as big as before and still growing. His neck was swelling, no longer a thin shaft connecting an over large head to sloped shoulders but a thickening column of muscle. His shoulders seemed to be growing ever wider, while his deltoids were becoming developed and rounded. His biceps and triceps were rippling with newfound power and when he brought his arms up to flex them they looked like the arms of one of the football player jocks who made his life hell at school. His pecs looked like slabs of growing meat under his skin with an ever enlarging valley appearing between them. His back was growing noticeably wider and his triceps felt the unfamiliar thrust of his lats forcing his arms out from the side of his body. His waist seemed to be the only part of his body that was not broadening but his stomach muscles were rolling and bunching under his skin, developing to an extent he never dreamed possible.

With his attention centered on his rapidly expanding upper body it was a shock when he glanced lower in the mirror and saw that the legs of his shorts were now filled to bursting with massive, new thighs. With a start he realized he must be growing upwards too because the shorts were no longer down to his knees but cut into his ripped quadriceps further up his legs. Even as he watched he realized they were becoming uncomfortably tight and quickly pulled them down his legs and stepped out of them. Now clad only in his already too tight jockey shorts he got a full view of his powerhouse legs, from his thickening quads and hamstrings down to his calves which for the first time in his life were actually discernible, jutting out of the back of his lower legs.

The growth didn't seem to be stopping and Danny would have been happy to ogle his new torso and legs but his attention was now caught by the growing bulge in his shorts. Turning sideways he could see that his ass was already higher, tighter and rounder than before but that view also showed that his crotch stuck out far more than he'd ever noticed in the past. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of his underwear and with some effort pealed them down over his thighs and stepped out of them. Once naked he saw that the muscle growth he was experiencing was also reflected in his cock and balls which were thicker, longer and hung lower than ever before. Almost afraid, he hefted them with his hands, amazed at their new weight and size.

The growth continued for perhaps another half minute or so and then without warning suddenly stopped. Danny stood naked in front of the mirror, running his hands over his bulging chest and rock hard arms, reveling in the washboard feel of his abs. With a shudder, his dick began to expand and with an audible gasp he grabbed it with his hands as it rose and began to point skyward. He couldn't believe that he could fit both hands on the shaft and still see the shiny, purple head beyond his grasp.

It was too fucking much, Danny thought, and decided he had to know how big he actually was. He walked to the door to the hallway, amazed that his legs were so much larger they forced him to swagger as he strode out of the room and into the bathroom next door. He stepped on the scale and saw it quickly shoot past 150, where it had always stopped before, and only come to rest at 248 pounds. He couldn't believe it. Almost 100 pounds of pure muscle in a matter of minutes. He glanced into at the mirror over the sink overcome with joy. Even his face looked different, fuller and more mature with all of his blemishes completely wiped away. It was the face and body of one of the studs he lusted over in the bodybuilding magazines and it was all his. Admiring his new body in the bathroom mirror, his hands still on his hard dick, he gave silent thanks to the not-so-crazy old woman with the steely, blue eyes. Whatever he had done for her this was better repayment than he could have hoped for.

He was so turned on by his massive new body that he couldn't stop himself from jerking his huge cock with his right hand while his other hand massaged his mammoth right pec and nipple. He could have gotten off just staring at his new muscle but at that moment he heard the doorbell ring. For an instant he got a panicked look on his face as if guilty of some crime but then relaxed as he realized that he hadn't done anything wrong. In fact, he had obviously done something very right and been rewarded for it. It only took a moment's thought to realize who must be at the door. On Saturday mornings he tutored Mark Wilcox, a senior fullback on the football team at school, in math and chemistry. With a smile replacing the look of concern on his face he imagined Mark's expression when the door was opened by a huge muscle stud rather than the geeky nerd he expected. Up to this time Danny had always dreamed that the hunky athlete would take the opportunity during one of their sessions to slam his math book shut and force his tutor to service his built body and demanding cock. Well, it looked like that little fantasy was going to be turned around.

Once again marveling at how much bigger his body felt he quickly ducked into his room and grabbed a pair of shorts from his dresser. They were baggy, surf shorts one of his relatives had sent him for his birthday and he had never expected to wear them but now they were the only things he could think of that could possibly fit. He quickly realized that while they had been extra baggy for his old size they were now dangerously tight and it took some work to get them up over his thighs and shelf-like ass. After all that it was even tougher trying to get his hard dick ("How long is this thing?" he wondered) into the shorts but he managed somehow.

He glanced in the mirror and had to smile at what he saw. He was one huge, fucking stud in skintight shorts that made it glaringly obvious that he was hung like a mule. He couldn't help running his hands over his pumped torso once more causing his dick to grow even larger, but the sound of the doorbell ringing again broke him out of his reverie and he headed for the living room.

Mark Wilcox stood on Danny's front porch and leaned on the doorbell for the third time. He wasn't in a good mood for a couple of reasons and waiting around for that dork to open the door and get this dumb study session started wasn't making things better. Here he was wasting a Saturday morning just because his dad said that he needed better grades if he was going to get a scholarship to State next year. Yeah, well fuck State for all he cared right now. He scowled and pressed the doorbell again, muttering "Come on, fucker" under his breath as he did so.

If you asked anyone at school who was the studliest of the studs they would have picked Mark. He had just turned 18 but he looked several years older partly due to the fact that his tight white T-shirt showed that a lot of gym work had gone into his big, hunky, 6' 2" body. The angry expression on his face couldn't disguise the fact that the blonde haired, blue eyed football player was extremely handsome, though that fact hadn't helped him when he had tried to convince his girlfriend to give it up the night before. If he had bothered to think about it he would have realized that her rejection was what was making him so cranky but Mark wasn't one to spend much time thinking. Besides, he already planned to take it out on geek face if he ever opened the door.

As if on cue the door opened and Mark, who had been facing the street , turned around prepared to give Danny shit for taking so long. Only it wasn't Danny who standing there but some huge muscle stud with a big grin on his face. For a second Mark could only stare, first at the guy's face and then with awe at the size of his overdeveloped body. Having spent a lot of time in the gym himself Mark knew what it took to get big like that and as he took in the guy's huge shoulders, massive chest and arms, and chiseled stomach he couldn't help feeling a flash of envy at the bodybuilder's size. Mark knew it must be obvious he was staring but he couldn't help taking a quick glance lower to see if the guy's legs were as massive as his upper body but his gaze was stopped by what was obviously one fucking, huge dick traveling down the left leg of the guys skintight shorts. Mark, who didn't normally have to worry about coming in second in that department, felt another stab of jealousy.

Realizing that he was being anything but subtle Mark tore his gaze away from the guy's beefy body and sheepishly looked him in the face. "Uh, sorry, dude. Is Danny here?"

Danny felt a rush as his high school idol looked in awe at his big, new body. Hell, Wilcox didn't even recognize him now and the former geek didn't feel the need to clear things up just yet.

"You must be Mark. Come on in." Danny stepped back and after a moment's hesitation Mark walked past him into the living room. The young jock was uncharacteristically subdued now that he had come face to face with an even bigger stud than himself rather than the nerdy braniac he had been expecting. Shutting the door, Danny sauntered into the center of the room, emphasizing the bodybuilder's gait he had naturally assumed now that he had so much more mass. He turned back to Mark and was gratified to see the football player staring with wonder at his jutting pectorals. With sly grin he flexed them both and watched Mark's eyes widen with surprise as the muscles bunched up even more massively than before. With a embarrassed grin smaller stud looked away and down the hall towards Danny's bedroom.

"Danny's not here right now but I told him I'd take care of you until he gets back. I'm his cousin," lied Danny smoothly. As he spoke he ran a big hand across the smooth expanse of his chest and down to his stomach. "You want something to drink while we wait."

"Yeah, sure. A Coke or something would be great."

Danny went to the kitchen and got two Cokes which he took to the dining room table. He sat back in one of the chairs with his legs spread out wide and stared at Mark who was still standing in the living room. After a moment the football player walked over and sat next to him, trying not to stare any longer at the big muscle stud. He wasn't completely successful.

"Danny says you're on the football team."

"Yeah, I am. I'm a fullback but coach says he may give me a chance at quarterback if I work at it hard enough." As he spoke, Mark couldn't stop himself from watching the big guy as he massaged his left pec and nipple with his right hand. For some reason he suddenly felt strange sitting this close to the big bodybuilder. Unconsciously he opened and closed his hands while a part of his mind wondered what it would be like to feel that monster chest himself.

Danny was watching Mark in turn, smiling as the football player lapsed into silence, lost in thought while looking over his supersized chest and arms. Fuck, that old witch was right Danny thought. Somehow Mark was getting turned on just being near him and as he watched the high school jock lick his lips Danny's smile turned cruelly triumphant as he realized that he was going to get to break in his new muscle packed body and huge dick on his former idol.

"Shit man, why do you keep staring at my body?" Danny asked in low voice.

Mark shook his head and came back to reality when he heard the big guy's voice. For some reason he had kind of lost it, thinking about how awesome it must be to be as big as that, bigger than almost anyone else around. When he realized what the muscle stud had said his face got red and the already warm room seemed to heat up about 10 more degrees.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I just, uh, well, you're in really great shape and I just was looking, you know." Mark's voice trailed off as he realized how lame his reply sounded.

"Yeah, you sure were," Danny said and got up from his chair forcing Mark to sit back to look up at him. From this angle the big guy's huge pecs looked even larger than before, almost obscuring his face."Looks like you're really into big studs like me. You some kind of fag or something?"

Mark shook his head but even as he did he felt his dick stirring at the thought of what it would be like to have feel that big, muscle packed body pressing down on him. Even so he cringed backwards in his chair when the big guy reached down with one of his huge hands and grabbed him by the wrist, jerking him to his feet. The muscle stud had a leering smile on his face as he took Mark's hand and placed it on his chest, forcing the football star to massage his massive pecs.

"That's what you want, isn't pussy."

The second he touched the big guy's body Mark's dick grew achingly hard in his jeans. He put both his hands on the other guy's pecs and began to massage them, feeling them bulge and harden as the muscle stud wrapped him in his huge arms and flexed.

"Yeah, you fucking love that big chest, don't you Mark. You've been staring at it since I opened the door, haven't you fucker."

Danny was already caught up in the sensation of having this high school jock worship his pumped up body. His dick had been half hard already and now it lengthened heading down the left leg of his shorts. With onehand he grabbed Mark by the hair and tilted his head back, crushing his lips down on the fullback. Mark only hesitated a moment before opening his mouth wide letting Danny push in tongue.

The two studs grappled there for a minute, Mark's hands pulling at the slabs of muscle on Danny's arms, chest and back. Finally, Danny broke free and shoved Mark towards the bedrooms. With a dazed look on his face Mark dutifully trudged down the hallway and then hesitated at the end until Danny pushed him into his room.

"Get your clothes off," ordered the big guy, and with a sideways glance at Danny's heaving, massive chest Mark shrugged off his coat and sat down to untie his shoes. Danny crossed his huge arms over his pecs and watched the fullback, his eyes drinking his tight chest and arms, flat waist and long smooth legs as they came into view. He couldn't help smiling at the fact that he once had thought Mark was big but now the fullback looked a lot smaller. Nothing like the size he had gotten, he thought, glancing down at his cannonball biceps.

Mark pushed down his underwear and stepped out of them, standing up to show his already hard 8 inch dick. Danny smirked back at him for a moment then moved to inch down his own shorts which were molded to his skin by the size of his tree trunk thighs, boulder ass and big dick. Once he got them past his thighs they slid to the floor and he straightened up, flexing his upper body and making his rock hard cock jump. Mark felt a rush of desire as he took in the sight of the big stud standing completely nude before him, his huge cock pointing skyward, and moaned unconsciously. When the bodybuilder silently motioned him forward the football player unsteadily covered the distance between the two and then buried his face between the hills of his pecs. Danny slid his arms around Mark, his hands moving down his back to squeeze his tight ass, and whispered into his ear.

"Yeah, baby, we're both gonna have fun with this big body, aren't we." •

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