Madagascar Charm II, The


By Ventrego

The next morning, Mike woke me with a gentle shake. I wasn’t too tired; I would’ve woken up on my own anyway. Mike handed me a jock strap and said, “Put this on, then join me outside.” When he saw my quizzical look, he added, “I think you’ll like this. Besides, that’s where breakfast is.” A huge stack of pancakes, a pitcher of warmed syrup, and a pot of coffee waited on a picnic table outside the cabin.

Mike finished breakfast pretty quickly; he was done when I still had a few pancakes to go. He looked around and said, “You know, you’d never believe it now, but fifty years ago this forest was being heavily milled - harvested, I think the term is now. The area was full of brawny, manly men...” He chuckled. “I’ve read up on them a bit. But of the fifty or so that were out here, there’s one that stands out in my mind. According to legend, he could cut down more treees in a day than the whole rest of his camp could in a year.”

“Sounds like he had a chainsaw...” I said, grinning.

Mike let me take a few more bites before continuing. “And he had a big appetite. It took the strongest cook they had to turn the flapjacks he demanded.”

I started to detect a trend in Mike’s conversation. “Do you have something in mind, Mike?” I said around a bite of pancake.

“Well, I’ve always been curious how he managed to eat sticky syrup-covered flapjacks without messing up that beard of his. Why don’t you grow a big bushy beard and show me?”

Moments later my face was surrounded by a Grizzly Addams-style beard. “Keep going, Walt,” Mike said. He grinned as my facial hair puffed up larger and larger, my cheeks vanishing beneath fluffy dark hair three inches deep. I could feel my beard creep halfway down my chest, and a thick moustache bristled out inches past the end of my nose, completely covering my mouth.

“That’s what it looked like. Now, if you don’t mind, Walt,” Mike said. “I’m really curious how this guy managed!”

He watched me intently as I maneuvered a forkful of syrup-laden pancake up towards my mouth. My first attempt left me with a moustache filled with sticky flour bits. My next attempt wasn’t much better. The moustache obscuring a few inches in front of my mouth didsn’t help. I tried going from the side, or underneath the moustache, and only ended up with more syrup sticking in my beard. Finally I opened my mouth as wide as I could, pushed the moustache apart with one hand and crammed the pancake underneath. I’d never worked harder for a bite of breakfast in my life.

Mike grinned. “I wonder if that’s how he did it. Maybe it’d be easier if you had more of the guys’ build. Legend has it he was strong as...well, really powerful. Maybe it changed the way he moved his arms or something, and made it easier. Remember that asshole in the truck stop?”

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget him,” I said, an evil grin parting my huge moustache slightly.

Mike grinned back. “Don’t turn into a body builder on me here, get beefy. You’re going to grow a little broader than the trucker and...oh...six times as strong as him.”

I choked on the pancake. “Holy shit, Mike...” But my body was already responding. Feeling my skin sliding against the wooden bench seat, I lifted myself up slightly and adjusted my stance as my waist and shoulders widened...and widened... Soon, still 6’1” tall, I filled most of my side of the picnic table. I just had time to realize I’d stopped broadening when suddenly my arms twitched and I sat down hard. Obeying Mike’s command, my frame swelled heavier and thicker. I watched in amazement as my pecs filled out and jutted out in front of me. My arms kept pumping up like balloons, and even my glutes were getting bigger and more powerful. My entire body beefed up, my arms passing eighteen inches around and still swelling. My chest and shoulders formed a rapidly-widening shelf. My thickening thighs pressed against the top of the table as I began to get insanely strong. “Six times stronger, Mike...jeez!” I uttered as my round pecs bulged three inches in front of my chin and began to force my head up. Suddenly I felt a pressure on my abs I was pushed backwards inexorably as my chunky midsection grew to keep up with the rest of my body, the table top jammed hard against my strong but swelling middle.

I felt like I was being cut in half as I continued growing in the narrow space between the seat and top of the wooden picnic table. I yelled in pain. Mike was about to do something when the loudest cracking noise I’d ever heard echoed in the woods. The wooden planks forming the top of the table shifted and exploded towards Mike. He dove to the side as more of the table fractured. All four hundred fifty pounds of me plummeted to the ground as the seat broke beneath me. I lay there, not daring to move until the changes had stopped. My legs and arms spread wide as bulk piled on my frame. The small of my back left the ground as my ass and shoulders bowed out from my body. My neck rose away from the ground and pulled my head with it as my body inflated.

Finally, it stopped. I lay there, my head tiled backwards. This wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds, my neck was so big it formed a roll at the base of my skull, firm enough that it couldn’t go far. I found myself wondering if I’d be able to look up at the sky when I stood up.

I heard pine needles crackling as Mike stood up nearby. “Ho...holy shit.” he said in a hushed voice. “Walt, are you okay?”

I decided I might as well move. “Yeah, I’m alright.” I said, and tried to raise myself into a sitting position.

Have you ever driven a big car? I mean, a really big, heavy car, with a massive engine? Even though it’s on the same road as an econobox, takes the same turns, stops at the same lights, every time that car moves you can feel the tonnage being commanded. That’s the best way I can describe sitting up. The sheer power I exerted to raise myself upright, and the mass and intertia I felt while I did so, made me realize just how fucking big I’d gotten.

The fact that I couldn’t look down confirmed it. Sitting upright with my legs splayed out in front of me, I could see a bushy beard resting on a shelf of pecs six inches in front of my face, and my shins and feet - even they looked massive - but I couldn’t tilt my head any further forward. It felt like it was blocked by a warm overstuffed cushion; something with a little give, but not very much. I rotated my head and saw shoulders that would never need shoulder pads jutting out to either side of me. I couldn’t help but think of the man on Brawny paper towels, but he didn’t have anything on me!

I stood up, and looked at Mike. He was staring at me agape. “Wow,” was all he said, not managing to completely close his mouth. He came over and touched my arm, easily 36 inches around at the bicep. I grinned as I ran a hand over myself, feeling the body I couldn’t see directly.

The strange thing was, as massive and strong as my body was, it didn’t bulge much. That’s not true, my bones were all but buried beneath masses of fat and muscle. But I was pretty evenly beefy all over. A steel-belted spare tire nestled under my huge pecs, and it was well-matched in circumference by my waistline. The jockstrap must’ve been extra-stretchy, because it still felt comfortable around my ham-sized glutes. My arms and shoulders were huge slabs of beef, and my back was equally strong. The two fought for space underneath my shoulders, forcing my arms out from my sides. I could image why Mike was stunned; that would make me look even broader. I was absolutely freaky huge, but everything fit. I took a few steps, feeling the ground sink in a bit beneath my weight.

“Well,” I said to Mike, showing off my bulk. “if this is how the lumberjack looked, I can imagine him cutting down more trees than anyone else! Is this what you had in mind?”

Mike drew in a shaky breath. “Well...there’s one or two other things. I wasn’t sure I was going to do them, but...hell, I guess I’ve gone this far.”

“Whatever you’ve got in mind, bud, let’s go all the way,” I said. I planted myself with a very wide stance in front of him.

“Well...first, he was really hairy all over. Grow thick, dark hair everywhere, especially your chest and forearms.”

Soon the morning breeze stopped blowing as far as I was concerned. Most of my body was covered in a thick layer of fur. My enormous bare ass appreciated the protection from the wind that the jockstrap had failed to offer.

“Second, although the legends don’t really support this, I’ve always pictured him with bull-sized nuts and a big ol’ dick, so strain that jockstrap for me.” The pouch on the jock filled out and began bulging with meat. I was starting to get impatient to wrap this up. “Okay, Mike, this was some kind of logger! Are we done? I want to find a mirror and see what I look like!”

“Well, there’s one more thing...” Mike said. “Keep the proportions you’ve got now but grow about sixty feet tall. Keep the jockstrap And since breakfast is over, my own private Paul Bunyan will be horny and ready to play.”

The trees around us shrank abruptly. Suddenly my huge body was balanced on legs pressed tightly together . I tottered and, throwing out a gigantic leg to steady myself, grabbed some huge pine trees for support. My foot hit the ground with a gigantic thump, and all the pine needles in the clearing bounced. I looked down to see Mike laying on his ass, looking panicked. When he realized I wasn’t going to fall on him, he stood up and and dusted himself off. His face broke into a broad, infectuous grin.

“Hey Walt!” he yelled.

I straightened up, then knelt down next to him. “What?”

He surveyed my enormous size, the grin never leaving his face. “That is a VERY good look on you, Walt!”

I grinned and relaxed. I realized, huge as I was, Mike had everything under control. Suddenly my dick twitched in the confines of the cotton pouch. I wasn’t anywhere near as frantic as I had been in the truck stop, but looking at Mike made me want to do...something. I couldn’t figure out exactly what we could do with me being giant-sized, but I hoped he had something in mind.

He did.

“Look at the size of that thing! The size queen in me is loving this!” Mike said as he walked into the shadow underneath my enormous torso. I just stood still as he reach my crotch and hugged with all his might. Well, most of me stood still my dick began to strain harder against the jockstrap. I felt a tickling on my balls that I guessed was him licking them or something, I couldn’t really tell. Whatever he was doing, though, my meat appreciated the attention. Cool air reached my balls as my jock strap tented out in front of me. A minute later, Mike stepped back to where I could see him. “Walt, I’d love to sit on your dick to see what it’s like to have that monster between my legs, but your damn gut is too heavy to move out of the way! Do you know your fucking penis is as tall as I am?”

Leaning down to get closer to Mike, I boomed, “Well, I’m definitely ready to play! What’ve you got in mind, little buddy?”

He took a few steps back. “Well, my big hairy brute, here’s the idea. You’re horny and want my hot little bod to get you off. But do to that, you’ve gotta catch me.” He turned and charged off down the lane.

I stood up and watched him run. It took me three steps to reach him and grab him with an enormous hand. “Okay, I caught you,” I said. “Now what? Should I drop you in my jock strap?”

“Walt, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve obviously never read a good giant chase scene.”

I shrugged my shoulders - from Mike’s view, it must have looked like a mountain shrugging. Mike raised his eyebrows. “Let me help you with this one. Carry me out into the woods.” I threaded my way through the forest, trying to crush as little as possible. “I know you won’t mind this,” Mike continued, “so let me give you some motivation. Your meat is growing and you keep getting hornier. When you find me, you’ll shoot a load like only Paul Bunyan can. Now put me down.”

“Are you...uh...are you...uh...” I tried to say something, but suddenly my thoughts were diverted by an ache from my swelling balls. I put Mike down so I could adjust them, and he took off into the woods. It took me a minute a rub the blue balls out, and then the horniness hit me. My dick hardened as I rubbed, tenting the jock out in front of me. I grabbed it with my hand - it felt thick and beefy, like the rest of me. The only problem was, it was already getting bigger. I could feel the pouch stretching as my penis bulged another foot forward. What I’d thought was blue balls must’ve my nuts growing, and they felt swollen with cum. I stroked a little bit, and realized why I couldn’t get off; I needed Mike to do that!

Suddenly I needed to find that little fucker worse than I’d needed to pound the trucker in the shower. I brought my full gigantic body to bear, charing through the woods in the direction he took off. After six or seven steps, I had to stop to stroke my throbbing meat. My breath came in frantic gasps that boomed through the forest. It took me a few strokes to realize this wasn’t helping, and I bellowed in frustration, flinging trees aside as I hurled myself back into the chase, the jock bulging further in front of me with every step.

It took me almost two minutes to realize Mike couldn’t have possibly gone this far in the time he’d had. I looked around frantically, the ground shaking as I twisted my body to one side and then the other, trying to find the tiny Mike in the dense forest. I bellowed in frustration, leaving a four-lane-wide path of destruction behind me as I charged back towards where I first dropped Mike off.

Suddenly I heard a voice. It was too quiet to make out what it said so I froze, and for a moment the forest stopped bouncing with my steps. I whipped my head around as Mike yelled, “I’m over here! Over this way, Walt!”

I roared as I turned towards the voice. I drove foward it full-bore, half bent-over and knocking lodgepole pines out of the way like so much dry grass. At some point the jock strap must have broken, because my balls were flopping around my thighs and I felt the proverbial ten-foot pole swinging around as I ran. Abruptly I found myself in the clearing around Mike’s cabin. He sat on the ground near the remnants of the picnic table, rubbing a large bulge in his jeans.

I leaned over, got a good look at him, and roared as my dick swelled even bigger. I didn’t even have a chance to touch it; I just leaned back and grabbed two huge trees for support as I started shooting. My hips thrust forward, supporting what felt like a telephone pole sending stream after stream of jizz high into the air. It soared over Mike’s cabin and kocked down trees across the clearing, leaving things covered in white sticky fluid. More shots followed, soaking the ground across the way. A stream began to flow away from the clearing towards the lake. I couldn’t stop, my balls needed to empty themselves so bad that I just keep going and going.

It must have been a good three minutes before things finally slowed down. A few final shots came out of my gigantic dick, splattering wetly on e roof of the cabin and pooling at my feet. I sat down weakly, oblivious to the sticky mess I’d just dropped myself into.

I felt a tiny touch on my knee. “Are you okay, Walt?”

I looked at Mike and grinned. His pants were soaked, whether from his own load or mine, I couldn’t tell. Probably both. “That was damn good.”, I said, panting. I looked over at the stream of cum flowing from across the clearing. “I’ve just got one request.”

“Yes?” Mike said.

“Next time, don’t be so damn hard to find!”

We both started laughing as I flopped backwards and let myself sink deep into the bed of leaves on the forest floor.


We spent the next few days exploring each others’ fantasies, and I joined Mike at his place in the city when his vacation ended. But that’s a story for another time, my friend. Perhaps you can come back another day, and I can tell you more of what transpired when I met his co-workers. For now, I must bid you good night! •

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